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A rash is listed as a common reaction to or side effect from taking metformin Glucophage. I felt terrible because she was still itching during this battle with cancer so I kept her on the Apoquel. Then he began acting weird one day starting with having diarrhea then he started panting, drooling, pacing, sitting on my chest I knew something was wrong and went to the animal emergency room. Can I switch to something that doesn't smell? Weight lifting can cause kidney issues by an indirect route.

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Overall creatine can be a very safe and productive supplement. It is one of the few out there that have little to no negative side effects. Be sure to check out umm. This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 1st, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Another negative side effect could be constant soft stool or diahrrea.

Remember, you will retaine water. Stick to the recommended doseage. One of them is to kidneys. If you take more than the amount suggested it will affect your liver and kidneys. For the liver there is no high risk due to the fact that liver has the ability of re-creating its self while there is a problem with the kidneys. Actually somne supplements can increase ur acid levels in the blodd producing crystals which get block in the kidneys and has the same effect as kidney stones.

The water in your muscles has to come from somewhere, it happens to come from your kidneys, but as long as you drink enough water, bottles a day you should be fine, especially short term users. If you are to use creatine, and then stop working out for a short period, say a month or so, will muscle tissue gained from the use of creatine decrease more rapidly than normal into fats? No, but your body will lose the water that has been retained in your muscles so you will notice a decrease in size fairly rapidly.

This is normal and it is not your muscle breaking down. If you take a creatine supplement, it is commonly belived that your body will stop permently producing a natural supply, due to the supplement.

Man i feel bad for mimo jajaja, showing up ehh? Actualy its supposed to give you more energy during sex… maby ur getting to old… Try viagra. My son took creatine for 5 months.

He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart last week. Yes, it puts excess water in the muscles, and since the heart is a muscle, it put water there as well. I warn anyone who takes this stuff, our physicians say it should not been taken for more than 2 weeks at a time.

It can also cause liver failure! If my experience helps just one person, then I suppose all this is for a reason.

My son is now on heart medication and may be looking at surgery in the future. Stereoids can cause heart problems. Thank you, This article was very helpful. Im thinking of talking it, although im not sure if i should or not still.

Because creatine helps you to work out harder for longer it simply means that you burn more calories. I take creatine about an hour before training during that hour i feel fatigued and tired. However it usually goes away after an hour and i usually regain my energy. Does anyone else have this problem? I am wondering why it is making me so tired when I take it.? I took creatine and it made me look huge. Had a few side effects such as cumming really fast and numb feet.

I can attest that it really works, but what are you willing to risk? This article was very useful to me. Ive been taking creatine for about 3 weeks and i already gained around 12 lbs. I look and feel great too. With any suppliment that is in effect overdosing the body with any naturally produced chemical there are going to be some side effects that will depend on the person and their genetic makesup.

Use it at your own digression is what I say. Taking it with other suppliments may also create side effects that taking creatine on its own may not produce. Should I take it before my work out? Also my kidneys are sore. I think I need more water. I recently started taking Creatine and it has worked well.

Thank you all for the added info…i will be sure to increase my water intake. As for MY experiences with it: Just a general warning I spent roughly 2 months researching creatine before i started using it, and it all seemed fine.

On the 2nd time round cycling creatine my breathing became very tight and i kept getting chest pains. Since stopping my heart is still hurting occasionally but the breathing is improving. I would reccomend training with nothing more than plenty of protein and carbs for the sustained energy.

I personally would say keep off it. Actually, consult your doctor because I know people who have had no problems what so ever, I reckon then, its down to you as an individual.

I took creatine for about a year, and then had a checkup. Everything worked out, and apparently the protien traces were in the safe zone and my kidneys were fine. The specialist did tell me to stop taking creatine, and get another checkup after 6 months. Lets see how that goes. Hi im a 15 yr old kid about to turn 16 lbs anybody have any advice for me if im wanting to get much bigger but i dont know if i want to try creatine after ive heard all of these blog stories i am also using N.

Explode which i might add for anyone works great but should i take creatine or no? Is this because of the Creatine? Your mate may be taking too much. I took creatine ethyl ester powder and got angry and mean from taking too much. I realized afterward I was taking way too much powder. I lowered to the proper dose and I now have more energy without anger. I made a mistake while taking creatine, for some reason i decided to take more than what I was suppose to and I started feeling like I was going to die.

But it does give you energy and make you look bigger. But it makes you look fat also, its relieveing to know its just water and not fat. That is the problem. I studied exercise physiology and I know how Creatine works and does not work. The problem is there is no LONG term studies with this product. When steroids cam out they were thought to be safe. With that being said. Think about it, the company selling you wants you take as much as is safe, so you can buy more of their product!

Hi guys, yes it i great article but it still does not say a lot about creatine, they for got to menton that creatine also dicrisise your sexual performance, and aslo it was iligal it still new in market we dont know the long term side effects,. Short term side effects: Long term side effects: Think again about this before you take creatine. So what if there is no official argument or documentation against creatine, its a relatively recent supplement and side effects are not fully known, not to mention it hasnt been fully tested.

Even your multivitamin could have high levels of led as previously tested by a grop of scientists who have studied supplements. All I know is that some of us are going to have to worry about cancer later if we stay with this garbage. Hey if you do enough speed and agility workouts and also ab and core workouts will you still get bloated?

John Franco, where did you get the information about the illegal muscle gainers? I do weights and take supplements whey protein and meal replacement drinks and would like to know where you got thi sinformation from? Gentlemen, I just completed my physical for Special Forces.

