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Actor and activist Ta'Kaiya Blaney discusses the power of blending art with activism. It is high, moist, tender, but with body so it slices well for sandwiches. Or do you have a suggestion for a different recipe? After two acclaimed seasons in London, she announced her retirement from opera at the age of Every week your counselor will discuss your past week's results, create an activity plan to help meet your goals, plan for upcoming events like parties or dining out, and help you choose your Jenny Craig meals for the upcoming week.

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Thanks so much for memorializing the past that so many of us lived in! Many Gratitudes, Herb S. It is nice to see someone else taking the initiative to preserve knowledge of the past. Cats lair Archives www. I left Chicagoland from Lincolnwood just about 30 years ago for the Bay Area of California , so even though I come back every year, much of what you captured on your site is still how I picture Chicago in my mind. I cherish the images that you were able to obtain. I loved the site. I forwarded it to quite a few people.

Thanks again for a wonderful site. I've bookmarked your website as a favorite. I can't wait to show my kids Thanks for the memories!! Formerly from Arlington Hts. You have created an amazing, wonderfully reminiscent of The things that have made Chicago the wonderful place it is! Really enjoy your lost Chicago site. Brings back soooo many memories, thank you very much. I'm only 46, but those pictures bring back memories.

Thanks for having this! Hey Craig, ahhhhh , the memories. Love the Craig's Lost Chicago site! Thanks for all the memories! Hello, thank you for the wonderful website and photos and memories of my hometown. I am retired now and live in South Florida. I have forwarded the website address on to many many friends who have gravitated far from home, but still love the pictures and memories.

I'll be checking your site often. I live in Ankara, Turkey now so it was especially dear to see the places we went. She loved it, too. Your website is incredible, of course I could tell hundreds of stories like everyone who views these pages Thanks, it's way cool. Hello, I've been enjoying your web site since discovering it a few days ago. Your website is a gem. I grew up in Chicago, starting in Uptown in the late 60s. It brings back a lot of memories, great lists!

I'm going to show it to my mom and dad the next time I see them, Travis M. Wonderful trip down memory lane, Great Job!!!! Craig, Love your lost Chicago series. Dear Craig, thanks for making a place for some to find and join in the festivities.

I was referred to your website and found it both fascinating and nostalgic. Keep up the good work, Joe.

A lot of work to preserve memories. Keep up the good work!!! Your Lost Chicago work is awesome. I grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago in the 50's and 60's. Craig's Lost Chicagois well done! It will increase appreciation of Chicago, Bill S. Love the site, it really brings back memories of my youth! Hello, your site is awsome. As a long time Chicagoan, I really enjoyed your site.

Brought back many memories of great places long gone. Thanks for all your efforts! We just discovered your site and just love it.

It brought back so many memories, thank you. Awsome Site, somehow I got a hold of one of your business cards and that is what led me to your site. These photos and logos are amazing. Thank you for helping me waste two hours at work today!

Again, great site, and keep up the good work! Hi Craig , what an awesome website. Brought back sooooo many memories for us. It must have taken you a long time to compose all of this. This is really a great job. I am going to forward this to my kids and friends. Your site is awesome. Every category takes me back to a place and time of my youth growing up in Chicagoland.

They're sending me as many photos of our old neighborhood places of interest they can find. Craig, you put together wonderful website! I grew up in Park Ridge and Des Plaines in the 50's and 60's, and your photos sure bring back a wealth of memories. Thanks again for the effort you put into your website. Hi Craig, First of all I love your website it brings back many lost memories.

Thanks for doing that, brought a lot of memories back! I love what you are doing! Thanks for the memories!! I was born in Chicago in You have done a fabulous job! We are the chronologically next class from Niles to celebrate a 50 th anniversary! All of us wax nostalgic when it comes to the Chicago of our growing up years!

Thanks for reminding us of what used to be our Chicago! I think a lot of people will really enjoy it. Hi Craig awesome website thanks, Patrick C. Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane. Thank you again, Nancy F. Thank you so very much! I enjoyed every second of viewing the greatest time period of my life..

I remember a LOT of the places on your website and have passed the link on to other ex-pats from Chicagoland and there are a lot of us! Thoroughly enjoyed the website, very nice presentation, Marilyn N. You have created an incredibly nostalgic site. I remembered nearly all of the stores and eateries.

Hi Craig, my brother forwarded your website to me, and it truly brought back memories. Through the years I have visited many websites dedicated to the memories that we still cherish about our beloved "lost" Chicago. A close friend sent me the name of your site, and after forwarding it to most of my friends, I am still reaping thank-yous which really belong to you. Brings back great memories and some tears, a lot of good things have been lost over the years.

Keep up the great research. They need to see this, thanks. I love your website of lost Chicago memories. I showed my children many places I went. You are d oing a great job, Don. Good job on the sight there are a lot of things you forget about until you see the pic and than realize how long they were gone for.

Your "Oldies" web page is amazing! I enjoyed it beyond belief. So Many memories, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wanted to first tell you that I was just introduced to your page, and love it!! I especially love the "Lost fun" Page. Thank you so much for this list, Angela Z. I saw your Lost Chicago site, terrific! You have created a fun site for older Chicagoans. We have maintained and renovated many of the original buildings, and although smaller than before, we have nearly 20 rides and attractions, hundreds of animals, and offer a clean, safe, and fun place for family entertainment.

Our website is www. Please check it out, and help us spread the word that we are OPEN! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sat and cried for all the lost things from my childhood. Great Website Craig, really makes me feel old.

I'm going to pass the link on to my family. Craig's Lost Chicago is very well put together. Haven't looked at it all yet, but I am impressed with what I've seen so far. Thank you, Chuck Z. Thanks for the memories! Fantastic Collection, Kathy H. Great stuff on your site there. Amazing how some of that stuff disappears so quietly not only from sight but also from mind. I really enjoyed looking at your site, Thanks for bringing so many memories back to us natives.

