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Nestlé's products include baby food , medical food , bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks. Retrieved 9 June See Who Made It". The campaigns attracted wide-spread support from medical professionals, health authorities and civil society in developing countries. And action to control the products and marketing of large food companies are an obvious means to improve people's health. Update 46 and Boycott News newsletter:

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Nestlé baby milk scandal has grown up but not gone away

Despite this Nestlé continues to push its baby milks in breach of international standards. Nestlé is the largest of the baby milk companies. Monitoring by groups on the ground around the world shows Nestlé systematically violates the marketing requirements and drives down standards for the industry as a whole.

The boycott has forced some changes from the company, but it is still a long way from complying. Campaigners are also working for laws. Nestlé can comply when it is given no choice. You can find out more information and look at the evidence yourself on the Baby Milk Action website at:. It is important to tell Nestlé you will be boycotting it until it accepts and acts on the plan put to it by boycott groups for saving infant lives. For further information on what has been achieved thanks to pressure from the boycott and why it continues to be important, click here.

If you would like leaflets and petition sheets in quantity, contact us. Find out more by reading our year report. You can help this work further by becoming a member of Baby Milk Action. Expensive baby foods can also increase family poverty. Poverty is a major cause of malnutrition. Evidence of Nestlé malpractice If you doubt that Nestlé is doing anything wrong, see the monitoring evidence in our Campaign for Ethical Marketing section. Supporting the boycott You can register your support for the boycott via our contact page.

Keep us informed of your activities. It can help to generate international media coverage. Nestlé-free zone banners and logos If you have a website, why not place this banner advertisement there?

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So it was appropriate that water brought me together with Brabeck. I don't like the way companies such as Nestlé promote bottled water, turning one of life's essentials into a brand that only the better-off can afford and undermining the value of public supplies in the process.

But I have to acknowledge Brabeck's efforts to get business and governments to work together to manage and protect the world's vital water resources. However, for Nestlé and the rest of the global food industry, the baby milk scandal has grown up rather than gone away. The industry today stands accused of harming the health of whole nations, not just their babies.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has committed his own money to a campaign against unhealthy food, comparing this to his fight against the tobacco industry. What started as skirmish in the nursery is turning into full-scale war on many fronts.

While the diseases are now obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the issues about the food industry's responsibility remain the same: Children and young adults may get fat because they do not get enough exercise. But if they are offered and encouraged to "choose" super-saturated fat diets, dosed with excessive salt and drinks laced with multiple sugars, can the industries that produce and promote those products absolve themselves from the ugly outcomes?

Back in the s, the Swiss judge ruled to the contrary. Today public and political opinion is again swinging in that direction. Important questions are being raised in discussions about the new global development goals to be adopted when the UN's current Millennium Development Goals 'expire' in Should sustainable development goals focus on the unsustainable and unhealthy lifestyles of the rich as well as on the plight and basic needs of the poor? As the world searches for better measures of development than gross domestic product GDP , counting dead babies remains an important indicator.

But if infant mortality was a stark indicator of poor infant feeding practices in the s, gross obesity is a parallel indicator of poor nutrition today. And action to control the products and marketing of large food companies are an obvious means to improve people's health.