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I should have used more spray in my muffin papers in first batch, a light spray left a lot stuck. To left ear from Latin auris laevae. Added cranberries and semisweet chocolate chips. The only think I had problem with was the oven, I think mine is much stronger because they were slightly raw inside. Thanks so much for trying the recipe and leaving this kind review. Hi, My kids love these muffins! Automated external defibrillator Anti- epileptic drug s.

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They can also be purchased frozen. They have been shown to protect against heart disease and cancer , and can also help maintain bone strength, mental health , and healthful blood pressure.

A type of flavonoid called anthocyanin gives blueberries many of their health benefits. Flavonoids are plant compounds that often have a powerful antioxidant effect. Anthocyanin is responsible for the blueberry's characteristic blue color. It also contributes to the numerous advantages of blueberries. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables has long been associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions.

Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods such as blueberries decreases the risk of obesity , diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality. Plant foods may also promote hair and skin health, increased energy, and overall lower weight. Freezing blueberries is often discussed by experts. It is often said that the freezing process can diminish the potency of the blueberry's health benefits.

One study showed that over the course of 6 months in storage, the anthocyanin degraded by 59 percent. However, this is not confirmed, and different sources take different stances on whether freezing blueberries reduces their impact on health. When in doubt, buy fresh, organic blueberries. Although more research is needed, blueberries are strongly linked to various different elements of healthful living. Blueberries contain iron, phosphorous, calcium , magnesium , manganese, zinc, and vitamin K.

Each of these is a component of bone. Adequate intake of these minerals and vitamins contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.

Iron and zinc fulfil crucial roles in maintaining the strength and elasticity of bones and joints. Low intakes of vitamin K have been linked to a higher risk of bone fracture.

However, adequate vitamin K intake improves calcium absorption and may reduce calcium loss. Collagen is the support system of the skin. It relies on vitamin C as an essential nutrient, and works to help prevent skin damage caused by the sun, pollution, and smoke.

Vitamin C may also improve collagen's ability to smooth wrinkles and enhance overall skin texture. One cup of blueberries provides 24 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. Maintaining low sodium levels is essential to keeping blood pressure at a healthful level. Blueberries are free of sodium.

They contain potassium , calcium, and magnesium. Some studies have shown that diets low in these minerals are associated with higher blood pressure. Adequate dietary intake of these minerals is thought to help reduce blood pressure. However, other studies have counteracted these findings. For example, a study of people with metabolic syndrome found that daily blueberry consumption for 6 weeks did not affect blood pressure levels. Studies have found that people with type 1 diabetes who consume high-fiber diets have low blood glucose levels, and people with type 2 diabetes who consume the same may have improved blood sugar, lipid, and insulin levels.

One cup of blueberries contributes 3. A large cohort study published in the BMJ suggested that certain fruits may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in adults.

Over the course of the study, 6. However, the researchers found that consuming three servings per week of blueberries, grapes, raisins, apples or pears reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 7 percent. The fiber, potassium, folate , vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonutrient content in blueberries supports heart health.

The absence of cholesterol from blueberries is also beneficial to the heart. Fiber content helps to reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B6 and folate prevent the buildup of a compound known as homocysteine.

Excessive buildup of homocysteine in the body can damage blood vessels and lead to heart problems. The study found that women who consumed at least three servings of blueberries or strawberries per week showed the best results. Vitamin C, vitamin A, and the various phytonutrients in blueberries function as powerful antioxidants that may help protect cells against damage from disease-linked free radicals. Research suggests that antioxidants may inhibit tumor growth, decrease inflammation in the body, and help ward off or slow down esophageal, lung, mouth, pharynx, endometrial, pancreatic, prostate, and colon cancers.

Blueberries also contain folate, which plays a role in DNA synthesis and repair. This can prevent the formation of cancer cells due to mutations in the DNA. Population-based studies have shown that consumption of blueberries is connected to slower cognitive decline in older women. Studies have also found that in addition to reducing the risk of cognitive damage, blueberries can also improve a person's short-term memory and motor coordination.

