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Since its establishment in , more than 5, Greek and A… t. In addition, re-orientation training of the staff is carried out every year. The data collected, using standardized pre-tested questionnaires, includes: Nutrition monitoring is the measurement of the changes in the nutritional status of a population or a specific group of individuals over time WHO, The paucity of reliable and comparable data from all parts of the country is a definite obstacle towards a realistic and disaggregated problem definition.

This calls for a nation-wide monitoring system. To achieve this, it is necessary to restructure and strengthen the existing National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau NNMB and to develop a mechanism for generating nationwide disaggregated data.

National Nutrition Policy, Govt. The National and State governments have been implementing a number of poverty alleviation programmes for the overall socioeconomic development of the community and several nutrition interventions to mitigate the problem of undernutrition.

The Government of India's National Nutrition Policy, apart from setting nutrition goals to control and prevent malnutrition in the country, recommended that a National Nutrition Surveillance System should be developed.

For the purpose of formulation of policies and strategies to control and prevent malnutrition, it is essential to assess continuously the nutritional problems in the country. Monitoring of the nutritional status of population, therefore, becomes an important aspect of any nutrition intervention programme to assess the impact of these massive inputs and to determine the direction in which the community's nutrition is progressing, so as to initiate appropriate corrective actions.

All the members of the team are given intensive training in the methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation.

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