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Additionally, it should be noted that, when you buy from AdvoCare, you can either buy products online or through an independent distributor. All product names, logos and brands are property of their respective owners. Also, organic soy is different than non-organic. So far it has curbed my appetite but its only first day! Heavy Metals Consumer Reports conducted an eye-opening investigation that revealed several protein powders contain heavy metals — specifically arsenic, cadmium, and lead. I have tried exercise for years to lose weight — eat less , exercise more never helped me shed a pound.

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What would you recommend? I have to update because I just went to the website. All in all a great product in my quest to lose wt. I have use many protein drinks,this is definitely one of the better tasting.

I mix it with unsweetned almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk and I either mix it alone or with yogurt and or fruit. Hi Roberto, Most folks like to have a shake in the morning and shake in the afternoon, this is best for maximizing results and jumpstarting your metabolism. Hi Shannon, used to be sold via Amazon. Ok I must agree the shake really taste great and it does keep me full for several hours.

I have been using this product twice a day for 4 weeks. I have included rigorous exercise 5 days a week whereas before I was doing none. I cut out bread, and drink water in ouncse for half my weight. And I have not seen any difference in my weight. Its still exactly the same. Am I the only one? Should I give it more time?

I just borrowed some from my friend before I went out and bought some of my own and I love it! So far it has curbed my appetite but its only first day! I am very picky about taste. I am in love with ! A little ice, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a little almond flavoring, a little peanut butter and almond milk. Thank you for making such a great product for someone as picky as me. Day 3 As adverstised. I will keep you posted as to how affective it is to my weight loss as the weeks progress.

However if you have serious issues with lactose you may want to consider a plant based shake pea, rice, hemp, etc …. Hi Carol, Although results vary from most of these shakes real all natural ingredients make a huge difference in your weight loss efforts. Hi Josh, Diet and exercise are always the cornerstone to healthy long term weight loss. Meal replacement shakes can make the task much easier. Thats a big deal. With proper diet and exercise this is very realistic.

The proper meal replacement shake twice a day can make your efforts much easier as they reduce your caloric intake and many can suppress your hunger at the same time. Hello Rhonda, Soy lecithin is very different that soy protein. Again very different than soy protein which is often the core of most shakes. Hi Laurie, We have many customers who tell us they are diabetics and use Shake!

I need to know actual nutritional facts before I buy this! I have tried all kinds of stuff just to loose 10 lbs. Fat Metabolizer, Garcinia Cambogia, you name it.

So, I am going to try the Diet shake next week, since my co-worker said he has lost 21 lbs in a month. Hi Jessi, I would contact them directly but Shake has little or no sugar which would be an ideal shake for diabetics.

I ordered bc I saw Kim from Housewives use this and heard her talk about it. I have become a loyal customer, get the shake on a monthly basis, I also have the blender and I use the cleanse!! Your email address will not be published. Sponsored by Nutrition. Visit Website Be kind and share.

The Facts Shake is an advanced diet shake powder that uses top quality, healthy, natural ingredients. Even if you do successfully lose weight on the program, you may gain it back once the day period is over and you return to your normal eating habits.

Zavadil advises focusing on a balanced, nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet and regular exercise instead of depending on supplements that don't help you establish lifestyle habits that contribute to long-term, sustainable weight loss and better health. Video of the Day. Atkins Diet Phase 1 Snacks. Liquid Diets and Protein Shakes. The Day Challenge Diet. How to Follow Dr. Ian's Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet. South Beach Diet Phase 1: The Side Effects of Isagenix Shakes.

Atkins Diet Sample Meal Plan. There is a surprising number of flavors offered with Herbalife's shakes. The shakes from Herbalife do contain a large number of ingredients image is for the Dutch Chocolate flavor - you can view full details here. Specifically, meal replacement shakes try to replicate many of the nutrients in a meal. The only way to do this is with a lot of ingredients.

