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I only got natural food during this time, which is also next to impossible in our urban prisons. That is not the correct answer. What was being referred to is what was missing that led to these diseases and conditions, which IS NOT oxygen. If oxygen was missing then the cells would be dead, not in a disorder. But even with sufficient oxygen those diseases and conditions can still occur because oxygen is not the deficiency leading to those diseases and conditions.

But you are correct about the CO2, or more specifically carbonic acid. The release of oxygen O2 from hemoglobin to tissues is dependent on carbonic acid.

This is why alkalinity inhibits oxygen release from hemoglobin decreasing tissue oxygenation. Lemons are not considered acidic because of the mineral profile. I did read the article. Apparently you did not read it yourself or you simply did not understand what it said. Additional buffering is contributed by the numerous histidine residues of hemoglobin and by plasma proteins. Hmmm, no mention of acidifying or alkalizing minerals at all.

Future therapies for treating bone loss disorders could be based on shifting systemic acid-base balance in the alkaline direction using diet e. Our findings also provide further rationale for the promotion of vascular health via aerobic exercise, avoidance of smoking, and good diet.

Then there are he conclusions of this study that show how diet is the cause of the many reasons for acidosis. But acidosis itself is super rare to begin with and acidosis severe enough to lead to bone loss is significantly more rare since buffering by bones is only used as a very last resort for pH buffering from the body.

Why do you focus primarily on blood ph? The circulatory system is only one part of your body. You can not be objective if you do not look at the body as a whole being inside and out. Nutrition is the key and more alkaline foods tend to be higher in the nutrients needed to keep the body healthy. A balance is important and promoting that it does not matter what you eat is irresponsible. The focus is on blood pH because when discussing the alkalize or die myth the alkalize refers to the blood, which is not affected by diet.

In fact, many of these foods are highly acidic to begin with and ALL foods get metabolized in to acids. So the article is discussing the myth that diet can alter blood pH for health. Again what is being pointed out is that it does not matter what you eat as far as blood pH goes since your pH IS NOT regulated by what you eat. But there is a major difference between affecting and regulating.

Will diet affect blood pH? Yes because ALL foods get metabolized in to acids. And without many of those acids we would not exist. But there is always too much of a good thing so those acids that affect the blood pH have to be regulated. It never once occurs to them that by taking charge of their WHOLE health and eating better as well as losing weight improves the naturally designed functions of your body… So it CAN fight off mutations and infections and long term damage. We are trying to explain to people how the microscopic eggs that are laid in rotten food are connected to the larva worms which appear and later the bugs which soon will be seen surrounding the food source.

And suddenly flies are born!!! As for why the author is focused on the blood pH…. The subject you are so sure you understand better than those educated in the science of bodily systems. You are correct about the blood ph. I was only mentioning that the blood ph does not always control the ph of the body. Sometimes you have to look at the whole body and not just one area in question.

Again when discussing the alkalize for health myth the reference is to blood pH, not the pH of other areas of the body, some of which that need to be acidic to be healthy. The relationship between diet and cancer is well known.

Dietary intake exists as the largest external or environmental epigenetic factor capable of driving the development or maintenance of cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research AICR comprehensive global report has compiled numerous studies demonstrating associations between dietary habits and cancer risk.

The findings recommend increased or regular consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, while discouraging excess consumption of sugary and energy-dense foods and drinks, red and processed meats, and salty processed foods http: Acidity is a well known factor associated with cancer.

Lower pH levels in the extracellular space promote the invasive and metastatic potential of cancer cells. A net-acid diet or acidogenic diet is determined by the balance between acid and base-forming dietary constituents. Most fruits and vegetables are net-base producing foods since the metabolized products are organic anion precursors such as citrate, succinate, and conjugate bases of carboxylic acids.

The conclusion of this study is relevant. It does not say Chronic Low Grade Metabolic Acidosis is a direct cause of cancer, but does conclude that it plays a role. Blood PH is 7. Sugar is neutral at a pH of 7. Sugar is more acidic than blood. Secondly, a pH of 7 is neutral and thus not acidic. Lemons are acidic, right? Jim Bagnall, Hi there, I too have metastatic prostate cancer, and am on the search for alternatives to chemo and hormone therapy.

I would appreciate any other information re your diet etc that you may be prepared to share. There are many different alternative therapies to treating a wide variety of different diseases.

It is a serious condition and can not go untreated, if you are not willing to start traditional therapies, it would be in your best interest to see a Naturopathic Doctor who will be able to monitor you closely as even these natural remedies can have some nasty side effects if not followed closely. There are many different vitamins and minerals that can be taken that have shown to be helpful in treating cancer patients.

