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Padmé Amidala
After making her way back to her quarters, Amidala passed the disc to Skywalker. However, in a healthy pregnancy, these contractions are not a concern, as they generally do not cause preterm labor. These cheeses are often unpasteurized and may cause Listeria infection. When Skywalker arrived at her apartment unharmed, he informed her that the Jedi had become traitors but that his loyalties stayed with the chancellor. Examples of cured meats are salami and ham. Senator Amidala later attended a conference on the planet Alderaan that had been convened by Senator Bail Organa to address the plight of wartime refugees.

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12 Terrible Pieces of Advice for Pregnant Women

The total fertility rate TFR in was estimated to be highest in Niger 7. In Europe, the average childbearing age has been rising continuously for some time.

In Western, Northern, and Southern Europe, first-time mothers are on average 26 to 29 years old, up from 23 to 25 years at the start of the s. In a number of European countries Spain , the mean age of women at first childbirth has crossed the year threshold. This process is not restricted to Europe.

Asia, Japan and the United States are all seeing average age at first birth on the rise, and increasingly the process is spreading to countries in the developing world like China, Turkey and Iran. In the US, the average age of first childbirth was In most cultures, pregnant women have a special status in society and receive particularly gentle care.

In many traditional societies, pregnancy must be preceded by marriage, on pain of ostracism of mother and illegitimate child. Overall, pregnancy is accompanied by numerous customs that are often subject to ethnological research, often rooted in traditional medicine or religion.

The baby shower is an example of a modern custom. Pregnancy is an important topic in sociology of the family. The prospective child may preliminarily be placed into numerous social roles. The parents' relationship and the relation between parents and their surroundings are also affected. A belly cast may be made during pregnancy as a keepsake. Images of pregnant women, especially small figurines , were made in traditional cultures in many places and periods, though it is rarely one of the most common types of image.

These include ceramic figures from some Pre-Columbian cultures, and a few figures from most of the ancient Mediterranean cultures. Many of these seem to be connected with fertility. Identifying whether such figures are actually meant to show pregnancy is often a problem, as well as understanding their role in the culture concerned. Among the oldest surviving examples of the depiction of pregnancy are prehistoric figurines found across much of Eurasia and collectively known as Venus figurines.

Some of these appear to be pregnant. Due to the important role of the Mother of God in Christianity , the Western visual arts have a long tradition of depictions of pregnancy, especially in the biblical scene of the Visitation , and devotional images called a Madonna del Parto. The unhappy scene usually called Diana and Callisto , showing the moment of discovery of Callisto 's forbidden pregnancy, is sometimes painted from the Renaissance onwards.

Gradually, portraits of pregnant women began to appear, with a particular fashion for "pregnancy portraits" in elite portraiture of the years around Pregnancy, and especially pregnancy of unmarried women, is also an important motif in literature. Anatomical model of a pregnant woman; Stephan Zick ; ; Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Statue of a pregnant woman, Macedonia. Bronze figure of a pregnant naked woman by Danny Osborne , Merrion Square.

Modern reproductive medicine offers many forms of assisted reproductive technology for couples who stay childless against their will, such as fertility medication , artificial insemination , in vitro fertilization and surrogacy.

An abortion is the termination of an embryo or fetus, either naturally or via medical methods. Legality of socially indicated abortions varies widely both internationally and through time. In most countries of Western Europe, abortions during the first trimester were a criminal offense a few decades ago [ when? Many countries have various legal regulations in place to protect pregnant women and their children.

Maternity Protection Convention ensures that pregnant women are exempt from activities such as night shifts or carrying heavy stocks. Maternity leave typically provides paid leave from work during roughly the last trimester of pregnancy and for some time after birth.

Notable extreme cases include Norway 8 months with full pay and the United States no paid leave at all except in some states. Moreover, many countries have laws against pregnancy discrimination. In , the American state of Tennessee passed a law which allows prosecutors to charge a woman with criminal assault if she uses illegal drugs during her pregnancy and her fetus or newborn is considered harmed as a result.

In the United States, laws make some actions that result in miscarriage or stillbirth crimes. One such law is the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about pregnancy in humans. For other mammals, see Pregnancy mammals.