Blueberries help to prevent constipation and maintain regularity for a healthful digestive tract because of their fiber content. Dietary fiber is also commonly recognized as an important factor in weight loss and weight management by functioning as a "bulking agent" in the digestive system. High fiber foods increase satiety, or the feeling of being full, and reduce appetite. Left posterior hemiblock - Heart block. Lower respiratory tract infection.

Left ventricular assist device. Left ventricular end diastolic pressure. Left ventricular ejection fraction. Left Ventricular Outflow Track. Methicillin- and aminoglycoside-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Multifocal atrial tachycardia Microscopic agglutination test. Mean cell hemoglobin concentration. Mean cell hemoglobin ; Mean corpuscular hemoglobin.

Microscopy, culture, and sensitivity the investigation steps in processing microbiology samples. Metastasis pronounced like the word met ; plural mets. Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance unknown or uncertain may be substituted for undetermined. Mental illness and chemical abuse; mentally ill chemical abuser. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

Maturity onset diabetes of the young. Mechlorethamine , vincristine , procarbazine , and prednisone in combination older treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Mitral regurgitation Modified release Medical representative Mental retardation. Murmurs, rubs, and gallops see heart sounds. Morphine or morphine sulfate.

Midstream urine sample used in testing for presence of urinary tract infections. Maple syrup urine disease. Mild traumatic brain injury. Mitral valve prolapse syndrome. Sodium from Latin natrium. No abnormality detected no apparent distress and many variations of the above. Newborn infant Note well please pay attention from Latin nota bene. Nerve action potential Nasal cannula. Nerve conduction test, aka nerve conduction study. Nerve conduction velocity see nerve conduction study.

Not elsewhere classified Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis. Nasogastric tube see intubation. Neonatal intensive care unit. No light perception highest degree of blindness. Number needed to harm. Number needed to treat.

Neck of femur fracture refers to hip fracture. Nitric oxide synthase ; Not otherwise specified. Nil per os nothing by mouth. Non-small cell lung cancer. Normal spontaneous delivery see childbirth. Non-stress test see cardiotocograph. Non-ST elevation myocardial infarction. Nasotracheal tube see intubation. Normal vaginal delivery see childbirth ; Nausea , vomiting , and diarrhea.

Nausea , vomiting , diarrhea , and constipation. Old chart not available - Medical history. Right eye from Latin , oculus dexter Overdose Occupational disease. Every day, usually regarded as once daily, from the Latin , omni die. Generally written in lower case. Oral glucose tolerance test. Every morning, from the Latin , omni mane. Otitis Media with Effusion - fluid in the inner ear without other symptoms. Every night, from the Latin , omni nocte.

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Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Peripheral artery occlusive disease. Papanicolaou stain Positive airway pressure Pulmonary artery pressure - Pulmonary hypertension. Papanicolaou Test pap smear. After food, from Latin , post cibum After meals. Postconcussional disorder Primary ciliary dyskinesia. Polycystic ovary - polycystic ovarian syndrome. Patient Care Report Polymerase chain reaction. Packed cell volume - Hematocrit Polycythemia vera.

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Sin nombre virus, most common type of hantavirus. Subjective, objective, assessment, plan how Doctors notes are organized. Shortness of breath - dyspnea. Short of breath on exercise. Save our souls , meaning "in case of emergency" [from Latin "si opus sit" having the same meaning]. Single photon emission computed tomography. Bishop observes that cigarettes, food insecurity and transportation are top concerns among her referrals. Many patients are also having difficulty affording crucial diabetes and asthma medication.

Groups of providers like the Community Health Action Team CHAT and other sub-groups get together to talk about these issues and work towards collaborative solutions, such as investing in housing.

A short-term goal of Dr. Things are getting done much more quickly. Holmes says Addison County has a lot to be proud of when it comes to integrated care.

