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Diabetes Friendly Food List
Vegetarian and packed with fiber and protein, this simple-to-make pasta is a great Italian recipe for a busy weeknight meal. Best Novelty-Shaped Cookies Winner: And for sure, we need to eat more omega-3s because they are anti-inflammatory. Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Couscous is a lower-carb way to add substance and grain to your meal.

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You might be noticing a theme here… that all the foods we've mentioned so far, apart from the deep fried foods, are high in carbohydrates. And that's a key, key point: If you want to lower blood sugar and A1C and avoid diabetic complications, the best way to do that is to lower your carbohydrate intake. You might notice one other thing about many of these foods: And, there are options that are just as great — options that won't send your blood sugar haywire!

It can be fun AND taste good. I probably would not have stuck my head in the sand so long! Glad I found you! So most fruit is best avoided.

We cover more fruit options in the 30 Day Turnaround Program , along with delicious dessert alternatives you can enjoy! We touched on the topic of oils when we covered deep fried foods above. It's always been promoted that we should eat vegetable oils — polyunsaturated fats — because they are better for our health. However, there are 2 types of polyunsaturated fats, omega-6 and omega Unfortunately they have both been lumped under the same category, but they are not the same.

It's the omega-3s that are healthy. And for sure, we need to eat more omega-3s because they are anti-inflammatory. Omega-3s can be found in salmon, tuna, sardines, chia seeds , and walnuts. And in recent years, researchers have discovered that omega-6 fatty acids promote inflammation and heart disease. As a person with diabetes, you need to calm down inflammation in your bodies cells, not promote it! If you can avoid these foods and eat lower carb alternatives instead, you'll be well on your way to lowering your blood sugar and A1C, perhaps even reversing your diabetes — like many of our members are achieving.

Do you struggle with one of these foods more than another? Have you cut out these foods and noticed a difference? As DMPs founder and leading nutritionist, Jedha is on a mission to empower the lives of people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes by providing evidence-based nutrition and health education, along with practical tools to obtain better health.

I also experience frustration. Walking reduces my numbers only when I walk over 4 miles per day. The only positive is diabetes improved my eyesight. I wore trifocals before. Now only reading glasses. I have heartily tried for 4 yrs. Have you tried keeping a food log? It might be helpful to record what your eating and your blood sugar levels before and after meals to help you identify trends. Make sure to stick to foods from this list. You may consider discussing some of these supplements with your doctor, and of course you should review your current medication regimen with your doctor as well.

You may need a stronger prescription or a different type of medication all together. O have type 2 diabetes , I had a green salad for dinner at night, and just some pistachios for lunch at bedtime, but my blood sugar was still 8. One trick that works for a lot of our readers is taking some apple cider vinegar and cheese before bed! Check out this article for some additional suggestions. I learned in diabetes class that if blood sugar is below at bedtime, to eat a carb.

That can cause a rise in morning numbers. As your blood sugar begins to drop, your body produces glucagon to help prevent low blood sugar and this ultimately raises your blood sugar- this is more common in insulin dependent diabetics. Another explanation for that morning rise is referred to as the Dawn Phenomenon, and is driver by changes in your hormones around 3am.

You can read more about the differences over here. Ultimately, for some people a small protein and fat combined snack can help combat this rise. Something like cheese, nuts, or a hardboiled egg can do the trick.

And for those who experience a very drastic rise overnight, we suggest trying some apple cider vinegar before bed too! What is your take on canola oil. Canola oil is a monounsaturated fat, which is generally a good thing. Check out this Definitive Guide to Fat for more information! BUT, with that being said, sugar free soda is definitely still sweetened with something, and that something is artificial sweetener!

People have all sorts of opinions about artificial sweetener , but based on everything we have researched we encourage people to stay clear of diet soda and artificial sweeteners. Check out this article all about coconut oil for more information! I am doing the whole 30 diet. It has helped me a lot. Starting back on it tommorrow. I eat a lot of vegetables and only sweet potatoes and red potatoes.

My diabetic numbers are good to. Judy please keep us updated on your progress- we love to hear success stories!! Any cereal , including Raisin Bran, is not going to be a good choice. Almond milk is fine, as long as its the unsweetened variety. As far as bread goes, most conventional breads available in stores are a no-go.

Check out this article for a few varieties that you can order online. Check out this list of the best foods for diabetics to help your understanding of what to eat and what to avoid.

On the other hand, the way I see it, I could die this afternoon, or live another 40 years! Only one power has that say. But with that being said, eating too many of the wrong foods can certainly make those next 40 years pretty awful if they are filled with lots of medications, doctors appointments and medical procedures.

For example, asking for a glass of water is actually cheaper than buying a soda. Almost any restaurant can sub mixed vegetables for pasta or potatoes at no additional cost. Yes, stevia is an acceptable choice for those people with diabetes. Here is an article that we previously wrote about choosing the best sweetener that you may find helpful. Barilla has a spaghetti out that has 17 grams of protein per serving. I find my blood sugar does not spike high in the morning if I have it for dinner.

