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There are four independent agencies that provide this information: Those who want the same advantages of any permanent policy with the option of varying premium payments. Because of that, students may still qualify for Medicaid or insurance premiums. You can get qualified health insurance through your employer or a government program. Providers include major home, auto and life insurers, such as Nationwide and Geico, while some companies, such as Trupanion, PetFirst, and Healthy Paws, specialize in insuring animals. You may have to change insurance plans after moving.

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Superintendent search, student wellness among this year's priorities in District The Glenbrook High Schools District administration will focus on a search for a new superintendent and performance opportunities in the arts this coming school year.

Superintendent Michael Riggle presented the Board of Education with six initiatives Monday that will guide their focus for the Amid changes at Loyola, athletic director Pat Mahoney steps down A planned reorganization of the athletic department at Loyola Academy has resulted in the departure of longtime athletic director Patrick Mahoney and the appointment of Genevieve Baisley Atwood as the interim department head.

The changes were announced Aug. District 63 to close Stevenson School, shift some attendance areas Stevenson School in Des Plaines will close after this coming year as District 63 prepares to move to a middle school model and expand kindergarten services.

How to stay secure when all your devices rely on the Internet of Things Have you ever stopped to think about how many items in your home are connected to the internet? If you have or even if you are doing it just now , have you stopped to wonder why? West Nile virus at levels not seen since , North Shore agency says The risk of West Nile virus infection is at a level not seen since when an outbreak infected Illinois residents, the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District announced Thursday.

The infection rate of mosquitoes collected in district traps during the past week has increased significantly, The incident occurred at approximately Lurie Children's Hospital to open outpatient surgical facility in Northbrook A new pediatric outpatient facility will open in Northbrook Sept. The new facility includes Cougar sightings in northwest suburb prompt warning as officials try to capture animal Bob Fleisher knows what he saw moments before dawn on Tuesday morning when he stepped onto his back deck to watch the sun rise over the pond in Surrey Woods Park.

It was a cougar, Fleisher said — and not the variety featured in reality TV and in jokes about women of a certain age. The cat a few If you grew up in northern Illinois, you probably have great memories of summer vacations or long weekends on the Chain.

Those memories are full of wonderful moments of learning to swim, catching your first blue gill Glenview, Northbrook residents scammed out of Lollapalooza tickets A handful of Glenview and Northbrook residents were left without tickets after trying to purchase Lollapalooza passes online earlier this month.

The four-day music festival in Chicago attracts thousands to Grant Park, but for some area residents their attempts at online ticket purchases were thwarted I have gotten dozens of emails from readers sharing their stories and asking for advice.

Here is one I received this past week: My husband has admitted She is currently a student at Colby College in Maine where she studies English and art. She graduated from Glenbrook South High School in At Glenbrook South, she illustrated for the student newspaper, The Presented by the Northbrook Civic Foundation, the festival began on Aug.

The five-day fest raises money for need-based college scholarships for Northbrook students along with community Report clears Maine Township trustee accused of inappropriate touching; accuser says issue isn't over Citing a lack of evidence and independent witnesses, attorneys hired to investigate allegations of inappropriate touching by a Maine Township elected official were unable to conclude that any wrongdoing had occurred, according to a report released Monday by three township trustees.

Glenview creates environmental sustainability awards The Glenview Natural Resources Commission is seeking applications for newly-created environmental sustainability awards. Any Glenview organizations — businesses, schools, houses of worship and volunteer groups — can apply, said Scott Daniels, a member of the committee that created the award.

Priest completes th triathlon in Glenview: Schultz was commemorating his th triathlon. Before the race started, the Schiller Park priest said he was surprised when the announcer shared with the crowd that he Prepare for the unexpected when shopping for new cars I came across your great article, "Consumer learns new car warranty started prior to purchase," while doing research on our potential new vehicle purchase. We are in the process of buying a Hyundai and now the dealer has informed us the vehicle promised was already sold.

They have since found Glenbrook North gym project will be mostly finished when school starts A construction project involving four back gyms at Glenbrook North High School will be mostly completed by the time school starts Aug. The back gyms have been reconfigured to remove the wall between the two middle gyms to create a larger gym, said Glenbrook North Athletic Director Reducing plastic straws is fine, going after the fishing industry is better Are you joining the growing movement to ban plastic straws?

Any child can see that. As a matter of fact, it was a 9-year-old child who helped raise awareness of this new, trendy environmental The district previously worked with HPN WorldWide for employee wellness, and the administration is recommending hiring Interactive Health to provide When dementia is the real reason behind a couple's issues During the past 20 years that Dr.

Andrew Budson has been a practicing neurologist, he has often seen and treated patients who are recently separated or going through a divorce due to personality and behavior changes. The administration discussed the figures during a presentation Monday to the Tony Valsamis, physics teacher Tony Valsamis, 28, is about to start his fourth year as a physics teacher at Glenbrook North High School.

In July, he participated in the European Council for Nuclear Research three-week international high school teacher program to learn more about particle physics. This year, the program included The two-day event showcased the work of more than 75 local and national artists.

District considers hiring a research firm for survey on calendar changes Glenbrook High Schools District is considering hiring a research firm to help administrators conduct surveys of the district community about potential calendar changes.

A traditional calendar schedules first semester District hires former Northbrook police commander as first safety and security manager The Glenbrook High Schools District Board of Education approved Monday the hiring of a district safety and security manager as part of efforts to improve school safety. Joel Reyes was hired for the newly-created position and will work with school and district leadership teams in efforts to Police investigating death of year-old Northbrook woman Northbrook police are still investigating the death of a year-old woman who died in her home July 27, officials said.

