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Is Jeunesse a Scam?
By combining the latest research in positive psychology, the science of behavioral change and technology, we have created a truly innovative technology-enabled process for scaling up those behaviors and attitudes that will allow your organization to win in an ever changing world. That looks like a pyramid scheme to me. I am not interested, nor is my husband. This was shown to be a scam 10 years ago. I am tired of this, so just simply cut them off. And here I thought that Monavie was the greatest ever…ha ha…. To be a direct marketer in China you must be licensed and few licenses have been granted, there are some for many American companies the rules also require some retail stores.

What are Macros?

Imagine your organization full of leaders. Stop imagining

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But maybe you hear this term and get overwhelmed. And then a million questions start to come to your mind. First of all WHAT are macros? Why should I even count them? How do I count my macros? Can I just count my calories? It can seem really hard and even overwhelming to know where to begin. But let me get that one out of the way right now… Yes, it is worth it! I have found that in counting my macros I am able to see the most change in my body and am better able to reach my goals.

K, you have been warned. Macronutrients macros for short are what makes up the calorie content of food. The three categories of macros are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. It is important to count your macros and not just your calories because where you are getting your calories from really does matter.

Getting the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs will determine whether you are building or losing muscle and whether you are putting on or losing fat. We all have different fitness goals so it is important to track your macros according to what your goals are… but we will get into that later. You have probably heard me talking a lot about protein at this point if you follow me on social media, or have done any of my programs… I am simply a belieber-I mean believer -in the power of protein.

Hey, Justin Bieber, I see you too… but… protein still takes the cake. Protein is the most essential macronutrient for those trying to reach their fitness goals. Prioritizing protein will help you to build muscle and help to prevent muscle loss. It is also the most satiating macro, helping you to be able to stave off hunger and feel fuller longer.

When it comes to getting results, your recovery is just as important as your workout. We get our main source of energy from carbohydrates. As a mom, businesswoman and athlete, I simply need energy to get through the day, as I am always go-go-go!

He insisted I take 3 a day for one more week. My doctor is dumbfounded, literally. First day in over a year to go pain free!!! My doctor got my blood work back to be able to compare before I started taking all of this to being on it for 2 months. My immune system is way up! We want to help others ease their pain. Yes there are people that push the business side.

It can be different. There are countless ads on Facebook that are using videos from Instantly Ageless, Dr. These are not Jeunesse ads. After reading over my comment, I apologize for sounding so Bost at the end. Wow, trying that again….. After reading over my comment, I apologize for sounding so bossy at the end. One of them Asea is literally salt water. So either there are 50 miracle cures that exist in the world and they all coincidentally are sold via MLM… or these people are lying, experiencing the placebo effect, or just like the people who claim to be abducted by aliens experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Bowden wrote an article about it. Before you call someone close-minded, you might want to learn what it means by watching this video: Here are the MLM companies I recommend: What is the other side of fraud to consider? Do you consider both sides of domestic violence before you type an opinion on it?

Corporate America is Not a Pyramid Scheme. This entire comment thread is interesting. I agree with Lazy Man. I found the page because one of my friends has just signed up to become a distributor. I knew it sounded suspicious so I started googling. Why rely on MLM? If you have a great product then you will protect your brand. The weird thing is that often the companies try to place these products as being scientifically superior. After read your comment.

I am curious whether you have try or buy any MLM products before? Is MLM products no good? I think my wife has some Pampered Chef pots and pans around here. Whatever they are, they seem to work like normal pots and pans. Thank you all for your interesting reviews. Im 20 years old just looking for way to earn more. I just had a long chat with a person who is partnered with jeunesse and i needed to clear my mind a bit and think this through.

I admit i dont know much about business but i find it a bit odd how they focus on adding team members more than selling the products. Jeunesse products used and also sold by: Good videos, products with results and fun. I got offered not a business in the first like u all talking about.

I got a skin serum and it worked and i bought more. My blog has been covered by more reputable publications that Cosmo. I read these comments with interest. Please allow me to share some insight as a successful Jeunesse Distributor. Kind of like grocery stores, Gas stations, retail stores, newspapers, insurance companies, our military and even our government. The guys at the bottom will never make as much as the guys at the top……… But wait!

Something is wrong here!!! Now how is that possible?? As for the points, they are only one part of our compensation plan, that being the binary side, there is also a unilevel side. This is a non-flushing hybrid binary with a unilevel matching bonus structure built in.

The points matter to anyone to enrolls someone. They also matter because they are not just your volume, but the volume of all those you enroll as well as all those enrolled after you by your upline as well as everyone in between you and your upline. I will tell you that while the products have made a HUGE difference in my life, the opportunity has changed my world which is why I promote it.

After a very bad accident, I spent 15 years on SSI disability. When the products helped me recover, I petitioned to be removed from disability, but guess what! No one would hire me! I started working this business and I now make more in 2 weeks than I did all year on disability. Network Marketing, IF you choose a company with a good product and good compensation plan, is the best industry out there!

Because it creates a level playing field! If you roll up your sleeves and go to work with the right team, you will succeed! Jeunesse is the fastest growing network marketing company in the world and in history and that is because our products are incredible and our compensation plan works.

Does that mean everyone succeeds? There are a few reasons. But again, you have to join the right company, so really do yuor homework. I love this industry and yes, there are definitely some scams out there. Joining the right team is critical unless you want to do all the work by yourself. It is not a scam in the traditional sense. It is far worse. In Thailand, it has become a cult of personality. I attended a meeting with my partner having no idea what I was going to.