Before taking any supplementation though you need to either talk a doctor. It seems that no matter what people try to do to improve their health by alternative remedies or cures there will always be those that will attempt to dissuade them from doing so.

If one is stricken with a sickness or ailment that has been determined by doctors to be inoperable or curable, why would you not try an alternative? If traditional cures are not working then what have they got to lose by trying another form of treatment. I know I would do exactly the same if I were in this position. The problem is that there are too many people with no education whatsoever in medicine or human physiology repeating proven BS such as you can alkalize the blood through diet or ingesting baking soda will cure cancer.

When people keep promoting such nonsense they are a danger to other and a boon to big pharma who benefits because these people make holistic medicine look like quackery. That increases FDA power over holistic medicine and thereby increases profits and power of big pharma. He has written numerous articles on the matter. So who are you again? Maybe mention your credentials here for everyone to see, instead of saying baking soda is worthless. Sircus has no clue what he is talking about so I can care less if he swears by baking soda sodium bicarbonate.

If people would simply learn how things really work in the body instead of being gullible and believing any old crap they see on the internet like from Sircus then there would be a lot less time being wasted on debates.

I just love your story Jim. Tony Robbins recommended a low alkaline diet to a very very sick guy in the audience. I am with you and Tony. As with everything, the proof is in the pudding.

Robbins also promotes the caustic and disease forming ionized alkaline water. The water is caustic and alkaline due to the formation of mineral metal hydroxides. These can lead to numerous diseases by neutralizing stomach acid that increases risk of infection from pathogens and inhibits methylation.

The hydroxides in the water also dissociate in to the dangerous hydroxyl radical linked to cancer and other disease formation. In my opinion Robbins has no clue about chemistry nor how the human body works, but is rather a sales pitch person reading from propaganda scripts.

If what you say about ionized alkaline water is true the coconut water natures natural Kangen water would if dranked excessively lead to cancers. Ionized alkaline water has been the most effective in treating, gout for so many sufferers why down play and negate its benefits. That is a ridiculous comparison. Coconut water is nothing like the caustic Kangen ionized alkaline water.

Does coconut water contain the caustic mineral metal hydroxides of ionized alkaline water that are basically dilute versions of Drano and Red Devil Lye? Priscilla, my own experience is that one must first remove fungus from the gut before taking sodium bicarbonate. Kefir easily bought and creates a lifetime supply will rebalance the gut with friendly bacteria and kill the bad stuff.

There is some research extant that claims cancers are the result of fungal overgrowth in the body — candida albicans and the like — but you can google this and see if you think it correct.

It tastes quite disgusting, so tell your husband to hold his nose whilst drinking! My PSA had been 12 and is now down to 3. It should be reduced even further as I up the dose slightly to 4 tsps a day. The sugars are taken into the cancer with the bicarb riding on them.

First of all there is NO research I have seen linking fungal overgrowth to cancer. There are some hypotheses based on the incorrect assumptions of Simoncini, but no research. There is some research showing other mycotoxins from molds can cause cancer. For example aflatoxins from Aspergillus that Simoncini falsely claims is the same thing as Candida, which is a yeast or fungus but not a mold.

As for Candida, this is a dimorphic microbe that is a natural part of our flora. You cannot eliminate it. Candida exists in a benign yeast form in an acidic environment. In an alkaline environment Candida morphs in to a pathogenic fungal form. ALL baking soda sodium bicarbonate is aluminum free. And it is dangerous to ingest. See my post to Priscilla.

Cancer cells can use glucose, fructose, lactate, ketones, fatty acids and some amino acids as fuel sources. It is neutralized forming carbonic acid and sodium chloride salt. Secondly, even if it did make it to the cancer cells, the cancer cells are already more alkaline internally than healthy cells.

It is this alkalinity that allows cancer cells to survive and drives cancer glycolysis. When the proton pumps of cancer cells are blocked the cancer cells become acidic and die.

On the other hand research has also shown that when healthy cells are made excessively alkaline the healthy cells morph in to cancer cells:. Tumorigenic 3T3 cells maintain an alkaline intracellular pH under physiological conditions. J Membr Biol ;94 1: J Cell Biol Mar;98 3: How cancer cells maintain their internal alkalinity and evidence that blocking the proton pumps makes cancer cells acidic killing them:. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol Cancer Res Nov 15;67 It is not a theory, it is a hypothesis an educated guess not backed by evidence , and a faulty one at that.