While preparing for the last 6 months I took creatine as part of my workout. I only took one dose a day as opposed to the two recommended on the bottle.

As part of my physical I had an EKG. The results came back showing I had an enlarged aorta. This scared the heck out of me. I asked the Dr. Because my level of workout was not at an extremely high level the only cause seemed to be the creatine.

I have since stopped taking creatine and my aorta has returned to its normal size despite my workout routine remaining the same. I am a 33 yr old male. I score a on my Army pt test that is the max on the regular scale for my age group. I hope this personal experience helps some of you make up your mind about creatine.

I started using creatine monohydride from a recommendation on a natural bodybuilding site that promised big gains in strength and muscle mass. This was true for the first month or so, but the creatine also increased the levels of Uric acid in my blood too, giving me quite severe attacks of gout! Or at least from the crap that is mixed with it.

I love the replies from kids with really bad spelling, but besides that, I have a serious point to make. I try out supplements from time to time, but none of them show really super promising results. Some might be mild and some might be severe. The really difficult side effects to gauge are the long-term side effects.

If you were rising some fairly serious health issues that might arise 20 or 30 years later in life, would you be messing with creatine? Seriously, for the minimal extra gains that you might get, is it really worth the risk? Just take some time to think about it. Xplode, for about 1 year…used a lesser effective powder for a few months before going on this stuff. Overall it does work.. I keep feeling my heart and reading off all the sympoms on the posts here and thinking i have all of it…more in my head i guess.

Right after you injest creatine MAKE SURE to immedietly brush, listerine wash, and floss…your tooth enamel stuff that makes them white will literally fade away, once its gone.. Different strokes for different folks however….

Creatine will not cause your heart to enlarge if used properly. If you need some gains, take a little from time to time. And I would advise not to load. None of that 20 grams a day horse shit. I find it funny how everyone thinks creatine is a unnatural supplement. Any serious body builder or nutritionist knows that creatine is a naturally occurring substance found in beef, and other animal proteins, but largely in beef. And contrary to popular belief, this will not make you fat or more likely to have heart disease.

To you guys using the N. Lastly… to the guys thinking that creatine is a form of testosterone… it is not. Simply put… the more lean muscle mass and less adipose fatty tissue normally surrounding the abdominal section the more testosterone in your blood. And also the more likelihood that you will have 6-pack abs.

The aforementioned studies… were a variety taken from Harvard Research Scientists, Duke, and Princeton. For a little more insight on the effects of creatine… visit http: See how little sense it makes when put like that? I think it wieghs down to more than a few things. People in life expect to get something for nothing, for example taking creatine and not working out.

When on this stuff you need to work out your muscles and drink alot of water. The water reserved in your kidneys is literally drained away in the hours after taking this stuff, so replacing it is essential. Hey im 17 and I have been taking creatine for about 4 days now, I have been taking 15g a day because of the loading phase I am planing to take 5 grams a day for 2 weeks maintenance phase after the one week loading phase then for the third week I am not going to take ANY creatine then restart on the maintenace for 2 weeks.

But my question is does this sound safe? And should i contact my family doctor? BUT when i take 2 scoops- half way thru the workout i get a weird bloating discomfort in my stomach for up to an hour. This article is bias, they are trying to sell you creatine, they are leading you to beleive it is safe.

They still do not have conclusive long-term stats, which in the meantime does not mean that creatine is safe. Creatine affects your muscles, your heart is a muscle, creatine could increase the size of your heart, which is not good. Creatine can damage the liver and kidneys. Kidney disease, Kidney Stones. Putting synthetic creatine in your body reduces the natural production of creatine, that is proven.

After studys are completeing there is more evidence pointing to these negative side effects that people tend to ignore. I am a 43 y o female bodybuilder…I take 3 caps 2. Rest and refrain on wknd. I find that I am looking more defined and have more energy, quicker recovery after training and can lift with enduring intensity. I do stay well hydrated.

I have also noticed my muscle bellies are harder, my bowel movements are a little more frequent and I have a bit more gas…foul smell, occasional abdominal pain in the AM…nothing very bothersome of longlasting.

I also think it has sped up my loss of bodyfat, which I needed. I also have a friend who underwent a kidney transplant, that if he didnt get, he would have died. This stuff is absolutely no good-. When he was playn he just felt down an died in the middle of the game.

Im a very skinny person, im a highschool student and im 6 ft 2 and im only pounds, would creatine help me gain weight any kind of weight, muscle ,water, fat, etc… please reply! First of creatine is a amino acid made in the body. There might be a long term effect if u overdose.

Also people are different it might work for some others it might not it all depends on ur body. I hope this helped u. I started taking creatine, the purple k the adverse advertising caught my attention brand. I might do a bump, or a line here and there. Sometimes me and my buddies get together and max that shit out, paint ourselves green… look like the mutha fuckin HULK in this bitch. I am 15 years old 5 foot 8 inches and pounds. I have some exess body weight but i am very muscler.

I would like toi bulk up for football and wrestling seson. The sugjested dose is 5 grams a day….. I plan on taking 2 to 3 grams a day….. I allso plan On drinking a gallon bottle of water a day….

Is that enouf water??????? I have a few questions……. There are many positives to taking creatine like faster recovery, bigger muscles and more energy which have all been well documented so most websites say and only a few with references and have personally seen results with people I know taking creatine in short periods of time 6mths or less or longer 1year Plus with no problems to date and massive results.