As I walked in the room and was cheered and high fives by about 30 people, it reminded me of my days in a Pentecostal church back in Australia. The hype was ridiculous. Everything was there along with a cult like reverence for their leader and numerous testimonials about how Jeunesse had saved my life etc etc.

The heads of the organisation are the beneficiaries. The multitudes leave their brains at the door and hand over their cash. I feel sorry for them.

I would add to this comment that from what I have seen of the business model and the pseudo-religious high pressure selling tactics built around reverence for a few characters of questionable integrity, I can see a business built around making the few mostly already rich much richer whilst delivering little or no benefit to the masses whose money fuels the organisation.

Morally bankrupt and driven by greed at every level. They are two very different things and MLMers mislead people into thinking they are the same. This does happen in pyramid schemes. They are synonymous in pyramid schemes. Quite the opposite — around I made more in my first hour of dog sitting than most MLMers will ever make.

MLM should probably focus on the criminal background aspect a lot more than they do. They are essentially out of business after the pyramid scheme collapsed on them. The only reason that matters: And yet Herbalife finds itself in the same situation.

It is in a ton of countries and just about every regulatory agency in the United States is looking into it for being a pyramid scheme. You should look more into their product before comment on it. There are dozens of MLM companies whose distributors illegally claim their products work for cancer over the last ten years.

If any of them worked, the companies would quickly rush to get the clinical trials done to show the FDA that they have a cancer medication. None of the dozens of MLM companies have even tried. And there you have it in a nutshell — the danger of snakeoil MLMs like Jeunesse demonstrated vividly by a distributor who has no compunction about killing cancer patients with illegal claims about bogus cures. I read the ingredients on the box. It says one packet contains This equates to precisely 7. No wonder nobody knows anything about the products.

All they care about is signing more people up. The little disclaimer you see on each i. Most people are innocent, but very gullible and misguided. The MLM company you are speaking about on this site peaked my interest about 18 months ago. I work in China and live in the USA. I was approached by a Chinese friend about this wonderful MLM opportunity.

As I said I do business in China so I am somewhat familiar with the rules of conducting business in China and a particular area of interest to me is the Direct Marketing area which the MLM companies fall under.

To be a direct marketer in China you must be licensed and few licenses have been granted, there are some for many American companies the rules also require some retail stores. But again the rules clearly indicate no MLM allowed. First question I asked is if they are not licensed to conduct direct marketing in China how can they do it? The answer came from a group of people who had just signed up with this MLM.

The money is paid to an account in Hong Kong and then the product is shipped three weeks later. So technically there is no transaction in China. Second question, so how if the transaction is done in Hong Kong are you paid? Third Question, you said you are an independent contractor, for an outside company hiring outside contractors there are significant steps to follow have you done this.

Do you report your income taxes to the Chinese government? The numbers of recruits are huge and the big training sessions are held in Hong Kong or Taiwan but not to HK or Taiwan people going to the mainland to sell, to mainlanders who have traveled to these locations to skirt the rules of China to get on the band wagon. What James Lee said is true. I would describe myself an end user because I have no interest in selling any product to anyone while I am already having a busy life.

I bought their products and tried for about 2 months all because I wanted to see if they work like what people said. My friend who introduced the products to me only had little improvement of her skin. Here are what I think: Their products might work on somebodies but according to the prices Distributor prices , they are overpriced. If you spend the same money on natural and organic foods and have a planned diet and spend more time on exercises, you might have same or even better result.

The people running this company are truly MLM blood suckers. The thing they care about is not your health, they care about your pocket. If you sell a health product, you are not supposed to make it like a miracle or whatever amazing stories because a product is supposed to work when you are selling it! It is still a fraud if you overwhelmed its function.

People in this company are using standard health products as a gimmick, branding them with stories and whatever nice lifestyle images, then overpricing the products and selling them thru MLM.

So, if anyone of you agree with these 2 points, you should understand there will be no place for so many lazy and greedy people. An ex-colleague recently sent me a link to the Jeunesse website and after watching several of its recruitment videos this afternoon I can assure anyone not yet convinced that this company is definitely a pyramid scheme and essentially running a scam.

While many, many jobs do in essence take advantage of us as people in terms of what we get out for what we put in, none of them rob you of your money based on false promises.

What you see is what you get and you earn money for the work that you do. Jeunesse sells you on a lie and is the surest way to lose a lot of money. This is how scummy the people in the MLM world are, and how strong their manipulation runs. It is just another way to edify himself and give credibility to this new line of crap. I have been looking for something like this for a while. What a great read and I totally agree!

Nothing in life is for free! The story may be different in China. My wife joined the membership two weeks ago for paying less. She was placed in a Jeunesse team in China. She just wants to be a customer. Without recruiting any persons, she has ten people in her team now. Those persons were recruited by the distributors above her. There are may people in China and Chinese people like to try the nutrition products such as Jeunesse Reserve.

Well that appears to be a pyramid scheme if the people above her are recruiting into her instead of herself. It definitely seem to make any logical sense. Jeunesse only allows two teams for a specific distributor. A distributor places A in the left and B in the right. When the distributor recruits C, C would be either under A or B.

A or B gets a team member without recruiting. That looks like a pyramid scheme to me. Why reward people not doing anything? Why not reward the people doing the work with a commission?

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