Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

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And go for the Extreme Cycle — you got this! You can get answers to all your questions in this post and the links within it: I have always done low carb high protein to lose weight, so the idea of eating the good carbs is still new to me. I am looking at carb cycling but how do you work that when you are working out monday-friday? My macros are currently C. I was wondering if you think the carb cycling would work for me? Are we able to use the fats we like on low carb days or should we switch completely?

Since you suggest eating within an hour of waking, is this going to effect my results at all? I recently just bought your book, Extreme Weightloss. I have lbs to lose so I thought this was best cycle to use, but after skimming through the book I just got it today , I noticed it said the turbo cycle shows the fastest results. Would you recommend me doing the turbo cycle since I have so much to lose?

I am just over pounds and 5 ft 4 inches. How many calories should I shoot for to start out with. I have been doing the carb cycling and it is working for me but I am only pounds, my finacee is 6 ft 5 in and pounds. He is a very solid man just needs to eat better and tone up. Do you suggest he eats only calories a day also? He is a miner and I think at this calorie level he would be very weak and hungry?

The daily calorie recommendations for men on the Turbo Cycle are on low-carb days and on high-carb days. I have a question regarding fat in the morning. Is this not allowed considering it is a fat? Also I am very new to carb cycling and am nervous regarding energy for my workouts.

I find I function at a higher level when I do not restrict myself to very low carb. Is this going to affect my workouts?

I a looking to lean out to show my more muscle tone. I tend to do HITT workouts with weights, and sprints, and have recently starting to incorporate super setting weight lifting into my workouts as well. Which plan would you recommend to achieve my goal? I was reading about both the extreme, turbo and fit. As a side note I am going on a vacation in May and am hoping for some major results by then, and then plan to ease into a more sustainable plan afterwards.

On the Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit Cycles, you eat a protein, carb, and veggie for breakfast — no fat. On the Extreme Cycle http: On all cycles, you work out at least 5 days a week, so that is taken into account for the meal plan too. I started the turbo cycle last week. I do crossfit times a week.

Anything I can do to speed up the process? I am on day 4 of my first week of the Turbo plan, which means I am on a low carb day! Normally on Fridays, I workout and focus on my legs and get a real good sweat session on.

Is it okay to still workout hard on low carb days or should I keep it low key? My name is Tiffany. I need to be in the range. I have recently been told that my blood pressure and cholesterol are getting out of control. Both cycles can work, and you can change cycles at any time! Hi, I have one other question please. I have about lbs to lose so am very overweight.

I have previously been using myfitnesspal which suggest cal a day for me based on my weight and height etc. For someone of my weight, would you suggest starting with the and calories or should I reduce my calories to those as I lose the weight?

We would suggest trying the and calorie recommendations, and please keep in mind that some fitness apps will add back in any calories you burn working out to your daily calorie total. Hi, my mom has introduced me to yourselves and carb cycling and I am just waiting or your book to arrive from Amazon. I am wondering if you can please give me more info on the Reward Days. From what my mom has said these are days that you can eat what you want within moderation but I found a video on The LIst TV that the two of you did and on there you suggest that you only have 1 cheat meal on the reward day.

If that is the case, the other two meals of the day do they need to be based on the high carb or low carb guidelines I am looking to do the Turbo cycle. For the Turbo Cycle, Day 7 of every week is a Reward Day, and you can eat anything you want up to extra calories — healthy, cheat-type foods, or both!

I start getting really annoyed by having to maintain the slower speeds just to maintain that heart rate. You might try adding some intervals into your workouts, and you can learn more about these here: I started the Turbo cycle two weeks ago and am loving it. I have the book as well, but still have a few questions. I know it say to eat calories on LC days and on HC days. For example on low carb days I consumed g of protein, 72 grams of carbs, and 24 grams of fat.

On HC days i had g of protein, g of carbs, and 20 grams of fat. I feel like this is incorrect and am doing it wrong, can you clarify for me please. To figure out the percentage of a macro in a food, multiply the of grams of protein or carbs by 4, and the grams of fat by 9, and divide that number by total calories.