So much that they have a higher affinity for available oxygen than healthy cells. In fact, cancer cells die in the absence of oxygen, which stimulates the process of angiogenesis, which helps surviving cancer cells to proliferate by increasing oxygen levels to the surviving cancer cells:.

PLoS One Sep 15;4 9: Choosing between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation: Biochim Biophys Acta Jun; 6: Cancer Res January 15, 66; Oxygen consumption can regulate the growth of tumors, a new perspective on the Warburg effect. Anoxia is necessary for tumor cell toxicity caused by a low-oxygen environment. Cancer Res Apr 15;65 8: Relationship between oxygen and glucose consumption by transplanted tumors in vivo. Cancer Res Jun;27 6: Death of cancer cells by lack of oxygen and angiogenesis stimulation to increase the growth rate of tumors by increasing oxygen levels to the tumor:.

Computational models of VEGF-associated angiogenic processes in cancer. Math Med Biol Mar;29 1: Cancer Res 47, , July 1, Tissue Math Med Biol 8 3: Growth-related changes of oxygen consumption rates of tumor cells grown in vitro and in vivo. J Cell Physiol Jan; 1: Therefore, alkalizing the cancer cell would only increase the growth of the cancer if the cancer thrives with little oxygen hypothesis was true. So why is HBOT used as a complementary method for getting rid of cancer cells if they in fact require oxygen to survive and cannot survive without oxygen?

Why would a cancer patient expose themselves to more oxygen under pressure if less oxygen is what they should be seeking to stop the growth of cancer? Another thing is that cancer cells are metabolically inflexible so while it is true that they can use other sources to grow, they much rather prefer glucose as a fuel which accelerates proliferation vs. So what say you about the ketogenic diet then? Acidic vs alkaline, what a mess… Interestingly enough, high dose intravenous vitamin C ascorbic acid in an alternative medicine setting is used to treat cancer as well also administered to athletes for performance enhancement and is effective.

Generally for cancer and leukaemia especially, my recommendation would be to look into THC from medical cannabis high THC: Please let me know your thoughts, this intrigues me.

I have addressed this so many times already. That is why angiogenesis inhibitors are used as one form of cancer treatment. HBOT can be used in some cases to help with infections and wounds associated with some cancers. For example, fungal infections can occur with some cancers and lead to further tissue breakdown. Furthermore you cannot reduce oxygen levels to the body in a healthy matter to fight cancer since all cells need oxygen.

Again, this is why they use angiogenesis inhibitors to reduce the oxygen supply directly to the tumor by inhibiting blood vessel formation to and within the tumor. Your claim about being metabolically inflexible is nonsense.

For example, lactate has also been shown to be a primary fuel for cancer cells. So can the amino acid glutamine, which is a substitute for glucose in cells. Here is some reading for you:. Not preferred does not mean inhibits growth. Take for example lactate, which is also a primary fuel source for cancer cells yet also inhibits proliferation. Not that effective though. The main reasons that high dose IV ascorbic acid vitamin C may help are:. At high doses the ascorbic acid becomes a pro-oxidant, and thus acts as a free radical instead of an antioxidant.

Radiation therapy and many chemotherapy drugs work on the principle of forming oxygen radicals within the well oxygenated areas of the tumor. These oxygen radicals kill the well oxygenated cancer cells.

Problem is that this does not work in the hypoxic regions of the tumors, which is why these types of therapies tend to fail in many cases.

The high ascorbic acid content will form oxalic acid, which is what the excess ascorbic acid breaks down in to. The oxalic acid binds iron needed by cancer cells for growth. No thinks there are many other things that are so much more effective such as ozone therapy, and that does not require a prescription and does not have other potential risks. And the research on cannabis for cancer is still basically in its infancy.

Even if there were not better choices already available I would still prefer to wait until more and better research is available. Keep in mind that most of the studies were done in vitro with cell lines. Testing compounds in a Petri dish can have completely different results than in the body since the Petri dish does not have a metabolism nor a bunch of chemical compounds that can interact or interfere with the cannabis compounds.

Therefore, many compounds that look effective in Petri dish studies are often found worthless or less effective in actual human studies. Oleander is a great example. It worked on some cell lines in Petri dish studies but every actual human study showed it to be a complete failure. In fact, it begs the questions: What say you about this treatment?

I have downloaded and read every single GcMAF paper since the s. I have all sorts of studies on holistic therapies, including herbs, showing their effectiveness against cancer. Vegan diet is too high in grains, according to Bess Dawson-Hughes.