For fish, see Pregnancy in fish. Symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy. Estimated date of confinement. Prenatal development , Human embryogenesis , and Fetus.

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Mary in western art. In Association with Hudson Hills Press. Upon the conclusion of her two terms as queen, Amidala continued her career in public service as Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate. At the height of the Separatist Crisis , Amidala became the target of an assassination attempt due to her opposition to the Military Creation Act. To ensure her safety, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi High Council arranged for her to return to Naboo under the protection of the Jedi apprentice Anakin Skywalker, whom Amidala had befriended years earlier during her time as queen.

Shortly after the events of the Battle of Geonosis —the opening conflict that sparked the Clone Wars in which Amidala herself took part in—Amidala and Skywalker secretly wed on her homeworld, with only the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 bearing witness. During the war, she became a leading member of the Loyalist Committee that sought to bring peace between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Her efforts were often controversial within the Republic Senate, an institution that largely favored the defeat of the Separatists and the centralization of power within the Office of the Chancellor.

By the war's end, Amidala became pregnant and continued in her fight to restore liberty to the Republic as a leading member of the Delegation of 2, , a group that urged Chancellor Palpatine to return the emergency powers granted to him by the Senate, unaware that Palpatine had orchestrated the entire conflict as a means of subverting the Republic and its institutions.

Instead of surrendering his authority, the secret Sith Lord turned Skywalker to the dark side of the Force and anointed him Darth Vader, branded the Jedi Order as traitors and initiated the Jedi Purge , and transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire.

Learning of her husband's fall to the dark side, Amidala traveled to the volcanic planet of Mustafar and pleaded with Vader to turn back and run away with her to raise their child. When his former master, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi , emerged from her ship, Vader believed that Amidala had turned against him and he attacked her, gravely injuring her in the process.

She was taken by Kenobi to the asteroid Polis Massa , where she gave birth to fraternal twins Luke and Leia before dying. Before her death, Amidala's final words to Kenobi revealed that she strongly believed that there was still good within Skywalker. Amidala's children would play a major role in the fragmentation of the Empire and the redemption of her husband.

Like her mother, Leia entered public service and became a flag-bearer for the democratic ideals of liberty and justice as a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its successor, the New Republic , before becoming the founding general of the Resistance against the First Order —a successor state to the Galactic Empire. Luke, on the other hand, was trained in the ways of the Jedi like his father before him and was a celebrated war hero of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.

Through Luke's efforts to redeem his father back to the light , Amidala's last words proved true when Anakin killed the Emperor during the Battle of Endor , thereby ending the Sith threat once and for all. Amidala was very fond of the Rodian , whom she referred to as "Uncle Ono. Although her parents were of modest origins, Naberrie was identified as a gifted and brilliant young girl at an early age. As a child , she devoted herself to public service, [2] joining the Apprentice Legislators at the tender age of eight, and she eventually became a junior senatorial adviser.

The two fell in love, but their relationship did not last, as they parted ways when Palo left politics and chose to become an artist. Two years later, Padmé Naberrie was elected Queen of Naboo , and she adopted Amidala as her name of office. Shortly after her election, the young queen was faced with a major crisis when the Trade Federation decided to lay siege to her home planet.

The Federation's devious leader, Viceroy Nute Gunray , intended to force her to sign a treaty that would legitimize the invasion in the eyes of the Galactic Republic. However, Amidala refused to submit to the Federation.

The Viceroy then sent her to Camp Four. The two had been charged with negotiating a truce with the Trade Federation, but Gunray had tried to kill them as soon as they had arrived. The Jedi freed Amidala and her entourage from the clutches of the Federation's battle droids , and the group fled the blockaded Naboo aboard the queen's royal starship. However, the royal starship was damaged in combat while trying to break through the blockade of battleships the Federation had deployed around the Naboo star system.

The hyperdrive generator needed to be repaired, which prompted the crew to make an emergency landing on Tatooine. The queen, who was curious about the desert world, disguised as one of her handmaidens —using her birth name of Padmé Naberrie—so she could accompany the Jedi on the planet's surface.

