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The 17 Day Diet (2011) by Mike Moreno: Food list – What to eat and foods to avoid
I cook with a mixture of butter and oil, cream My coffee, and eat at least 8 ounces of cheese a day as a snack. Sarah June 5, , 3: Hi, i just came across this website very informative. Penny Hammond February 7, , 7: Thank you Abel and all you have to assist us in this way of life food journey! Penny Hammond December 6, , 4:

17 Day Diet plan

I started this 8 days ago and have not lost a pound. I know this works, my son lost I have the book, and have not cheated once. Walk everyday for 45 min. Try drinking lots of water to see if that helps to flush things out. Hi I am starting this diet tomorrow and would like to find out if I am allowed to have coffee? I love my coffee especially in the mornings. I can cut it out but if it is allowed then I would prefer not to. Also want to know if I am allowed milk?

Coffee is allowed in all cycles of the diet — Dr. The only time Dr. He says you can eat egg whites without restrictions. Egg beaters have a lot of added ingredients as well as egg whites — none are listed as foods to avoid in the book as far as I can see. I recently discovered unsweetened coconut almond milk and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Are these allowed at all during the diet? You can have unsweetened almond milk on cycles 3 and 4 serving size 1 cup, servings daily. Mike suggests restricting how much you have max 8-ounce cups a day. You can also have tea same restrictions or green tea. Coffee and tea — no more than 8-ounce cups a day. Watch what you add — no sugar, no milk on cycles 1 and 2.

Green tea and herbal teas are okay. I am on diet for almost a week. I nearly lost 2 kg. To be honest I thought I will loose more. I started to think, that I do something wrong, so my question is. When should I eat dinner.. I mean the latest time for it? Usually we eat about 8. Is it ok, to eat kefir after dinner?

I also think, that I probably fill my stomach too much for the night. That is why I am asking for kefir in the evening. I just started the diet and I was wonder with the yogurt I hate it I get sick from the smell and the taste any suggestions. You could have other probiotic foods instead of yogurt. I recently read that Dr Mike approved Unsweetened almond milk for all cycles.

Its very low carb but not a probiotic. He includes unsweetened almond milk in the recipes for all the smoothies on the optional Transitional Day Fast between cycles. Penny, You seem very knowledgeable. I have a tree nut allergy. Do you know what I can use in my fasting smoothies instead of almond milk? Hi Susan, Would you be able to use seed milks?

In cycle one for eggs, it says up to two per day. Then it provides a breakdown for the servings that 2 eggs equals one serving. So am I allowed to eat up to 2 servings of eggs per day for eggs or am I allowed two eggs per day? I have a 2 month old that I am exclusively nursing. I was wondering if I can do this diet while nursing. Also I have to avoid dairy for the baby so I was wondering if I can just substitute almond milk for the dairy… I want to make sure I am eating enough and being healthy for the baby….

So this diet spuds possible because there is a lot of food. Just wondering if it is enough of the right types to feed my baby well. Today is day 14 of phase 1 for me. I have lost 10 pounds so far. I would love to lose 30 pounds altogether. I have gotten regular low fat greek yogurt. I use Dannon Oikos. They have alot of different varieties. My favorite is honey flavored. I love this diet. This is the second time to do this diet. I lost 25 pounds the first time.

I started back to school, and over the course of 2 years I had ate myself back to my original weight. I have tried different diets over the past 3 months with exercise just to be disappointed. I wish I had just started this diet in the first place. The first phase is the hardest. I find myself drooling over the idea of a bowl of oatmeal! It feels good to get on the scales and see a 10 pound weight loss. I can do without oatmeal for 3 more days….

I would recommend this diet to anyone! He says that the artificial sweetener sorbitol, found in some sugarless gums and candies, can contribute to bloating. Also, he says that chewing gum causes you to swallow excess air, and this aggravates bloating. In general, he encourages you to take it easy on sugar substitutes. I am on week two of a half hearted attempt. I do crave something in the evenings…. I think my body misses the carbs.

I have cheated a bit. I had 2 glasses of wine on the weekend, and drank tequila a couple of times when I went out 6 oz , and one night espresso vodka! Well, I only lost about three pounds which is better than before.

I have been using 2 greek nofat yogurt with fruit in it. I guess that is tooooo mannny cheets! I guess I am more on a phase two than one. I think I should eat a carb and try again! They… are low calorie compared to natural sugar and do not promote tooth decay… My advice is to go easy on sugar substitutes and learn to enjoy the natural sweetness of fresh fruits.

Light microwave popcorn is listed as an optional snack in the Achieve cycle and would therefore also be allowed in the Arrive cycle. Also having just read the book, green tea is actually recommended daily and no teas count toward your water count.

So drink green tea with your meals is his recommendation in the book. But you still need to drink your water. Herbal teas do not count towards water either per his comments in good teas. This is in reply to posts right above mine. Could you point to where it says that herbal teas do not count towards water? What about cantaloupe and honeydew melons?

Are they allowed in cycles 1 or 2? Mike does not recommend tuna, swordfish or shark because of metal content, are they permissible in cycle1? I am tired of salmon. And I really am not a fan of flounder or tilapia. Is lobster permitted in cycle2? Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are not included as a permissible low-sugar fruit in cycles 1 or 2; however there are a couple of recipes with melons in cycle 3, which allows virtually any fresh fruit.

In cycle 1, you can have low-fat fish, but no shellfish. You should be fine with low-mercury fish that are not on this list. In cycle 2, you can have fattier fish and shellfish.

