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Super-Simple Meal Plan For Blood Pressure and Weight Loss
My doctor has been vital to my success, and I recommend you find a doctor who also understands simple physiology and low carb eating. Diets for Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Thank you for the sample menu!!! Since it is impossible for a vegan to consume animal-based products as the sources of fat, ketogenic diet for vegan may be a bit different from what an omnivore usually has. If it is possible to be allergic to sun light or water both are well documented allergies that kill people there is no reason why an allergy to chlorophyll is not possible. Focus on avoiding packaged and processed foods and opting for more fresh ingredients whenever possible. Want to read more posts like this?

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You Eat Low Carb? What do you Eat Besides Bacon? A Simple One-Week Low Carb Meal Plan

Avoid foods and beverages containing caffeine often produces the same symptoms as hypoglycemia and may make you feel worse. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, especially on an empty stomach. Decrease you fat intake. A high-fat diet has been shown to interfere with insulin use. Because fat is high in calories, decreasing fat intake will also help you lose weight.

If you are at your desirable body weight, replace calories from fat with calories from complex carbohydrates. Occasionally you may need to change your plan. Here are some easy substitutions: Starch Exchange To omit one Starch Exchange: To add one Starch Exchange: Omit one Fruit Exchange.

Meat Exchange To omit one Meat Exchange: To add one Meat Exchange: Fruit Exchange To omit one Fruit Exchange: Add one Starch Exchange. To add one Fruit Exchange: Omit one Starch Exchange. Milk Exchange To omit one nonfat Milk Exchange: To add one nonfat Milk Exchange: The above hypoglycemic diet plan was given to me by MY dietitian and approved by MY doctor. Before following any diet please seek the advice of YOUR doctor or dietitian. First of all I would like to thank all those who have e-mailed me with their comments and questions.

I am not a doctor or any type of heath care professional. I posted this diet plan on the web, so I wouldn't lose it. I kept losing my hardcopy, so one day I typed it in, now I can just go online and reprint it. Please before following any diet plan seek the advice of a doctor or health care professional. Regular exercise is important. When you start a diet, also ask about an exercise regiment to go with it. An exchange is one portion of food. For portion amounts please view the food lists just follow the links above.

It's designed to help balance your blood sugar levels. Please print out the plan and take it to your doctor and ask what is right for you. This is just a guide, not a strict rule. Your doctor may say you need to follow it as is all the time. Here's just one of the many quick and easy - and oh-so-yummy - dishes in this meal plan for blood pressure and weight loss: But how healthy are they, really?

A quarter cup of olive oil in the ingredient list? Or 3 whole cantaloupes. Or 4 ears of corn. That means we can enjoy many more bites without going overboard on calories. Tune into other delish flavors with this meal plan for blood pressure. Our Pritikin Meal Plan is incredibly low in sodium, but delish. Peaches at their ripest?

Many studies have found that foods rich in these minerals help blunt some of the toxic effects of sodium. And, as we said earlier, this plan is real simple. Rarely are you in the kitchen for more than a few minutes. It tallies up fewer calories than a single typical muffin at Starbucks and other coffeehouses, and that includes the low-fat muffins.

Coffee or Tea, if desired This meal plan includes loads of fruit, great for helping you lose weight and lower your blood pressure. Lunch Gigantic Chopped Salad with Pritikin-style Thousand Island Dressing Throw in just about any veggies already in the crisper, especially the crunchy ones. In a large bowl, chop up all your veggies into bite-size pieces using a knife or salad chopper.

Meanwhile, whip up your Pritikin-style Thousand Island Dressing and watch the pounds disappear. Never tried a pluot? This yummy fruit it starts arriving in markets in mid-summer looks and tastes like a plum but with apricot overtones. Other fruits choose one of your favorites can work equally well. Our Blueberry Balsamic Bliss is so easy to make. Reduce heat and stir regularly until reduced by half. Ladle over your salmon. Quinoa is real easy, too. Just combine 1 part quinoa with 2 parts water in a microwave-safe bowl.

Stir in onion flakes and your favorite salt-free seasoning, and microwave on high for about 4 minutes. The night before, puree about 6 cups of rough-chopped watermelon seedless in a blender until smooth.