With her companions, Amidala ventured into the spaceport of Mos Espa , which Qui-Gon Jinn described as a haven for "those who do not wish to be found. The boy was immediately fascinated by Amidala's aura of beauty, asking her whether she was an angel from the moons of Iego.

In turn, the queen thought the boy was a bit odd, yet charming. Since the Jedi and the queen could not raise the money needed to purchase the repair parts for the royal ship, Skywalker offered to compete in the incoming Boonta Eve Classic Podrace so he could earn the required funds for them.

Master Jinn promptly accepted the offer, but Amidala criticized his actions; although she did like Skywalker, she thought it was unwise to place the fate of Naboo in the hands of a nine-year-old boy. However, Skywalker managed to win the race, beating the reigning champion Sebulba against all odds, and Amidala joined the scenes of jubilation that followed the boy's victory in the Grand Arena of Mos Espa.

Thanks to a bargain Qui-Gon Jinn had made with Watto, Skywalker was now freed from slavery and allowed to accompany the Jedi in their travel. On the way to the galactic capital of Coruscant , Amidala, still in the guise of the handmaiden Padmé, helped Skywalker cope with the loss of his mother Shmi , whom Watto had refused to let go.

Once the group arrived on Coruscant, Amidala resumed her role as queen. In preparation for her public appearance before the Republic Senate, she met with Sheev Palpatine , who represented the Naboo system in that governing body. While she wished to plead for the Senate to rescue her homeworld, Palpatine informed her that the assembly was too corrupt to care about their situation.

Valorum was a well-meaning politician, and the queen initially refused to move against him. However, upon witnessing the problems of politics during the Senate session in which she pleaded, Amidala ended up following Palpatine's advice, asking for Valorum's ousting from office.

An election was decided, and Palpatine himself emerged as a likely candidate to succeed the disgraced Valorum. Although the senator asked to stay on Coruscant until the end of the elective process, Amidala decided to return to Naboo, intent on retaking her world without the Senate's help. En route, the queen revealed to a concerned Master Jinn that she planned to unite with the Gungans , the sentient amphibians native to Naboo.

However, Jinn and his apprentice Kenobi had met the Gungans at the beginning of their adventure, and the natives had expressed their lack of interest for the fate of the Naboo humans. Having once again assumed the identity of a handmaiden, the queen journeyed through the swamps of Naboo with her party.

They managed to locate the sacred place where the Gungans had taken refuge after evacuating their city of Otoh Gunga. Initially, the decoy queen Sabé tried to negotiate herself with Boss Nass , leader of the Gungans, but to little avail. As a sign of trust, the real Amidala decided to reveal her identity, which surprised not only the Gungans, but also all of her companions.

The queen then kneeled in front of Boss Nass, asking for help in battling the Federation troops. Impressed by the queen's respectful attitude, Nass heartily agreed. Though the queen's plan ended up working perfectly, it did not come about without loss. Now that Naboo was freed, Amidala greeted Palpatine, who came to announce to her that he had been elected Supreme Chancellor, since many had voted for him in an outpouring of sympathy.

In the immediate aftermath of the invasion, Amidala attended Qui-Gon Jinn's ritual cremation in a funeral temple of Theed to pay her respects. Finally, a huge parade was held in the Naboo capital to celebrate the official unification of the humans and Gungans. During the ceremony, which was attended by Chancellor Palpatine, the members of the Jedi Council , Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, Amidala handed over a symbolic orb to an overjoyed Boss Nass as a symbol of peace between the long-warring peoples.

As the square erupted with applause, Amidala shared an unseen smile with Anakin. At the conclusion of her two terms as queen, Amidala stepped aside for her elected successor, Queen Jamillia. In the time of her rule, the Naboo had grown so fond of Amidala that there was widespread talk that the constitution should be amended to allow her another term.

Amidala declined this, however, since popular rule was not democratic and she was relieved to have done her part. Not long after her coronation, Queen Jamillia asked Amidala to serve as Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate, a request that Amidala ultimately accepted. The pair served on several Senate committees together and became close; Amidala ultimately ended the relationship however, something which Clovis did not take very well.