Lobster is probably similar enough to shrimp that you could have it in this cycle. I only look at the food side of diets, not exercise… It looks like Dr. Mike is suggesting you exercise 17 minutes a day to get you to start exercising.

However, all the eating suggestions are in cycles so perhaps the exercise should be as well. Is Stevia or Agave okay to use? I like to keep most of my ingredients as natural and organic as possible due to multiple allergies.

The only sweeteners allowed in cycle 1 are Truvia which is stevia and Nectresse. Small amounts of agave are included in recipes from cycle 2 onwards. However, if you want to spur weight loss, continue avoiding carbs after 2: This diet is fantastic! I had no idea that my life long asthma problems were due to white flour, or the like until I eliminated them for this diet. Not only did I lose 35 lbs but no longer had asthma!

I have since gained most of my weight back and am going to cycle thru the diet again, but the best part is my asthma is so much less. I have not eaten as many carbs as I used too, but I have at times and my physiology must have changed because my breathing is great! I am on day 8 and doing ok. Have not checked my weight yet as I do not have a scale but will tomorrow at my daughters.

My question is I take a diuretic and go to the bathroom at least 3 to 4 times with every thing I drink I have a hard time drinking water all day along with the hot water with lemon and the green tea after meals. Especially if I have a smoothie as one of my meals. I always get up about 3 to 4 times at night so I am not getting much sleep. Is it really necessary to have all the extra water or can I change and just drink the water and not the tea. I was wondering if your allowed to eat dill pickles and also whey protein either shakes or powder?

For whey protein powder and shakes, again check the ingredients sometimes other things are added, including sweeteners. I did great on cycle 1 losing 8 lbs! But after a few days on cycle 2 I fell off the wagon for about 2 weeks. Think about how well you did on this diet — repeat phase 1 and then try to move to phase 2 again.

If you just had a small deviation from the diet, take it as a learning experience not to repeat, and move on. I have lost 19 lbs so far. It looks like the ingredients are fructose, lactose monohydrate milk , and sometimes sucrose or corn starch. Mike advises you to avoid all sugars on this diet, including fructose and sucrose. The Breakthrough Solution is the latest version. It contains more information on the foods that are encouraged at each stage, the benefits of friendly gut bacteria, why to drink a lot of water, the exercise plans, cultural tweaks, sample menus, and recipes.

The Breakthrough Solution also has information on Contour Foods and the Transitional Day Fast, supplementation, exercise workouts for spot reduction, more recipes, and more meal plans. Thanks for blogging, this is great!

So hummus, which is made from chickpeas, would be out. I need the chicken soup recipe from this book. It is so delicious and I have let someone borrow my book. This is the recipe where you bake the chicken breasts. The author shares it on Facebook: I started cycle 2 today. My question is can I eat beef all day or does that need to be done by 2: Hallo i am in cycle 1 and i live in Jordan we do not have cottage cheese what we have is Halloumi cheese I was wondering can I substitute the halloumi for cottage cheese and whats the permitted amount??

Cottage cheese is listed as a probiotic in the book, and only the live active cottage cheese is suggested. Maybe try lebne instead? Through all of my years of watching my weight and many diets, this is the only eating plan that has worked. I have lost I consider this a lifestyle change. Very seldom do I have a craving for something sweet. I no longer eat processed bread, pasta, or sweets. I eat potatoes twice a month. I have a question regarding bulgar lentils and rice??

When the book says grams is this the dry weight or cooked weight Do we measure precooked or after. When the book says grams is this the dry weight or cooked weight Do we measure precooked or after Since in jordan all beans and rice and all other grains are stored dry And the weight differs when cooled Can you help me out Thanks.

Hi, can you tell me if I could have a herbalife shake for breakfast made with water? Also, what about sweetcorn and peas in the first 17 days? Look at the ingredients of the shakes. It looks like the second ingredient in many of them is fructose, basically sugar. All types of sugar are supposed to be avoided in all phases of this diet. It says you can eat shell peas e. I am waiting for the book, but reading the lists I could not find avocados — except as part of the good fat cycle 3 — is that the oil?

Can I replace 1 egg with some slices of avocados? Or eat it instead of lean protein options? I had just bought some at Costco thinking they were ok and now I have no idea what to do?! Looking through the original book and the breakthrough edition, in both books it says that avocados the fruit are for cycles 3 and 4, not for cycles 1 and 2.

If you feel it would be okay, you could try to have a little on Activate days. Have been on the Day plan for 3 months with a weight loss of 50 pounds. This plan is working for me. I walk for my exercise. I added venison since it is a very lean meat.

Doctor decreased all my meds. Try it, you have nothing to lose but weight. There are also recipes in the 17 Day Diet Cookbook , including smoothies, frittata, omelette, scramble.

I cook a few pounds and freeze in serving sizes. Then it is quick to thaw and warm up. Ready in minutes. I also use leftover chicken, diced, fried with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions and seasoned.

I also eat low carb turkey meatloaf or Greek yogurt. Most of the sugar is from the added fruit. Jenny have been on the diet 9 days and lost 9 lbs. Its been fairly easy. I have 12 more to go to be at goal wt. My question is — I really enjoy and need— Crackling Oat Bran in my diet. It does have sugar in it. Just wondering if that will ever be allowed in my eating plan. What are you thoughts?

That does look tasty — and wow, it has a lot of sugar! I tried this diet a few years ago and lost over 30lbs. Then it just stopped working.

