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Very useful to help get organized for the week Rating: I am using your meal plain, thanks for doing this. I tend to avoid dairy myself. Is that not true? How can we follow this from home? The cheapest way is going to be to use body fat calipers.

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Not too mention the havoc it creates on ones mental status I suggest the owner of the stuff start doing some actually scientific research before giving out any more potentially harmful advice. Yes, it may be healthy for a pound female to lose less than 2 pounds a week but if take a female she's going to lose more than 2 pounds a week on a less than calorie diet ALONE!

I just turned 34 and I've been struggling with my weight for a long time and I've been having trouble losing weight especially when I'm always on the go. Is there anything that I can fix that's quick and healthy that I can eat on the go?

Hey, Im 18, i weigh nearly pounds which is portioned all overs. What should I do? And how should I start? I'm 5'2 and lbs. I want to lose 14 pounds. I've already lost about 30 lbs and seem to have hit a wall. Hi I been trying to loss weight but i Am like yo- yo please help I been dieting for years and I can't make it please help me!!!! I am 37 yrs old 5. You should consider reverse dieting fisrt and build up your metabolism because you have probably severely damaged it.

Build it up over time, then fatloss will be much easier. Also look into flexible dieting I am 58 yrs old, lbs and diabetic type II. I need to loose belly fat but have a large ventical hernia. Otherwise have a good back,joints etc. Can you suggest a diet and exercise plan. Hi My my height is 5. I want to loose 20kg to 22 kg.

I'm 31 years old male. I just started gymming; want to loose some belly fat and build on my muscles as well. Please suggest me a diet plan. I'm 25 years old standing at 5'11 and weigh between lbs and I want to lose lbs. How can I go about doing this? And also what supplements and proteins should I take?

I only have dumb bells and an elliptical. Hi I am 23 years college going student and I weigh lbs. I am 5'2" I want to shed 15 lbs and a few inches. My husband and I are looking for weight loss plans we can do together. I am 25, 5'4 and lbs- looking to loose 45lbs. My husband is 28, 6'0 and looking to loose 50lbs. Click to Comment of Comments.

Dar I am trying to lose weight. Thank you August 07, Adrian Bryant these options hsould help August 07, Adrian Bryant use this emergency weight loss plan here July 16, Aly I'm 10 and any tips to help me? Adrian Bryant 38 weight loss tips June 19, I am trying to loose weight for my brothers wedding in December, help March 15, Like I said a minute ago, that would indeed represent a deficit for damn near every adult human.

The big question is, though… just how realistic is it for so many women to legitimately need to eat calories a day in order to lose weight? It could have just as easily been or instead and virtually nothing would be different.

Therefore, a calorie diet is a requirement for them to reach their goals or even make any progress at all. Earlier I mentioned the fact that a caloric deficit is the sole cause and requirement of weight loss. What this means is, in order to lose weight, you simply need to end up some degree below your maintenance level. For example, if you maintain your current weight eating calories per day, consistently eating some degree less than would make weight loss happen.

How far below your maintenance level should you go? With this in mind, let me show you just how unnecessary and unwarranted a calorie diet is for most women. Now, is this perfectly accurate all the time for every person? These are the estimated daily calorie intakes needed for women at various weights to lose fat at a moderate rate.

But yet, women at every single one of these body weights and every weight in between will somehow assume or conclude that calories is the amount they need to be eating in order to lose weight. There are a bunch of calorie calculators around that use a handful of different equations. One of the most popular of the bunch is the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation.

Now, is it perfectly accurate all the time for every person? Unlike the previous method which was only based on body weight , this equation uses weight, height, age, gender and activity level to come up with its estimate.

Once again, take note of how many of these estimates are calories. But yet again, women at all of these body weights and everywhere in between are under the impression that they need to be eating calories a day to lose weight.

Based on this method of calculation, the majority would be wrong. When we use three of the most common methods for estimating how many calories a person needs to eat per day to lose weight and do so at a typically recommended rate , it is only at the lowest body weight somewhere around lbs that we actually arrive at a scenario when a calorie diet may be necessary. In most other cases, the person would be able to lose weight while eating hundreds of calories more than this.

But, think about it. That would be over 18, women. Knowing this, I asked her if she ever has to go as low as calories with her female clients that are seeking fat loss. I then asked her to further describe the women who warrant this low of a calorie intake. Someone like me, for example, would fit that bill perfectly. Probably under lbs bodyweight — and again, usually only if the woman is also very sedentary throughout the day. If you ask me, these are the three biggest points you should be taking away from what Sohee had to say:.