I am 62 and grew up in Chicago. This brought back so many memories and makes me so homesick for Chicago. Thanks for a job well done, so grateful! Thank you so much for putting so much into this site. It was really wonderful to go thru all of them and remembering. So many flash backs…. Was lots of fun thank you, Betty R. A friend forwarded a link to your site earlier today and I really enjoyed looking through it, Doug C. Chicago Blackhawks hockey puck collection.

Make a free website with Yola. Like most people who grew up in the Chicagoland area, I have many fond memories of special places I once, or many times visited, that I will never forget. Although they may have kept the name, sadly to most it's just not the same.

Does the city of Chicago realize what a treasure you are? The library or chamber should hire you! Hello, first I want to thank you. My husband and I both grew up in Chicago, did nursing and medical school in the area and then ended up in Berwyn for my husbands residency.

I worked in downtown Chicago all through college and I loved it then, and love it now. So many of those restaurants and places we have such memories. You captured most of our childhood and our adulthood til we were 32 and That's when we had to move to Kissimmee FL. Thanks for making a bunch of people in Florida happy tonight. Our Best Regards, Dr.

Mandel and Susan Miller. I am sending this to my Dad. He will love it. It was so much fun taking a trip down memory lane. Places I hadn't thought about since I was a kid. I got on the phone and called my 83 yr. Thanks for getting back to me. I will be sure to share this with as many people as possible.

Your website is absolutely wonderful! I looked for them on your site and they are not there. Throughout the s, the company's share price declined as it ran into a series of financial troubles involving weight loss drugs, employee training and costly leases before eventually being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in August and being traded over the counter.

In May , Jenny Craig, Inc. The company was operated as part of Nestlé Nutrition. On November 19, , Jenny Craig Inc. In , YouTube personality Shane Dawson and approximately 6 other Jenny Craig employees including his mother and brother, were fired from their jobs for uploading a sketch to his YouTube channel.

In March , the company reportedly pulled its advertisements from The Ingraham Angle as a result of her cyberbullying David Hogg. According to a systematic review , overweight and obese adults enrolled in Jenny Craig after 12 months had 4.

In , comedian Magda Szubanski joined the program and is serving as an "ambassador" for the company in Australia. Queen Latifah , Jason Alexander , and Kirstie Alley have also served as spokespeople for the company.

In , the company announced that it was discontinuing the use of celebrity spokespeople. In July , she starred in the world première of Verdi 's opera I masnadieri at Her Majesty's Theatre , under the baton of the composer. Her last opera performance was on 10 May in Robert le diable ; Queen Victoria and other members of the Royal Family were present. Many possible explanations have been advanced, but not one of them has been verified". In London, Lind's close friendship with Mendelssohn continued.

There has been strong speculation that their relationship was more than friendship. Papers confirming that were alleged to exist, but their contents had not been made public. Mendelssohn was present at Lind's London debut in Robert le diable , and his friend, the critic Henry Chorley , who was with him, wrote: Lind's talent was unlimited, turned round and looked at me, as if a load of anxiety had been taken off his mind.

His attachment to Mademoiselle Lind's genius as a singer was unbounded, as was his desire for her success. Four months after her London debut, she was devastated by the premature death of Mendelssohn in November She did not at first feel able to sing the soprano part in Elijah , which he had written for her. In , Lind was approached by the American showman P. Barnum with a proposal to tour throughout the United States for more than a year. Realising that it would yield large sums for her favoured charities, particularly the endowment of free schools in her native Sweden, Lind agreed.

Her financial demands were stringent, but Barnum met them, and in , they reached agreement. Together with a supporting baritone , Giovanni Belletti, and her London colleague, Julius Benedict, as pianist, arranger and conductor, Lind sailed to America in September Barnum's advance publicity made her a celebrity even before she arrived in the US, and she received a wild reception on arriving in New York.

Tickets for some of her concerts were in such demand that Barnum sold them by auction. The enthusiasm of the public was so strong that the American press coined the term "Lind mania". By early , Lind had become uncomfortable with Barnum's relentless marketing of the tour, and she invoked a contractual right to sever her ties with him; they parted amicably. She continued the tour for nearly a year, under her own management, until May Benedict left the party in to return to England, and Lind invited Otto Goldschmidt to replace him as pianist and conductor.

She took the name "Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt", both privately and professionally. Lind and Goldschmidt returned to Europe together in May They lived first in Dresden , Germany, and, from , in England for the rest of their lives. Although she refused all requests to appear in opera after her return to Europe, Lind continued to perform in the concert hall. In , at the invitation of the Philharmonic Society conducted by William Sterndale Bennett , she sang the chief soprano part in the first English performance of the cantata Paradise and the Peri by Robert Schumann.

The Times reported, "there is magic still in that voice Nothing more engaging, nothing more earnest, nothing more dramatic can be imagined. She believed in an all-round musical training for her pupils, insisting that, in addition to their vocal studies, they were instructed in solfège , piano, harmony, diction, deportment and at least one foreign language. Her last public appearance was at a charity concert at Royal Malvern Spa in She bequeathed a considerable part of her wealth to help poor Protestant students in Sweden receive an education.

There are no recordings of Lind's voice. She is believed to have made an early phonograph recording for Thomas Edison , but in the words of the critic Philip L. Miller, "Even had the fabled Edison cylinder survived, it would have been too primitive, and she too long retired, to tell us much".

He quotes a critic of the New York Herald , who noted "little deficiencies in execution, in ascending the scale, which even enthusiasm cannot deprive of their sharpness".

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