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Read more information on irregular and fetal heartbeat. Great stuff, thank you! Notify me when reply is posted I agree to the terms and conditions. As we went through her medical issues Tab told me she had an auto-immune disease, non specific, but linked with the HLA-B27 gene. It is full of encouragement and fantastic ideas.

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Remember when you took the time to figure out your macros? No vitamins, no minerals, nada. It adds up quickly. When alcohol is metabolized, the byproducts created are used up by the body before other nutrients.

Keto really lowers your alcohol tolerance. Honest questions deserve honest answers. Say YES to your health! Get the latest recipes, tips, and resources delivered directly to your inbox! I love to get creative in the kitchen, geek out on nutritional science, and help badass ladies like you transition to a keto lifestyle. Whether you are healing with food or transforming that beautiful body of yours, I hope you find the resources on this site to be helpful along your way! Thanks Tasha — helpful info to keep in my pin pocket?.

Also thanks for being real. You are hilarious and educational. This made me chuckle heartily. Fond memories of drunk nights telling strangers entirely too much of my business.

A high-protein diet with fish, poultry, pork, or eggs at every meal may be recommended. People on dialysis should eat 8 to 10 ounces to grams of high-protein foods each day.

Your provider or dietitian may suggest adding egg whites, egg white powder, or protein powder. The minerals calcium and phosphorous will be checked often. Even in the early stages of CKD, phosphorous levels in the blood can get too high. You will need to limit the amount of dairy foods you eat, because they contain large amounts of phosphorous. This includes milk, yogurt, and cheese. Some dairy foods are lower in phosphorous, including:. You may need to take calcium supplements to prevent bone disease, and vitamin D to control the balance of calcium and phosphorous in your body.

Ask your provider or dietitian about how best to get these nutrients. Your provider may recommend medicines called "phosphorous binders" if diet changes alone do not work to control the balance of this mineral in your body. In the early stages of kidney failure, you do not need to limit the fluid you drink. But, as your condition gets worse, or when you are on dialysis, you will need to watch the amount of liquid you take in. In between dialysis sessions, fluid can build up in the body.

Too much fluid will lead to shortness of breath, an emergency that needs immediate medical attention. Your provider and dialysis nurse will let you know how much you should drink every day. Keep a count of foods that contain a lot of water, such as soups, fruit-flavored gelatin, fruit-flavored ice pops, ice cream, grapes, melons, lettuce, tomatoes, and celery.

Reducing sodium in your diet helps you control high blood pressure. It also keeps you from being thirsty, and prevents your body from holding onto extra fluid. Look for these words on food labels:. Check all labels to see how much salt or sodium foods contain per serving. Also, avoid foods that list salt near the beginning of the ingredients. Look for products with less than milligrams mg of salt per serving.

DO NOT use salt when cooking and take the salt shaker away from the table. Most other herbs are safe, and you can use them to flavor your food instead of salt. DO NOT use salt substitutes because they contain potassium. People with CKD also need to limit their potassium. Normal blood levels of potassium help keep your heart beating steadily. First question is did you take your diabetes medications before your meal? If yes then how long ago did you eat? If you ate two or more hours ago then your sugar is staying too high for longer periods.

You should call your physician. I then have to take a few more units of my fast acting insulin to bring it down. If I eat oz. Your physician will instruct you on how much insulin to take but you must use caution or your sugar will bottom out so stay on top of testing. Good Luck and Healthy Eating! I began to show symptpms of lactic acidosis so the Dr stopped the Med.

I was ok, but now my bg readings have crept up from a stable 7 — 7. Should I be concerned. Complications are that I am recovering from cancer down to one lung , and am particularly susceptible to infections.

Words of wisdom would be received very gratefully. If your already type 2 you no longer tolerate carbs! All this non food and beverages people are consuming are causing modern diseases cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

I wish people would wake up and start eating whole foods again. Cooking our own foods again and not trusting big food with our health would go a long way. Eat healthy animals and above ground veggies with healthy fats not inflammatory seed oils. I am 17 years old…I had a blood test today after fasting for 12 hours and I got My sugar level was post lunch after 2 hours…. Do i need to consult the doctor or start some medication….

I am 32, slightly overweight, with no history of diabetes, and not on any medications. I am on a moderate diet of about kCal daily, with only moderate physical activity on most days. Today about 3 hours after a big breakfast of serial and milk, followed by a bit of standing around, I felt weak and shaky. I ate some nuts, which helped me to feel a bit better.

What sorts of culprits should I be looking for? Until yesterday, the lowest measurement I had recorded was 81 a few years ago. My Mom is 75 years old. What is d good sugar level for her in fasting and pp Today morning her fasting reading was 6. This morning I checked my blood sugar it was 85 before I even eat today so am I considered a diabetes patient? I am 28 yrs old.

And what is a concerning level for him. Do I have to panic?.. If you take your tea unsweetened and had nothing accompanying it, and it had been a few hours since you had and sugar or carbs, then that might indicate you have a sustained elevated level. In either case it is in the low end of the concern range so it is not something I would panic over, but something to discuss with your doctor the next time you visit. Hi, I am 32 years old and I have blood sugar level between to everyday.

As per doctor suggestion I am take medicine metformina daily one pcs mg. What should i do for bring down as Normal level. Manik, I am no doctor…so anything your doctor has told you to do is likely a better choice than what I offer. The two biggest things we as sufferers can do it watch out diets and get more exercise. I do not pretend to know what you eat or what your physical condition or exercise routine is, but here are a few tips.

Remove as many carbs carbohydrates as you can. This includes rice and grains. Whole grains and brown rice are better than processed ones. Watch starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, peas. Another thing that is overlooked is fruits…many are high in sugar and thus carbs. Stick to vegetables and low fatty proteins as much as possible.

Even walking more will give you an improvement. Better yet work on fast walking to raise your heartrate and maintain it as long as you can. Track your progress, it is heartening to see the duration and even speed go up….

Hi Today I want to check my blood sugar morning after eating and after breakfast Vasanth, If you are still checking this forum and seeing numbers like that, go to a doctor NOW.

Not next week, not tomorrow…. My age 27, level Now dont know, what to do….. Hi, one of my brother is 16years old boy. Hello, is blood sugar levels chart printable? My mum ended up in hospital with a reading of 6. I took my blood sugar this morning after eating and it was 4. I has been checking my glucose for two weeks.

My levels have ranged from 58 to Before I eat breakfast it is usually between 55 to 60 and after I eat 70 to I have on ocassion have experience headache, blurred vision, dizziness and nausea.

I wanted to know is it possible I have diabetes. To me it sounds like you are hypoglycemic. I only believe that because I have pre-diabetic hypoglycemia. I think if you like to check your blood sugar you need drink a full pint of lukojade Orange and wait two hours then check your blood sugar that way.

You get the perfect result thank you. Every morning before eating or drinking my sugar has been 79 after 2 hours it only goes to around to I started checking this recently because I had a really bad dizzy spell that only went away with sweet tea and a candy bar. Hai aim deepa here I year back I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and aim taking the daily 2 tablets of mg I have done my hbA1c it was 5.

According to the fasting blood glucose chart your level shows borderline. I think you should follow up with your dr. This link may help you, it shows normal levels. I am 26yrs old.