Her work on chronic metabolic acidosis concludes you need a 1 to 1. First of all PSA counts can go up for various reasons. Benign prostate hyperplasia, infection or inflammation or even caffeine can all raise PSA counts. Secondly, ingesting baking soda can increase the risk of cancer and if cancer is present this can promote cancer growth. And since the ingestion of baking soda interferes with methylation this is going to increase inflammatory homocysteine. And again inflammation can raise the PSA count.

Claiming I am wrong with no evidence only proves you have no clue what you are talking about and were gullible enough to fall for this quackery. Jim Bagnall, so glad your health is improving. Inflammation is what contributes to cancer and other diseases, not body pH.

For example, sugar is not inflammatory. Our bodies even generate sugar if we do not have enough and it is constant in our blood. If sugar was causing inflammation then we would all have chronic inflammation. Then there are complex sugars known as fibers that help build the flora for one, which can reduce some inflammatory conditions. Dairy does contain some inflammatory compounds so that part is true, but dairy also contains a lot of iodine that can help support the thyroid in some cases, which reduces inflammatory homocysteine.

So there is so much more to the equation. At the same time inflammation is not necessarily evil. Do you know why inflammation is so vital to our health? The inflammatory process involves dilation of the blood vessels to increase oxygen and nutrients to an injured area to aid in the healing process. But again it is possible to have too much of a good thing. True, pH is not what leads to most diseases. Though inflammation plays a minor role in causing diseases as well.

In most cases the inflammation is the result of the disease, not the cause. Even with cancer inflammation can increase the risk through the production of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species. But at the same time it is also free radicals that kill cancer cells in the body. So again there is so much more to the whole story that you are leaving out such as the role of pathogens in cancer and so many inflammatory diseases.

The development of the internet has been a plus in many ways. However, the promotion of fad diets, fad medication and fad medical care has unfortunately sucked in the naive and the desperate. Before the advent of modern medicine the average life expectancy was around forty. I cured myself with alkalising my diet no more cancer for me too! And pancreatic cancer is usaually a death sentence! Good on you for following your own instincts!!! PSA levels can rise for a variety of reasons including prostate infection, BPH and even caffeine use.

Ironically healthy plants often contain a lot of acids and get metabolized in to more acids than you would get with just sugar. Did you know that baking soda is neutralized by stomach acid forming carbonic ACID and sodium chloride salt? And an excess production of sodium chloride leads to hyperchloremic acidosis. I guess you are also unaware of the fact that ingesting baking soda not only increases the risk of getting cancer but also promotes existing cancers.

And you are also forgetting the Bicolutomide and Lucrin you said you took, which may have simply kicked in finally since ingested baking soda is neutralized by the stomach acid so it does not even reach the bloodstream.

However, acidosis is a very real phenomenon that does cause osteoperosis, kidney stones and possibly cancer. Take a basic pathophysiology class. The article is not disputing that! What he is very correctly stating is: Now eating a nutrient poor diet that causes inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes….

Will increase your chances of having kidney stones, renal failure, and even developing cancer. But that is a long process. Do you actually think that these food molecules in their whole state are absorbed directly into your blood???

Try injecting food into your vein. See how well your blood can utilize the whole unbroken molecule.

Your digestive process is specifically designed to break food into smaller elements which the body can then utilize. Protein is broken down into amino acids for the body to use. Starches are broken down into simple sugars.

Not once has a dr wrapped chemo in sugar to trick the cancer!! Did you know that the reason some people are so sure that their favorite OTC headache treatment excedrine, Motrin, tylenol, etc works so well and kicks their headache in just a few minutes…. Is bc many run of the mill headaches are from dehydration! The pill had nothing to do with it, except for it being the reason you finally stopped and drank some water!

The water you drank resolved your dehydration which gave you a headache. Those relating these stories do not understand the underlying issues that were at the root of their overall health problems to begin with.

Such stories only served to validate peoples pre-existing bias in those who lack a fundamental education in pathophysiology, biochem, Ochem, and medical nutrition. You have completely misread the article. What the published research was based on was diet-induced acidosis.

This condition occurs when the kidneys fail to convert acid into alkaline. Of course the body would be acidic if the kidneys were not functioning!

I guess you do not know what osteoporosis is. Those are osteomalacia and osteopenia. Osteoporosis is a loss of collagen matrix leading to a decline in scaffolding for mineralization. As for kidney stones you are wrong again.