During this time, Senator Amidala became a member of the Chancellor's Loyalist Committee and was regarded as the leader of the opposition to the Military Creation Act. Upon landing, her cruiser was hit in an assassination attempt by bounty hunter Zam Wesell , who had been hired to kill Amidala by Jango Fett , himself under the employee of Count Dooku. The explosion killed several of her guards as well as Amidala's double, Cordé. That evening, Amidala met with Kenobi and Skywalker in her penthouse apartment.

With several years having passed, Skywalker was nervous to meet Amidala and while she hid her feelings, Kenobi noted that the senator was pleased to see Skywalker as well. That night, Zam Wesell tried again to kill Amidala by releasing two deadly Kouhuns into her apartment using a droid.

Kenobi and Skywalker sensed the attack and rushed into the bedroom. Skywalker managed to kill the Kouhuns as Kenobi jumped through the bedroom window and grabbed on to the droid as security officers rushed into the apartment. Kenobi and Skywalker, after a chase through the Coruscant skylanes, were able to capture Zam Wesell. Before she could reveal the plot behind the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala, Wesell was killed by Jango Fett using a Kamino dart.

In the aftermath of continued attacks, Amidala was convinced to leave Coruscant and to return to Naboo. While Skywalker went with her to continue protecting her, Kenobi continued the investigation into the assassination attempts. Upon arriving on Naboo, Amidala and Skywalker grew closer in their relationship and Skywalker told her of his love for her.

However, since Skywalker was committed to the Jedi Order and Amidala to the Senate, they both agreed to forgo pursing a more romantic relationship. While on Naboo, Skywalker started experiencing Force visions of his mother in danger.

Convinced he had to save her, he determined to travel to Tatooine. Amidala traveled with him and upon their arrival at the Lars moisture farm , Skywalker discovered that his mother had been taken by Tusken Raiders.

He was able to track them down, but was too late and his mother died in his arms. Angered, he slaughtered the entire village including the women and children. He returned to the homestead to bury his mother. Later, Skywalker confessed to Amidala his despair and anger and what he had done and she attempted to comfort him. Meanwhile, Kenobi had traced Jango Fett to the planet Geonosis and discovered that Count Dooku was behind the assassination attempts. He also learned that the Separatists had built a droid army to attack the Republic and that the Republic had at its disposal an army of clone troopers supposedly commissioned by the long deceased Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas.

Requesting that Skywalker relay his message to Coruscant, Kenobi informed the Jedi and the Senate what he had discovered, just before he was captured. The Jedi decided to send an assault team , while Skywalker was ordered to stay with Amidala. Torn over the desire to rescue his master but yet also protect the senator, Amidala came to the decision to help Skywalker by traveling to Geonosis, forcing Skywalker to accompany her.

However, their rescue was a failure and they were captured. Before they were led to the arena to be executed, Amidala confessed her love for Skywalker, reasoning that there was no point in denying it before they died. The execution of Amidala, Skywalker, and Kenobi was to be carried out by several creatures brought into the arena, a reek , an acklay , and a nexu.

A full out battle erupted, and though Amidala had been wounded by one of the creatures, she also grabbed a blaster and fought side-by-side with the Jedi.

Of the original two hundred Jedi who had arrived, only a few were left and the situation seemed lost. Skywalker, Kenobi, and Amidala pursued Count Dooku in a Republic gunship , but Amidala and the trooper were knocked from the troop bay by a cannon blast.

They were able to call backup, but arrived too late to stop Dooku who had fought against Skywalker and Kenobi before being defeated by Yoda. After the battle, Skywalker and Amidala returned to Naboo where they were secretly married.

Sometime after the Battle of Geonosis, Amidala spoke with the Chancellor about Naboo's new security measures due to several new battles in the Outer Rim. Amidala was then informed that Jabba the Hutt believed Skywalker had kidnapped his son, Rotta , and that he was refusing to negotiate with the Republic.

