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Ashley — July 4, 6: How do I make it to be 32oz? Subtle cues can drastically change buying habits for the better. What Is the Calorie Diet? At calories a day, you can eat almost anything and lose weight. I wish everyone luck on this diet and their journey, and will post my results: Tonia, you can contact me anytime!


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N it encouraged me a lot. Loads of love to u for sharing this. I need a frnd to help me. I weigh a lot. N want to loose a lot. Hopefully i can do it. March 31, at 7: I started this diet on Mondya, 5 days tomorrow. I can't say that I am feeling so hungry. Actually, I am so busy at times that I don't even feel like eating. I am not finding this too hard actually, am I crazy? I am thinking that it's just that I want to lose it so badly? I have given up my cocktails completely and I thought that would be hard.

I do see myself doing this for 20 days. I eat raw veggies periodically throughout the day and apples and clementines. I also have very small portions of lean meat and fish. I am running everyday though.

I can not stop. I am drinking tons of water and green tea. I really feel I am doing my body good. I am only ingesting absolutely great foods.

I really can't imagine my body not loving this. Do you really think that my running will hinder my weight loss? This has been so inspirational as some of my friends are telling me it is so unhealthy, blah, blah, blah. I love the mind over matter about this entire process. I feel like if I can do this, I can do I've been so down about my body and diet for a while and said it's now or never. I made a promise to myself and I am a girl of my word. April 8, at 7: Thanks for sharing this blog about your calorie a day diet.

My mother did this back in the 80's and lost a tremendous amount of weight. It was through the "Medical Weight Loss Clinic" but did this far longer than 20 days. The only problem was that when she started to eat more than calories a day, she started gaining. Have you found this to be true? If not, how many calories are you eating currently and have you kept whatever weight you have lost off?

If anything, I am looking forward to 20 days of mind over matter and a possible "jump start" to life changing habits! June 3, at 5: I am beginning this diet through a Medical weight loss company and I was discussing the program with them. After 28 days on the HCG cal diet, I will step up to per day and then gradually move up to a day April 8, at 1: My daughter and I have commenced this diet, one of us on HCG and the other not, The first week we both lost 10lbs.

We have thyroid disease which makes it very difficult to lose weight in fact my Endo told me it would be impossible for me to ever lose the weight again. I was very small my whole life , We both have tried many things and failed. I will say that before we started this diet, we did a lot of physical and mental preparation. We bought a skirt that we wanted to fit into, we sent for Caribbean cruise brochures and hung them on our walls as we plan on going on a cruise when we have reached our goal We made a list of weekly treats manicures, pedicures etc monthly goals and more.

Made a list of the things we would do when we achieved our goal. We planned multiple distractions for ourselves, and that has proven to be a huge help. Having made all the plans and adjustments pre diet, it made it so much easy. We also listen to guided meditation at night on you tube. There are many fabulous hypnosis and weight loss guided meditations there to choose from. We have found Michael Sealey to be the best, the visualization is amazing!!! We have really enjoyed the ideas on putting fruit in the water, it is a wonderful tip and makes it easy to drink that gallon.

We both just wanted to thank you for your Blog and hope others will also be inspired and not give up. September 6, at 7: I did the HCG diet and lost 31 pounds in the first month.

But I did a vegan version because meat is known to cause cancer and heart disease. The diet works as described. I was not hungry and it wasn't that hard to do. Maybe there's more variation with vegan food. I made different fat free dressings to stay interested in salads but I also preferred cooked veggies. I also deviated from the veggie list, though. At calories a day, you can eat almost anything and lose weight.

I ate more cruciferous veggies because of their nutrient profile, I just wanted to maximize nutrients with so few calories. I went off HCG after 24 days, stayed off for three weeks doing a plant based vegan diet, and it was difficult to eat 1, a day because of the high fiber content so I was probably eating to 1, a day. I lost another 7 pounds in three weeks.