And there are about a dozen different forms of kidney stones. Some form in an alkaline environment and some in an acidic environment. And as far as cancer, the acidity causing cancer MYTH was disproven decades ago.

Cancers always arise in an alkaline environment. Even in cancers that occur in normally acidic tissues like the colon it was found the risk of cancer increased with increasing alkalinity.

Furthermore, cancer cells themselves have an alkaline internal pH more alkaline than healthy cells. It is this alkalinity that allows the cancer cells to survive and drives cancer glycolysis. When the cancer cells are made acidic this kills the cancer cells. It was also proven that when healthy cells were made excessively alkaline the healthy cells morphed in to cancer cells.

Could someone give me some advice. Green nutriblast, vegetables with cashews, avocado and some kind of curry or stew made of vegetables inc sweet potato or pumpkin. Maximum half pint milk on some days with coffee. Loads of fluids usually herb tea or water. I was expecting to feel better. Certainly I have no joint pains and no restless leg syndrome. However, I do have pain in my stomach. When I eat or drink I have pain high in my tummy.

Generally, balance is key…when we radicalize anything, including veggies, it can cause problems. You may eat too much nuts and seeds, we should eat those in moderation only. Casein from milk can also cause digestive problems, I also recall that some people had strong reaction to coconut oil. The best way for you to find out is to take out single foods for a couple of days and see if there will be any difference.

If your body is toxic you may have a hard time digesting healthier foods. Some of these healthier raw foods are harder to digest. Make sure your food is organic less chemicals less toxins. Try doing a smoothly each day. Smoothies are easier to digest. Also try steaming some of your vegetables in the beginning of you diet change. You may be allergic to some of the foods you are eating too. You really should be doing this under the supervision of a wholistic health care professional that can help trouble shoot some of these issues.

Changing your diet is only a small part of what you need to be doing to improve your health. Eeek…I know you are trying to help but the things you are saying are so cringe-inducing. I think you should study more before you start giving out advice.

You use of the word toxins is worrisome. Spend some time at http: Talk to a board certified pediatrician and ask them what they would do for an infant. Next follow the recommendations because I am pretty sure it will not involve big pharma. They usually advise the BRAT diet to calm the lining of the gut.

Next get tested for food allergies. When you have calmed your gut and determined you are your own worst enemy, eat a balanced intake of the basic food groups except anything you are allergic to forever. Stop seeking advice and self diagnosing from what sensationalism is published on line and follow the rules for you and your gut. While drinking gallons of that water.

Yes, science progresses but some ideas were Bad science to begin with: No one should be taking them. Always question when someone has something to sell. If you are gagging trying to drink down a glass of water, Hint: Stop the insanity and listen to your own body, and not to what advertisers tell you. I asked a PhD, a scientist from Princeton U.

Luckily, my common sense told me they are useless. Thanks James for your insights. So if I my body gets used to a higher suga rlevel and demand more and more sugar.

Your health will to survive will make you crave water. Craving sugar and coffee is an addictive response. Not the same type of message from the body. For the most part though, listening to your body is the best idea, such as thirst, hunger, intuition, need for sleep. If your body tells you it wants a donut abd some vodka, well then not so much. Nicely said Trish — thank you for the reminder and the perspective. I agree that we should beware of unnecessary prescriptions, be aware of and honest about our lifestyle choices, and strive to make positive changes, before beginning medications.

I wold have to see what you are referring to. That does not sound like my writing as I have talked about the benefits of cholesterol numerous times and the side effects of low cholesterol, which include a significantly increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

I have also discussed the dangers of statin drugs for cholesterol numerous times, which includes increased risk of heart failure. There could be some confusion because I am not the only one that is posting on the comments under the name James. So much misinformation here. First of all bone is one of the three buffer systems of the body. As it turns out heavy metals and fluroide.

I found one study that showed a 15x increase in the excretion of fluoride with an alkaline urine vs acidic. Alkaline urine increases the excretion of lead and urainium, and possibly increases the uptake of aluminum. These are hardly small effects. Bo J, may I have links to the studies you mentioned relating to alkaline urine excretion? Heres an example of the effect of urinary PH on amphetamine excretion..

Its a small study.. So, yeah… when your kidney stop working, they you should worry about acidosis…. This is what sometimes happens to ultramarathoners, and can happen to people with high fever and a few other problems look up rhabdomyolysis.

Myoglobin from muscles breaks down and at a low enough PH the iron disassociates and causes hydroxyl radicals to form. No surprise that urinary PH was found to both predict the likelyhood and speed of kidney failure in diabetics.

