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We regularly organise educational seminars, open days and community and social events, open to members and non-members alike. Butter is solid at room temperature and liquid when heated. Kefir is one of the highest probiotic foods you can eat with several important probiotic strains, and homemade kefir far outranks any store-bought variety. Fantastic facility, friendly, well equipped and reasonably priced. Do you really answer questions and give personal coaching on your site?


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Clark Bartram is a nutritionist who specializes in helping men over the age of 40 get in shape, and stay in shape. Keeping body fat levels low and lean muscle mass up are not easy tasks due to the aforementioned decrease in energy levels. Over the course of many years Clark Bartram studied and logged his nutritional habits and the effects they had on his body.

As you may have already seen, Bartram shares a lot of his ideas on his YouTube channel, a channel that boasts over 4 million subscribers. The massive volume of subscribers has led to Clark Bartram becoming the number one followed YouTube host covering the topic of nutrition for men over the age of Far too many supplements on the market completely neglect the root cause of the deterioration of man body over time, which is lack of quality food.

These magic-pill esque supplements typically rely on caffeine and other stimulants to burn body fat, while completely neglecting the root cause of the problem, lack of quality nutrition. TestMax Nutrition offers men over 40 a nutritional roadmap to acquiring an attractive and healthy body that allows for real and sustainable results that can last a lifetime. Nearly endless amounts of scientific research and time-tested anecdotal evidence was taken into account when coming up with the food choices and ingredients in the TestMax Nutrition system.

Not too many middle aged men have endless amounts free time on their hands to craft complicated and expensive meals day in and day out. Yes, low energy plays a major role in gaining unwanted weight. Other factors do add to the difficulty in maintaining a good physique. Busy lives and busy schedules make getting to the gym and eating right difficult even among those who do want to make a change.

Others simply have no idea about what to do to change a diet for the better. TestMax Nutrition provides a decent solution to the inability to eat right. Liquid Manufacturing A highly absorbable format valued by consumers seeking easy-to-swallow energy shots and concentrated formulas. Gummies Manufacturing Favored by children and adults, gummy vitamins deliver nutrients in a great tasting and fun chewable candy format.

Flavor Systems Our flavor experts will invent a unique and delicious tasting product that consumers will prefer in the marketplace. Sports Nutrition Customize a sports supplement for athletes seeking to enhance their physical and mental performance. Protein Manufacturing Formulate your own protein supplement made from whey isolate or concentrate, casein, or soy protein.

Pet Vitamins We formulate and manufacture chews, granulations, liquids, capsule and tablets for dogs and cats. Probiotics Work with our company to manufacture a probiotic product with maximum CFUs and microflora activation.

The compounds found in the probiotic drink have actually shown to make cancer cells in the stomach self-destruct. It can slow the growth of early tumors and their enzymatic conversions from non-carcinogenic to carcinogenic. The probiotic compounds help restore the lost flora that fight against pathogens.

The probiotics also aid against disruptive diarrhea and other gastrointestinal side effects caused by these types of medications. Various forms of allergies and asthma are all linked to inflammatory issues on the body. In certain studies with mice, kefir was shown to reduce inflammatory cells disrupting the lungs and air passages as well as mucus buildup.

Researchers from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center performed 23 different studies with almost 2, people, and in 17 of those studies, test subjects taking probiotics showed improved allergic symptoms and quality of life. When your gut is out of whack, it can send signals to your skin that disrupt its natural balance and cause all sorts of problems like acne , psoriasis, rashes and eczema. Kefir helps bring good bacteria back to the forefront and level out the homeostasis for your largest organ, the skin.

The carbohydrate found in kefir known as k efiran , aside from aiding in the immune system, has also been tested and shown helping improve the quality of skin wound healing. The good bacteria found in many dairy products is essential for a healthy gut and body. The active ingredient in kefir helps break lactose down into lactic acid, making it easier to digest.

If you have had lactose intolerance , my advice is to try it first by placing a small drop of the kefir on the inside of your arm or wrist and let it dry. Then wait 24 hours and see if you have any inflammation. If you do, then steer clear of it. But if not, then try adding just a drop or two to a beverage or some food and see if you have any reaction.

Yet even with the range in values, kefir has superior nutrition. For example, one cup of store-bought whole milk kefir has about: In addition, kefir contains plenty of probiotics, which is where many of the kefir benefits come from. Kefir is one of the highest probiotic foods you can eat with several important probiotic strains, and homemade kefir far outranks any store-bought variety.

Beneficial bacteria and yeasts may include the following: There are essentially two main types of kefir, and they differ in multiple ways. While the base liquid used in different types of kefirs varies, the process for making kefir is still the same, and the kefir benefits are thought to be present in both types. All types of kefirs are similar to kombucha another healthy probiotic-rich drink favorite in that they must have sugar either naturally present or else added in order to allow the healthy bacteria to grow and for the fermentation process to take place.

Here is more information about how the different types of kefirs are made and how their tastes and uses differ:.

Traditionally, milk kefir is made using a starter culture , which is what ultimately allows the probiotics to form. Milk kefir is not naturally sweet on its own, but other flavors can be added to it in order to boost the flavor and make it more appealing. While some people prefer to have kefir plain, many like to have vanilla- or berry-flavored kefirs, similarly to how you will find yogurts flavored and sold.

Most store-bought kefirs are flavored with additions like fruit or cane sugar, but you can sweeten and flavor your kefir yourself at home by adding pure raw honey , pure maple syrup , pure vanilla extract or organic stevia extract. Also try adding pureed fruit to your plain kefir like banana or blueberries to boost the nutrient content even more.

Beyond just drinking milk kefir, there are other ways to cleverly use it in recipes. Milk kefir can make a great base for soups and stews that would otherwise call for regular buttermilk, sour cream, heavy cream or yogurt.

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