Amidala then offered to negotiate with Jabba through his uncle, Ziro , who lived on Coruscant at his palace. Amidala went there to speak to him, but he refused to listen to her. Amidala sneaked back into his palace where she overheard Ziro speaking with Count Dooku, promising that Rotta, Skywalker, and his apprentice would be eliminated, that the Jedi would bring Jabba to justice and Ziro would become head of the Hutt Clan.

Amidala was discovered and captured by Ziro's droids and was promised to Dooku as his prisoner. Amidala was taken to the palace dungeon where she was able to trick the droids into activating her communicator, alerting her assistant C-3PO to her predicament before the droids destroyed it.

Ziro, seeing that Amidala was too dangerous to be kept alive, decided to execute her knowing his powerful friends in the Senate would protect him. Amidala then subdued one of her guards, took its weapon and held Ziro at gunpoint. She contacted Jabba, informed him of his uncle's treachery, and ensured a treaty between the Republic and the Hutts.

Amidala's ship is caught by the Malevolence ' s tractor beam. Amidala was then sent on a mission by Palpatine to negotiate with a representative of the Banking Clan about withdrawing from the war. She, along with C-3PO , traveled to the rendezvous. However, Amidala learned that it was all a trap when she came out in the middle of a battle between the Republic fleet and the Confederacy's heavy cruiser, the Malevolence.

She tried to move away from the heavy cruiser, but was pulled in by the Malevolence ' s tractor beam. Though she urged the Republic fleet to continue their attack, refusing to allow herself to become a bargaining chip, her husband ordered them to stop. As her ship set down in the hangar bay, Amidala rigged it to blow in the hopes that it might take Grievous with it. The ship did indeed explode with the general aboard, taking several battle droids with it but he survived.

She was able to contact Skywalker and Kenobi, who had boarded the ship to rescue her. The two groups met at a point halfway between them, though Skywalker and Amidala soon became separated from Kenobi, Threepio and Artoo. While Kenobi was forced to delegate the rescue of 3PO to R2, to ensure that the hyperdrive stayed offline, Skywalker and Amidala made their way to the bridge to make adjustments to the navicomputer that would cause the Malevolence to pilot itself into a moon.

Both missions proved a success, and the group managed to escape the Malevolence. While Grievous personally took his starfighter, the Soulless One , and several other fighters that attacked the group as they attempted to dock with the Republic fleet, the Malevolence began to move towards a near moon, before colliding with it, destroying the heavy cruiser instantly.

With the loss of the Malevolence , Grievous fled the battle, and Amidala and her companions reached safety. Unfortunately, when she arrived, Amidala learned that Farr had already pledged his system to the Separatists as Viceroy Nute Gunray could provide them with supplies and protection, unlike the Republic.

Amidala was imprisoned to await Gunray's arrival, while Threepio was scheduled to be scrapped and Binks managed to evade arrest. Wearing a discarded Jedi robe he found within Amidala's cruiser, Binks mistakenly caused his pursuers to believe he was a Jedi. After hearing word of a Jedi being near by, Amidala managed to outsmart the battle droids and escape her cell.

Amidala then proceeded to rescue Threepio; and was dismayed to learn that the Jedi she had heard about was merely Jar Jar in disguise. Amidala found herself in trouble once again, after Gunray arrived on the planet and captured her. However, Binks and a Kwazel Maw called " Bogey " happened to cause chaos among the Viceroy's guard; forcing him to attempt to escape, only to find himself at gunpoint. Gunray was confident Senator Farr would rescue him from Amidala; however, he soon learned that the two Senators had planned to capture him the entire time.

A Republic cruiser subsequently arrived and Gunray was taken into custody. While Farr requested that Amidala accept his apology for his brief betrayal, she remained adamant that it was the Republic that owed him an apology for forgetting that just because Rodia was not a particularly powerful ally did not make it any less important than any other system.

Following the Gunray's capture and escape, Amidala was with Palpatine when he received word from Hondo Ohnaka's pirate gang that they had managed to capture the leader of the Separatists, Count Dooku.

Being that Dooku was a powerful Sith Lord, the Jedi Council, the Chancellor and Amidala found it difficult to believe that mere pirates could capture him. Amidala counseled Palpatine, advising him to have the Council send two Jedi to confirm the validity of Hondo Ohnaka's claims before sending diplomats to deliver the ransom that he demanded.