Ultramarathoners are putting a lot more stress on the kidneys simply from the fact that a lot more blood is being forced through the kidneys to begin with. On top of that the cells being damaged and destroyed can lead to an increased uric acid load, which is not the same as acidosis, and top that off with some dehydration and yes kidney damage can occur.

Again proof this is linked to acidosis? There are several reasons a high fever and kidney dysfunction can be associated such as meds given to lower a fever or the fever from a urinary tract infection to name a few. Excess myoglobin from rhabdomyolosis can cause kidney damage from things like renal tubular obstruction or decreased kidney blood flow. So once again you need to back up your claims with some real evidence. So if the pH has to be low enough then what is causing that low pH?

Maybe pre-existing kidney failure? Secondly they are talking about extreme metabolic acidosis. Are you even aware of how rare metabolic acidosis is? And how even more rare extreme metabolic acidosis is? So rare that most doctors will not see a case of this in their entire careers. Furthermore, buffering by the bones is only used as a very last resort, which is why it is only seen in extreme cases of metabolic acidosis.

Actually the pH of the urine is dependent in large part on what is being excreted through the kidneys. The other factor is bacteria. The bacteria that cause urinary tract infections secrete urease to form ammonia, which alkalizes the urine. One problem with the hypothesis is that they are simply measuring the urine pH. What if the urinary pH itself is the result of the drug? Some drugs are known for altering urine pH.

And things like fluoride could have a higher solubility and elimination simply from the other compounds they introduced to alter the pH of the urine. For example, it is well known that sodium increases the solubility of uric acid. Potassium to an even greater extent. Ive been following this back and forth with a small amount of interest for some time now. How could you not see the disingenuous nature of such a thing? I have a rare condition, and we keep the FB site on this condition for those that have it and for parents of children who have it.

We never get phrma companies popping up with ads, but we get natural ones all the time. When indeed the only way they can do this is saying they have the condition or having a child that does.

Then they will be invited in and all of a sudden ads for natural products appear. It has been a lesson for me. People are quick to nail drug companies yet not one has done this….

Ted Hutchinson tell me one thing where in links you provided is statment about diet which cause chagne in blood ph?. Wow do you even understand what you reference? You provide us epidemiological studies where correlation dont imply causation? If you like epidemiological studies look maybe at most healthiest nations?

About second reference osteoporosis Chriss describe this so I dont think need do the same read his reference and then you will see flaws in study provided by you. It is by no means intended as professional medical advice. Do not use any of the agents or freely available dietary supplements mentioned on this website without further consultation with your medical practitioner.

Pls read one more time this articles I argue with authors of this site and he completly dont understand how body ph regulation work he forgot about most basic knowledge like correlation dont imply causation. S About more info read my second comment to Ted. Interesting and passionate thread. I know a few individuals and even a few nutritional consultants swear by alkaline water, having experienced some amazing results.

So, I was curious to read what James had to say. I found his explanation helpful since I did have my doubts. Alkaline water is water with high levels of alkaline minerals dissolved in the water. High pH water means a higher than normal level of hydrogen ions. This may be caused by alkaline minerals, by electrolysis, or by reaction of water and magnesium. Alkaline water is a way of adding to your alkaline buffer or storehouse. This buffer is used as first resort when excess acid is taken up in food or beverages.

Molecular Hydrogen infused water. This water comes from either an electronic water ionizer or a magnesium based water filter. H2 is infused into the water, which gives it a high pH reading. However there is now a fourth type of water. Low pH High H2 water This uses a differently technology to infuse H2 into filtered water, but does not affect the pH or alkalinity of the water. My declaration of interest is that we designed and invented the first all-in-one water filter and hydrogen infusion system.

Alkaline water can be naturally alkaline or made alkaline artificially and there can be major differences. Naturally alkaline water is made alkaline primarily from carbonates in the water such as magnesium and calcium carbonates. Artificially produced alkaline water can be made alkaline with the addition of carbonates or as in the case of ionized alkaline water by the production of caustic mineral metal hydroxides. The mineral hydroxides are especially dangerous as they not only neutralize stomach acid, which can lead to all sorts of health issues, but there is also the caustic nature of the hydroxides that can damage tissues and the fact that the hydroxides can dissociate forming the hydroxyl radical linked to cancer formation among other issues.

Look at it this way. Would you add Red Devil Lye or Drano to your water to alkalize it? But these are some of the same caustic mineral hydroxides formed by water ionizers.