Then I did HCG again for two weeks and lost another 6 pounds on calories vegan again. It's a great program! May 3, at 9: Hello Carina, Can you please contact me on how you did this? April 9, at 5: Thanks for the great blog! I am starting tomorrow and looking forward to it. April 9, at 7: I love learning about how other's lose weight. Losing weight is hard, it's nice to learn from others. April 24, at 5: I'm interested in this, and this blog is motivating! I'm curious what happens after you're done and then eat a "normal", healthy, clean calorie day?

Do you gain weight back? November 30, at 5: So glad to find your post. So many, many, many people are horrified about eating calories a day, but I find it a great way to lose a few, or a lot, of weight. Others are horrified about limiting your eating, but say nothing at all if you eat three bags of Moose Munch like I did the day after Thanksgiving!

I feel great on limited calories, and it gets my mind off of food and eating. I only eat a banana meds dictate that I eat then, otherwise I wouldn't and coffee with creamer for breakfast and then nothing to eat until dinner.

For dinner, a salad with low cal dressing or half a bag of frozen vegetables with low fat butter and about four ounces of lean meat. Drink lots of water, some coffee, regular or decaf. I keep saying to myself, if I am hungry, I am losing weight. I don't get hungry, actually, until after dinner. I think eating triggers the hunger response because I don't feel hungry throughtout the day. Before bed, I might have a small banana or peeled apple with a whiff of peanut butter.

I do get cold, so I have hot tea or coffee, and I do have less energy, but I keep going thinking about how much I will like the results. People have fasted for centuries and modern medicine says fasting is good for you. As long as you are healthy, I don't see the downside. I am over sixty and have been dieting like this for decades, as needed.

Hi so this diet works. April 29, at As a person who has list lbs and kept it off for 10 years now, I think what you are doung is perfectly fine. I have from time to time over the last 10 years gained 5 lbs or so, and use the similar caloric intake you are suggesting for a few days to get things back diwn to my magic lb number. It works beautifully, and I have never suffered from it in the least.

I also apologize for the typos. I was stung by a scorpion a few days ago and the numb finger ismessing things up a bit???? Help End Modern Day Slavery. May 3, at 4: Hi Natalie, Have you kept the lost weight off after resuming regular calorie count? May 15, at 4: I have been on this diet for 4 days and have lost 4 pounds. Seeing it work so quickly is so motivating and I am no longer hungry. May 17, at 7: Hello, Could Someone please state what happens after the calorie diet stops.

Do you gain the weight back? What is your calorie intake after this diet? March 20, at I did this diet back in and lost 18 pounds in 21 days and kept I off till I got pregnant 3 years after. I am currently on it again. Today is my first day. May 18, at 3: I have been on the diet now 7 days and have lost 7 pounds. I am eating chicken fish and sometimes extra lean ground meat.

I am so excited at the results. I have been depressed about my weight for such a long time. I feel like I can finally get back to the self confident person I was up until age I am 49 now and have tried many things. People need to see results to keep motivated. That was the key for me! God bless the person who posted this article. IYou have given me my life back. I am not stopping until I reach my goal. May 24, at 2: You can achieve your goals by simply cutting grains and sugar and upping the fat.

I do not understand why people keep demonizing fat. Sugar and grains are the enemy. This is not anti vegetable. There are plenty of healthy low carb vegetables to be had in abundance. Train your body to burn fat over carbs and you can eat all damn day. June 3, at 6: Hi there I am trying the low calorie 30day I am only on day 4 but feeling good about it. I am only eating once a day and I'm eating carrots,cucumber,and tomatoe each day so far going to add free pepper and lettuce soon but no salt nothing..

Hope it works out. Just writing this so I can get emails forgot to check Patty recently posted.. June 13, at 3: Started this today after having bran flakes so opting for eggs white omelette and lots of vegetables. Did it before and went to a size Tried everything and nothing is shifting my weight. Thank you for this article. June 14, at 2: Starting this as well for six weeks just because over the last couple of months I have developed bad eating habits which I need to curb.