Amidala destroying battle droids before they can break out of Vindi's laboratory. Amidala and Binks were then recalled to Naboo by Queen Neeyutnee. The queen revealed that a squad of battle droids had been found and destroyed onworld, and requested that Amidala petition the Senate or the Jedi Council to help protect Naboo.

Unfortunately, Amidala knew that more evidence would be needed to warrant action by the Senate or the Jedi. She then took it upon herself to search the swamplands for signs of a greater Separatist presence on her homeworld; as had been indicated by a captured tactical droid and a bug on it. After following a tainted water stream, Amidala and Binks came across a hatch which they proved unable to open. Amidala was able to contact Captain Typho to give him the location of the lab.

During their attempts to open the hatch they became surrounded by battle droids and were swiftly captured. The pair was then taken before Separatist scientist, Doctor Nuvo Vindi , who revealed that he had perfected the long thought eradicated disease, the Blue Shadow Virus , which he planned to release into the galaxy. When Skywalker and his troops came to rescue her, Vindi threatened to kill Amidala and Binks.

Following a struggle, Skywalker was able to rescue them. When Skywalker pursued Vindi, Amidala and Binks went with him and his troops. When they joined Tano and Rex , Kenobi told them that Vindi had activated the bombs and that one of the bombs was missing. Amidala then remembered that Vindi had given a little droid the bomb.

When everyone split up, the Naboo senator and Binks found the droid. At first, Amidala tried to get the bomb nicely back from the droid, but the droid growled at them and tried to run away with it.

Luckily Jar Jar grabbed the droid and secured the bomb. Tano then brought the bomb squad and the bomb was deactivated. The Jedi and a squad of clones were then able to captured Vindi for trial. Unfortunately as the Jedi prepared to take the mad scientist to trial on Coruscant, Amidala and the clones discovered that one of his virus bombs was missing the vial that contained the virus; meaning that it may have found its way into the wrong hands and could still be released.

As they had suspected, the virus had fallen into Separatist hands, Vindi's assistant droid, who released it within the laboratory, causing the facility to lockdown with Tano, Amidala, Binks, and several clones trapped inside. The few remaining battle droids then started slicing the exits, hoping to release the virus into Naboo's atmosphere. The remaining Republic forces in the lab began to pick off the droids before they could break out.

While being attacked by droidekas, Amidala's biohazard suit was breached and she became infected with the virus. However, she persevered and eventually the remaining droids were destroyed. Amidala and Tano contacted Skywalker and Kenobi on the surface, telling them not to open the lab, so as to prevent the virus escaping.

The transmission was cut off before Amidala could say her last goodbye to her husband, but Skywalker refused to abandon his wife to her fate. After the skirmish, two clone troopers died because of the virus. Subsequently Amidala said she that she hoped that their sacrifice would help bring peace to the galaxy , a sentiment agreed to by Tano.

Soon after, Tano herself lost consciousness, due to the virus. However, before the virus could kill Amidala and Tano, Skywalker and Kenobi arrived with the cure, freeing the survivors from the contaminated compound and ensuring that Naboo, and the galaxy itself, was safe from the virus.

Amidala hoped that she would be able to use her relationship with Skywalker and Palpatine to bring about the release of the creature. Although she was able to secure a meeting with Skywalker and Palpatine, she was cut short when the Zillo Beast escaped its confines, rampaging towards the Senate building to settle a personal vendetta against Palpatine after witnessing him order its death sentence.

Amidala, Skywalker and Palpatine, along with droids C-3PO and R2-D2, evacuated to Palpatine's personal escape shuttle, although they were grabbed by the beast's claws. Skywalker was able to cut the shuttle in half, releasing himself, Amidala and the droids out onto the sloped roof of the Senate building.

Although Amidala had no means to stop her descent while sliding down the roof, she was soon caught by Skywalker. Amidala and her companions survived the incident largely unscathed. Later, Senator Amidala welcomed her secret husband home for a rare moment away from their duties, but was embittered when Anakin had to leave her for an urgent meeting with the Jedi Council.