But there are still some side effects that are noted which are harmful. Is it worth the risk? Is there anyone out there that has taken Creatine 10years or 20years Plus?

Hopefully someone can give me some insight on this… i started taking creatine recently, and at my practice the other day in the Arizona heat degrees i started having major cramps.

The bloating is from Monohydrate. I have to say that the energy is great. Drink lots of water… Drink Drink Drink. Oh yeah… Creatine Ethyl Ester may contain alcohol from the esterfication process.

Many sites are saying that this is a big cause of liver problems associated with creatine. We all need to try to be specific about what type we are talking about. It is also important to consider the other supplements that may be involved. Excess protein without enough water will kill your kidneys all by itself. NOS supplements knock out your immune system so you need to supplement Lysine.

I got really sick last year after taking some NOS supplements. I think this depends on the individual, but these all have good and bad. Find what works for you.

I try to keep it simple. I take creatine not monohydrate , glutamine, HMB and tons of protein. Creatine is a natural product in the the body. You can get creatine from fish and steak. I use a product called Nitro-Tech. It is a mixture of both protein and creatine. Also do not take a creatine product for more then 2 months at a time. Take it for 2 months then take a month off. Also that Creatine Ethyl Ester is the new form of creatine. Used in the BSN products and others.

It is supposed to be easier on your stomach than mono. Yes creatine will give you bloating during your first week but after that you should be fine. Great day and Happy Lifting. I am quite convinced with the use of creatine monohydrate, but does it have a long term effect. If not then I will surely going use, but starting from a little quantity. What long term effect it gives to any part of the organ or muscles or does it have any effect with aging. If not then I will surely going to use it.

NO Creatine for me. Rather just work it out in the gym naturally with no suppliments. But getting things in a hurry can have consiquences. Eat right, work out and bare patience. Cause then your muscle mass will last longer when you stop working out.

Live long and prosper. All l faced was having to drink too much water some thing l was not used too but was happy coz am not a water person. Right now l have just gottten pure creatine and l want to try it.

Creatine made my brother have a fit and he had only been drinking it for a week.. Dont drink it people because if you do you yourself could end up having fits like my brother. Is there any way that this can be fixed? It helps me recover amazingly fast this is the only reason I take it anymore, just to recover from injury and it does help me get a little stronger.

My blood pressure went up from 78 to When I stopped taking it after a long cycle of about 3 months, it took me almost a year to get out of extremely depressive symptoms like being very mentally fuzzy and suicidal. It was also harder than ever to pump my muscles back up and keep them that way, but eventually after a long break they began to pump up on their own again thus it seems like there can be a depenency. It also makes my muscles look distinctively soft-a look I find undesireable and distinctive to creatine users.

In conclusion, this supplement caused allot of problems for me when I used the 5 ml a day the supplement label usually recommends. I modified my cycles to only several days at a time, only when I get an injury, at half dosages I weigh about lbs and eat calories a day and did not notice any relapses, excess water retention, or any lack of the benefits in strength and recovery time compared to when full dosages were taken on longer cycles. I think creatine is great when used in moderation, but awful when used as recommended by the supplement label.

I was wondering the effects of and if there is any concern of me taking my creatine cycle, while still drinking a 6oz cup of coffe in the morning? Will this be too much or am I cool to take my creatine in the morning, and drink my coffe like 1 hour later?

Im only 15 but ive been lifting weights aggressivley for the past three yrs. Im not your average 15 yr old by any means. Ive been hearing so many good things about creatine but some people say you shouldnt take it under the age of My problem is nobody says why i shouldnt. I know 18 yr olds that i am physically more mature than, so what makes them less likely to experience sideaffects? What are the exact sideaffects? People having fits, etc. And you retards that dont drink enough water daily with your kidney problems — what other supplements are you taking too??

I went from a long distance runner k,5k to a thrower discus, shotput. Muscles are good, but too much muscle can be a disadvantage in some aspects of sporting. And stick to the Pure versions — cuz its most likely the extra marketing additives causing all these other problems that people are having.

Creatine definately does give good results no question of that but there are definately side affects such as shortness of breath, kidney problems. Please feel free to mail Thanks. Our son of 31 has taken Creatine in the past. Was admitted to hospital 6 weeks ago with what they thought was appendix, then after a CT scan, showed he had enlarged spleen. Yesterday, he has been told by consultant at hospital he has an enlarged heart and has to have an echocardigram to find out what is causing this.

You get stronger and your recover time is shrunk to an absolute minimum. Creatine is potentially harmful full on your body and here is why. Well since i wrote here two months ago almost nthg had changed.

Guys still think that this substance will kill them, or leave some bad results in their system which in turn will affect their bodies. I dont care what this article says, i would never use a supplement as a source of energy or muscle build up.

How weird you you feel being, as described in this article, deflated? Creatine made my dick grow like 8 inches I got huge and ripped….. So anyone who wants to blame creatine for health problems needs to remember there are no scientifically proven negative side effects. Lmao this is hilarious. I love all of the wannabes who are looking to get bigger fast while simultaneously being completly oblivious to the facts and stories by others who have had first hand experiences with creatine.

Bodybuilding takes time and effort, there are no shortcuts nor are there any cutting edge supplements that will increase your muscle size, strength, or endurance without there being any negative side effects. Anything that increases your muscle size, strength, or endurance DOES affect you in one way or another.