I appreciate the help tips on food choices and like everything else it's good to make informed choice so thank you. June 27, at 1: I have been on this diet for 35 days. I have lost 20 lbs. I look better and feel better. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has helped with the pain immensely. I am staying on this until I hit my goal.

I am healthier now than I've been in years. July 15, at 8: July 27, at 7: This is my first day on the diet.. I feel so fat and depressed. Gained 30 pounds over the year, I am normally and now at Can you guys give me some meal examples??

And if you do one big meal or little ones throughout the day? As long as I stay within the calories with lean meat and veggies, it is best to just munch throughout the day so I don't get so hungry? Im already starving and its not even lunchtime. Ahh how do you guys keep at this??

July 28, at August 12, at 2: I have a question, I'm about to try out this diet and I was wondering what happens once you finish the diet? Changing your diet dramatically from calories to say could cause weight gain. How did you come off the diet and still keep the weight off? Also Congratulations on losing so much weight, your an inspiration.

August 13, at I would assume the safest thing to do is once you hit your ideal weight, slowly build up your calorie intake, gradually, to your maintenance calorie count. You definitely cannot go back to how you ate before, but everything in moderation.

That's what I would do at least. August 18, at 8: Hi I'm interested in the diet. I do have a couple questions, does it cause hair loss and if you do hcg with it do you lose faster? August 26, at Thanks for this article, it's very helpful!! I started the calorie diet just today and it really is not very fun but I'm hoping it'll get better soon: I am technically an obese BMI which really sucks, I'm fairly young compared to the average calorie deit follower and get a lot of judgement.

I'm also recovering from some surgeries so the exercise isn't an option but I'm glad I found this and will be improving my health with this diet!! September 1, at 1: Thank you for sharing. I do have a question: Hi, I've just started this diet it's my third day today and I must say when I started I was a bit sceptic , like how can you lose weight so fast, it cannot be true.

I weighed myself this morning and lost 2 pounds in the first 2 days. I don't know how this diet works, but it does. I'm very happy with the results as I've trying to loose weight for a long time and was finding it really hard. My goal is to lose another 13 pounds. Good luck to everyone who decides to try this diet: September 1, at 9: That is what I need to lose, 15 lbs.

What you are experiencing it is normal with any diet that eliminates simple carbs, it is "water weight" you lose in the first few days. I am curious how much you have lost at the end of week 2. Good luck and keep us posted. September 6, at 6: I tried this diet minus the HCG with limited success. I found that total fasting was much easier.

As soon as I eat anything at all, the cravings kick in and become almost unbearable. When I fasted, that all went away for the most part after day 1. Day one I made sure to be very busy which kept my mind off of hunger, day 3 was a bit problematic but not as bad as day 1, Day 7 was a small bump in the road but manageable by Day 10, there was no hunger and when I ended the fast after day 21 I had lost 21 lbs felt good, a bit weak as would be expected.

Most importantly I changed my eating lifestyle. I put 7 lbs back on and maintain If you have no health issues that precludes a fast, fasting does wonders for your body, including ridding it of parasites. After my fast, I started fasting my horses for 48 hrs once a year and during each fast they pass balls of worms. September 7, at 5: When you say Fasting Do you mean , you didn't eat anything at all for 21 days?

Happy 9th Birthday Ethan! September 6, at 8: Has any one done protein shakes or slim fast type drinks? I am thinking about the calorie diest but would love to drink 3 shakes and have 2 snavks, suggestions? September 12, at 9: Hi Natalie, I am 17 years old and overweight. I'm 5'4 and I was always skinny growing up, but when i started home school i gained a ton of weight, because I was always board.

I decided to try this. I have a strong willpower and now without a doubt I can do this. But I have a question. I know you said we cant eat the same meat for lunch and dinner for one day, but can you have the same thing you ate on day on day 2? I ate chicken for lunch and lean beef for dinner.