The Council had previously asked her to spy on her old friend Senator Rush Clovis, who was suspected of working with the Separatists, but she had refused since she found the idea of spying on a colleague and an old friend unsettling.

The Council neglected to tell her about the Separatist involvement, however, and she was left shocked when Anakin revealed these details whilst trying to steer her away from reconsidering. Still a bit angry over the previous night, and annoyed that Anakin was acting in a jealous manner, Amidala retracted her previous decision and accepted the mission to spy on Clovis. As part of her mission, Amidala befriended Clovis and agreed to accompany him on a trip to Cato Neimoidia to negotiate with the Trade Federation.

She was accompanied by R2-D2 and Skywalker, who was aggressive towards Clovis during the trip for flirting with his wife. On one occasion, he damaged the seat beside Amidala's seat to prevent Clovis from sitting next to her.

On takeoff, Skywalker even jerked the ship to prevent Clovis from kissing Amidala again. Senator Clovis refused to lend anymore credits for the Separatists to build a new droid foundry on Geonosis.

Amidala was unable to view their holographic blueprints since the Separatists had taken precautions to shut it down. Realizing that Senator Clovis was infatuated with Amidala, Dod and Poggle connived to poison her in order to extract leverage from Clovis.

During a formal dinner that night, Lott Dod tricked Senator Amidala into sharing his drink, which had been contaminated with poison. Once dinner had finished, Senator Clovis took Amidala on a tour of the palace. During the tour, Amidala began to succumb to the effects of the poison including thirst and head-throbbing.

While Clovis went away to fetch her a drink, Amidala took the opportunity to access the palace's files and download the blueprints for the Separatist factory on Geonosis. She then contacted Skywalker and arranged for him to meet her in her quarters.

Amidala also managed to steal a hologram disc. After making her way back to her quarters, Amidala passed the disc to Skywalker. Shortly later, she passed out in her chamber. Meanwhile, Senator Clovis realized that Amidala was a spy after discovering that his holodisc was missing.

Clovis strode into Amidala's quarters to confront her only to discover that she was unconscious and to encounter a furious Anakin Skywalker. Realizing Skywalker's love for Amidala, Clovis agreed to get the antidote in exchange for the holodisc. After Clovis forced Dod at gunpoint to hand over the antidote, the three fled. However, Skywalker purposely left Clovis behind to face the wrath of Senator Dod.

Having escaped Dod, Skywalker injected the antidote into Amidala. Following her near-death encounter on Cato Neimoidia, Senator Amidala took an interest in the growing instability on the planet Mandalore. While the New Mandalorians -led government wished to remain neutral, a hardline faction known as the Death Watch wanted to side with the Separatists.

Following an assassination attempt on the Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze , Amidala informed her friend the Duchess that the Galactic Senate had recently voted to occupy Mandalore and that warships were preparing to depart at sunrise. The Senate's decision had been influenced by a tampered holo-recording from the deceased Deputy Minister Jerec , claiming that the planet was in crisis. In reality, Senator Jerec had rejected Republic military intervention and stressed that it was an internal matter for the Mandalorians to handle alone.

Despite the Death's Watch efforts to stop Duchess Kryze from delivering the datacard containing Jerec's real recording to the Senate, the Duchess managed to delivered the card to Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who then passed it to Senator Amidala. When Chancellor Palpatine asked if any Senators objected to the Republic intervention on Mandalore, Senator Amidala took the opportunity to present Jerec's real recording before the Galactic Senate.

As a result, the Galactic Senate voted to recall the occupation force from hyperspace before it could land on Mandalore. Due to her efforts, Senator Amidala won the praise and goodwill of Duchess Kryze. Later, Senator Amidala traveled to Mandalore, which was facing an economic crisis due to the disruption to trade caused by the Clone Wars. Due to the shortage of goods, smuggling had become a problem on that planet.

During her visit to the Mandalorian capital of Sundari , she did her best to assure Duchess Satine Kryze of aid from helpful factions in the Galactic Senate.

Amidala's mission was complicated by the inability of the New Mandalorian Ruling Council's to adopt a common position on seeking aid from the Galactic Republic.

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