I ran these same questions by my buddy JC Deen , who of course is another experienced coach who has set up fat loss diets for a wide range of female clients. And that if he did, it would most likely occur due to…. And finally, we have Dr. Spencer is a licensed practicing board certified family and obesity physician, and a damn good person to run these questions by.

When I asked him to describe the type of female patient he might prescribe a calorie intake to, he said the following…. I would describe this person as a shorter, middle to older age female who is sedentary. The other thing to consider is that when you are burning so few of calories relatively you could have more than calories and lose weight.

However, as you already know, most people under-report and underestimate how much they are eating, so a calorie diet may end up being more like to calories which is still hard to follow. I then asked him what kind of role other common issues for females — namely hypothyroidism, PCOS and menopause — play in this. Same principles will apply. Protein needs to be high for this to work. Hi, this is a great plan. Thank you for putting this on here. I am not to sure what kinda of fats i should use?

I know EVOO and things like that? Like if i cook some chicken should i use it then? Any help will be much appreciated. Alex, nuts, seeds, oils, and fats naturally occurring in meats, eggs, and other foods would be good healthy fats. Gonna start your strength training recommendations tomorrow but I have some questions. I am diabetic and I eat very few veggies and fruits. Can you offer some suggestions or substitutes for the fruits n veggies in the meal plans?

Hi, what are good breakfast foods that require little to no preparation. Hi Fred, I eat all food at all times of the day. Much easier that way. However, oats with protein powder is a common breakfast. Chicken omelet is another. Or, you could always make a shake. I make mine with oats, a frozen banana, 50 grams of whey, a handful of spinach, and about 6 ounces of water blended. This would be a post-workout meal according to this diet.

Also, during wrestling season I have heavy conditioning every day, however I currently weigh in at lbs. Depending on your current body fat, that is doable in a month. However, if you are already lean, you might need to plan on closer to. Everyone can do a pushup, you just might need to alter it a bit to add less resistance.

If that is too much, stand up and press up against the wall. Anyone can do that. Slowly work your way up to more resistance. Hi, i dont know if this is relevant to this page or not but i stumbled on these comments and thought maybe you could help me out.

Back in 7th grade i started running on the track and cross country team and ran a 5: My cross country season has just ended no more than 3 weeks ago and i have 3 to 4ish months until track starts.

I have been giving my legs a little break after a hard season of interval training by going miles on the elliptical, and doing mild strengthening. I have recently been trying to cut out sweets like desserts and candy, artificial sweeteners and butters etc. My purpose of losing around pounds is to become firmer and faster for my competitive seasons ahead. My Cross Country and track couch told me in order to truly competitive in track is to get up to running 35 miles a week.

So my question is what am i doing wrong? I have only until March to reach my goals and im in a pickle!!!! Start counting your calories and adjust from there. Hello my name is nancy I just had a baby 3 months ago I need to lose all my baby weight bits its been hard for me what can I do here at my house to lose this big donut I have in my stomach???? I wish to lose 60pounds so I can feel great by my anniversary in march 28 help plz!!!!!!! But if I were to add additional exercises in with what you already have, would that increase the chance of losing more weight?

Also if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to here them. Thank you so much! I started following your pinterest board as well; so great. Thanks so much for posting this, I needed help figuring out what to do! What I have outlined here should be sufficient to maintain or put on a little muscle while in a hypocaloric environment. Pushups, pull-ups, burpees, bodyweight squats, lunges, sprints, etc. Realistically, you can expect to lose that weight over the course of a year.

Set a goal of. Just to make sure… Patricia. Thanks a lot for publishing this. A question I have is whether or not type of carb GI value, simple vs. Would there be a difference in meeting the post-workout carb quota if I ate a bagel vs. Focus more on nutrients. Hi Maria, 50 pounds in 5 months might be a bit of a lofty goal. Once you get going,. The fears you have of looking like a bulky man are unfounded. Get out there and strength train.

It will make the job of fat loss so much easier, and you will be much happier with the results. Would you advise this for someone my age? How do you suppose I go about working out without equipment? I know that I can do things like jogging, sit ups, push ups, crunches, etc. First, you need to measure you body fat percentage.

You can use the cheap pair of calipers that I mentioned in the article. That does make sense, thank you!! Another question I had was: Without equipment there is plenty you can do. Pushup, pullups, squats, lunges, burpees, and kinds of variations of each. You might want to head to YouTube and search for bodyweight exercises.

Good luck and let us know how it turned out! Hi i am a 15 year old male and i am 5 foot 10 inches. I weigh pounds and would like to lose just 10 pounds to get in shape for spring sports coming up. Are there any tips to keep in shape when sports start? I used to work out and do cardio a lot but i never really got back to it.