I have gained 20lbs back after 2 years of health issues, I was thinking of trying this again, but have some new food restrictions that I am not sure how to manage with this diet, as last time they were the staples for my breakfast and snacks.

After going through some health issues, I have discovered that I have a severe intolerance to all dairy and egg whites. So my go to greek yoghurt and scrambled egg whites for breakfast are a no go. With no grains in Cycle one, I am at a loss as to what to eat.

I also have a severe allergy to soy and all legumes, so that protein option is out as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. One trick is to eat leftovers or non-breakfast foods at breakfast time — it can take some getting used to, but leftovers take very little preparation! You could try to substitute some of the ingredients in the shakes — e.

Or bacon, sausage, or other breakfast meats with vegetables. Try herbs, spices, lemon or lime juice, vinegar, hot sauce, low-salt soy sauce, or salt-free seasoning blends.

I am on day3 of cycle 1. I am unclear as to when to drink the green tea. Before, after or with a meal? Drinking so much water and tea helps keep me from feeling too hungry. Mike recommends that you have green tea with your meals. The book mentions patern of diet as follows: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks But the book also says not to have fruits after 2 pm. So what is the exact time to have snacks?? If you feel the need to have a snack after 2pm, choose a snack without fruit in it.

Sea Salt, Stevia, Natural Flavors. Almonds and Milk Derived Ingredients Only 3g net carbs. Thanks for including the list of ingredients! Whey powder — Dr. Mike lists this as a superfood in the Breakthrough edition Oligosaccharides — these could be considered a starch, only to be eaten before 2pm on Activate days Erythritol — this is an ingredient in Truvia, which Dr.

Mike says is okay for all phases Unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa powder — these may be an issue — Dr. Mike only specifically allows dark chocolate or low-calorie cocoa in small amounts during the week of your period. On his website page about needing dessert on your diet , he says chocolate is okay with the 3-bite rule. Does that mean cereals like Gluten Free Rice Chex? I was really surprised!! I am considering trying this diet. If I take a daily probiotic capsule, do I have to eat yogurt?

I really do not like yogurt very much. Also, can the fruit be skipped? Not a big fan. From page 80 of the Breakthrough Edition: Look for a probiotic supplement that contains 10 to 20 billion colony -forming units CFUs. These supplements usually need to be kept in the fridge. Read the label to learn how to store it. Mike is a big advocate of eating lower-sugar fruit — especially to replace processed sugary foods. Do you have something in mind you would eat instead on the snacks that call for fruit?

Thank you so much for all the information on this website, its even easier to follow than the book which I have. Its so liberating not to have to count calories in everything that you put in your mouth. If you follow this to the letter you WILL lose weight. How does raw chocolate, i. Can I make a hot chocolate with cacao powder and water for instance? The only times Dr. Good point Penny, perhaps count it as a natural starch. As always Penny your a wealth of knowledge! Hi, I am one cycle 1 and was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis.

Fresh vegetables are out of the questions what other vegetables would you recommend? The first time I completed the 17 day diet I lost 30lbs. Its has been about a year and I have gained a little back so I am starting over I only have about 24 more lbs to loss to hit my goal weight. I love this diet!! Where did you hear that fresh vegetables were out of the question? Some say to avoid cruciferous vegetables during flare-ups cabbage family, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, anything else that smells the same when cooked , but others encourage eating it.

These are all cold uses, so cold green tea should be fine. After the first two cycles I was right at my ideal weight and. The first time my husband and I did the diet, he weighed around and by the maintenance cycle he was down to I will say, it works MUCH better when my husband and I do this diet together as we motivate each other to stick with it. Overall, though, I know I can always lose some weight and get back into healthy eating habits by coming back to this diet time and time again, as needed.

I just started this diet 12 days ago and love it! I was worried about my sweet tooth after supper. Part of this diet is coming off your sugar addiction. Could you try something completely different like a peppermint tea, or going for a walk? I recently bought the book and want to try out this diet. Im a little confused about snacks. What I want to know is if I have 4 or 5 meals a day including snacks.

Can I move snacks during the day, for example have one before lunch or before dinner? And one more question. I really dont like green tea to the point I feel sick but I love black tea. Can I dring black instead of green — meal plan calls for green. The moral of this study is: The 17 Day Diet allows you to snack between your main meals. In fact, I want you to eat something every three hours. If you go too long without eating, or if you skip meals, your body senses that food is scarce, so it clings to its energy reserve, which is fat.

Then when you finally eat something, insulin shoots higher than normal in an effort to process the calories coming in. At that point, a fat-storing enzyme called lipoprotein lipase increases too, and starts packing away the newly eaten calories as fat. This powder is very high in antioxidants.

Coffee is also permitted on the 17 Day Diet. The caffeine kicks your metabolism into high gear. Caffeine also jump-starts the breakdown of fat in the body. In cycle 1 the book says the kefir should be low-fat. In cycle 2, you can use whole milk products including whole milk kefir on Activate days.

In cycles 3 and 4, you can use whole milk products including whole milk kefir. I was hoping you could tell me if fat-free sour cream and salsa are permitted in Cycle 1?

Look at the ingredients of the salsa — most of the usual ingredients for salsa are okay, such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cilantro. Thanks for the quick response to my previous questions. I started that diet on Monday. Im planning my groceries ahead so I have checked what I need for the next few days I follow the meal plan from the book.

I have noticed that on Cycle 1 Day 4, snacks are not listed. I was wondering if it is an error in a book or is it because there is kefir with fruit on breakfast and then super salad with again yogurt with fruit for dessert for lunch — so its already 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of probiotic. Should I skip snacks completely or should I eat vegetables from the list as snack? I only use decaf green tea — will I lose some of the advantages of the tea?