If you do choose to use it, remember to count those calories as they can add up pretty quickly. Hi again Team Powell. I am a vegetarian that has followed extreme and turbo cycles. I am considering switching to vegan and wondered if your list of approved proteins only consisted of vegan protein powders, tofu or tempeh? Do you suggest either of these cycles for vegans? I have been doing the Turbo Cycle for months now and love it! I am trying to lose the last stubborn couple pounds.

What cycle do you recommend? I also have two nutrition questions. What percentage of carbs, proteins and fats should my calorie intake be in low and high carbs days? Also I workout at least 5 days a week and rotate between cardio and strength. Should my calories intake be net or gross of calories burned. Example low carb day — burned calories so I can eat calories? The Turbo or Extreme Cycles are the best for losing the weight the fastest, so either one can work, and you can change cycles at any time.

Any calories burned go towards your daily calorie deficit, which adds up to lost pounds. HI Heidi, My question is pertaining to eating breakfast within 30 min of waking up and what flexibility there is in this. I get up very early and go straight to the gym to get my workout in usually a combination of lifting and cardiovascular exercise for at least an hour.

What do you suggest to clients who train first thing in the early morning as far as nutrition goes when doing your turbo carb cycling program?

Thanks for your time! You can get some great tips for eating and working out in this post: I love overnight oats and trying to make the measurements work. For carbs and 1 cup almond milk? Plus throw in a fat? I know 3 oz of protein is a serving please tell me approx how many carb grams to make one serving? For the Extreme Cycle, you do. My nutritionist friend is actually who directed me to you and your husband for carb cycling because she believes it might be the best option for me.

Now that the long explanation for my comment is out of the way hahaha… I was wondering if I would still be able to do my morning smoothie with my bit of fruit while doing the turbo cycle. I am drinking a gallon of water a day and working out everyday. I do cardio three days 45 min. I need to only lose 15 or 20 pounds and feel really frustrated at this point. Anything I need to adjust to get better results? The less weight you need to lose, the closer you have to watch your calorie intake.

Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to add that I do my own version of the 9 min. When do I see results and do I just stick with this turbo cycle for a month and try a new cycle after the slingshot week? After that week is that when the results will kick in? This helps to alleviate your risk of injury. Here is my carb cycling macros.

You can get some ideas of the daily macros we follow in carb cycling in this post: And your macros do depend on your goals — weight loss or gaining healthy weight. I have had the problem of my weight almost all my life. I succeed to lose from that 35 kg 20 kg witch was ineradicable and the years went and all good.

Today i standing on kg on my ,5 cm and im so depressed that i dont know where to start anymore, What i need to know is: How much carbs should i eat on my low and high carbs day and what about the calories amount, i have so many questions.

I live in Finland and here what i have felt the nutritionist arent that good, i have been 3 times and no help at all, thats why i would like to give this a try Turbo carb cycling. And then what about my work out days, when im i not suppose to lift? I miss the old me when i had energies and life lust that I have lost.

Can i find anywhere some male plan? I would be super thank full for your help! Thank you so much for your comment! You can get answers to all your questions in this post and the links within it: Is the carb cycling safe to do while breastfeeding? I have a 1 year old that still gets breast milk in addition to solids but I would love to find a way to kick start some muscle.

I have recently started the Turbo carb cycle, but am concerned that I need to tweak something. I just finished week 2 and have not lost any weight as of yet. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, your rate of weight loss can be slower. Also, are you drinking all of your water every day? These are important for overall success also. Please be patient — you can totally do this! Thanks for the feedback!

I have been doing the reward days, but could probably drink a bit more water. Would it be beneficial to try a different cycle? You can do either, and you can change cycles at any time. If you decide to change cycles, you might want to try the new Extreme Cycle http: Another thing you might track is your sodium intake. Most people consume more sodium than they think they are consuming, and this can cause a slow down in weight loss too.

Is there a workout schedule I should follow? As far as weight training on high carb days vs low carb days and cardio other days, no cardio, etc? Any help or tips are appreciated!

