Blueberry Protein Bagels

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My weight is 42 kg. HELP June 16, I decided to do something about it and have been working out 6 days a week ever since. Speed up weight loss and healing! I'm a 46 yr.

She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of "Keto. Click here for Keto. I get that complaint often with my baking. So I fried up some turkey sausage and cheese and had a breakfast sandwich. It was so Yummy!! Thank you for the recipe!!

My question is, since I have to buy blueberry extract, who is your favorite brand? Can you use fresh whole blueberries instead of jam? Also, which do you prefer egg white protein or whey? Both egg white and whey work equally well.

Thanks for the prompt reply! Can I use the egg white powder instead of whey for any of your recipes that calls it out? Also, made your sub rolls with almond flour and egg whites last night as buns for turkey burgers and they were absolutely tasty awesome! Just found you yesterday on internet and bought your ebook on Metabolism. I have tried everything to loose weight for 4 years now after gaining 50 from having total hysterectomy and never loose more than pounds.

Have you ever used Agar japanese sea vegetable geletin for thickening instead of guar or xanthan gum. I have used it in making my own jam but I wonder if it would work the same for baked goods such as these bagels? What do you think Maria? What a great testimony. I feel stronger just hearing how great your plan is! The bagel recipe looks so good. I like the suggestion to include guar gum. I just mixed these up exactly as described.

The batter is liquid. Are the amounts of coconut flour and protein powder correct? Even after I let it sit it did not firm up. There is no way! There go my hopes of a bagel!

Your coconut flour might not absorb as much moisture as mine. Different brands can do that. Try adding a bit more until you get a wet but more normal dough. I had not had that experience before with your recipes, or with my coconut flour. They turned out like heavy cellulose sponges.

My son almost died laughing at me as I tried to eat one. I loved the testimony, and found the simple steps to this recipe appealing, but decided to, play around with this recipe after reading some found the consistency runny. So I made it, keeping some ingredients the same but; with half the eggs, only one tbsp. I added sesame seeds to some and, sprinkled some with cinnamon. Where does it say to beat the egg whites separately?

I just made these. I added extra coconut flour and whey protein with little success. I finally made them into eggy tasting cupcakes. I think I will try fewer eggs next time. Thank you for this recipe. My favorite is adding cinnamon and then smearing it with lard rather than cream cheese since I just started keto program and am cutting the dairy. I never would have believed I would like lard smeared on a bagel!

I see a few people mention egg whites specifically. Is it missing a step for separating the whites and fluffing them? Or do you just add all 10 eggs into the mixer? Also, one more question, sorry.

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Snacks and Nuts Pili Nuts Code: Keto Drink Mix Coupon: About Maria Emmerich Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 15 years.

I am seeing lots of results that I am happy with but I am afraid I am going to lose my butt. I think this may be partly because I became vegetarian three weeks ago and my protein intake has changed, but I am not sure. Should I give up being vegetarian or what do I do? I want to get down to or but I don't want to sacrifice my curves. You are not actually losing your butt as you lose weight, you arre only losing the fat around your hips making it look smaller. What fruits can I eat for protein?

I dont know of any high protein fruits. I have started doing your 30 days 30 pounds workout. I weigh lbs. I haven't worked out in a year but my butt is still there. Just not as defined. I was told I need to narrow by down my waist.

I'm a 46 yr. I'm 5'4" and weigh around , any suggestions? I'm getting married towards the end of May and I'm at around pounds. I also mainly have stomach fat but I was wondering if it's possible to get down to pounds with a small waist and bigger butt and thigh within that time?

Skinny but have a belly. I want to loose the belly but still be able to gain curves and a booty. Have started your week booty program. But what should I do to loose the belly while continuing weights and extra protien. I'm 24 years old, pounds.

Want to gain muscle and just keep an active workout routine going for me. I also have a high metabolism. Any suggestions on how to keep a steady plan going for me? I am writing about my daughter she is an athlete but really skinny very high metabolism she plays three sports and is 5 foot 4. The problem is she has ADD and has to take medication which makes her not very hungry I have been trying to get her to gain weight but its really difficult.

She is going into high school and has tryouts in 6 weeks she is very fit but very skinny any suggestions for getting stron and more weight fast? Hello, I've done your workouts before and personally for me the one legged leg press really built my butt but I switched gyms and now the new leg press is not the same I can't even put weight on it because it's so heavy I can barely with one leg so I'm trying out the butt bridge and kneeling squats: I'm 6'0 fat , have been lifting consistently for about 4 months now.

My goal is to get big and strong, with a 'Bearmode' type body. BTW, i'm also on an interminent fasting diet as well, not sure if this is good or bad for my goal. My name is Nikki. I'm 18 years old and I'm cm and 43 kg. I'm skinny and i want to have curves and feel good in my body: I am 26 and cm height and 36 kg weight. I want to increase my weight and build curves and shape my body better. Could you suggest me a diet plan and exercise? I am a vegetarian 5'2"..

I hv 3 babies.. Hi, I was curious could you tell me if it's OK to eat white bread? I remember reading from you about how it doesn't matter what you eat, just that you maintain a caloric deficit. That's just very different from many other people claiming "I haven't eaten carbs in 6 years and look at me now! I am 21 yrs old and i am obese with pounds and my height is 5 4 can you recomend any diet plan as i have no time to workout.

Any idea as to where one can find deer meat besides, like, the forest? Sounds like a tasty way to round out my daily diet. Hi Adrian, I'm breastfeeding at the moment, but at lbs and only 5'7", I need to start losing weight fast! Can I stick to calories, assuming for me and extra for breastfeeding as advised is needed.

Hi Adrian, What do you think about gelatin for muscle building? I like to consume it because it's low calories and full of protein. I'm 22yr old and 5'4". My weight is 42 kg. I really need to gain weight.

What should I do for curvy figure? My upper back is straight. And need big bust and thighs. Bryant I absolutely love what you're doing with this site and am so thankful for the help that you provide. I've been lurking on you site for about two years and just know that when I need to accomplish a work out goal, I can come here. Hi there, I've been working out for a long time, I love it, it's my lifestyle. However, despite feeling fit or feeling healthy, I haven't been able to reach my goal of building my lower body, specifically my butt.

It's just not where I gain fat or where I have natural muscle. I've been reading your website and want to incorporate the hip thrust and butt bridge into my workout routine but want to hear your advice on how to do it.

As of now I do 2 days of athletic conditioning, basically a group class which combines tabata training, strength, resistance, and cardio. This means we do tons of squats, mountain climbers, burpies, donkey kicks, jump squats including arms and weight excercises. In search of a change, I plan to exchange my 1yoga day to walk, eventually sprint hills to build my butt. As far as being able to incorporate more or less workouts along with any targeted butt training depends on your current fitness level.

For example at first you may not be able to do hill running to your max ability due to how much your lower body is stressed from butt workouts or you may be able to do hills with no problem at all but whatever happens I would cut back a little back on any extra workouts and gradually add them along with the current butt wokrouts to see how it goes esp.

Ok, so if I understood correctly If building butt mass is my goal, I should focus on butt excercises in gym and try to include hill running after a rest day, minus my 2current athletic cond.

My concern is losing the tone definition in upper body I do have if I neglect my 2 classes because this is where I get in my push ups, back, etc its a " full body" workout. Another question, if I'm in the gym doing the butt routine. What does that look like. Is it a quick warm up, mins of one excercise and done? What could a beginning work out week look like? Having said all that, I've worked hard for a long time, yet still have not achieved that strong and built lower body which is what I've always worked for.