Will my weight loss be hindered? It contains some caffeine, but offers compounds that help burn fat. And green tea powder is suggested as an alternative to green tea, so altered versions appear to be okay. Hello I am on cycle 3 and and i wanted to ask is watermelon permitted??

And how many grams per serving And does this apply to melons as well?? There are a couple of recipes with melons in cycle 3, which allows virtually any fresh fruit. Serving size is listed as 1 cup of melon balls this ties in with the given serving size in cycle 3 of 1 cup chopped fresh fruit. I have been on cycle 1 for 15 days and lost 4 lbs. My problem is with constipation- never had that problem before. I do add about a Tsp of Chia with my morning snack of yogurt in the morning, it helps but do not go daily like I used to.

The ingredients listed are organic brown rice and water. In cycles 1 and 2, no pastas are allowed, even brown rice pasta. In cycle 3, brown rice pasta as you described would be okay. I am on day 11 and i am down 10lbs. Im very strict with following the plan. I relize im not going regularly.

Is it ok on cycle 1 to take benefiber? Also I eat greek light and fit stawberry cheesecake yogurt is this ok? No fat 6g sugar. But I see all yogurt has sugar. Whats the best to eat or is mine ok? Natural yogurt has natural sugars; you need to be avoiding added sugars.

Look at the ingredients list, not just the nutrition facts panel. Make sure that none of the ingredients are sugar or sugar with a sneaky name. So is greek nonfat vanilla flavored yogart ok? Also the constipation, I eat romain lettuce n broccoli. I have been going but very minimal.. I also drink plus oz a day of water n 3 8oz cuos of green tea.. Every time, you have to look at the ingredients.

It might be nonfat, but does it have added sugar? Which would be optimal? I would like to know in wich cycle I can eat beets.. And watch out for added sugar. Just wondering if there are calorie restrictions to this diet? If you can eat all the protein you want, wont you gain weight if you eat too much?

Calorie in vs Calorie out? And you can only have lean meat on those days. Can I have watermelon in phase 1 or 2? Hi Jolene, The only time melons are mentioned in the books are in a recipe for Achieve cycle 3 and the PMS exception diet. Plz I need ur assistance on the kind of nuts I should take.. I mostly like cashewnuts unsalted ones and peanuts are thy okay for cycle one. Hi, i just came across this website very informative. My question, i normally dont take dinner is that okay with this diet.

I would like to make turkey meatballs bur prefer them with marinara sauce , as it says its okay in stage 1. Marinara sauce usually has some sugar. Are there any recipes without sugar or commercial brands? The book suggests looking for low-carb marinara sauce. You can also do a recipe search for marinara and leave out the sugar. The books have cycle 1 recipes, including a variety of salads, eggplant parmesan, ceviche, sesame fish, poached salmon, low-carb primavera delight.

There are 2 recipes in the book that contain olives and are for use on cycles 1 to 4 — so yes, it looks like you can eat olives on any of the first three cycles. Is it OK to start the fast breakthrough before starting cycle1? I know it says you can do it in between the cycles, but, Would it hurt to begin with the fast breakthrough?

I am just starting on the 17 day diet and was wondering if I could roast my vegetables instead of steaming them? Also, are calamata olives or capers allowed? Oven-roasted vegetables are included in the dinner menu for day 12 of Cycle 1 Accelerate Breakthrough Edition only. Steaming vegetables is a great way to keep nutrients from escaping. Roasting takes longer to cook than steaming, so you should probably stick to steaming most of the time. There are 2 recipes in the book that contain olives and are for use on cycles 1 to 4.

Hi Christina, In cycle 1, Dr. Mike says that you can have Greek-style, low-fat yogurt. It can be plain or sugar-free fruit flavored. It should have live active cultures so it acts as a probiotic. I did try this diet.. You should be eating a lot of veggies on the 17 day diet, and they contain natural fiber — why would you need metamucil as well?

I just started the 17 day diet. Just wondering if canned chicken or turkey flakes of chicken or turkey is allowed in cycle 1. What about skinless boneless chicken thighs or any poultry dark meat? Canned fish in water is allowed in phase 1, and skinless chicken and turkey breast are allowed. For the canned chicken and turkey, are they skinless breast, and are they canned in water or another food allowed in cycle 1?

I have a question! I am on day 7 of this diet and I lost a few pounds, not much. So I am wondering what I am doing wrong. Occasionally during the week I come home late from work which results in me eating dinner around 9pm.. Would this be why? Please advise on what time would be latest to have dinner in order to promote weight loss. The list only mentions Canned tuna….

Also is a raw protein powder acceptable? Mine is low in carbs and fats. They are the most likely to carry metals like methylmercury, which is considered a toxin. Has anyone found any protein bars that work in any of the cycles?

Dear all, I was wondering, I have to lose 5 kg in next 3 weeks. I am not skinny but I will be with 5 kg less. Does anyone had similar success? I started cycle 1, and I will be disciplined but just some support would be very nice, or at least comment that is possible … thank you. Nuts or seeds unoiled are allowed in cycle 3 and therefore cycle 4 as well. So, almonds would be allowed at that time.

Hi, I have done low carbs diet before, but unfortunately gained the weight back. My question is about glucophage pills with the 17days diet and about the lactose free milk.