It tastes just like regular spaghetti. Impressive amount of protein, but how many carbs per serving? While your blood sugar might not be impacted by this pasta remember that the overarching goal is to keep total carbohydrate intake under g per day.

Here are some pasta alternatives you may consider trying as well. Just had a fasting blood test and my blood sugar was a shocking My Dad has suffered with Type 2 Diabetes for the last 30 years and it has always been the boogie man under my bed for me.

I declined statin drugs and her prescribed diet shot my totals from to Dad developed diabetes shortly after starting statins. I was recently diagnosed with cateracts, as my father was shortly after developing diabetes. It was easy to do and my BUN, creatinine and anemia are all in better ranges.

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I can't thank you enough". I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Salmon and Couscous Casserole Couscous is a lower-carb way to add substance and grain to your meal.

Italian Meatball Rolls Replace beef with lean, low-fat turkey and enjoy this all-time favorite any day of the week. Beef with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions in Red Wine Reduction Enjoy this sophisticated, company-worthy quick dish after a long day at work -- it will only look like you were in the kitchen all day. Tex-Mex Bean Tostadas Choose hot or mild salsa to give this quick and easy vegetarian recipe an added kick. Hot Ham and Pear Melts Take your sandwich up a notch!

Comfort Food Made Light. Bruschetta Burgers Dress up store-bought veggie burgers with healthy but delicious fixings to keep this dish low in fat and calories with about 20 grams of carb per serving. Fish Fillets with Cucumber-Orange Salsa Use packaged frozen fish fillets for a quick-fix meal with only 6 grams of carb and fewer than calories per serving. Moo Shu Chicken Wraps This Asian-style classic switches it up by using chicken instead of pork for a delicious, fiber-rich meal that's also quick and easy.

Spicy Fish Kabobs Halibut grills up moist and tender in these low-fat and delicately flavored kabobs. Quick and Easy Omelet The indulgence of breakfast in bed is yours to savor with a ready-in-minutes recipe. Sage and Cream Turkey Fettuccine Fat-free sour cream adds extra richness without a lot of calories and fat to this quick-fixing turkey and pasta dish for two.

Salmon with Broccoli Couscous Go fishing at your grocery store and you won't find a meal that is much easier to make, or healthier, than this one. Thai Turkey Burgers Thai seasoning is a blend of seasonings that is reminiscent of the classic flavors of Thai cooking. Vegetarian Tostada This layered salad dish contains enough to make it a meal--rice, beans, greens, and vegetables. Chipotle Chili Using no-salt-added tomatoes and rinsing the beans and hominy helps keep sodium levels in check.

Salmon with Wilted Greens A splash of toasted sesame oil adds a delicious, nutty nuance to the orange dressing. Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta Travelers to the Mediterranean are apt to describe their dining experiences there as simple and sublime. Indian Beef Patties with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce The cool low-fat cucumber sauce is a delicious way to tame these fiery mint- and cumin-spiked ground meat patties without derailing your daily meal plan.

Sesame Orange Beef Toasted sesame seeds and toasted sesame oil give this beef-and-fruit stir-fry a delightful double dose of nutty flavor. Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli Mayonnaise makes a terrific no-fuss sauce for the chicken and pasta.

Red Bean Stew A quartet of flavors -- garlic, cilantro, oregano, and adobo seasoning -- adds a zesty kick to this vegetarian one-bowl meal. Udon Noodles with Tofu Look for Japanese udon noodles near the Asian ingredients in your supermarket or use linguine. Tuna Salad Pockets This updated version of tuna salad works well with or without the pita bread. Cranberry Pork Loin Chops Ladle the tangy orange-and-cranberry sauce over broiled or grilled chicken or fish, too. Pork Medallions with Cranberry and Fig Either fresh cranberries or whole cranberry sauce works well for the ruby chutney in this festive entree.

Related Links Salad Bar Savvy: Provencal Omelet Spray the cold skillet with cooking spray instead of cooking the vegetables in oil or butter. Tarragon Chicken Linguine Cooking broccoli with the linguine lets you use less pasta overall and saves on cleanup at the same time.

Apricot Chicken Kabobs Apricot spreadable fruit and jerk seasoning team up to give these chicken skewers a tantalizing zing. Barbecued Pork Sandwiches Making your own barbecue sauce, rather than using a bottled sauce, reduces the sodium content in this recipe.

Basil-Lemon Shrimp Linguine Basil, considered to be a royal herb in ancient Greece, provides color and flavor in this quick pasta dish. Chicken Cutlets with Fennel and Capers. Easy Pasta and Pepper Primavera. Tomatoey Shrimp and Polenta. Cheesesteaks with Peppers and Onions. Salmon and Couscous Casserole.

Hot Ham and Pear Melts. Fish Fillets with Cucumber-Orange Salsa. Moo Shu Chicken Wraps. Quick and Easy Omelet. Sage and Cream Turkey Fettuccine. Salmon with Broccoli Couscous.