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How much you are going to pay for your fast five package depends on which plan you choose. If I were Marie Osmond, I wouldn't want to be known as a spokesperson for a company that has such bad reviews. How many packages were bad? My first order included items I didn't order and one that I'm allergic to its ingredients. I am 81 yrs old and on a fixed income now. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

What Is NutriSystem Fast 5+?

Nutrisystem Fast 5 – Healthy Weight Loss Kit & Diet Plans?

But mostly, people get the general idea of what it is and how could you not with nutrisystem aggressively advertising it on TV so often right now?

I think that this makes sense, when you think about it. Most people do find that, so long as they follow the instructions, the first couple of weeks on any diet is pretty encouraging. Sure, it may be an adjustment for your body. But in addition to this, the fast five plan takes this a step further to ensure that you are going to have an easier time succeeding. They give you the appetite suppression shakes to help you with hunger. In that sense, they have tried to address the thing big concerns that most dieters have — hunger, effectiveness, and cost.

I think that this was very smart. Because it gets people trying the plan and the hope is that once those same people see the results in terms of weight loss and how they look and feel, they will continue along. Plus, most of us are going to be much more encouraged when we have fast and dramatic results.

And the shakes are getting great reviews for taste and for how filling they are. You often have to pay for them separately at other times during the year. Shakes are not included in packages all of the time. In fact, this is pretty rare. Most of the time, if you want any of the popular shakes, you have to add boxes of them on top of your regular order.

You can see the shake offer here. How much you are going to pay for your fast five package depends on which plan you choose. The select line is the most expensive plan and the basic plan is the cheapest. The core plan falls between the two. Here are the prices. Note that these prices are for 28 days of foods — breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus desserts and snacks. Still, if you just want to get in the cheapest way possible, this works and you get the fast five.

Core is considered an upgrade over the select line because you do get to handpick whichever foods you want off of the menu and you have access to the counseling. Next up is the select line. You can choose your foods, you have access to counseling and you have access to the frozen entrees, which are among the most popular on the menu.

Many of the foods are in fact quite good. And even the more expensive select line includes some non frozen items.

How Much Does The Nutrisystem Fast Five (5) Cost?