That way you get the full variety of foods. Can you tell me if diet soda is allowed as long as I am drinking the suggested amount of water each day? Hallo I am at cycle 3 I read that muesli is allowed in cycle 3??? But how much grams and is any type of it allowed??

Are you using plain flavor, or one of the fruit flavors? Plain kefir still has some natural sugars in it, even if the only ingredients are milk which naturally contains lactose, a sugar and live active cultures. Check the ingredients to see if there are any added sugars. Coconut water is actually kinda sweet.

According to this article on coconut water , a ml bottle of coconut water can contain 2 tsp of sugar. It might be best to wait until cycle 4. Relish by Daphne Oz What to eat and foods to avoid. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. The 17 Day Diet by Mike Moreno: Food list — What to eat and foods to avoid by Penny Hammond on May 25, Dawn Olton October 10, , 8: Penny Hammond October 11, , 8: Carl January 9, , 2: What do i do if i cant eat eggs m trying this plan but i just cant do it thanks bye.

Penny Hammond January 9, , 7: Penny Hammond January 17, , 8: It looks like it the serving size is for cooked grains like rice, not uncooked. Diane Cullipher January 19, , 4: Pls name some brands of yogurt. Penny Hammond January 19, , 6: Jodi April 2, , 2: You can eat CarbMaster Yogurt from Kroger. Penny Hammond April 2, , 6: Martha April 22, , 3: Carissa August 6, , 8: Renee January 19, , 8: Cindy Lister January 26, , 8: Penny Hammond January 27, , 8: Christine November 21, , 4: Honey has a TON of carbs in each serving.

I would avoid eating it on this diet. Sophia February 1, , Penny Hammond February 3, , When are they allowed? Renecia February 3, , 1: Start with Cycle 1, then Cycle 2, then Cycle 3. When you reach your goal weight, move to Cycle 4, the lifetime maintenance diet. Lindsey February 3, , 8: Allison February 5, , 9: Penny Hammond February 5, , Hold out on cycle 1 for 17 days and then move on to cycle 2 to have more variety.

Tina Nano February 5, , Penny Hammond February 6, , 8: Tyla February 7, , 2: Penny Hammond February 7, , 7: Greg February 9, , 2: Penny Hammond February 11, , 8: Calitia February 15, , Is it normal to feel dizzy, hungry, and weak while on cycle 1?

Penny Hammond February 16, , 4: Patty February 16, , 6: April February 17, , 2: Penny Hammond February 17, , 7: Thanks for the tips! Unsweetened almond milk is allowed from cycle 3…. Kristin Ramsden February 24, , Penny Hammond February 24, , 3: Bob March 15, , Grace July 10, , Johanne louise March 1, , 7: Penny Hammond March 2, , 3: Penny Hammond March 2, , 6: Most people maintain their weight on cycles 2 and 3, rather than gaining weight.

Laura A McCorry March 11, , 4: Char November 30, , 6: McCorry, it is so disheartening to regain what we work so hard to lose!

Bev March 11, , 6: Penny Hammond March 11, , 7: Stephanie January 25, , 5: Angie March 20, , 2: Penny Hammond March 23, , 1: Genia March 22, , 9: Penny Hammond March 23, , 2: CP March 23, , Penny Hammond April 6, , Anna April 1, , 4: Penny Hammond April 6, , 3: Solange April 7, , Penny Hammond April 8, , Lisa April 8, , It should be okay to use lemon in your water throughout the day.

Diane April 16, , 6: Can you tell when I can use Mayo with olive oil, Cycle 1 or Cycle 2? Thank you in advance.

Most Paleo writers omit this. This level of activity is not only good for multiple health factors. It is what allows us to eat much more than moderns do, and to eat anything we can digest like omnivores should. The miracle of metabolism. As with the dismissal of high carb diets as unhealthy, please get off your high horse a little.

No Tescos to buy your Lard, Butter, cocconut oil, olive oil so how they some up with this is the diet we evolved with is beyond me. What we did evolve with is an ability to go into ketosis, i. So then we come to diet, McDougal has on YouTube one of his patients who cured himself of fatty liver with the high starch diet, and other docs with high fat diet, good fats I understand are needed to release bile from the GB and so stopping fat could increase the chances of bile stasis right?

Totally confused, does anybody have any ideas for me … to clarify all this, please. And our understanding of nutrition, health, well-being — also, as never before. Saturated fat and protein — the backbone of animal-based foods — have barely budged since Polyunsaturated fats have increased by a factor of three. The modern fat-rich American diet is based mainly on salty, starchy, greasy snacks made with refined starches grains and potatoes and PUFA-rich vegetable oils like soy.

What world are you living in? Until it is common knowledge that food can heal we are somewhat doomed. Hi Abel, I bought the audio version of the wild diet book. You mentioned a way to bet the recipes since I do not have the actual book. How would I get these? Hi Ann, please send an email to customercare fatburningman. First a bit about me, I was once pounds then I lost , then I gained about 30 back so that is my starting point around I lost it before by cutting carbs but I want to feel better doing it.

That is why I am intrigued by the Wild Diet, couple of things though. I am wondering how cost prohibitive the food shopping is going to be. To be honest the idea of getting grass fed and organic foods seems pricey to me. Also another honest moment here.

I love the cheat sheet in PDF format but once purchased is it acceptable to just skim the book for highlights. Or any parts I really need to dig in on? Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing your background! I am just hearing about this eating plan after several years of eating a gluten free diet.

