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Thank you so much for these posts. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, AdvoBar a. Any type of sort of successful individual goes through obstacle, examinations as well as issues. I challenge you if you'd like to feel better, be healthier, have more energy, lose any weight, to come join me I want to "redo" it and have a good results recap for you all.

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Do you need a Spark? Contact me through http: Talk about a long week! So excited for a short one next week, thank you Thanksgiving! Yesterday we did a couple versions of FRAN. I tore my hands open and everything. Other than that it was pretty low key. So if you are in the Baker, Montana area, come by the high school gym and see me! Crossfit — Round 1: I was just having a rough day. Actually I think it was the milk in the hot chocolate that made me feel super crappy. Hot tea it is if I need something warm to drink.

Went to bed early and everything! Are you interested in starting your own Day Challenge? Or do you need your Spark fix? Day 1 of the Max Phase! MNS 3 is for total wellness. My mom, who is doing the challenge with me, is doing the MNS C. I chose MNS 3, because I need more of a balanced appetite and energy. V16 is a unique combination of adaptogens, nutrients and a balanced blend of B vitamins in a caffeine-free, effervescent mix designed to provide quick energy and mental focus.

This unique product is designed to provide essential nutrients and stress-fighting adaptogens for your body so that it can perform at an optimum level, both mentally and physically. For ages 12 and older. Pour contents of one pouch into 8 fluid ounces of water. Slightly shake or stir and allow to fizz. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing women. For a list of ingredients click here. V16 is pretty exciting stuff!!! Become one of my Preferred Customers and get a discount off this amazing Advocare product.

Do not wait any longer!! Want to speak to a real person first? Advocare 24 Day Challenge. So the end of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge has come and gone now, and safe to say this is not the post that I thought I would be writing.

At the end of the Cleanse Phase I was doing great and going strong! I saw losses in both weight and inches. I was also feeling good being back to clean eating. I had missed being "stricter" with my food choices. My body responds and feels so much better when being fueled with good for me foods vs. Then with a little over a week to go I was struck with some sort of allergic reaction.

It is kind of a running joke about how awful I can be when it comes to my skin like wearing make up to bed on oh a daily basis and never moisturizing yet as my sister proclaims have freakishly soft hands and smooth skin and it's clear. Talking legs, arm, foot, back The only thing I could do was to stop with supplements per doctors orders and wait it out until I got home and to the doctor.

That meant no more catalyst and MNS effectively stopping with the challenge. So now I am on steroids until next week instant relief! I am not weighing myself or taking measurements at the moment. I weighed myself the day back from vacation pre-steroids and was down below the 10 day mark. But I know I am retaining water right now and any results will not be true. But I will recap some thoughts about the experience regardless if finished completely or not! If you are Type A like me, then this is definitely good.

The guidelines are clear I didn't find a lot of gray area - cut and dry what to eliminate from diet and what to eat. Very easy to plan. On the flip side, the supplements - also if like me you have a crazy busy day. I definitely on more than one occasion got swamped at work and would forget the one prior to lunch.

I did the best I could. On a few occasions I worked out after them and once almost had to excuse myself from Flywheel class because I thought I was going to puke. I drink a TON of coffee normally so not caffeine sensitive. I'm also not sure if I totally believe in them. I have never been big on supplements in general or vitamins - minus I am deficient in a lot and should take them We shall see the jury is still out in my mind.

Fruit punch is delicious I will be continuing that. I have now given up my splenda addiction! Good bye to those little yellow packets. None for me in my coffee. I also haven't had a diet soda since I started. Another great habit to break.

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