No it does not. When water is made alkaline from naturally occurring carbonates or from hydroxyl ions this is not the same as hydrogen ions, nor do they prove an increase in hydrogen ions. Here is a link that will explain it to you:. High pH water IS alkaline water. And both acidic and alkaline solutions can be buffered so your statement is ridiculous.

Again, virtually all pH regulation is maintained by respiration followed by hydrogen ion retention to increase acidity or elimination to increase alkalinity by the kidneys. Neither of these involve any type of alkaline reserve.

If you ingest a food that contains acids the food will simply become more acidic in the stomach along with foods or drinks having an alkaline pH. Then as the chyme food, drinks, stomach acid and enzymes leave the stomach the pancreas releases bicarbonate that then neutralizes the acids in the chyme. In the long run all foods get metabolized in to acids, which again are kept in check by respiration and kidney function except in rare circumstances.

Since truly pure water has a pH of 7 neutral and alkaline water has a high pH over 7 then how can the pH or alkalinity NOT be affected as you claim if the water has a low acidic pH, which is the opposite of alkaline and a pH below neutral? Again your comments are contradicting themselves. That was just bogus sales hype.

In fact, the ionized alkaline water contains caustic mineral metal hydroxides that dissociate in to the powerful free radical known as the hydroxyl radical associated with the formation of cancer and other diseases. One constant in this thread has been just one aggressive man sans the ability to express himself without denigrating others.

Of course, my friend! No need to split hairs on this one. Bottom line; alkaline water is any water with alkaline minerals in any form. Ionized water as it is referred to in the industry is water with some alkaline minerals that passes through a process of electrolysis. If there are no alkaline minerals in the input water electrolysis is not possible. There is a long held idea in some quarters that minerals are added to cause alkalinization. This is simply not true of all mainstream electronic water ionizers.

Exactly WHAT mineral hydroxides are you referring to? I ask because after 16 years supplying water ionizers both electric and natural, I have never seen anyone attribute stomach problems to this form of water. That would be a sample of at least 10, customers. And please also give us links to the scientific studies you use to back up your assertion.

Here is a link that will explain it to you: James, I assume you are referring to this statement in the link you provided.. Actually, it is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions, the percentage of hydrogen ions contained in the solution.

We appear to be arguing over nomenclature rather than physical characteristics. All I am saying is that general usage often mistakes alkalinity and high pH. But we can have high pH water with low alkaline minerals, as in a water ionizer where electrolysis created higher levels of hydrogen ions aka H2.

Water containing alkaline minerals is referred to as a buffered solution. A buffering agent can be either a weak acid or weak base. Buffering agents are usually added to water to form a buffer solution, which only slightly changes its pH in response to other acids and bases being combined with it, particularly a strong acid or a strong base. Respiration is certainly the most important buffering system as it converts carbonic acids to CO2.

The real digestion as such begins in the intestine, after alkaline pancreatic fluid is injected into the food by the pancreas. James, I agree that in the long run all foods get metabolised into acids mainly amino acids, but what does that have to do with the pH of the original food? If you are correct, then there should be no beneficial effect from calcium supplements or magnesium supplements.

UC has done some great work on this. Go back and read the link again I posted for you. I did read it, James. Perhaps they do contradict themselves to you James. I can easily produce neutral pH water with high H2 levels. The unit that does this is here in our lab. I use a combination of electrolysis and RO. Agree that that alkalinity although shown to be beneficial to health in a large scale metastudy of drinking water worldwide available from me and ORP are not proof of antioxidant effect.

I also agree that thousands of MLM independent distributors were told that alkalinity and ORP were the antioxidant effect. Totally on the same page, James. Still, I have no proof either scientific or empirical of your claim of the damage caused by hydroxyl ions.

Whatever you make of it James. Sad indeed that you need to see everyone here as your enemy. You make a good contribution ad spend many hours on it. You still have not developed the intelligence to realize that I AM NOT the topic even after this fact has been explained to you. And you still continue with the bogus personal insults in a poor attempt to divert attention away from your lack of intelligence, which I will further prove in this response.

Electrolysis of water can be done with the addition of any electrolyte. This can include acidic minerals, colloidal metals, acids, etc.

Minerals are sold by some water ionizer companies to add to water. Especially if the water being used has been purified of minerals first since as already pointed out some type of electrolyte must be present. More proof of how clueless you really are. What do you think makes the water alkaline?

If the water is also full of alkaline minerals to allow electrolysis as you falsely claim then why would electrolysis be needed at all? After all the water would already be alkaline from the presence of the alkaline minerals already in the water that you claim need to be present!!! As we can see there is a positively changed hydrogen H combined to the negatively charged hydroxyl group OH.