I have some questions about the meat sources though. In fact is rarely has any! Your form for the free gift will not accept my email address, saying that I need to enter a real one? Can you help me out? Are you on mobile or desktop? Please email customercare fatburningman. Any words of encouragement would be great!! I will submit my before and after pics once I reach my goal. Thank you for all you do to help others! I have slowly been gaining weight over the past couple of years.

Gaining over 60 pounds total in just two years. For months now I have been trying everything I can to lose weight. I ran and worked out and ate way less and ate low fat and diet drinks. The weight just kept coming on, I was so frustrated.

I bought Abels book, did more research on my own as well and decided to start living and eating like I was born to do. Fatty Coffee, grass fed butter and steaks, fermented foods and bone marrow and even chocolate! In the first week I lost 10 pounds and felt amazing. I am currently in my second week and have lost 16 total now and have never had more energy. Hi Abel, I just got through reading your book and I have just a few clarifications.

My husband is thinking about fasting most days and then feasting at night. Is it okay to do that most of the time, or should he just do it a few days a week? For me, I have just bought protein and a green boost supplement. The protein shake has 5 total carbs 4 sugar and the greens has 8g of carbs 1g sugar. I mix it with about 2ounces of cashew milk and the rest water and a handful of strawberries.

Is that too much sugar or too many carbs? I am just trying to lean down. LOL We are now doing Hammer and Chisel, so the workouts are really geared toward weights and full body movements like you mentioned in your book. Look forward to hearing from you! Love the progress your client is making on the show! Hi Michelle, great questions. I fast through the mornings most days — that can work fairly well for men not always for women.

I purchased your 30 Day Fat Loss System and love all of the great information. I am slowly easing my whole family onto this diet. Can u have some bread but very low amounts? I need some breads in my diet. What do I do. I hate to break it to everyone but this method really is not new. Many people thought the Atkins diet was an excuse to eat as much meat and cheese as you want but if you read his book and followed it faithfully, it would be about he same as this Wild Diet.

This process of burning fat by eating fat is also known as kertosis. This diet works better for men than it does for women. For women it will work amazingly well for a very short period of time then stop working. It was only recommended for people who have a really hard time loosing weight. I tried it once, it really worked. Let me just correct myself.

This diet sounds an awful lot like the Atkins diet when the Atkins diet is followed correctly. Are there any kind of natural foods that can take the place of my bread intake?

Also I think I focus too much on the meat and fruits and leave out too many veggies. Any help is appreciated. I started the wild diet almost 3 weeks ago- But I also do the fasting- not eating until or 2pm. The first week I lost 5lb — I weigh now- but tomorrow will be the end of the 3rd week and I still have not lost any weight- should I eat more?

OMG this diet is awesome. I had my second child 4 months ago and I just stepped on the scale to discover I was almost pounds! The sad truth of my sugar addiction and sedentary life style really hit home and I am motivated to make a change. I am trying to convince my husband to go on this journey with me and hopefully I can break his Taco Bell habit and gain a support system because the hardest part of a diet is doing it alone with temptations all around. Is this diet plan okay for someone who is at their correct weight but wants to add more fat to their diet?

I lost lots of weight years ago doing Atkins and switched to Weight Watchers style of eating. I do miss the fat. Great job, Kurt and Abel. As I understand it you eat fruit 1 or possibly 2 times a day and really no starchy carbs. I am trying to lose 19 pounds that I have gained gained why eating right and exercising a lot in the last year. Can you eat in between meals? I started today and had a egg plus whites omelet with a sausage link, peppers and onions and half a grapefruit. Can you eat in between meals and have this plan work?

If so, what do you recommend eating in between meals? Also, I will eat dinner and then two hours later go to a boot camp exercise class, do you typically tell clients to eat after exercising even if they have been eating throughout the day? I really enjoyed the show and I learned a LOT! Do you find varied success with men and women? My doctor wants me to only eat hormone-free red meat only once or twice a month at most. Is this still do-able or would you recommend I look elsewhere?

Can you please send me an email and tell me whats in it. Since I am allergic to beef and all beef products like butter, does the diet work with vegan butter and cheese Steak? Today I watched the whole series. Wow, I loved it. I believe the years of unsuccessful dieting has made me fat and depressed. Your plan is going to work for me because of the solid nature of it.

Abel, I tried cutting carbs before and found that it greatly affected my mood. Then I read on the internet that women over 40 need a certain amount of carbs or the hormones can get out of whack. Can you recommend a way to do this without my mood going south? Aloha, I love everything I am reading but wondering how this works with individuals with autoimmune disease and endocrine issues.

I am following an autoimmune protocal which allows no grains, dairy, legumes, nuts, seeds, sugar,nightshades. I eat about 65 to 75 percent veggies, 20 percent protein, some fruit and tablespoons of olive oil.

I exercise a minimum of 14 hours a week. I have lost five pounds in a month. I would love some tips. I have an autoimmune disease and have followed a low carb diet for about 18 months and lost of my lbs. I just found that my body did better not eating gluten, any starches or sugar and junk foods. I never counted calories.

I feel now I am ready to step it up a notch and will try this diet to lose another lbs. What I love about this diet it is not as restrictive as some keto and paleo diets that limit your vegetables making foods like cauliflower, brussels sprouts and peppers, etc.

Never happened to me. And by the way I am severely disabled but still lost the weight just doing some strength training 4 days a week. Here is a funny thing I noticed about going higher fat. We were all so programmed to think low fat and high carb for so long that there is a fear of fat even if we intellectually understand it. Is it possible to be a gluten free, vegetarian or vegan on this diet? I have celiacs disease and I have been a vegetarian for over ten years.