Is this a realistic goal? Will I still lose 2 pounds a week without the exercise? Hey, Im 18 yeras old and my weight is lbs and at least I want to go down to lbs. Is this diet good for me?

Hi I am 17 year old girl. I would like to lose pounds but mostly because I am not satisfied with my tummy area. I would like to flatten it and lose some fat I got there but to have it look hourglass shape like…hope u understand what I am trying to say. Anyway is that possible ,is it healthy and how much time will it take for me to do that?: I know that may not sound like I should lose weight but I am looking at toning my body and feeling better about myself.

I am wondering what can I do to really focus on toning my body and losing a few pounds in certain areas of my body that I am uncomfortable with? I would suggest setting your calories a little closer to maintenance levels, add strength training and cardio, and focus on changing your body composition.

Yes it is possible. Cut out the processed food from your diet and add in strength training. Im 17 years old and lbs. I just have a few questions about the diet in itself. When I looked at how much my lean muscle mass is to figure out how much protein I should be eating it told me that I have lbs.

Does this sound right? Because to me, that sounds like very little. Also, what consitutes as a good fat? You have lists of good veggies but im wondering if something like an egg works for fats?

And would an egg be a protein and a fat put together? I would be nice to see a list of suggested fats to eat. I consider myself just normal weight but want to become slim before April.

Following this plan, will it take me down 10 pounds in a month, or is this more based on people who are overweight? You can realistically lose. However, make sure you are eating enough food and carbohydrates to fuel all that high-intensity exercise. I drink almost a gallon of water a day and nothing else no soda or sugary drinks or alcohol. I do have hypothyroidism and it sometimes fluctuates.

I also played a sport in college so I think my body got used to 2 a day work outs. What should I do? Where should I make changes? And what can I expect to lose per week? It looks low in calories. Here is my complete guide to losing weight. I suggest you read the whole thing and then let me know if you still have questions — https: What do you suggest. Hi, I wanted to ask you how much weight I should expect to lose with a whole30 meal plan very strictly paleo, 3 meals a day, and I eat max gr of carbs from veggie and fruit per day , hiit interval training, cardio and strength training 6 days a week I alternate cardio and hiit one day, and strength every other day.

Start weight was lb. I would love to reach or better lb, I know that this is unrealistic in 10 days, but I would like some advice for these last 10 days in order to shred at least other 2 or 3 lb: Should I increase workout?

It seems to me that my body can easily reach the point but then it immediately goes on plateau, even after just ten days of any kind of diet…is it possible? Fine either way, just want to get it right.

I need to loose 30 lbs. I just started to walk 3 miles a day. I eat lot of rice and veggies. Dont eat red meat. I eat chicken, salmon and turkey. Please let me know get back in shape to lbs. This looks like a great start, I am going to start tomorrow and droit as best as possible.. I am 5 ft 2 and weigh pounds. So I want to look great going to see my family and I work at a high school. We are almost out for the summer but what a great start to summer and then returning in the fall.

Following this diet what suggestions do you have for breakfast and dinner. Lunch for me is usually a salad so I have that covered. Is it possible for me to healthily lose 2 lbs per week? My goal weight is lbs. What foods should I be avoiding? Read this article for more info — https: Try mixing and matching the foods from this list — https: The most likely scenario? You need to expand your palate. Not all healthy food is as bad as you think. At your age it might seem that way though.

Get active and try to avoid as much processed food as possible. Make that a lifestyle change and not just a 10 week quick fix. I cant do any of your strength exercise i have bad knee from all my weight would i be able to do a low impact strength routine in place of your strength workout? Will losing this amount of weight in a month have an negative impact on my milk production since i am breastfeeding? Also, I noticed many of the healthy food options, not all but many, are rather pricey especially compared to the less healthy options.

Thank you for taking the time to post this article and your additional ones; they are extremely helpful. The guidelines you should follow for weight loss while breastfeeding are 1-wait until your baby is 2 months old to try to lose weight 2-do not go lower than calories per day, 3-do not lose more than a pound to a pound and a half per week, and 4-lower your calories gradually, not all at once.

Reading this article, I have a question. I see that you stated 9 am to 9 p. So it is ok to eat that late? Im asking because I actually work from 9 to , so to me it is always hard for me to eat my last meal at work, so I do eat around 8 or 9.

What would be a good example for a post workout meal if I go to the gym in the evening? I calculated that for me it would be 54g of carbs……. Have you ever tried eating more for a prolonged period of time.