Is there room for more care coordination? But the silos here seemed smaller and the willingness and engagement of the providers was huge. As a small and collaborative state, Vermont makes a great testing ground for new systems, and is now set to lead the way in healthcare. The PMC Auxiliary is a membership organization led by a board of 18 local citizens who organize three fund-raising events annually and oversee the work of the Round Robin Upscale Resale Shop.

Since early October, the leadership of Porter has been working closely with the Addison Respite Care Home ARCH board to raise funds and plan the end-of-life suite portion of the project. These plans call for two specially designed end-of-life rooms, each with a family room and access to a kitchenette and outdoor courtyard. Additionally, the renovation project will result in a renovated short-term rehabilitation unit with both single and semi-private rooms to meet the growing community demand for sub-acute services.

ARCH Board Member Joel Miller believes that this project will represent a major step forward in the collaboration between his organization and Porter for the benefit of the community. We are grateful to PMC leadership for the opportunity to collaborate with them in this successful fund raising campaign and to the many, many folks who have donated to this effort. A community-wide town hall meeting will take place on Monday, October 23rd at 7: The meeting is free and open to the entire community.

The University of Vermont Health Network is a six-hospital system serving the residents of Vermont and northern New York with a shared mission: Hallman indicated that there were a total of 11 meetings that occurred from June until the final session on Sunday, September 17, which lasted more than 13 hours. Further, the new contract also provides fair wages.

The new Nurse Practice Council will also help to design another new initiative which is the creation of a BSN program which will provide financial support for nurses who wish to continue their education. Other than the new BSN program, other employment benefits for the Porter nurses will be consistent with benefits offered to other Porter staff.

Fred Kniffin acknowledged the agreement in a message to all Porter employees. But the evolution of health care — and a paradigm shift in patient care that emphasizes shorter hospital stays — has prompted Helen Porter to diversify its service portfolio. Image courtesy of Porter Medical Center. Porter Medical Center is currently putting together a five-year master plan for facility improvements.

But PMC officials deemed the Helen Porter project so pressing that it is jumping to the head of the construction line. Fred Kniffin said of the impending campus improvements, which will include a new medical office building. PMC officials are treating the upcoming Helen Porter renovations as two separate projects that will occur simultaneously. Porter has for more than a decade enjoyed a close relationship with ARCH. Those rooms place terminally ill patients close to the services they need and provide a more home-like environment in which to live their final days in dignity, officials said.

Once the project is completed, all of the Helen Porter-based ARCH rooms will become centrally located within the horseshoe-shaped building. The current ARCH rooms are now based in the long-term care wing of the building. Hallman acknowledged the several months of construction will impose a temporary hardship on Helen Porter residents and patients.

He noted the project contractor — Middlebury-based Bread Loaf Corp. Once completed, the new ARCH center should make Helen Porter an even more desirable destination for patients seeking to die with dignity, officials said. Porter Medical Center already has a well-respected palliative care program under the direction of Dr. Having the options to have different choices for different families and situations is really important.

Rita Elder, a member of the ARCH board, said her organization has, for a long time, wanted to have a larger and more centrally located presence within Helen Porter. She said a fortified presence of ARCH at Helen Porter will further serve to dispel the notion of dying as being an uncomfortable topic and something often done in isolation.

Now, we are bringing dying to the forefront, and it makes people feel less isolated. They feel cared for, and cared about.

Better care is also the goal behind the proposed rehabilitation center improvements at Helen Porter. Reprinted with permsision from the Addison Indepenedent Reporter John Flowers is at johnf addisonindependent.

The program, named by a local planning team the Greater Middlebury Community Climate Economy Initiative, will hold a kick-off event and community dinner on Monday, September This event will launch a process for residents to identify and advance priorities that strengthen the community in the face of climate change, including measures to improve economic opportunity and affordability.

