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Includes items such as transparent material, its frame, frost shield, etc. The rightwing of the aircraft impacted the perimeter fence, which ruptured a fuel tank. Cascade strategy with vertical market 1. Cascade strategy with vertical market 5. I A et Planification.

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Grumman G-73 Mallard

The BE and BF soon followed with larger tail. After suffering staggering losses in late , analysis proved head-on attacks by enemy fighters were a distinct problem. The final major version, the BG , added a chin turret with dual machineguns. This gave the B a defensive armament of 13 guns. After the war, several dozen Bs lived on as fire-bombers and aerial surveyors until the last one was retired in the s. Today, a few Bs have been restored to their wartime splendor. Fort; The Flying Coffin Nazi propaganda nickname.

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