Is it possible to apply them to my dietary restrictions? Abel, me and the wife recently watched my diet is better than your diet.

That got us motivated to get health, and to get in shape. Which has made us happier. I honestly feel like we have made a lifestyle change and intend to to stay on this track. May God bless you. My first week on the Wild Diet and I actually put on 2 lbs. Now I have been low carbing for 2 years and am sugar and gluten free in my diet. I eat lots of veggies mostly greens and a little fruit. In those two years I lost over lbs. I am doing the fatty coffee in the morning and doing intermittent fasting, only eat in a hour time period.

Maybe my body is adjusting. It is a little scary. I enjoyed watching the show and reading through your website. I want to try the beef bone broth pre-made. Is there a company or brand you can recommend? I started back in April of last year after my bloodwork came back with an A1C of 9.

I had been on the typical diabetes medicines , refusing statins because of previous research. David Perlmutter heard him on your podcast also and now you, are my inspiration and have probably saved my life. I love your approach to dieting as a lifestyle.

I made the jump from Paleo to the Wild Diet. Will the Wild Diet help help keep my depression at bay? I started your 30 fat loss system. Any other tips or tricks you can offer? I would leave my 6 year old son behind. I pray this helps me like it has helped all the others.

Thank you for sharing all this info with everyone. I just ordered your book, and I am so excited to try new ideas and ways to feed my family. Like how can you feed a family of 9 on the wild diet without going broke? Also I want to find a healthier way for my kids. I have one son that has some major health issues and two teenager daughters that feel they are fat even though they are skinny. Please can you help me out with this. My breakfast is usually mixed roasted nuts, a few cranberries, ground flax seeds, plus the oats.

It usually satifies me until past lunchtime. I read The Wild Diet book over the weekend and started on Sunday. Only 4 days in and already feeling great! I use to be really active before all these ailments started slowly progressing my activity regressed right with it.

It sucks to know that something that easy works, but is so expensive to do. Just wanted to let you know that my family is beginning to follow the Wild Diet and we, too, are on food stamps with a tight budget. We bought the book and it has lots of yummy recipes. What we do to save money on the Wild Diet; 1.

Only buy the food we need to reduce waste of food and money menu planning, grocery list, utilize leftovers, etc. Eat the cheaper foods chicken vs beef, or at least expensive cuts of beef and buy only the dirty dozen as organic unless there is a sale 3. Shop sales and best prices Aldi has organic foods including dry goods, canned items, produce, and even Grass Fed ground beef!

I then just fell off the band wagon and had a few of dark chocolate acai berries…so good but felt so bad. Anyhow I got back on track and I am going to get back on the horse. I have felt great being on this new journey! I do fast and feast; and I am still stunned that I can lose weight. Thank you Abel and all you have to assist us in this way of life food journey! I am curious—how is The Wild Diet different from Atkins?

It is no supersize that a keto-diet will promote very quick weight loss, but what about the long term cardiovascular effects of having a cholesterol-dense diet? Abel, This is Casey once again. I have been on this journey for 18 weeks and have finally reached my goal wait. In New journey of toning up begins. Thank you for your help and easy to follow instructions and tasty meals. In the last month or so I took the cooking into my own hands kinda like you just pasted the torch on to me anyway thanks again.

By the way the wife is still coming great. Just in case you was wondering my starting weight was pounds my weight to say is pounds. Thanks for believing in the process. Is this a bad idea on the wild diet? Breakfast is 4 eggs, lunches are chicken salad, dinner is salmon and fermented veggies, dinner is protein and tons of veggies. All meals have about 6 oz protein. Hi Pete, meal timing is a personal choice and eating often can work for some. For me, I much prefer eating fewer meals and practicing intermittent fasting most days — it provides more freedom from cooking, cleaning, and constantly eating.

Experiment, listen to your body, and enjoy the process! I just ordered the book on Amazon before finding this great deal. Wish I cold cancel, but it has already shipped. I am 56 grandmother of I have been grain free, gluten free, sugar free, etc. My numbers are all over the place, my stomach is a mess and I am very frustrated. I am diligent about eating fresh foods and do not even have packaged foods in our home. I sure hope this helps and can break this cycle. My recipient is doing amazing at 63 and is very healthy by the way.

Thank you for the hope of sharing the successes of others. Abel you see this report on cooked rice with coconut oil? Love The Wild Diet! Doctors killed my thyroid last October and now I am on meds for rest of life and slowly gaining weight, so afraid I will get fat again, will this diet work for someone dealing with hypothyroidism from having no thyroid? Can I still do the Wild Diet without eating beef. But I do eat chicken and fish and once in a while a little pork.

Hi Abel, Love your podcast. Does it depend on the person? How can you tell? What is the daily recommended value for protein per day? I have seen lots of different answers to this even in the low-carb community. I am a woman looking to lose weight and get stronger. I have a question…while my wife and I are researching this plan for weight loss, my son is training for an entrance test to be accepted as a Navy SEAL candidate.

He is working out like a fiend hours at a time. Lots of running and swimming, with muscle work in there as well. Thanks very much Ken. Log into audible from a browser, go to your library, and navigate to where you see The Wild Diet in your list of books. I just purchased the WIld Diet and am excited about it. A few questions I had:. Should I just do one fatty coffee and then just black coffee if I want another mugs? How does that impact fasting v. Abel, A few years back there was the Atkins Diet, in which you left out carbs completely, and that was succesful for many.