As we know opposite charges attract with this why the positively charged H binds to the negatively charged OH. When the water is split with an electrical process known as electrolysis the positively charged H is separated from the negatively charged OH.

But these unpaired charges are going to seek out opposite charges to balance themselves. The OH again is negatively charged and thus needs to find something positively charged to balance.

Where does that positive charge come from? The metals of the minerals in the water. For example the positively charged sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the water. I see you deliberately left the link off and stopped short on the quote to make it incorrectly appear that you know what you are talking about.

So what was the rest of that quote that you fell short on quoting? As you know, the formula for water is H2O. Most of the molecules in water are in that extremely stable form we know as H2O. When the hydrogen ions outnumber the hydroxide ions, the solution is acidic. If the reverse is true, then the solution is alkaline. So why did you purposely leave out the rest of that quote? Another attempt to mislead people The discussion was about pH, not alkalinity. Note that there is no mention of bases.

So what James Drever said is irrelevant to what was said and is just another desperate attempt to hide your most recent error. How do you come up with that. Go back the link I posted for you again. It explains what pH actually is. Again go back and read the link I posted for you. It will explain pH to you.

Hydrogen ions create acidity. By the way, H2 is not a hydrogen ion either, it is a hydrogen molecule. So once again you are proving that you have no clue what you are talking about. Correct because as I said you can use other electrolytes, such as acids, to produce the alkaline hydroxides.

So once again you are wrong. Furthermore, minerals are best absorbed when acidified. So alkalizing the minerals would simply make them harder to absorb. Look up the research for example of why alkaline calcium carbonate or alkaline magnesium oxide are so poorly absorbed compared to the acidified forms such as the malates and citrates. Again, the caustic mineral hydroxides are neutralized by the stomach acid forming salts.

The stomach acid is also neutralized in the process leading to a long list of health problems that will develop from infection from ingested pathogens to decreased methylation. These problems include cancer, heart disease, arthritis, suppressed immunity, hormone disorders, neurotransmitter imbalances, deceased cellular energy production, etc.

Since methylation that is inhibited by the ionized alkaline water is also dependent on methyl groups for production the inhibited production of more stomach acid will simply further increase the risk of these problems. Once again you are not only wrong, but you clearly do not understand the digestive or buffering systems of the body. I already explained how digestion works. I wish you would get out more out of this blog, that is. Different parts of the body are designed to have different pH levels.

When talking about alkalinity and health this is really referring to blood pH, which is tightly maintained by respiration and kidney function, not diet. It does not matter what you eat, you are not going to change your pH since pH is not regulated by diet. James et al, I have a problem I hope you can help. I have had 3 kidney stones in the last month.

I noticed my urine pH runs on the low side of normal, between 5 and 6 I bought a pH meter and have been analyzing a few times a day. I know crystal formation is very sensitive to pH so I want to raise my urine pH about one unit, to between 6 and 7. What are the options for raising urine pH?

I thought drinking alkaline water might work but after reading the comments posted here I doubt it. I read taking potassium citrate would raise urine pH but I went to CVS and the pharmacist said it was prescription only. If I get an Rx for potassium citrate do you think it will raise urine pH much?

Other ideas on how to raise urine pH as much as one unit? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I think raising your ph will make it even worse. Antacids are a gallstone culprit, and they push your ph up. It would help a lot to know what kind of stones you are passing.

Some form in more acidic urine and some in more alkaline urine. In general though I like nettle leaf and magnesium malate for the two most common forms of kidney stones which are uric acid stones and calcium oxalate stones. Both dissolve both forms of stones.

Check out this website, it actually has a liquid ionic mineral complex that is suspended extracted from volcanic rocks in sulfuric acid an water, hence it is charged, and has an alkalizing effect on the body. There is a testimonial by a Canadian DC who his staff member passed kidney stones with no pain they dissolved , using these minerals.

I know these minerals are successful at decalcification, and they also purify water from several toxins, chemicals, bacteria etc, hence they are effective on dissolution of kidney stones. An annual dropout rate is calculated by dividing the number of students who drop out during a single school year by the total number of students enrolled in the corresponding grade levels the same year.

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The graduation rate is the percentage of students who graduated with their cohort after four years. Twelfth graders who have graduated as well as graduates from other grades. Graduates are classified in four categories: For this reason, it is very important to have an agreed-upon definition of a dropout and compile accurate records on dropouts.

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