That treatment — which includes the prescribing of Suboxone — is now being offered in Middlebury and will soon take root in Vergennes. Its enrollment has been limited to patients, which is a fraction of the number of area residents who are addicted to illicit narcotics and must currently travel many miles north or south to receive treatment — or simply go without.

Around one-third of those patients are now rotating into the Middlebury location. Most people with addiction struggle with transportation, so it makes total sense.

Rather than seeing patients individually, they have moved to seeing them in groups. The physician conducts medical visits with patients in a group, which then meets with a counselor and a case manager.

The patients also submit to mandatory urine screening and receive their Suboxone prescription as part of their visit. Put another way, instead of seeing patients daily in Bristol, Porter will be able to see using the group format.

Seeing patients as a group, officials believe, will eventually create additional capacity for local physicians to add to their MAT rolls.

Porter cautioned, however, that not everyone is cut out for MAT services in a group setting. Above all, Addison County candidates must be motivated. Patients must submit to random urinalysis checks to ensure compliance. Some became hooked after having been prescribed painkillers following an injury. Others have found drugs in the family medicine chest and wanted more. And once addicted, some people will do anything to get more. It looks like a solution at first, then it becomes the worst problem you could create for a person.

It recently added mental health services through the Counseling Service of Addison County and dental care. That person has not been in a position to issue prescriptions for Suboxone, however. Some Mountain Health providers are currently receiving certification to be able to prescribe Suboxone. There is also evidence that it reduces the urge to use controlled substances. A recent New York Times report placed drug overdose deaths in the U.

That figure exceeds the number of U. Still, fewer than 10 percent of people with severe opiate-use disorder are seeking treatment, according to Porter. Fortunately, providers like Porter and Glick have induced many people to step out of the shadows.

If you take people and put them through MAT, around 70 percent will emerge having conquered their addiction to illicit opiates. The success rate is around 5 percent for the same people who go the abstinence only route, according to Porter. He knows they are extremely busy. Every last detail gets shuffled back to them. Family doctors are the dairy farmers of the medical world. Used with permission from the Addison County Independ ent newspaper.

Amanda Young, the medical director for the new clinic. The clinic will be Open 7-Days a Week from 9: Patients will be seen on a walk-in basis with no appointments needed. Services will include point of care lab tests and diagnostic tests including radiology exams, as well as common injuries such as sprains, strains and lacerations.

According to Kniffin, the support from our community for this project has been overwhelming. Mike Noble The position replaces the former chief human resources officer function. As chief people officer, Novak will not only provide strategic vision and direction for the human resources efforts of the Network, but also focus on cultural integration of the system, leadership team development, and advancement of our talent management strategy to develop a high-performance, sustainable organization that can meet strategic and operational goals.

Novak has 20 years of experience in human resources. At Biogen, he led the creation of a new global manufacturing function and developed a talent review process for early career talent. He also implemented a new company-wide operating model enabling field affiliate organizations and centralized functions to work together more productively. Prior to joining Biogen in , Novak served at organizations including Honeywell, Citigroup and PepsiCo in leadership roles as an HR business partner, talent acquisition leader and in leadership development.

Although the affiliation became effective in April following a vote at the PMC annual meeting in March, a community launch celebration is planned for May 11 during National Hospital Week. The event will begin at Fred Kniffin, is encouraging all staff and community friends to attend this event and participate in this historic day. During various community presentations over the past year, Kniffin emphasized that Porter and the UVM Health Network agreed early on that maintaining the current array of clinical services that Porter now offers is essential, as well as a mutual desire to bring more specialized medical care to the community and allow Porter to work collaboratively to secure closer clinical integration with the academic medical center.

In addition to the formal ceremony in the morning, there will be a cook-out, live music and other festivities occurring on campus for both employees and community friends. For more information, members of the community may call Porter officials said the new clinic will provide quick health care options for patients who might otherwise go to the emergency room. Porter spokesman Ron Hallman cited earaches, strep throat, lacerations, urinary tract infections, concussions and sports injuries as among the ailments that will appropriately be dealt with at Porter Express Care.