Thank you so much that does help! I just have 1 more quick question. My question is I tend to get up at 3am and get my workout done because I work early and my gym is very busy after work. Is there a link or something I can read on how to schedule my eating around early morning workouts?

I just ordered the book and cannot wait to start this program! Just do what works best for you! Hi Heidi, Love your book and this site. I have been researching carb cycling for about a month. Any suggestions on how to put together a daily meal plan for high and low carb days without spending hours on calculations for each food? And when you follow these portion size guidelines, all your macros are taken care of.

Chris and Heidi try to make things as simple as possible. First let me say you guys are awesome! Second, my husband and I are seriously thinking about starting carb cycling. We have been eating Whole 30 similar to paleo for about a year now and have had some great results however we have stalled out and have had a hard time finding a healthy way to eat for life. I have followed heidi on facebook for months and had never fully investigated into their program until recently.

My questions stem from switching from paleo based to this. On occasion we eat sprouted grain bread and brown rice that we like without any issues but we have eliminated our dairy intake to pretty much none unless we splurge on pizza.

Also our fats of choice have been avocado oil, avocados, homemade paleo mayo, and almond butter. Im trying to figure out a way that we can follow both as close as possible. Are we able to use the fats we like on low carb days or should we switch completely? I have borrowed the book choose more, loose more and still reading it. You can put your meals together using any of the foods in the approved foods list in both books.

Here are some meal planning tips for the new Extreme Cycle that could be helpful also: And the fats you listed are also fats in carb cycling. Hope this helps — you can totally do this! I need to lose about 80 lbs. Either one can work, and you can change cycles at any time. However my main question is this: Or is there a metabolic reason for not having fat along with the carbs? Thanks for the info! Hi thank you for this amazing information.

I will be starting the turbo cycle. One question I have is I lift heavy three times a week 80 kg. What i want to ask is just having a palm size of protein per meal be enough? Are you doing the Turbo Cycle to lose weight? Chris and Heidi have had clients who also lift heavy and who have also lost weight on these cycles. You might also want to look into the Fit Cycle since you do lift heavy or the Extreme Cycle.

You can find these cycles here: Hi thank for the rapid response yes I am doing the turbo cycle to loose weight. But I am lifting weight to build my glute muscles so want to make sure that following the programme will still build my muscle mass if that makes sense. I was thinking of doing the turbo cycle!

Is there a number of carbs I should aim for on both low and high carb days?? Also, should high carb days be workout days? All your macros are figured out for you in the program, you just need to follow it! We try and make it super easy. And what works as far as working out is different for each person. The Turbo Cycle is designed for up to 60 minutes of cardio Monday-Friday, but do what works best for you!

I have been following the turbo carb cycle for about a month now and really love it! However I have not lost as much weight after the first week or so. I am a 6 foot tall woman and wonder if those same calorie guidelines of for low carb and for high carb are an appropriate amount? Do I need more calories because of my height? The and calorie daily consumption recommendations are general recommendations and should work for most people.

You can find more information on calories in this post, and it might help you figure out what will work best for you: And remember, you can change cycles at any time, so you might want to check out the new Extreme Cycle http: I hope this helps — you can totally do this! I love carb cycling and absolutely love love love this article, I am never able to explain to people carb cycling but this definitely helped.

Im looking to change up my meals, do you have an example high and low carb days somewhere on your website. Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking: Basic Omelet with a corn tortilla to make it a wrap. Snack 3 hours later: A protein shake with a portion of a healthy fat, like peanut butter, mixed in.

Lunch 3 hours later: Tomato Basil and Garlic Chicken with a portion of olive oil drizzled on top. Sonora Cottage Cheese with a portion of avocado. Lemon Chicken drizzled with salad dressing. Denver Omelet with a portion of your favorite fruit or oatmeal on the side. Greek Yogurt Parfait with a portion of low fat granola. Caribbean Jerk Chicken with a portion of brown rice. Protein shake with a portion of oatmeal mixed in.