It could be as significant as kidney or liver failure or it may be as small as mood swings or a decrease in anything after you stop taking it. For those of you reading, if only looking big is more important than any of the risks that i have mentioned, you are asking for your system to eventually screw itself up in one way or another and deserve it. Anybody who is willing to risk all of that just to look big and attain strength is asking for all of these consequences. Now you can bulk up and look big within a period of time with all of the risks and side effects included, or you can play it safe and be a legitamate bodybuilder which will of course take a number of years.

But hey, nothing in life comes easy and if you are looking to get bigger faster without damaging your system, then there are no supplements out there for you and you have to face the fact that real bodybuilding takes TIME and the determination to go through with it days a week without seeing any results in the first several months.

I have taken creatine for 4 years… I have experimented with cow creatine and goat creatine. I have to say this new stuff called synthetic anabolic creatine is the best. I inject it directly into my abdominal muscles and they immediately contract and twitch very rapidly. This is quite painful but I believe it has made a significant improvement. I dare someone to challenge the truths I have spoken, and am prepared to kill them.

If anyone wants to see pictures, email me at flamedude yahoo. You can also add me on facebook, my name is Jorge Carillo. I play football and i wrestle. Nothing personal but most of these people who are against creatine must be jelious ore sumthing..

The only bad thing is that when you stop using it you will feel very tired and will need to go back on it. Creatine is great I have early bird weighlifting and being a highschool student I tend to stay up late. But when I take Creatine in the moring I jsut get so pumped up and eager to life, I love the stuff! But when I take Creatine in the moring I jsut get so pumped up and eager to lift, I love the stuff!

Here is My Interesting story with Creatine. Few weeks backs i started to do intensive work out program and i took branded ce..

After two weeks i went for my routine general check up with the doctor. Nextday i got call from hospital saying that my Liver Enzymes got Elevated. I was terribly upset and was freaking about Hepatitis. This should only be done under the supervision of your physician. As always, talk with your healthcare provider regarding questions you have about your medications and medical conditions.

For additional information regarding diabetes: Does metformin damage your kidneys? And is it good for people with diabetes? Glucophage metformin is used to treat type 2 diabetes. Common side effects of Glucophage include diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach. I have been taking metformin mg twice a day for the past 2 years. I understand that long-term use of this drug causes kidney problem.

Can you please explain? Upon looking at research articles and drug references, there is mention of metformin Glucophage causing lactic acidosis.

Because metformin Glucophage is excreted by the kidneys, patients whose renal function kidney function is below the normal range for their age group, should not take metformin Glucophage. The medication also should not be used in patients who are dehydrated or have pre-renal azotemia. Please keep in mind that diabetes itself can cause damage the kidneys.

As always, consult your health care provider regarding your specific concerns about your medications. Below are links that provide additional information about diabetes and metformin: My doctor upped my dose of metformin from mg twice daily to mg twice daily. Now I have diarrhea and nausea, also leg cramps. Glucophage generic name is metformin works by affecting the production of glucose that comes from digestion.

Side effects of metformin can include diarrhea, headache, nausea, and stomach gas. These side effects usually occur when the medication is first started or whenever a dose is increased. If a side effect becomes too bothersome, contact the physician. Never stop a medication without a physician's approval. Since I have started taking two mg metformin tablets, I am having breathing problems. Should I stop taking it? Studies have shown that some people have developed a life-threatening condition called lactic acidosis while taking metformin.

You may be more likely to develop lactic acidosis if you have congestive heart failure. Older adults may also have a higher risk of developing lactic acidosis. Talk with your doctor about your individual risk. The following link will provide additional information about treating diabetes. I take mg metformin, twice a day,once in the morning and again before retiring. My blood sugar readings have been high, in the 20s and down to only about 15, for quite awhile.

What do I do to get this under control? I must add that I take lots of other drugs for a heart condition. Metformin Glucophage is a common oral medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. Metformin Glucophage is usually started at a lower dose of mg twice a day and can be increased weekly by the prescribing provider. Talk to your doctor about increasing your Metformin glucophage dose if your blood sugars are elevated.

Insulin doses can also be slowly increased as needed by your doctor until blood sugars are under control. Blood sugars in the 20's or lower are very low and a patient would probably be unconscious with readings this low. Talk to your doctor about what your goal blood sugars are.

There are many things that can affect blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. One variable is the time of day that you test, especially in relation to when you last ate.

In general, it is best to test before eating or 2 hours after eating rather than immediately following a meal. The amount and type of food you eat can also have an effect. Check food labels for the amount of carbohydrates in the foods you are eating.

In genera,l the more carbohydrates a food has the higher it will raise your blood sugar. It can help to have some protein with your meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar from going as high. For example, for a snack you could have five whole grain crackers with 1 oz of cheese or 1 tablespoon of peanut butter instead of having 10 crackers alone. Exercise and illness are two other contributors to blood sugar levels. Exercise can help lower your blood sugar lower while many illnesses can raise your blood sugar.

If you miss a dose of your diabetes medication or take more or less than prescribed, you will also notice a change in your blood sugar. It is best to keep a log of your blood sugars and note the date and time as well as when and what you last ate and if you exercised before the reading.

Take this log with you to your doctor's appointments, it will help your doctor determine if any changes need to be made with your medications. Please see the following Everyday Health link for more information on diabetes and how you can control blood sugar levels. My nails, which have always been strong and healthy, are splitting, chipping and in general a mess!