Northbrook police and fire officials responded to a call of an unresponsive person in the block of Greenview Road at Friday, said Northbrook Police Department The front counter within the department has been renamed the Development Center, according to a staff The work, which includes a new press box, extended bleachers, a new A cautionary tale about parking boots in Chicago I recently had my car booted in a Chicago Walgreens parking lot by an employee of Innovative Parking Solutions.

I was shopping at Walgreens but because I stopped across the street for ice cream for five minutes before shopping, I was booted. Israeli, Palestinian teens come together on North Shore: But the 44 kids in purple T-shirts, each I first encountered Val and her record store in I went in to check out the store, which was really just a closed off passageway between two buildings on She has been the owner of the pet grooming business for five years, but she has worked there for 19 years.

Batt has been married to her husband, Brian, for 20 years, and they have a daughter. She grew up and lives in Northbrook. The 5-year-old Glenview boy who wrote letters to all 30 Major League Baseball teams asking for pocket schedules heard back from the final two teams: Oil Lamp's 'God Committee' poses ethical questions A group of medical professionals must literally play God, deciding who lives and who dies, in Mark St.

Heintz as acting principal of the Jesuit high school, replacing Kathryn Baal, who had been principal since Glenview gives initial approval to Costco gas station expansion, new Starbucks In separate votes, the Glenview Board of Trustees gave initial approval Monday to proposals that would add fueling stations at the Costco Wholesale gas station and a Starbucks with a drive-thru in the Glenbrook Marketplace. The Costco Wholesale gas station, Patriot Boulevard, currently has So he opened Luxilon Furniture, Glenview Road, in Glenview on July 1 with a mission to sell high-quality furniture at a reasonable price, Kim said.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Local coffee shops, restaurants consider eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws The way you drink your iced coffee and fountain drinks will likely change as major corporations begin to move away from plastic straws.

The shift comes after concerns were raised by environmental activists and across social media about the affect plastic drinking straws have on the environment Parents must keep in mind safety features when selecting cars for their teenaged drivers I remember a few years back you ran a column on the best cars for new drivers.

Since things change so quickly in the market, could you help us out by revisiting the subject? Our year-old son has been saving to buy his first car probably used. His budget is modest and his dreams are big. It has to to do with a cause Remembering Paul Sassone, a newsman who was everyone's friend The last time I visited with former Pioneer Press editor and columnist Paul Sassone, he introduced me to a hospital orderly as his friend.

After more than 20 years as coworker, underling, student, mentee and hired hand, we were just friends now. That was the best title of all. Northbrook Days returns with same mission: Northbrook Days, which will be held at Village Green from Aug. She has two older sisters and one younger sister, The Civil War experience comes to life at Glenview History Center Mitch Ransdell wanted to come up with a way to reach through the museum glass and bring history to life.

The program combined a formal presentation Proposed sports facility hints at the future of Northbrook Court What does the mall of the future look like? A recent vote by Northbrook trustees may offer a clue. Large-scale plans for the future of Northbrook Court have not yet been presented to village officials, but a recent initial approval by the Board of Trustees for a sports camp facility inside the Pioneer Press columnist Paul Sassone remembered for humor, dedication Paul Sassone, a longtime Pioneer Press reporter, editor and columnist, died Monday morning after battling an illness.

Former colleagues remembered Sassone as a dedicated community reporter, with a sense of humor that could light up a newsroom. The results have been delightful. Northbrook to revisit Cook County paid sick leave policy after opting out last year The Northbrook Board of Trustees agreed July 10 to revisit a Cook County ordinance that would guarantee paid sick leave for most employees.

In May , the board voted to opt out of a Cook County ordinance that would require most employers to provide paid sick leave to employees working at How about two new ambulances? Perhaps you need four new police cars? Or maybe your town could use new street lights? How about 1, bullet-proof vests for cops? Do you love yourself enough to reinvent yourself? Eleven years ago, when Annette Akers up and moved to New York City after living her entire life in Illinois 19 years in Chicago , she was optimistic it was going to be great for her career.

Classes designed for all abilities. And our community is active, welcoming and fun. With a medicare supplement policy, you are able to cancel your policy at anytime of the year.

All insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans must offer Plan A, although do not have to offer any others. Original Medicare is quite good coverage, although there are many gaps deductibles, coinsurance, copays, etc. Services or supplies are considered medically necessary if they:. Other than the above locations, Medicare will not cover you internationally. Traveling abroad, you will need International Health Insurance. I will never spam you or share you name, email or phone with anyone.

Best of all, my assistance is no cost to you. The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help you with enrollment and service. Anthem Medicare Supplement Rates: Fitting evaluation for a hearing aid s. You can see any doctor or hospital in the U. If a person wants access to different doctors, specialists and hospitals, a Medicare Supplement provides that flexibility.

Very little change from year to year. Medicare Supplement coverage and benefits rarely change from year to year. Where Medicare Advantage plans tend to change benefits, deductibles, Rx coverage and doctor and hospital networks every year.

Enroll or Cancel year-around. Medicare Part D Rx: Under Age 65 on Medicare: In most cases, Anthem members will pay less over a 3 to 5 year period compared to other companies. Access to any physician or hospital who is Medicare-Approved in the US. No out of pocket costs when you see a doctor or hospital with Innovative Plan F.

Policy cannot be canceled from underneath you regardless of claims history. How often are Medicare Preventive services covered? Services or supplies are considered medically necessary if they: Meet the standards of good medical practice.