Fred Kniffin said the new clinic will give Addison County residents a new — and less expensive — care option that is quite common among other hospitals. With a tentative June opening, Express Care will be open seven days per week — 9 a.

Construction of the new facility began this month. It will include five exam rooms and a separate entrance into the Collins Building. From the Addison Independent.

The affiliation will become effective in April, and the formal community launch is planned for May 11 during National Hospital Week.

Fred Kniffin, applauded this vote and enthusiastically supports this decision. During the affiliation negotiations and at various community presentations, Kniffin emphasized that Porter and the UVM Health Network agreed early on that maintaining the current array of clinical services that Porter now offers is essential, as well as a mutual desire to bring more specialized medical care to the community and allow Porter to work collaboratively to secure closer clinical integration with the academic medical center.

During the past year, he has specifically pointed to bringing a common electronic medical record system, enhanced access to clinical, quality and financial expertise and construction of a new medical office building as specific and vitally important elements of this affiliation. According to Kniffin, more detailed information about the planned formal community launch on May 11 will be distributed to the community shortly. It is the only hospital facility in the United States dedicated solely to training hospital and healthcare professionals in disaster preparedness and response.

According to PMC spokesperson, Ron Hallman, more than half of Vermont hospitals are sending representatives to this federally-funded training program, including clinical, support and administrative staff.

At the beginning of the five day course, employees will select one of two courses based on their skill sets: Incident Commanders, Emergency Department nurses, logistics chiefs, decontamination team members and as a public information officer. Our Porter team will have a change to work closely throughout the week with staff members from other Vermont hospitals as well as the experts at CDP," Hallman said.

The Vermont representatives will finish their respective classes on Thursday of next week. The ICE combines multiple courses in a final culminating exercise that promotes an interdisciplinary response to a simulated mass casualty incident.

During the ICE, the students will be challenged with realistic scenarios in which role players, human patient simulators and mannequins portrayed survivors of a mass casualty incident. The exercise will be carried out in various training venues including the CDP's indoor street scene, subway and at the Noble Training Facility. A former student from New Hampshire who took this course last year summarized her experience this way: Very rarely can we bring someone in, decontaminate them, triage them and do the whole gamut.

We can't train like that at our local medical center. Training at the CDP is a great team-building experience. I think everyone should avail themselves of the opportunity. The Porter representatives plan to provide daily updates on their training activities all next week, including photos, to be posted on the Porter intranet page. Although not a binding contract, the Letter of Intent clearly sets in motion a more formal process of negotiations that is expected to last approximately six months, during which time Porter and the UVM Health Network will endeavor to agree upon the specific terms that would lead to Porter becoming an affiliate of the UVM Health Network as early as the spring of During the negotiation process, Porter will retain the option of choosing independence.

Porter has strong community ties and we are both focused on keeping care as close to home for patients and their families as possible. Being part of the network creates opportunities in this challenging era of health care reform for collaboration and finding ways to become more efficient and effective in delivering high-quality care.

Kniffin points to the possibility of bringing a common EMR system, enhanced access to clinical, quality and financial expertise and a new medical office building to Porter as specific elements of this partnership. Fred Kniffin, who has personally signed more than 1, letters that will be mailed next week to current PMC donors, but he emphasized that this is a community-wide effort.

For more information contact Porter at or at www. The UVM Health Network was selected from among four institutions that responded to their affiliation request for proposals. He noted that determining the future of Porter Medical Center had entered a new phase; the continued evaluation of independence vs.

For well over a year, the Porter Medical Center Board of Directors has been engaged in a comprehensive and extensive strategic planning process to chart the future course for Porter as either an independent health care organization or as an affiliated partner with another medical system. The process has included significant research, deliberations, community conversations and multiple forums with providers and employees.

That is now the only affiliation option that we are considering, should we decide to make that choice.

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