Can I take something to combat this? A friend suggested biotin mg. Common side effects of Glucophage include diarrhea, nausea, and upset stomach. Other side effects reported with Glucophage use include nail disorder. These are not all the side effects of Glucophage. For a complete list, ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you have questions or concerns, talk with your doctor or other health care provider. Does metformin cause loose stool and undigested stool?

If so what can we do? The most common side effects of metformin Brands: Fortamet, Glucophage, Glucophage XR, Glumetza, Riomet are stomach-related problems such as diarrhea, mild nausea, vomiting, gas, and stomach pain.

These side effects usually only occur during the first few weeks of taking Metformin and typically improve over time. Work with your doctor to determine the dosage and timing of Metformin that is right for you in order to minimize these side effects. These side effects are shown to be much reduced when Metformin is started at the lowest dose, usually mg a day, and then slowly increased to the recommended dosage.

An extended release version of Metformin, Glucophage XR, may also help reduce gastrointestinal problems through a slow release process. Also, diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach are greatly reduced when Metformin is taken with a meal. Lastly, it is important to reduce the amount of fats and sugars ingested while taking Metformin. In fact, consuming a diet high in fat or carbohydrates while taking Metformin can make stomach upset or diarrhea worse. People who take Metformin with a low-carbohydrate diet find that stomach upset is minimal.

If stomach upset and diarrhea persist, such symptoms can be treated with over the counter anti-diarrhea medications such as Imodium and Gas-X. If these side effects last longer than a few weeks and do not resolve with a modified diet, consult with your doctor. I'm currently taking metformin. Why does it have a fishy smell? Can I switch to something that doesn't smell?

It has been reported in the news that some formulations of metformin have what is described as a "fishy odor" or a "locker room odor.

The smell is primarily associated with the immediate-release form. Some patients have found that holding their nose while taking the drug may help. However, others are so bothered by the smell that they cannot take the medication.

If you find that the smell is bothersome to you, consult your healthcare provider. Other forms of metformin are available that have little or no smell at all, including the extended-release formulation. Your health care provider can help determine whether switching products is appropriate for you. I feel very tired. I take metformin, mg two tablets a day.

I also take vitamins and iron. My TSH is a borderline of 4. What should I do feel energetic? According to the package insert, metformin can cause a feeling of weakness. A feeling of tiredness or fatigue has many potential causes, including hypothyroidism, lack of exercise, too much stress, and trouble sleeping or poor quality of sleep.

If it is the regular-release metformin, I'm thinking about asking my doctor to switch me to an appropriate dose of Januvia and the timed-release metformin Glucophage XR extended-release tablets. Are there any problems or cautions in switching?

There should not be any issue in converting to Januvia sitagliptin and Glucophage XR metformin extended release if dosed appropriately according to your physician.

Any time that medications are changed from standard release to extended release, the dosing needs to be adjusted to accommodate the longer-acting nature of the extended release. I have diabetes and take mg of metformin twice a day, but my sugar levels are creeping upward.

I live in Mexico during the winter, and there is no doctor here that specializes in diabetes. If your blood sugar levels continue to increase, you should consult a physician to see if a dose adjustment or other form of metformin Glucophage, Glumetza might be warranted.

Hopefully you could at least have a phone discussion with the prescribing physician if there is no local physician. Always remember that diet, proper nutrition, and exercise are also important in controlling diabetes. I had to discontinue my metformin because of side effects and am now just taking Januvia. If my AIC levels come back within range, do I need to go back to taking metformin? I understand that it is the "first" line of defense.

My side effects were from metformin HCL. My doctor had accidentally written my RX with that instead of metformin XR. I did not seem to have bad side effects with the metformin XR. I will be back to see her within 3 months. Metformin is the first line treatment for your condition, but in cases where metformin is not tolerated, Januvia is a good second choice. In the prescribing information for Januvia, a study done with participants on weeks of initial therapy, Januvia lowered A1C levels, which were sustained over 2 years.

Metformin is a very effective medication. I am not allowed to discuss discontinuation of therapy without your prescriber specifically instructing you to stop your medication. However, I cannot overestimate the importance of this medication. Visit us here for more information: Does the diabetic drug metformin help with weight loss? There is information that metformin may cause weight loss but not in large amounts. It is important to note that in most studies of metformin, people did not usually gain weight.

Many other diabetes medications are known to cause weight gain. If you have an abnormal change in your weight, contact your health care provider and let them know. Is there any way to conteract the diarrhea caused by metformin?

I've been on it since late January and even when I take it after eating, I have diarrhea. Oh, and I'm not eating simple carbs. Metformin may have this characteristic from stimulating too much serotonin in the gut. Try eating a Fibertab, or at least a half of one a couple of times a day. However, as wonderful a medication metformin is, if it is affecting your quality of life, you may have to ask your provider to lower your dose.

In addition, you should consider that your digestive system may be more sensitive than you had previously thought, as your physician may have mentioned, the diarrhea should have cleared up by now and it may be preventing you from absorbing certain vitamins and minerals. You may find this article useful as well: Is it true that once you get on metformin, you can never get off it? This is a difficult question to answer because there are many variables to consider when discussing if you will stay on a medication for the rest of your life.

For example, you may be changed to another medication to treat your diabetes. However, if a patient with high sugar levels has been unable to control their sugar with diet and exercise alone, then they likely will be on some type of medication to treat the diabetes for their lifetime.

Attached is a link to additional information provided by Everyday Health regarding diabetes. How soon after one takes metformin does it act on one's blood sugar? Metformin brand name is Glucophage works within days to exert its effects on blood sugar.

