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Real G4E lovers will not care to ad to this investment. Daniel Tosh suggested that the twosome stand in as announcers for NFL games. It took a while but we eventually managed. Secondly, the "Unsubscription" only concerns the removal of your email address from the mailing list and it isn't related in any way to any outstanding due payment s. So about the alternate voice over!

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Every month There was something predictable and some numbers. No real explanation how to use them. Peppered with comments how good she is and how badly you the reader needs this right now. Then it says she wants to do a ritual or something, needs my permission. I wrote back "yes". I was surprised she needed to ask. Because the reading didn't do all she promised. SO what she sent me in answer to this was a very unenlightened reading. Then another spiel that was like the first letter, plus a sales talk.

If she knows how broke I am, why does she ask that much? Where is the value in what she is delivering? I feel no sense of confidence in what she is delivering.

I don't feel that the original reading covered as much as I was expecting. The astral reading struck me as computer generated. She used all the right buzz words, but still sounded fake. What is a match exactly I am Mohamed says Kamel I send several message and you have not received them I agree with you to help me spiritual I am and fWhat is a match exactly I am Mohamed says Kamel I send several message and you have not received them I agree with you to help me spiritual I am and for that I made this spiritual that you told me in 03 times and even I know that is the famme that prevents me from happy food but there is something that do not know that you are at my side and I am very reconaison and I swear to you before god you will have a great response from me thank you you could comansais your spiritual I am ready and everything dear you friend tara.

Would you please send me what you have been taking from me. Im not so sure that we have been dealing with Tara. I really believe there is someone who is somehow sending the same messages to everyone and making money using Tara. I really would love to talk to her if possible. So I am asking her so called secretary to make it happen, and I thank you very much. Please do not do as i did, having to pay monthly which i can not really afford but she was totally convincing.

I feel so let down and really did trust what she was saying would help make my life turn around. I have asked for a refund but know i will not receive anything back. Shame will not let me put my name down. No such person as Tara. These are probably African scammers, maybe Eastern European. They phish your emails for information about you to assist phoney predictions. Tara sends all this crap stating shes a medium can see this and that also can tell me what games to play what dates and numbers..

Because Im going to win Big at least 3 times.. Shes not no Medium maybe in her dreams sick piece of crap.. If I dont get any response from you by tomorrow I will get an attorney and let the legal system handle all this illegal stuff your doing.. No it didnt go to spam either..

Can't believe I actually fell for this. Thank God I didn't waste any money on her. I trust the people heck of a lot more than one person who is trying to do the opposite of what she says. She said I was going to get a lot of money. She the one who is getting a lot of money from everyone else.. I cancelled this crap and they are still taking money out of account. If they dont stop now i will have lawyers on them they are messing with the wrong guy i will come after them with fury.

People this is all FAKE. Don't pay your hard earned money for this B. Do not do this over the internet. It's beyond me that Tara, as a professional medium, states that she can do what no other mediums can do as having a more spiritual connection to a greater power.

In stating that why would you send emails to people manifesting on these attributes to only condemn them that if she is not sought out your luck and massive negative energy surrounding you will only lead to a more darker path.

Second of all, as I am quite sure not only myself but many others, have received these same emails not only making note of this negative energy that is enabling any good to shine in your life but also makes the point to state that she knows there has been a huge financial struggle.

Implying that there is fortune to come but with this negative ora blocking you, you may miss this great opportunity if you don't reach out to her asap. Okay so here's my notion a divine greater power that enables Tara to do what others in her field can't troubles me in the fact that you would prey on people using this so called gift and blatantly give us an ultimatum to pay you for your supposed guidance and gift and if we don't we are pretty much on our own left to live a life surrounded by negativity and bad luck.

I just want to say I have a strong faith and shame on you for thinking that without your help matters will only get worse.

My help and guidance will never be strayed away from the good lord above as he is there to lead me out of dark times. Preying on innocents knowing times are hard for everyone to take there money and not give them the help you so desperately encourage them to believe. You prosper on our hard earned income with nothing to give and God forgive me for saying this but like attracts like you keep doing all these people wrong and your bound to get exactly what you deserve.

Don't say you can change people's lives and help them with luck and prosperity if you can't ultimately do it. Money is what I want another house a better then what I have now I tried to get a loan but because my in come is to low I couldn't get a loan. I signed up with Tara after I was charged she told me she doesn't have record of me ever signing up with her?? But she is still deducting money from my account after I asked to cancel!! Hi everyone, my name is Alexander Oliver Cowdery and for a few years now Tara medium has been corresponding with me about certain life changes and cosmic spiritual readings which have been conducted by Tara using her ceremonial magic and numerical astrology.

I never paid her any money until just recently about 3 months ago. I thought well if someone was putting all their time into my life wanting it to get better id be happy to donate without even considering the guaranteed refund if cash didn't start falling from the sky. As her affirmations were quite well written and specific i was responding positively to them. Now all my life like many of us have wondered how others have created such wealth and i for one have brushed quite closely to people with hundres of millions of dollars that they never really worked hard for the money just fell into there laps so i know it can happen.

But i never really expected it and still dont expect it to happen to me but i wish it would and hope one day i become the greatest of my potential with or without the cash. The more i go forward with this pure happiness the more certain negative forces try to challenge me but since ive been donating to TARA they havent been able to hurt or effect me. Its like im only just now noticing something thats always been there, its called me.

And im an unfortunate kind of person without burdening you with the details im like a genius trapped inside a HOMER SIMPSON, but with a plethora of horrible and bad luck experiences one after the other never really understanding why me.

Untill just recently, so everyday Ive been getting new clients from out of nowhere, I was so swamped at one point before Christmas i couldnt keep up and i disappointed one client in particular, but i pushed on and now they want me to do more and more, like some kind of guardian angel is putting a good word in for me.

Its hard to explain, but last week i was offered a management position in a large company basically like my own small business but alot bigger and more established than my own. Every positive thing i go for i get. My wife and i found a house to rent cheaper than the one we were in and its like huge and the garden is the little forest i always dreamed of but it just fell on our laps, and to top it off private community groups jumped in to pay for our first months rent and bond an household items we desperately needed.

My family and i have ha issue after issue and i realy thought they hated me but in the last three months we're like nothing ever happened full of love for one another a d really loving being part of each others lives again. My back which was giving me so much pain from scoliosis and ciatica came good and im stronger than ever So i cant really explain why but it all did correlate to Taras readings and me reacting to them I hope this is the way forever Hello to all, please never contact with this woman, she has stollen my money and she is a thief, threatening so many people, using her magis tricks against the people innocent, please remove this woman from internet.

Dear sir, I am tall you ,you are agery my father is a many problem I'm verry sad please u Know me problem. Paid for the initial reading, it was a waste of money!! Also keep getting unending emails and texts threatening me with dire consequences if I dont pay for more readings!! Stay away from this site!! Now I know this is a scam. Do you really think there is a medium named Tara or just a bunch of guys like Frank making money off you with their scam? I feel threatened by the recent messages as I haven't been able to pay.

I feel that if I do not pay something awful will happen to me. Hello my name is Tara Caputo and I am located in Mooresville I also go by Readings by Tara. Please do not associate me with this reader. To validate please look at my page www. I can assure you that Tara never meant to cause discomfort or any other negative feeling by sending her emails to you.

I would like to remind you that if you have any specific question about a study or other query, you can send a message via http:

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