Pour into a shallow airtight container and freeze. Before serving, let it thaw a little, then mash with a fork and spoon into paper cones or cups. DAY 2 Some days are you on the road practically all day long? Ask that your oatmeal be made with nonfat milk or soymilk.

Tell your Starbucks server to keep the packets of calorie-dense nuts, brown sugar, and raisins. Instead, buy a banana and slice it into your oatmeal. Some Starbucks locations also have blueberries for your oatmeal. Request your latte be unsweetened and made with nonfat milk or soymilk. Starbucks sells other whole fruit like oranges and apples. Pick one up for breakfast. Vanilla Latte Request your latte be unsweetened and made with nonfat milk or soymilk.

Give it a whirl. Many guests at Pritikin love its nutty, delicious flavor. Mid-Morning Snack enjoy only if hungry Salad Bar at the Supermarket Many markets, particularly upscale ones like Whole Foods, sport big colorful salad bars. Load up a large container with baby greens, other fresh veggies, and fiber-rich beans like garbanzos. Splash with lemon wedges, balsamic vinegar, or fat-free salad dressing.

Then have the shelled toasted, and ask that it be loaded with just about every veggie available — lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, spinach, onions, and cucumbers. For spreads, steer clear of the fatty mayos and oils. Instead, ask for mustard, vinegar, and sprinklings of black pepper and oregano. Their potatoes are hot and tasty, a satisfying, slimming snack any time of time.

Many people think potatoes are a no-no food. Healthiest Diet on Earth. Great for lowering blood pressure. Ask for triple the normal serving size. Yes, pile up your plate with veggies! Dessert enjoy only if hungry Basket of Fresh Fruit Staying at a hotel for the night? Before setting out on your trip, order a basket of fresh fruit that will be waiting for you in your hotel room when you arrive. A piece of fruit is a perfect after-dinner dessert, and certainly, your basket is a great way to ensure you have healthy fruit snacks by your side all the next day.

Enjoy soups, hot or cold. They tend to be low in calorie density, and research , particularly from Penn State University, has found they do a great job of filling you up. Lunch Tomato and Peach Salad This exquisite salad was inspired by a recipe in a 19th century cookbook from Tuscany. All you do is slice up 2 peaches and 2 ripe but firm large tomatoes. Combine in bowl and lightly drizzle with aged balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of walnut oil, and fresh lemon juice. Add freshly ground black pepper and a small handful of chopped walnuts.

Drinking one every day could add up to a pound weight gain in one year. Get 0 calories and lots of fresh lemon flavor by squeezing several wedges of lemon into a tall glass of ice water. Pour in a packet of Splenda sucralose or stevia, and stir. The burgers on this Meal Plan for Blood Pressure and Weight Loss have half the calories of red meat patties, and zero artery-clogging saturated fat.

Veggie patties have only about half the calories of red meat patties, and 0 artery-clogging saturated fat. The more sodium, or salt, we eat, the greater our risk of hypertension. Grilled vegetables have great smoky flavor. Cut up a bunch of veggies in thick, grillable slices. Excellent choices for the grill include bell peppers, zucchini, summer squash, asparagus, red onions, and portobello mushrooms. Spray them very lightly with oil spray and sprinkle with Pritikin All-Purpose Seasoning.

Grill enough veggies so that you have leftovers for egg white omelettes, sandwiches, or pasta the next day. Top your veggie burger with your grilled veggies along with crisp Romaine lettuce and a smear of low-sodium Dijon mustard, and enjoy a nice hefty serving of veggies on the side.

Dessert enjoy only if hungry Use the Grill for Dessert, too! Grilled Pineapple Slices Sprinkle pineapple slices with cinnamon about a half hour before grilling. Grill about 5 minutes on medium-high heat on both sides. Top with a creamy dollop of fat-free sour cream mixed with a touch of vanilla extract and sucralose or stevia. For a little kick, sprinkle on hot sauce. The Pritikin Program for Lower Blood Pressure Get your blood pressure down — and keep it down — without the need for medication.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally. Use whatever fruits you already have. Great choices are melons, mangos, and berries. Put them in a big bowl. Then add chopped onions, chopped fresh cilantro, and freshly squeezed lime, to taste.

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