The maximum effect may take up to 2 weeks. In another study, Glucophage was reported to start lowering blood sugar within 24 to 48 hours. I have included a couple of links you may find helpful. I am taking metformin to help in weight loss.

Is loose stools a common side effect? Metformin Glucophage, Glumetza is an oral diabetes medication that helps control blood sugar. Diarrhea is listed as a common reaction when taking this medication.

However, side effects are patient specific. The following websites will provide additional information about taking metformin: This site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. You may not rely on this site for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, pharmacist advice or any professional service requiring licensure, registration or certification in any state.

Follow the instructions of your health care provider and read carefully all product packaging associated with any medication that is provided to you. Medication information offered on this site is for informational purposes only and is neither independently verified nor endorsed by Everyday Health, Inc. We cannot offer any assurances that any product is safe, effective or appropriate for you. If you are in need of medical attention, contact your physician or other health care provider or dial if you believe that you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Is there a good way to counteract the laxative effect of metformin? I take mg twice a day and after over a year , I still have unpleasant side effects.

According to the package insert for metformin, nausea and upset stomach are side effects of metformin that generally go away after being on the medication for some time.

Consult with your health care provider if these symptoms are not going away, appearing later in therapy or affecting your daily life. You may need to lower your dose, or stop the medication for a short period of time, or for good. It is important to consult with your health care provider before making any changes to your medication.

In recent medical literature, it has been shown that patients who were switched from metformin to extended release metformin, had fewer stomach side effects. Do Pravachol, Tenex, and Paxil interfere with my diabetes medicine? Studies suggest that there are no significant interactions between these medications. It is best to take metformin with food.

Pravachol is best taken at bedtime since body makes cholesterol at night. I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic, and I've been talking metformin, 1, mg a day.

When will the diarrhea stop? My doctor told me that it might take up to three months. Side effects or common reactions to individual medications such as metformin Glucophage are very patient specific. Therefore, it is not possible to determine how long your diarrhea may last. Oftentimes, it takes a few weeks for a person.

If I'm taking the slow-release version of Glumetza metformin for PCOS, can I also take calcium two hours later, or will it interfere with the absorption and effectiveness? It should be fine for you to take the calcium 2 hours after the Glumetza.

The absorption and effectiveness should not be affected. Of course, it is always good to speak with your doctor before you take any over-the-counter products just to be sure that the product is right for you based on your personal medical history. There are no restrictions to taking metformin with any non-alcoholic beverages. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause liver damage. Liver damage is one of the contraindications for taking metformin because it may lead to lactic acidosis.

The risk of lactic acidosis, caused by accumulation of metformin, is higher in patients with liver problems.

Lactic acidosis is a rare but fatal condition in which the body produces excess lactic acid. Symptoms of lactic acidosis are muscle pain, difficulty breathing, sleepiness, abdominal pain. If you notice these symptoms, contact your pharmacist or the prescriber immediately.

Why doesn't metformin dissolve in my system? Take metformin with a meal, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Some forms of metformin are taken only once daily with the evening meal. Follow your doctor's instructions. It is important to use this medicine regularly to get the most benefit. Get your prescription refilled before you run out of medicine completely. Do not crush, chew, or break an extended-release tablet Glucophage XR. Swallow the pill whole. It is specially made to release medicine slowly in the body.

Breaking the pill would cause too much of the drug to be released at one time. To be sure this medication is helping your condition, your blood will need to be tested on a regular basis. Your kidney function may also need to be tested. It is important that you not miss any scheduled appointments. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetics should avoid or reduce sugary drinks such as sodas and drink water instead.

Drinks like cola, even diet sodas, can increase your blood sugar levels which in the long run increase your A1c levels. These drinks should be avoided or at a minimum consumed in moderation by diabetics. Are there any issues with sunlight and taking metformin? A review of the package insert and medical literature did not show reports of sensitivity to sunlight in patients taking metformin. Another type of medication used for type 2 diabetes, called sulfonylureas drug names: There are several prescription drug products that combine metformin with a sulfonylurea, including Glucovance and Metaglip.

You are encouraged to report any negative side effects of prescription drugs to your health care practitioner and the Food and Drug Administration FDA by visiting www. For more specific information, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action. Is it safe for a diabetic taking metformin to have an occasional alcoholic drink?

Clinical studies have shown the use of alcohol with certain medications such as metformin may increase the risk of lactic acidosis. For further information, please refer to the following links. Can I take cough medicine if I am taking metformin? Most cough medications are fine and do not interact with metformin Glucophage. The caution is to watch the sugar content of elixirs, syrups and suspensions.

Also, cough medications come in a variety of active ingredients and combinations. I have also included a link about metformin Glucophage with some information about drug interactions: When is it best to take metformin, before or after meals? As always, talk with your health care provider regarding questions you have about your prescription medications. Does metformin cause hives or urticaria-like symptoms after some time of usage?

A rash is listed as a common reaction to or side effect from taking metformin Glucophage. Check with your physician to see if an over-the-counter low-strength steroid cream such as hydrocortisone might help alleviate some of the rash or if you need to change drugs.

Click on the following link for additional information: Is Glumetza a form of metformin? I couldn't tolerate metformin in the past. Is this medication like that? Yes, Glumetza is a brand name for metformin.

There are a number of oral medications available to treat type 2 diabetes, and each class of drugs works in a different way. Please contact your health care provider for an appropriate alternative for you. Would a high dose of metformin cause blurry vision? Blurry vision is not listed in the adverse effects section for metformin in Lexi-Comp. This does not mean that it is not a possibility, but it is not a common adverse side effect.

