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August 8, at Britney, a 20 y. Which dietary instructions do you include? Within 30 hours liver glycogen stores are depleted, leaving gluconeogenesis as the primary source for maintaining blood glucose levels. Answer- The right answer is c — Defective synthesis of fatty acids.

NCLEX Exam: Digestive System Disorders 1 (80 Items)

Digestive System Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz #1 (80 Questions)

Which findings suggest that the patient is developing dumping syndrome, a complication associated with this procedure? Dyspnea and chest pain. Which dietary instructions do you include? Omit fluids with meals. Relief of which symptom indicated that the paracentesis was effective?

Before her paracentesis, you instruct her to: Lie supine in bed. Remain NPO for 4 hours. Clean her bowels with an enema. After abdominal surgery, your patient has a severe coughing episode that causes wound evisceration. In addition to calling the doctor, which intervention is most appropriate? Cover the wound with a saline soaked sterile dressing. Which of the following assessment findings leads you to suspect hepatic encephalopathy in her?

You are developing a care plan on Sally, a 67 y. Which of the following do you include? Administering a lactulose enema as ordered. Encouraging a protein-rich diet. Administering sedatives, as necessary. Encouraging ambulation at least four times a day. You have a patient with achalasia incomplete muscle relaxtion of the GI tract, especially sphincter muscles.

Which medications do you anticipate to administer? Isosorbide dinitrate Isordil 2. The student nurse is preparing a teaching care plan to help improve nutrition in a patient with achalasia. You include which of the following: Swallow foods while leaning forward.

Omit fluids at mealtimes. Eat meals sitting upright. Avoid soft and semi soft foods. Britney, a 20 y. Which laboratory findings do you expect to be abnormal for this patient? Serum creatinine and BUN 2.

Serum amylase and lipase 4. Which of the following urine specific gravity values do you expect to find in this patient? You instruct the patient to: Avoid the use of pain medication. Cough and deep breathe Q2H. Apply heat to scrotal swelling. Janice is waiting for discharge instructions after her herniorrhaphy. Which of the following instructions do you include? Eat a low-fiber diet. Resume heavy lifting in 2 weeks. Lose weight, if obese. Resume sexual activity once discomfort is gone.

Develop a teaching care plan for Angie who is about to undergo a liver biopsy. Which of the following points do you include? Stephen is a 62 y. Which of the following groups of signs alert you to a possible pneumothorax? Dyspnea and reduced or absent breath sounds over the right lung 2. Tachycardia, hypotension , and cool, clammy skin 3. Fever , rebound tenderness, and abdominal rigidity 4. Redness, warmth, and drainage at the biopsy site.

Michael, a 42 y. His past history includes hyperlipidemia and alcohol abuse. The doctor prescribes an NG tube. Before inserting the tube, you explain the purpose to patient.

Which of the following is a most accurate explanation? Jason, a 22 y. What should you immediately do after inserting an NG tube for liquid enteral feedings? Aspirate for gastric secretions with a syringe. Begin feeding slowly to prevent cramping. Get an X-ray of the tip of the tube within 24 hours.

Clamp off the tube until the feedings begin. Stephanie, a 28 y. The rationale for TPN is to provide: Necessary fluids and electrolytes to the body.

Complete nutrition by the I. Tube feedings for nutritional supplementation. Dietary supplementation with liquid protein given between meals. Cause atrophy of the parietal cells.

Affect only the antrum of the stomach. Thin the lining of the stomach walls. Matt is a 49 y. Health care counseling for Matt should include which of the following instructions? Restrict intake of high-carbohydrate foods. Increase fluid intake with meals. Eat three regular meals a day. Jerod is experiencing an acute episode of ulcerative colitis.

Which is priority for this patient? Replace lost fluid and sodium. Monitor for increased serum glucose level from steroid therapy. Restrict the dietary intake of foods high in potassium. Note any change in the color and consistency of stools.

What diagnostic test confirms this diagnosis? Eleanor, a 62 y. Which interventions would you expect to include in her care? Low-fiber diet and fluid restrictions. Total parenteral nutrition and bed rest. High-fiber diet and administration of psyllium. Administration of analgesics and antacids. Regina is a 46 y. You expect her stools to look like: Alternating constipation and diarrhea. Vomiting and elevated temperature. Crampy and lower left quadrant pain and low-grade fever. Brenda, a 36 y.

Treatment for her includes: Regular diet with increased fat. Nutritional support with TPN. Insertion of a T tube to drain the pancreas. Glenda has cholelithiasis gallstones. You expect her to complain of: Pain in the right upper quadrant, radiating to the shoulder. Pain in the right lower quadrant, with rebound tenderness. Pain in the left upper quadrant, with shortness of breath. Pain in the left lower quadrant, with mild cramping.

After an abdominal resection for colon cancer, Madeline returns to her room with a Jackson-Pratt drain in place. The purpose of the drain is to: Irrigate the incision with a saline solution. Prevent bacterial infection of the incision.

Measure the amount of fluid lost after surgery. Prevent accumulation of drainage in the wound. Anthony, a 60 y. During the first 24 hours, which of the following observations about the stoma should you report to the doctor? Small amount of oozing. Trickles of bright red blood. Your teaching Anthony how to use his new colostomy.