Dinner 3 hours later: Hi, I posted this once and my question disappeared so I thought I would give it another try. Between turbo and extreme which offers faster results? Also which book is best to purchase for each? I find that on the low-carb days, I am very weak and it is hard to exercise even moderately I am on the turbo cycle.

Should I have a pre-workout meal in addition to my normal meals breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner? If so, should it be carb based or protein based? This can happen for some people. And also- I left a similar question on your Instagram, Heidi- If I am turbo cycling, do I add in the new Extreme Transformation rules fat during breakfast on high carb and replace carb with fat for last meal of high carb days? And get more info about eating and working out here: Good luck — you got this!

Both of you are great inspirations — first for showing us true love and what good honest people look like when they truly have their best friend as their spouse, and second for the amazing inspiration of health. I am starting on the Turbo Cycle today. I am finding it very difficult to find good resources through the book, or even the Vemma site. It looks like the app has been removed from the US iTunes store and finding examples for the meals and the workouts is not easy to find.

Do you have any suggestions on where to go and get started? Mainly looking for the workouts you want me to do and some example meals by the week so we can get them prepared ahead of time. All the workouts are outlined in the book, and you can use the recipes and food list at the back of the book to plan and put your meals together. I hope this helps — you can do this!

I would just like to shed a little excess fat and tone up. I know you have other cycles mentioned in your previous books. Would the fit cycle be better or even the turbo? Hey guys, i have another question for you. I was unfortunate to get really sick this week which is also my second week of turbo cycle. I had to break my diet just for the sake of eating something that would stay in my stomach.

My question is do i start again on monday with first week or do i make some other arrangements? Just begin Monday with week two, and you should be good to go! I just ordered your new book from Amazon! I do HIIT training around times a week and run times a week. I am about to run my second half marathon. On low carb days I eat about calories and on high carb day So do I need to up my calories to ? Those calories burned go towards your calorie deficit, which leads to lost pounds.

It goes like this: We just bought your book we have been paleo for 3 yrs has anyone had results with this but also staying paleo? And you can substitute any high-carb meal for a high-carb meal the same with low-carb and clean cheat meals , and you can also put your own meals together. Whatever works best for you! Hey Heidi and team, I have to ask for advice cause my working hours are pretty specific. I work 12h day shift next day 12 night shift Im off the day i get off night shift and the next day.

For most part anyway sometimes it shifts in a way that im only off the day i get off night shift. My question is how to fit my meals around night shift. I usually wake up around 9 and then have a nap at Is there a way to modify this to suit me in some way. Get some great tips in this blog post: Hope they help — you got this! So i want to switch from the Extreme Cycle to the Turbo Cycle.

Can I still use the menus in the Extreme Transformation book. For example…do the low carb days in the book correlate to the correct meals needed for the low carb days in the Turbo Cycle?

Just wanted to check before I make the switch! Of course I could probably come up with something if I needed to. I think I saw mentioned above to take in an extra calories on the reward day. Any info would be helpful, thank you! You can eat anything you want, including healthy foods, up to 1, extra calories. Thanks so much for your speedy response!

I generally work out in the late afternoons with meal 5 falling as my post workout meal. Sounds good, thank you! What are the recommended calories for women on high carb and low carb days? Also are there macros we should be trying to hit on each? You can use cooking spray for cooking. The Extreme Cycle is the newest cycle and includes all the things Chris and Heidi have learned through working with their contestants on the show over the past few years.

Any of the cycles can work, and you can change cycles at any time. Hello, Happy New Year!! My husband and I are going to begin the turbo cycle tomorrow. I am a little confused on what we eat for breakfast.

I know we do a carb every morning. Do I include the leafy green and a fat? What I had in mind was…egg whites protein, bell pepper carb or oatmeal carb, a leafy green, and cheese for fat? Also on high carb days do I include a fat? Does every meal include leafy greens? So for your suggested breakfast, you can eat the egg whites protein , a carb, and up to two fist fulls of veggies, which could include the pepper and leafy greens.