Keep in mind that diabetes itself can affect the eyes. Another thing to consider is if this could be a symptom of changes in blood-sugar levels. Make sure that you are checking your blood-sugar levels. Talk to your health care provider regarding your blurry vision. The following link provides information from Everyday Health regarding diabetes.

Is it okay to take my entire daily dosage of metformin at same time instead of spreading it out throughout the day? Whether you can take the entire 2, mg dose of metformin at one time depends on the dosage form you are prescribed.

Generally, the immediate-release formulation is meant to be spread out during the day, in 2 or 3 doses with meals. The sustained-release or XR formulation is designed to be taken once daily with the evening meal. Consult your health care provider for specific recommendations. I am on metformin. My AIC is 6. I don't feel like taking these anymore -- what are the consequences?

I have been a diabetic for almost two years. Can I do it with diet and exercise? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of a daily diabetes management plan. Often the stress can lead to burnout, when you feel that caring for your type 2 diabetes is more than you can or want to handle. Although it's normal to have these feelings from time to time, don't let them derail your health. You can learn about ways to combat burnout at the following link: Exercise is beneficial for everyone, but it's especially important for people with type 2 diabetes.

In fact, incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine can help you get to or maintain a healthy weight, reduce blood sugar levels, and reduce stress levels. It may even lessen your need for diabetes medications. You can find helpful information about exercise and diabetes at: Your health care provider or diabetes educator is best able to help you with your treatment choices and in developing a plan to meet your needs and goals. Do not stop or change the amount of medication you take without talking to your health care provider first.

Does metformin build up in your system? How long does a dose last? Metformin has a half-life of around seven hours for a single tablet. What this means is that one half of the medication will be metabolized and excreted after seven hours, but the entire one tablet dose will be out of your system in about 35 hours.

This does not mean that you can change how you take the medication because most of the active medication is contained in the first 7 to 14 hours; what gets out of your system after that is usually the metabolites or inactive ingredients of that tablet. For example, the dosing is usually twice a day for the non-extended release form of metformin. By taking the medication every 12 hours you keep a steady level of active medication in your system.

For more information on metformin, follow this link: Why do doctors give metformin with insulin? Taking insulin and metformin together works better at controlling blood sugar for people with type 2 diabetes than just taking insulin on its own. If you have type 2 diabetes, your pancreas doesn't make enough insulin, and the insulin your pancreas makes doesn't work properly.

This means you get too much glucose in your blood. Insulin is a hormone that your body uses to keep the amount of glucose sugar in your blood steady. Insulin is made by your pancreas, a gland that sits just behind your stomach. It's used for people who have type 2 diabetes that isn't controlled by drugs. Taking insulin and metformin together aims to combine the benefits of both treatments. Together they give you better control of your blood sugar levels. The metformin may also mean you don't need to take as much insulin.

Or is metformin usage for life in terms of controlling blood sugar? A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet, daily activity, and exercise can help control diabetes and perhaps lessen the need for medications. Your health care provider or diabetes educator is best able to guide your treatment decisions based on your specific circumstances.

Consult them about developing a plan for lifestyle changes that can help you. Can I eat grapefruit every morning? Major clinical trials have not indicated any effects between grapefruit and metformin, even though grapefruit interact with a whole host of other medications.

But there are some animal studies that have shown that the combination can lead to complications such as lactic acidosis. Please check with your physician before making any new changes in your diet. For more information on metformin, please see: I am on metformin and my doctor is a holistic devotee so he has me take vitamins and supplements.

Do you have any advice about this? The effectiveness of vitamin and mineral supplements are very patient-specific. Why does my metformin have an odor? I never noticed this before. Only recently within the last month or so, have I noticed this. Metformin is used to help control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. A recent report in a medical journal indicates that the pills have an odor to them. Pharmacists and other people who take the drug have reported that metformin smells like dead fish, tires, or smelly sweat socks.

If you have concerns about the smell or it effects your ability to take the medication, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action.

I take mg of metformin twice a day, and there is this horrible fishy smell from the medication, which makes me wonder what's wrong with it?

The article suggests that manufacturers could add a coating to the pill to prevent the odor. If you have concerns about the smell or it affects your ability to take the medication, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action. Why does my metformin have a fishy smell?

Is it still good? I take 1, mg metformin ER morning and at night. I have noticed an odor. Is it ok to take It?

I only smell it if I put my nose to the bottle. Does metformin have a fishy smell, or is it a sign that it's bad and should be thrown out? The metformin I take sometimes when I get it refilled, it smells like fish. Is it still safe to take and effective? A recent report in a medical journal 1 indicates that the pills have an odor to them. Researchers have recently discovered that the popular Type 2 diabetes drug metformin brand names Glumetza, Riomet, Glucophage, Fortamet, and others has a distinctive scent that, for some people, is enough to cause them to stop taking it.

But as the most widely prescribed diabetes drug in the United States, metformin plays an important role in helping people with Type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose levels. But as the most widely prescribed diabetes drug in the United States, metformin plays an important role in helping people with Type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose levels, and experts have suggested several solutions for dealing with the medicine. Regarding metformin, is it a problem if it smells like fish?

Why does metformin have a bad, fishy odor? Is it safe to continue to take? I have had no problems with the drug besides a slight stomach upset at first. Why does metformin have a bad, fishy odor Does metformin have a suitable relacement that doesn't smell and is as cheap?