I think from memory it set up a process called catosis and some really sufferd from it, in some cases it lead to Kidnety failure. I have only one Kidney from birth and was recommended away from the Atkins diet, because of this. It allooks a great idea. I am convinced, Sold even. Love listening to the podcast, all my questions are answered but after reading up on which version would be my best purchase.

How can I get the PDF? Hi Winston, to download the PDF that comes along with your purchase of the audiobook, log into audible, go to your library, and navigate to where you see The Wild Diet in your list of books.

I actually would like to know if I can get the shopping list and meal plan. Hello — I am a vegetarian but still following the Wild Diet now for two weeks, using eggs from pasture raised chickens and raw milk from pasture raised Jersey cows. I know the eating plan says to stay away from processed grains and beans but would it be acceptable if I made home made bread from organic unprocessed flour and the rest of the ingredients organic as well?

How about a small dose of organic black beans?. I ordered the book 8 weeks ago and have been following it ever since. I work out days per week, either a indoor rowing class or a tabata work out at home. This morning, for example, I sprinted. I typically have a fatty coffee in the morning, a green smoothie around 1 with two hard boiled eggs, and then more protein and fat in the afternoon celery with almond butter, almonds, cottage cheese, leftovers like a small piece chicken parm today for example.

At night we feast, chicken parm, steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and a big salad. How does this sound to you? Any info is greatly appreciated, I am really feeling amazing and thank you so much for that! Would you mind if I linked your site on my site so that my clients and employees can quickly find your information? Based on my calculations I shall have around g of protein a day equaling around grams of meat a day I eat lean meats.

Also is there a minimum amount of cories I should not go below? Could you advise what you think about nutraritatian approach of Dr Joel Fuhrman who says that longevity decreases as the consumption of meat increases please? Is there any research showing positive long-term effects of the Wild Diet?

Thank you very much. I am a very healthy eater and have been following Paleo Plus — Dr. Amy Myers — Autoimmune Solution for 8 months. The reason I am writing is because I am starting the Wild Diet tomorrow and going to stick to a detailed regime for at least 8 weeks. No wine or alcohol, no sweetener in my coffee and for four weeks I am going to skip coffee and drink Macha Tea. I want to lose this belly fat that is caused by Menopause. Prior to it hitting me 12 months ago I was a very lean and toned person.

I am hoping that this Wild Diet Program and cutting out alcohol will do the trick and take away the horrible hunger pangs. Is there anything specific you recommend for women in menopause. I enjoy listening to your podcast and have been living the wild diet for the last 12 months. I have listened to a number of podcasts and believe this is the way to go.

However, do you have support for a person like me. I travel nearly every week for my job. Many flights, rental cars and hotels. I need something and a plan that is somewhat easy to follow while away from home. Finding restaurants with the right vegetables is a challenge. I hate looking and feeling the way I do. Please get dr zach bush of Virginia on your podcast. He has fascinating info on the gut and redox signaling.

They all seem to be very similar with very slight differences. All wonderful approaches in my view. What I have gathered from all is no grains, no sugar, no highly processed anything…. Have I missed anything? I am not losing weight but my husband is 5lbs so far. I am thrilled that he is losing the weight as he is the main reason why we started the diet which by the way was recommended by his cardiologist.

I was a fat kid until the summer I turned I went on basically a meat and whole milk diet, cutting out all carbs and sugar. I went from lbs. I even started getting dates with actual girls! I recently purchased an audio version of your book and finding it to be extremely helpful on my weight loss journey.

I noticed there was mention of the PDF of recipes, but was not sure how to get a copy. What I find very confusing here is that everything here is extremely US-centric, as if people in all countries eat the same way. In most European countries, people live off white bread, loads of milk products, vegetables, wine, and oil and are perfectly slim and healthy. The countries with the highest consumption of white bread and milk products France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain are also in the top 10 in terms of life expectancy and have the lowest amount of overweight people.

How do you explain that? Yes, people eat a lot of white bread here, but they eat times per day and they are not afraid of healthy fats. Deserts are less suite than in the US. The upside to a diet like this is adding plants. The downside is adding hormone manipulating animal protein and fats. If you look at the overwhelming stats on cure for hypothyroidism, you will find plant diets exclusively.

The hypo problem is exclusive in western cultures. Because of sugary and animal foods. Drastically cut back on animal foods. I am really excited about the wild plan.

Thank you for your time and for all you do for good health. Your email address will not be published. This is what I look like before and after The Wild Diet: You really can be happy and healthy at the same time. I hope you like beaver butt. Eat plants and animals that were recently alive and well. Discover how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake. Share this with your friends! You might also be interested in: Wild Diet Success Stories: How Johnny Got Abs.

Flexibility is essential for making this work as a lifestyle. Glad you dig the show! Abel Am Type 2 Diabetic. Will your diet be ok, for me? Is it ok to enjoy almond milk on this plan? Ha, convincing family is the hardest! Thanks for your support, Lish, and keep us updated! HEHE you are right, I like your smile too. Keep up the Great work man! Thanks so much for your support, Ralph! Hi James, What format is your book in? Is that a PDF only? Give a shout and let me know how I can help!

Hey Abel, I was actually referred to you and your site by Antonio Centeno. Thanks Abel, keep up the good work! Is unrefined sugar also not allowed in your Wild diet? Thanks for being here! Abel, How goes it? James, I just bought your ebook and am reading it…. Please leave a review on Amazon for it! Ok, you should be getting an email from my team in just a few minutes! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tim. We ate a bit of moose growing up in NH and loved it.