Could I have the same combination tomorrow? October 2, at 6: Hi Natalie , gr8 article, very well written. Can I do this diet without the Hcg? October 18, at 3: She mentions that she didn't use any HCG, in the article November 6, at 4: Hi there, I just wanted to say that I am going to start this diet tomorrow, just the calorie diet as I need to lose 10 kg in 8 weeks going back home in January for holidays and desperately want to be the weight that I was when I last saw everyone.

A google on the diet brought me here and I want to keep accountable so I will post my stats tomorrow, and then once a week. I want to see for once and for all if this will work, but I will be continuing to do my exercise as well which includes 30 mins of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training early in the morning its just my stress reliever and I love it. No dairy, no white processed stuff - basically I will be having water, boiled green veg and boiled chicken with herbs, and egg white omlettes.

My figures are crossed that I will be looking back at this point in 8 weeks and feeling awesome at 10kg lighter. November 6, at As mentioned before, today my stats are: Hoping to get down to 68 kilos by mid January. Ill check in again in one week and post up my results.

Wish me luck x. November 7, at 4: I did this diet before and it works. The only reason that I gain weight back, it's because I have been depressed and let it all go after getting pregnant with my second child.

I'm back to this diet, first week they put me in a cal diet and since last Thursday I have been on the cal with HCG and medication. I don't feel hungry at all. Gave yo force myself to eat the cal a day. I also feel great. I have to lose pounds???? I lost 10 so far. November 7, at 6: I'm going to keep this a secret from my family doctor because he won't let his patients do this diet along with the compound.

It's too little calories. I may still do it and use another doctor that is in a different group health conglomeration. Then again, I am having serious doubts too. I've already had one heart attack, and a host of other health issues. I'm going to read the book that is suggested, then talk to my cardiologist and then make my decision. I don't want to put anymore strain on my body than is already there. I'm glad that you are able to do this and it sounds like you are doing fine.

I am very happy for you and I'm sure that you are in close touch with your doctor also. Keep up the good work. November 10, at 9: I am dropping a pound a day, it is awesome. It is really nice to see results rather than eating right and exercises and losing only a pound a month!

My question is about maintenance. After your calorie diet, do you roll into a diet? Do you stay at calories? There must be some weight gain initially, correct? It is good to have a little chunkines to it as well Adding a little corn to the fudge makes for a unique flavor. Just curious, are these truly sugar free? Yes, they are truly sugar free if you use the right ingredients.

There could be coconut milk out there that contains sugar and I know that there are processed vanilla extracts that contain sugar, but as long as you buy pure vanilla extract and a good coconut milk then it will be sugar free. By the way, I live in a very remote location and I use Amazon Prime for a lot of my shopping needs.

I've found it's saved me hours upon hours of driving and it's cheaper than filling up my car with gas! Love the date paste additions and directions.

I will for sure give that a try! I use heavy cream and coconut milk combos in mine too, depending on te flavor and what I have. The organic coconut milk is more budget friendly that grass fed cream and are both delish. Oh I just might have to take up coffee drinking regularly! Most non-dairy creamers from the store still contain milk derivatives, so I don't use them not to mention all the other junk in there!

I used my reuseable coffee filter screen to push the creamer through. I think I am going to use the paste that was filtered and left behind in my oatmeal tomorrow. It has so much sweetness and cinnamon left from the recipe. Lots of great fiber too! Do you have any recipes for powder creamer with out all of the additives? Hi Connie, I don't use powdered creamer because it is a processed food. I know there are lots of creamer recipes out there using powdered creamer.

You could Goggle it and I'm sure you'll find lots of options! In response to Stacey's question above, and perhaps others' wonderings as well which I had been really struggling with as well, I found this evidence that the Native Forest brand of coconut milk is the only one that it is BPA free! I am thankful for it, as I've missed using coconut milk! Now, my question is, using your traditional base, regular dairy and sugar version would it work to use the hazelnut and vanilla proportions to make hazelnut syrup?