Some reports indicate that some metformin pills have more odor than others. There are a number of different medications used to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by decreasing the amount of sugar your liver releases and by helping your body to use its own available insulin more efficiently. Other options include the following: This can lead to low blood sugar levels and weight gain. These drugs can cause upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea.

And are other, less odorous options available? Many patients and pharmacists have noticed that metformin glucophage has a fishy odor. An article in a medical journal states that there appears to be no correlation with the odor of fish associated with metformin and the effectiveness of the medication. It also appears that the fishy odor is seen with the immediate release metformin and not the extended release formulation.

If the smell is extremely offensive to you, talk with your physician to see if the extended release tablets would be an appropriate option. Always store your medications as specified by the storage requirements and do not take expired medications. Click here for additional information provided by Everyday Health regarding diabetes.

Why does metformin smell so bad? Does Glucophage smell better? Glucophage is used to help control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Researchers say the odor varies between generic versions of metformin and seems to be more apparent with the immediate-release form of the drug.

A film-coated, extended-release formulation of metformin may be a good alternative. If you have concerns about the smell or if the odor affects your ability to take the medication, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action.

My doctor has prescribed another medicine to go with it and it has helped a lot, although I am still craving food in the What is another drug that takes the place of metformin and does not make me crave food or sweets? It does not usually cause blood sugar levels to go low called hypoglycemia , but if you take other medications for diabetes, drink large amounts of alcohol, exercise heavily, or do not eat enough calories, hypoglycemia may occur.

To raise your blood sugar, eat a quick source of sugar, such as glucose tablets, table sugar, honey, candy, or fruit juice. To help prevent low blood sugar, eat meals on a regular schedule, and do not skip meals. The reverse effect, high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia, can also occur with metformin and can have the symptom of frequent urination.

It may mean that your dose needs to be adjusted. There are a number of different types of medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. Although not entirely proven in humans, for animals — ranging from simple lifeforms like yeast to large mammals like dogs and rhesus monkeys — calorie restriction without malnutrition might be the one known thing which can slow down the aging process.

Rhesus monkeys are thought to be the most similar physiologically to humans, which is why they are so often used in medical studies. These photos are from a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin published in issue of Science Magazine 1.

On the left is a On the right is a monkey of the same age, but who has been on a calorie restrictive diet since an early age. Those photos are worth more than a thousand words. While not studied for hair loss or male pattern baldness, it certainly should be!

Some studies have even found it be more effective than exercise at increasing life span. True, exercise protects against problems that reduce lifespan — like diabetes and heart disease — but only calorie restriction has been shown to slow primary aging 2.

The exact reason why is unknown. Some wonder if a similar effect might be possible if we could find a way how to boost NAD levels. Before the NAD supplement, it was all about resveratrol. Red wine and grape juice — both of which only contain minuscule amounts of resveratrol — were being touted as a superfoods.

Some went so far as to claim it was the official Dr. Oz approved method which was a lie, he does not sell or endorse supplements. Here we are now almost a decade later.

Nearly a billion dollars paid for sirtuins activators, but no drugs on the market. From excitement to silence. So what happened to the resveratrol hype? Is it possible Niagen is more effective? The fact that resveratrol has faded in popularity is not surprising, considering the suspected high doses needed and the fact that resveratrol and presumably, similar compounds are highly sensitive to degradation from light, heat, and air.

The dosage conversion of resveratrol milligrams per kilogram of body weight in animal models was often exponentially higher than what those resveratrol supplements offer you.

That being said, as per the words of one biotech insider here at Superfoodly, a billion dollars and one decade later with nothing to show is not that unusual in pharma. Will nicotinamide riboside follow the same path as the earlier generation of sirtuin activators and fade away? Often times, it has more to do with prioritizing spending for shareholder return and choosing which drug candidates will produce revenue the fastest.

Only GlaxoSmithKline truly knows how viable — or not — their portfolio of sirtuins activators might actually be. There has been some activity, but not a lot. Mice on a standard diet vs. Published in Aging Cell 13, pp— This article is a U. Government work and is in the public domain in the USA.

There were 40 patients involved receiving either placebo or escalating doses of SRT In terms of safety, both the drug and placebo groups experienced comparable side effects, which were said to be either mild or moderate.

As you see in the graph, the higher the dosage, the more effective the treatment was. That may sound great and it is but the problem is that even though it was published in , the study was initiated in and last updated in 5. Given the positive momentum that Niagen research has had this decade, perhaps GSK later realized that was the train they should have boarded instead.

So what has David Sinclair been up to lately? So far the body of evidence for nicotinamide riboside is quite impressive. It does not appear to be an anti-aging supplement scam whatsoever.

It is one of the very, very few scientific discoveries in the space that we are excited about. As co-director of the Paul F. The nucleus contains the genetic information or instructions for the cell, while the mitochondria is where its energy is created.

As we age, communication between the two becomes less efficient and as a result, there is an acceleration of aging 7.

In studies where a certain compound — nicotinamide mononucleotide — is given to elderly mice, that lost communication is reportedly restored. Sinclair describes it as:. What is the difference between resveratrol and nicotinamide riboside?

Both are believed to be sirtuin activators, but they operate in different ways. Natural resveratrol from plants, as well as similar synthetic versions, are not naturally found in the human body. Contrast that to nicotinamide mononucleotide NMN , which is a molecule naturally found in your cells and is said to be responsible for levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD.

Those levels of NAD are what declines with age.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Functions