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Daily life is filled with constant roadblocks that try to throw you off in the iron game. Some links may earn us advertising or sponsor fees; see our Affiliate Disclosure. Clinical studies also show that this type of creatine promotes increased athletic performance when used for supplementation in a regular basis. Enzyme from the stomachs and tongue glands of calves, kids, and lambs. In cosmetics, especially shampoo and hair treatments. Sterols are alcohol from animals or plants e. This did absolutely nothing.

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Animal-Derived Ingredients List

Clinical studies also show that this type of creatine promotes increased athletic performance when used for supplementation in a regular basis. This is the most cost-effective dietary supplement in terms of muscle mass and strength gains. It is well known as the most commonly used creatine type on the market.

Judging by the fact that the ingredients of Animal Pump have been carefully dosed, it is safe to say that there are no significant side effects that can be caused by using this product.

With that being said, you should still pay great attention to the usage instructions which you can find on the back of the bottle. If you follow the directions, you will most likely be just fine! If you want to know other people's opinion, you might want to check out the following user testimonials for this product:. Have compared to N. Granted the pills aren't as easy to take as a shot, but I like the option to tone down the stim.

Keeping the stimulants in the red pill allow me to either toss it out save it for later , or open it up and shake some out. I work out at night, go home and go to bed afterwards. Taking the entire red pill would keep me up, but taking half gives me adequate energy during my workout and still lets me sleep.

The pump from this is insane IMO. Animal Pak provides all of the essential amino acids, or EAAs, and the branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, which are building blocks of protein that may enhance athletic activity.

A study published in the March issue of "The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness" found that BCAA supplementation could improve endurance and increase the amount of fat your body burns for fuel during exercise. Animal Pak contains a performance complex that includes a number of herbal ingredients, such as milk thistle, ginseng and inositol.

These ingredients may support intense athletic endeavors, as research from the March edition of "The American Journal of Chinese Medicine" found ginseng to be effective in reducing muscle damage associated with hill running. Animal Pak provides several antioxidant ingredients, such as lycopene, alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q Antioxidants protect your body from damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are produced by bodily stresses, such as exercise. If you engage in intense training, you will burn a lot of calories, which means you'll need to eat more to support your activity. If you are not used to eating so much, you may experience digestive discomfort, which makes the addition of enzymes such as lipase, inulin and papain potentially beneficial.

See Wool for cruelty to sheep. Fat from hog abdomens. In shaving creams, soaps, cosmetics. In baked goods, French fries, refried beans, and many other foods. Other Types of Skin. Subsidizes the meat industry.

Used to make wallets, handbags, furniture and car upholstery, shoes, etc. Waxy substance in nervous tissue of all living organisms. But frequently obtained for commercial purposes from eggs and soybeans. Also from nerve tissue, blood, milk, corn. Choline bitartrate, the basic constituent of lecithin, is in many animal and plant tissues and prepared synthetically. Lecithin can be in eye creams, lipsticks, liquid powders, hand creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, other cosmetics, and some medicines.

An essential fatty acid. Used in cosmetics, vitamins. See alternatives to Fatty Acids. Enzyme from the stomachs and tongue glands of calves, kids, and lambs. Used in cheesemaking and in digestive aids. Fat and fat-like substances that are found in animals and plants. From fish or marine mammals including porpoises. Used as a shortening especially in some margarines , as a lubricant, and in paint.

Essential amino acid found in various proteins usually from egg albumen and casein. Used as a texturizer and for freshness in potato chips. From the milk of cows. In cosmetics, shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, etc. In cosmetics, creams, etc. In margarines, cake mixes, candies, foods, etc. Dried secretion painfully obtained from musk deer, beaver, muskrat, civet cat, and otter genitals.

Wild cats are kept captive in cages in horrible conditions and are whipped around the genitals to produce the scent; beavers are trapped; deer are shot. In perfumes and in food flavorings. Organic acid typically derived from nut oils but occasionally of animal origin. Used in shampoos, creams, cosmetics. Most often in the health-food industry, especially in the cosmetics area, it means animal sources, such as animal elastin, glands, fat, protein, and oil.

In the nucleus of all living cells. Used in cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Also in vitamins, supplements. Mixture of solid waxy alcohols. Primarily from stearyl alcohol. Obtained from various animal and vegetable fats and oils. Usually obtained commercially from inedible tallow. In foods, soft soap, bar soap, permanent wave solutions, creams, nail polish, lipsticks, many other skin preparations. Oleyl Oleate, Oleyl Stearate.

See alternatives to Animal Fats and Oils. Found in fish oils. Used in the manufacture of detergents, as a plasticizer for softening fabrics, and as a carrier for medications. Oleths, Oleyl Arachidate, Oleyl Imidazoline. A fatty acid most commonly derived from palm oil but may be derived from animals as well. In shampoos, shaving soaps, creams. Can come from animal or plant sources or synthetics.

In shampoos, supplements, emollients, etc. In some cheeses and vitamins. Same uses and alternatives as Rennet. Contains waste matter eliminated by the fetus. Derived from the uterus of slaughtered animals.

Animal placenta is widely used in skin creams, shampoos, masks, etc. Obtained from the liver oil of sharks and from whale ambergris.

Used as a lubricant and anti-corrosive agent. A steroid hormone used in anti-wrinkle face creams. Can have adverse systemic effects. Tree sap gathered by bees and used as a sealant in beehives. In toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, supplements, etc. Used in cheesemaking, rennet custard junket , and in many coagulated dairy products. RNA is in all living cells. Used in many protein shampoos and cosmetics. Secretion from the throat glands of worker honeybees. Fed to the larvae in a colony and to all queen larvae.

No proven value in cosmetics preparations. From the fur of sables weasel-like mammals. Used in lubricating creams and lotions. Resinous excretion of certain insects. Used as a candy glaze, in hair lacquer, and on jewelry. Silk is the shiny fiber made by silkworms to form their cocoons. Worms are boiled in their cocoons to get the silk. In silk-screening other fine cloth can be and is used instead.

Taffeta can be made from silk or nylon. Silk powder is obtained from the secretion of the silkworm. It is used as a coloring agent in face powders, soaps, etc. Can cause severe allergic skin reactions and systemic reactions if inhaled or ingested. In skin creams, ointments, shampoos, candles, etc. Used in the leather industry. May become rancid and cause irritations. Sponge Luna and Sea. Lives in the sea. Oil from shark livers, etc.

In cosmetics, moisturizers, hair dyes, surface-active agents. When animal-derived, a fat from cows, pigs, and sheep and from dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters, etc.

May also be of plant origin, including from cocoa butter and shea butter. Can be harsh, irritating. Used in cosmetics, soaps, lubricants, candles, hairspray, conditioners, deodorants, creams, chewing gum, food flavoring.

Stearic acid can be found in many vegetable fats, coconut. A mixture of solid alcohols. Can be prepared from sperm whale oil. In medicines, creams, rinses, shampoos, etc. From various animal glands or from plant tissues. Sterols are alcohol from animals or plants e.