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Which Is The Best Low-Sodium Diet Program?
Some of the links in the post above are "associate sales links. Nutrisystem diet and salt content Depending upon which source you read, it can be mg per day. How likely are you to share our page with a friend? To Sign Up for free, please click here Nutrisystem guarantees results, but the money-back guarantee is tricky: More refinements More refinements

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Nutrisystem diet and salt content

The following user gives a hug of support to jeffries9: Depending upon which source you read, it can be mg per day. So your doc is giving a good average limit I would wholeheartedly recommend that you follow your doc's advice exactly on this. Many people are indeed "salt-sensitive" hypertensives, and find that reduction of their salt intake does very good things for their BP after a couple of weeks. Some people gain little in terms of BP from the reduction.

Until you try it, it is impossible to say. But your trial will provide you with a good solid data point you and your doctor can use throughout the rest of your life. As an aside, even if you gain little from salt reduction in your BP, the benefits of less fluid retention and weight fluctuation due to fluid are good all by themselves. You will feel better without lots of salt. Jeff, I tried nutrisystem for awhile, and was hungry all the time even though I was eating all the time.

I also have hpb and noticed the high sodium in those meals. I stopped nutrisystem and have switched to a healthier diet with veggies and decreased my portion sizes and have great results. I also saved some money! It can be done, and I have lost 15 pounds already and are exercising and feeling great! BP has gone down also and doc has already removed a dieretic from my pills.

My next visit is in April and he said he will probably remove another one if I keep it up. Most of the sodium in our diet is found mainly in processed and prepared foods. The balance comes from the salt added at the table and in cooking. To preserve shelf life, taste and texture of many foods, manufacturers use salt or other sodium containing compounds. While NutriSystem prepackaged meals is a convenience for some there are better and healthier alternatives to weight loss.

Unless people intend to eat NutriSystem prepackaged meals for the rest of their lives, they must learn the importance of preparing healthy meals.

After all, there is life after NutriSystem. Downer suggests people who want to lose weight should practice moderation. A healthy balance of all types of foods coupled with lots of physical activity is a healthy way to lose weight.

For more information on healthy dieting visit the American Dietetic Association website, www. I cannot believe that anyone could even call this food acceptable much less delicious," she said Goulda Downer, Ph. For two of the three months I have ordered, they have shipped me substituted items, and I quote here from the letter that arrives with my order: Pair them up with a nutritious protein shake for a balanced breakfast or eat them as a mid-morning snack.

Double Chocolate Muffin 4. Why have to choose? Whether you are a "fresh baked" enthusiast or a muffin fanatic, this breakfast hit is sure to satisfy. We're happy to help. This convenient protein-powered kit contains ready-to-eat breakfasts, lunches, dinners and shakes that are sure to help satisfy your hunger and fuel lean muscle mass. You'll also get unlimited access to personal nutrition counseling and weight loss resources.

All meals have not expired. Comes from a smoke free, but not pet free home. This is a mixed lot. What you will receive is listed below. Thank you for looking and have a wonderful, blessed day! The best by date is July 31, There are Harvest Nut Bar 1.

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