The calorie number is ridiculously low for active individuals, and unfortunately it is recommended by way too many people. There is no problem eating at night. I have my last meal around 9pm. If you are worried about it, just make it a small meal or snack. Read this article — https: I noticed that you left out Saturday on your meal plan outline. I trained about 9 times a week, weight training and cardio……my body is slowly transforming and I have LOTS of energy…..

I love your posts and discovered lots of great information since I started reading you. My personal trainer is really pleased with my progress. Thanks for your help and keep up your great work of keeping us informed!!!!

One more thing about the amount of calories needed to lose weight….. I think you are bang on with the recommended amount of times your body weight……I was eating about 7. Can you clarify the rough calorie estimate for weight loss? Is the 10 to 12 times your body weight in calories for your current weight or your goal weight? I would like to get down to I eat fairly clean but my portions must be too large as I seem to be gaining weight. Not that many months ago I was pounds.

Thanks for your help. Green veggies and other veggies that have trace carbs less than 5 net carbs can be and should be eaten at every meal. A good post workout meal might be chicken and rice, or beans and lean beef, or fish and potato, etc. I have started to exercise regularly and have started to lower the amounts i eat. I would like to know how much calories I would need to consume to be able to lose weight and what kind of foods I should be eating.

How would I go about finding my lean body mass in order to determine how much carbs and protein to consume? Can you please tell me the amount of calories that are in the breakfast recommendations.

I would like to substitute it with an Herbalife shake I have at breakfast time but I need to make sure that the calories are close.

I have a green drink in the morning , spinich , berries , chia seeds , flax seeds phsylium husk , lime juice and water. And should I have thisbefore morning workout and then a couple of boiled eggs post workout?

Still have a meal containing a good amount of carbs post workout, however. Add up the calories you are currently eating and then subtract calories. Or, you can start at times bodyweight.

You can see it here — https: Would I be able to make muffins from this and have it count as my fat content for a meal? Eat as many meals as necessary. Flax meal is just fine too as long as it fits your calories. First of all, God is so good that I was able to find this website, the phenomenal wealth of information is priceless.

Over the past year or so, I have lost over pounds, with 50 or so more to go, primarily with a high protein diet.

I have now reached a wicked plateau for the last months or so with not a single pound lost.. I have tried the fast metabolism diet, high protein, etc. Depending on which Bmr calculator is used, my intake should be between calories.

I have tried to go below that number as I do not get in much exercise. My intake hovers between calories per day. I do get in steps per day, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

My goal is to eventually join a gym, that is difficult now, due to working 12 hour shifts. Any suggestions to jump start my weight loss? Also, where do such cereals like fiber one and kashi fit in to your carbohydrate suggestions, especially for post workout breakfasts? Thanks again in advance for answering my questions Mr. Eat at a certain calorie intake for 2 weeks while weighing yourself daily.

Take the average of 7 weigh-ins and compare them week to week. Lose 10 Pounds in a Month — The Diet Your nutrition is going to have the biggest impact on reaching your goals. Here are your dietary guidelines you can download a free 1 week sample meal plan below that puts all these guidelines into effect: You may space these out however you want that day.

Or you can use my calorie calculator to get a more accurate number. Eat green veggies or other low carb, high fiber veggies in as many meals as possible see below for examples Fill the rest of your calories with healthy fats spaced somewhat evenly into all meals see below Veggie List: If you work out later in the day, have your carb meal then. Hi there I would just like to have a list of good fats…………….

Can Greek yogurt count as a protein? Hey Coach, I am a vegetarian. Can you recommend some alternate? No cheat meals for a whole month though? I was wondering why carbs are so important to eat after a workout?

On your post-strength training days, carbohydrates sources could include: D In a day I eat … Breakfast … crunchy nut cornflakes 30g and banana mid morning … special k bar or fruit lunch, scrambled egg brown bap or salad bap.. I dont want to end up with an eating disorder,,, Thank You. Hey coach, Yeah we agreed on that, but unfortunately I am still hungry most of the time and still feel lethargic too.

Around 20 grams with 3 grams being fiber. Is there an approximate macronutrient breakdown to follow? Would appreciate it, D. Hello there, i like to go for this diet my weight is pounds. How can I do strength training at home?

Hello I am struggling to lose weight for some time now. Thanks a lot for the post. I love this plan, thank you! Thanks in advance D. Thanks for the help and thanks for the site!

I going to need help with my thights, hips and gluteus. I need to lose 15 pounds ASAP!!! So here are my questions: What should my breakfast consist of? Do you believe in the lemon cleanse? Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. Hi Roni, the fish oil can count as your healthy fat. Hey, I am in need of some help! Hey Coach… Just want to tell you this website rocks…you rock and everything you say is amazing. Glad everything is working out for you! Hey I was just wondering if I could lose weight just through diet?

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