How much skin should remain exposed between the stoma and the ring of the appliance? Claire, a 33 y. Which intervention is priority for her? Keep strict intake and output. Encourage her to increase fluids. Your patient has a GI tract that is functioning, but has the inability to swallow foods. Which is the preferred method of feeding for your patient? What is your priority? Auscultate to determine changes in bowel sounds. Observe the contour of the abdomen. Palpate the abdomen for a mass. Percuss the abdomen to determine if fluid is present.

Before bowel surgery, Lee is to administer enemas until clear. During administration, he complains of intestinal cramps. What do you do next? Lower the height of the enema container. Complete the procedure as quickly as possible.

Continue administration of the enema as ordered without making any adjustments. Leigh Ann is receiving pancrelipase Viokase for chronic pancreatitis. Which observation best indicates the treatment is effective? There is no skin breakdown. She loses more than 10 lbs. Stools are less fatty and decreased in frequency.

Ralph has a history of alcohol abuse and has acute pancreatitis. Which lab value is most likely to be elevated? Anna is 45 y. Despite multiple blood transfusions, her HGB is 7. Her doctor determines that surgical intervention is necessary and she undergoes partial gastrectomy.

Postoperative nursing care includes: Giving pain medication Q6H. Flushing the NG tube with sterile water. Keeping her NPO until the return of peristalsis. Sitty, a 66 y. She did well during the surgery and returned to your med-surg floor in stable condition. You assess her colostomy 2 days after surgery. Which finding do you report to the doctor?

Sharon has cirrhosis of the liver and develops ascites. What intervention is necessary to decrease the excessive accumulation of serous fluid in her peritoneal cavity? Increase sodium in the diet 4. Give antacids as prescribed. Katrina is diagnosed with lactose intolerance. To avoid complications with lack of calcium in the diet, which food should be included in the diet? Milk and cheese products 4. Dark green, leafy vegetables. Nathaniel has severe pruritus due to having hepatitis B.

What is the best intervention for his comfort? Avoid lotions and creams. Use hot water to increase vasodilation. Use cold water to decrease the itching. Which intervention will you include in his care? Allow patient to select his meals. Rest period after small, frequent meals.

Which statement suggests understanding by the patient? Gail is scheduled for a cholecystectomy. Do you think this is a good idea? Encourage her to not worry about the future.

Encourage her to express her feelings about the illness. Discuss the effects of hepatitis B on future health problems. Provide avenues for financial counseling if she expresses the need. Elmer is scheduled for a proctoscopy and has an I. The doctor wrote an order for 5mg of I. Which order is correct regarding diazepam?

Give diazepam in the I. Give diazepam rapidly I. Question the order because I. Which statement correctly describes a healthy stoma? A patient who underwent abdominal surgery now has a gaping incision due to delayed wound healing. Which method is correct when you irrigate a gaping abdominal incision with sterile normal saline solution, using a piston syringe? Rapidly instill a stream of irrigating solution into the wound.

Apply a wet-to-dry dressing to the wound after the irrigation. Moisten the area around the wound with normal saline solution after the irrigation. Irrigate continuously until the solution becomes clear or all of the solution is used. Your patient recently had abdominal surgery and tells you that he feels a popping sensation in his incision during a coughing spell, followed by severe pain. You anticipate an evisceration. Which supplies should you take to his room? Sterile water and a suture kit.

Sterile water and sterile dressings. Sterile saline solution and sterile dressings. Findings during an endoscopic exam include a cobblestone appearance of the colon in your patient. The findings are characteristic of which disorder? Stomach pain is often a late symptom. Surgery is often a successful treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation are often successful treatments. The patient can survive for an extended time with TPN. Dark, tarry stools indicate bleeding in which location of the GI tract?

Controlling the bleeding source. Treating shock and diagnosing the bleeding source. Encouraging oral fluid intake. Monitoring central venous pressure. Monitoring laboratory test results and vital signs. Giving blood, electrolyte and fluid replacement. What should your initial step be in working with this patient?

Determine what the patient already knows about colostomies. Show the patient some pictures of colostomies. Arrange for someone who has a colostomy to visit the patient. Provide the patient with written material about colostomy care. Your patient, Christopher, has a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and has severe abdominal pain aggravated by movement, rebound tenderness, fever, nausea, and decreased urine output.

This may indicate which complication? A patient has a severe exacerbation of ulcerative colitis. Long-term medications will probably include: The student nurse is teaching the family of a patient with liver failure. Gastric residuals have been ml when monitored Q4H. You check the gastric residual and aspirate ml. What is your first response to this finding?

Notify the doctor immediately. Stop the feeding, and clamp the NG tube. Discard the ml, and clamp the NG tube. Give a prescribed GI stimulant such as metoclopramide Reglan. Your patient with peritonitis is NPO and complaining of thirst. Provide frequent mouth care. Give ice chips every 15 minutes.

Kevin has a history of peptic ulcer disease and vomits coffee-ground emesis. What does this indicate? He has fresh, active upper GI bleeding.

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