And you can have two fist fulls of veggie with any meal on any day. Hope that helps — you got this! Thank you for the quick response. Do we include a fat at breakfast everyday?

Also, do I work out before I eat breakfast or after. Just bought extreme transformation! One question, I will be following the calories a day plan. How many calories am I allowed on the rest day? With the Extreme Cycle, on your Reset Day, shoot for up to an extra 1, calories.

I am in the middle of reading your new book and love it! I am wondering if the turbo cycle will help me lose weight faster than the extreme cycle? The Turbo Cycle is the most updated cycle, and it can help you lose weight the fastest. As with any of the cycles, you can change cycles at any time.

I am 50 years old and I am a Fitness Instructor— so I workout all the time. I just got the book and am planning on starting out with the Turbo Cycle. My goal is to just get rid of that stubborn 5 lbs of fat that is in my mid section.

I am not a big eater — so this eating 5 times a day is going to be rough. So can the every 3 hours start after I have my first meal?? Thank you for your help and all that You and Chris do to help everyone to get healthier!!! I am following the turbo cycle. I like to eat veggie burgers for a meal, however when I look at the nutrition facts most of them are high in carbs. Can I eat them on a low carb day? Is there a certain typo of veggie burgers that are better than others?

Would you please tell me how many grams of protein and carbs are in your veggie burgers so I can help you figure this out? Each one can be very different. I have decided to start off with the Classic Cycling and may eventually be brave and move into the Turbo cycling?

My hubby bought me a juicer for Christmas and was wondering if there is a way for me to incorporate that into carb cycling or should I save it for my free day? Also, does it make a difference if I make Saturday Reward day instead of Sunday?

You can make it Saturday instead of Sunday, then your week will begin on Sunday day 1. Thank you again for all that you do here to help us. I have a question, I have been following the Turbo cycle very strictly for 8 weeks now but have not lost any weight.

I do a combination of weight training and cardio for an hour 6 days per week. Thank you in advance! You might want to try the Fit Cycle http: Give it a try — keep doing the reward days, daily calorie recommendations, and slingshot week every 4th week, and you should be good to go! And you can change cycles at any time too, so please keep that in mind. Hi Heidi, I started turbo carb cycling last week. Weigh in was Saturday and I was down 6. I almost fell off the scale!

Thank you to both you and Chris! Having the sprouted grains in my daily allowance makes me very happy…. Thank you to both you and Chris for caring! Hey Guys, I have a question. I used this carb cycling method a few years ago and got amazing results. Carb cycling is absolutely right for my body type. However with it being a few years ago I have forgotten my ratios on the days as compared with my training schedule. So I was wondering if you could give me a quick guide to follow.

I weigh about and I am I do fasting light intensity cardio for 30 minutes 7 days a week keeping hr at I have been taking in cal a day, but I am starting Turbo carb cycle again. Should I increase my calorie intake, keep it the same, or decrease? And what macro breakdown do I use on the high and low carb days? Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated!!

I think this is a silly question… but I will ask anyway! Monday- low Tuesday- high Wednesday- low Thursday-low Friday- high reward meal Saturday- low Sunday- high reward meal. Your cycle is kind of a twist on the Easy Cycle which has reward meals on high carb days. But if this will work well for you, then go for it! And you can change cycles at any time too.

I am an avid runner, recently completed a marathon, but I want a new challenge. Although running has made me physically fit, cardio wise, it has not given me the physique I would like. My plan is to start doing strength circuits three times a week and to scale back on my running, but to still have long runs on the weekends. If I carb cycle, do strength circuit training, and still run times a week, will it be possible for me to get lean?

Yes, this is totally possible! You might also look into the Fit Cycle http: I started working out with a personal trainer in February.

So, monday-friday I work hard for one hour at the gym. My diet is not working. I have lost little to know weight. I work in a very sedentary type of job hospice nurse practitioner driving around all day. I am looking at carb cycling but how do you work that when you are working out monday-friday? I have a couple reasons for gettin g healthy.. Only 99 cars will be produced.

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