Or do you have a more "from scratch" way to get hazelnut flavor? LOVE This whole concept by the way, as I boycott Nestle, and their creamer seems to be a major issue in friends not joining me! Now if only you could come up with a substitute for the silly Quik drink. My husband refuses to give it up, or let me try to recreate it! You can use a hazelnut extract to make hazelnut creamer, just substitute it for the vanilla extract in the French Vanilla recipe.

I also tried it by steeping hazelnuts, but it's a bit too cost prohibitive. The silly quick drink. Now there's a challenge! Not sure if I can recreate that one, but I'll do some brainstorming! Would the replacement for quick have to be powdered? If not I've been making my own chocolate syrup like Hershey's for our chocolate milk, its very good and we can make it more or less chocolaty or sweet.

To find the recipe I just did a google search. Boil first 3 ingredients for a couple mins then add salt and vanilla at end when removing from heat. Why do you have to heat it up and then strain it? I've made mine with stevia right into the jar The sweetener used in these creamers is date paste, and you might have tiny little bits of dates floating in the creamer. I direct the cook to strain the creamer so that it's completely smooth. Coconut milk is also available in a frozen form, additive-free to boot.

It's also easy to make your own with hot water, coconut and a good blender. The lower your water to coconut ratio the creamier the milk I use a little more water than coconut but I'm using it in soup and sauce applications where creaminess can be achieved by reduction. I just make up a batch and freeze it into ice cubes so it's convenient to throw into anything I'm cooking in whatever quantity I want.

I am diabetic and also can't have dairy is the coconut milk low calorie? I would love to make these but also need to watch my carb count an sugar intake. I don't have the calorie or sugar count on these recipes. You can enter the recipe into a recipe software and it should be able to tell you the nutritional facts. I am currently doing P90X and have to stay within calories. I hadn't been doing that. I thought my vanilla non dairy creamers were 10 cals each and figured I couldn't beat them in my tea at night working graveyard.

I always used 3 and sometimes have 2 cups of tea. OMG, I just found out they are 40 cals each. Thats calories I am overdoing and I could use them on food. I found your site looking for organic creamers because of trying to stay away from the hydrogenated oils.

I loved the mil recipes but alas I am lactose intolerant. I am so glad you came up with sugar free and dairy free alternative as well. I'll probably wind up using stevia and I might give these a try with kefir since I make my own at home. It is tolerable for lactose intolerant people because the kefir grains eat the lactose. It is also nice, thick and creamy even though I make it with skim milk.

Best of both worlds. I am so excited. I found you via Pinterest and am now a follower I'm lactose intolerant so this is fantastic I will be busting this out for sure Yesterday I was craving a Latte' but didn't want to spend money to get one.

I wanted something with a little spice, too. And, since I'm not using the imitation stuff anymore, I had to get creative. Sitting on my counter was a tin of TJ's mulling spices. I grabbed a saucepan, put some mulling spices in a little tea defuser no straining required , poured in some milk, steamed it till it was hot, then whipped up the foam with my little hand held whipper, poured into my coffee and the results were heavenly!

Steamed milk, a little foam, spices of the season and I used a little stevia to sweeten it, in the milk as I heated it, not much is needed because the warm milk becomes a little sweet, too. Thank you so much for these recipes! So, here, would vegetable broth do instead of chicken broth and also taste well? You can sub an equal amount of spinach in for the kale. I just made this tonight on the stove top to have for my lunches this week and it is delicious!

I wanted a creamier texture, so BEFORE adding the greens, I took about 2 cups of the soup and blended it with my immersion blender and then stirred the blended mixture back into the pot. I think next time I might add in a can of diced tomatoes! We offer everything you need to be successful. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week.

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