They also contain soy lectin. The use of soy is fairly common for this type of product, but it is an area that is intensely debated. In particular, some people are concerned about soy, especially as soybeans are often genetically modified. This suggests that at least some of the other flavors may have genetically modified ingredients. Likewise, there are other debates about whether or not soy is a good option for health. Some people are deeply concerned about soy and argue that it can harm health dramatically 1.

For example, the site Food Renegade talks about various risks of soy, as does Paleo Leap. This aspect may not appeal to everyone, especially as there's no way to know which specific ingredients are being used. Myself, I find the sheer number of ingredients concerning and this is reason enough for me to avoid the shakes. Herbalife's shakes contain a long list of ingredients, including soy and artificial flavors. This is enough to make you feel reasonably full but it is lower than many other products.

For example, Isagenix has 24 grams of protein in some of its shakes versus 17 grams for Shakeology 2. Protein and fiber are the main components of a protein shake that are supposed to make you feel full. So, low amounts of both of these is a major cause for concern.

Now, the protein levels do mean that the shakes are relatively low in calories, which is a plus. For that matter, sugar is damaging to the body. The nutrition aspects suggest that the shakes would still work but there are certainly better options out there. Nevertheless, there may be a reason for this. As such, they need to keep you full for around 5 hours. In contrast, Herbalife specifically promotes the idea of snacking regularly and relying on high protein snacks.

Herbalife does have regular protein powders that can be added separately or used on their own. The idea is that you can increase your protein intake this way and also have more control over it. Nutritionally, the shakes from Herbalife are surprisingly low in protein and fiber, while having more sugar than is desirable. I was surprised to find just how many reviews talk about side effects from the products. These includes headaches, dry mouth, stomach problems and thyroid issues. Now, some people use Herbalife products in conjunction with one another - so it's not always clear whether the shakes themselves were causing the observed issues.

Still, the presence of side effects suggests a need for caution. Additionally, if you are on medication or have a health condition, you should talk to your doctor before getting involved. This is true for any significant change in diet or lifestyle.

Some reviews highlight side effects, which include dizziness, headaches and stomach problems. The science tells one story about Herbalife but looking at what people actually think is also important. After all, nutrition science is very individualistic. What works for one person won't necessarily be useful for another. Now, before we get into the reviews, I do want to point out the potential for bias. Herbalife is a direct marketing company and a huge one at that. As a result, there are thousands of distributors for the company out there.

These people earn money by getting others to buy the products. Because of this, they will often hype up the products, making them sound better than they are.

In many cases, Herbalife distributors will genuinely believe in the products that they are promoting. But, their opinions will often be based, at least in part, on the hype from the company. This makes it harder to work out whether the shakes are any good. One other key thing about the shakes is the taste and opinions about this in the reviews vary. In particular, some people absolutely hate the flavors and look for things to add to improve the shakes.

These differences may be partly based on personal preference and also on the way that you prepare the shake. Because of the debate about taste, I suggest that anyone considering Herbalife finds a way to try the shakes first. Realistically, weight loss is hard enough on its own.

At the end of the day, weight loss is a very personal thing. A given system is likely to work for some people but will be completely ineffective for others. You could pick up similar products from other companies without any problems. Shake reviews are very mixed, with some people finding the products taste great and are effective, while many others are less thrilled. There is one other thing that I want to bring up, which is the distinction between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes.

As I discussed before, Herbalife meal replacement products do contain many ingredients. This pattern is true across most similar items in the marketplace.

To a degree, that pattern is also necessary. After all, the products are designed to provide a range of nutrients and those have to come from somewhere. At the same time, many brands focus on making their shakes taste really good. This sometimes means the nutritional profile is compromised. This type of product is used in the same way and can still taste fairly good. However, there are some key differences.

The end result is that these can typically be better for weight loss. In many cases, they even cost less than the products that Herbalife offers. In particular, this type of shake tends to have more protein and more fiber, making it considerably more filling. Protein shakes can be a better alternative to meal replacement shakes for weight loss and are often more filling.

What is the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss?