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Hey Joshua, great news there. Here is a 7 day sample of how I would approach 21 Day Fix meal prep. It came out awful! How bad is this goof? How does that compare?

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I wish I could take out that moisture…but as long as I break it up when using it, it works fine. I have a high power processor too. Try it with raw garlic and no powder. It tastes so much better than the yellow stuff with synthetic vitamins! So happy to see your post! New to veganism and have been displeased with all of the recipes that use the nutritional yeast. Googling your product NOW! I just tried my first vegan cheese and it was the nutritional yeast flakes that seemed to ruin the taste.

The flakes smelled bad to me and ruined the taste of the cheese. Brewers yeast or nutritional yeast changes its flavor based on the medium it was grown on. Brewers yeast is a bi product of the beer making industry while nutritional yeast can be grown on a variety of different mediums like molasses. First off, I would never use the flakes just because it remindes me of fish food. I live in Israel, and fell in love with Brewers yeast while here a good friend puts it on her popcorn!

It came out awful! I tasted the yeast I bought and found it to have a very pungent strong unpleasant flavor. To me it tasted like processed cheddar cheese. I went out to the health food store to try a few other brands, and while some were milder none of them had that savory addictive umami flavor of the yeast I buy in Israel.

So, yes the flavor has everything to do with the brand and on what medium they grow their yeast. Missing from the picture is the 30g of cashews I have which brings my calorie total to 1, Dry, Carbs and Canned Goods: Can you supply the recipes for this meal prep plan?

Macro Meal Plan calorie and Recipes for the Week. Below is a breakdown of my macros: Hot yoga Just to give you an idea about how many calories I burn. Below is some of my grocery spread some extra goodies in this shot Protein: If I must go with one muscle group that will be more noticeable in terms of getting bigger and tighter, I will have to say chest. You will also see a huge change in your thighs, as your quadriceps will grow as never before, draining all stubborn fat surrounding your thigh.

This will make your legs look longer and leaner. This however, comes at a price — in order for the insanity workout to strengthen you, it must first break you. Plain and simple — because it just works. That is if you want to see muscle definition as well as some muscle gain, and greatly decreased body fat percentage. I also chose the Insanity workout for couple of other reasons too which I will try to explain in this insanity workout review.

Boy oh boy was he wrong. This was the first time I got amazed by what kind of change happened inside my body. You will love the break though. I know I did. Right before it, the seconds actually feel longer, and the 30 seconds break seems even shorter than it is. This alone lets you know the real intensity of the workouts. The exercises are also created in order to strengthen your muscles by using your own body weight, and they are so versatile and diverse that you are working your body from head to toe.

Here is the truth moment in this insanity workout review — this is not for everybody. Piyo review or Core de force review. Now this is the interesting part everyone wants to know in a insanity workout review. As we are all different in many ways, you cannot tell for sure. But usually you will start to see the results by the end of the first week. Then maybe somewhere by the end of the first month you will think that there is no more improvement, but you will be wrong, as the results will come till the end, and even after finishing the Insanity workout.

There is rarely an insanity workout review out there that points that you will see results even after the 60 day period is over. As almost all of the Insanity exercises are compound in nature, you will first see the results in the form of tightening of the muscles all over your body.

You will also notice your thighs getting leaner, thus you will be able to fit in some old pants of yours pretty soon. As you know by now, in the Insanity workout you will use only your own body weight when doing the exercises. Meaning, your body will supply the resistance and weight. No additional equipment is required with the exception of a towel and something to cover the floor, since you will sweat a bucket of sweat.

The exercises are cardio centered in the beginning of the videos, and then gradually shift into more strength oriented. However, having yourself exhausted early on, makes sure that even the strength exercises cause your cardio rate to go way up. There will be a lot of jumping involved too, so you will feel a lot of pressure on your joints on the very beginning.

There is also some stretching and some yoga poses, that will make you more flexible than you anticipated. I cannot believe how stiff I was before doing these exercises. And I was looking to be in shape, so you do the math. The Insanity exercises are almost all compound in nature. This means that they focus on two or more large muscle groups at one time. This ensures faster fat loss, as well as higher adrenaline levels. It also means more muscle groups working at once; therefore more increase in testosterone levels while you exercise too.

In a way this helps a lot when doing the Insanity workout, since otherwise you will feel exhausted earlier. The nature of these compound exercises makes also sure that there is a lot of endorphin produced, that you will not feel so much pain during the workouts, and feel more relaxed after completing them.

Now here is the downer — unless you follow the diet plan or take a good care of yourself, you will be drained from energy most of the time. However, if you do take a good care of yourself and try healthier lifestyle for a change, then you will have even energy to spare.

You will most definitely become more agile, tougher, and more determined too. Also another plus is that you will have a better posture, due to the yoga poses, and somewhat to the over increased self-confidence as stupid as this sounds.

The thing I like the most I guess is being able to do any physical activity whatsoever with ease after completing the program. And also a thing that bugs me a lot is that many insanity workout reviews fail to tell you the Insanity program is an evolving thing, meaning that you will learn a different approach to it by the day , and by that achieve different results take for example always making sure that you ventilated the area in which you are about to workout, in order not to pass out — lesson learned the hard way.

I almost fainted once. Because of this, I will share some great tips on how to make the Insanity workout more pleasant further in this insanity workout review. You are probably wondering how is the insanity workout schedule created, and will you have days for rest or days when you will be taking it easy. This test will break you to the point when you feel exhausted. The next time you will have to take the test is after two weeks.

So you take this test every two weeks, on Mondays, in order to track your progress. All the other days in the week except Sunday are workout days. And every day is harder than the one before. At least this is due to not having time to rest. On Thursdays however, you have a cardio recovery day, where Shawn T is taking it easy on you. Then, instead of the usual cardio workouts, you are doing more stretches, and some balance exercises.

The hard thing here is that you will also do some strength exercises , and you will do them so slowly that suddenly the only thing close to recovery will be the title of the workout. The first month of the Insanity workout is easier though, if you ask me.

The tough insanity workout schedule is created so you can face the challenges the second month has to offer easily. The exercises stretch to as long as an hour and they are getting more complex indeed.

The hardest thing for me was when there were two sets of different workouts to do in one day. Especially in the second month where one workout was like one hour long. To make things clear I will advise you to follow the diet plan as much as you can. However, if you have trouble following it, then it is ok to make your own diet plan as long as it constitutes of the same basics, as the one from the insanity workout.

In short, this means that you must follow the proteins-carbs-fats ratio, since it is specially designed for this type of activity, and tailored for the results you want to see in your body. Therefore changing the diet plan from the insanity workout in order to make your own diet plan is really ok. The diet plan is constructed in the way that you will consume many calories throughout the day, so there is no need to worry if you will feel hungry.

However, we are talking about healthy fats most of the time, so even though you decide to change the diet plan and make your own, be sure to check and see what types of food are mentioned in the original diet plan. Reading this you probably know by now that you must forget junk food, because it will only hold you back in seeing the progress by hindering muscle growth and fat loss.

If you searched on the net even a little bit before you stumbled here, you will notice that many people out there compare the Insanity workout program with its competitor the P90X. I say competitor only because they are products by the same company, and they both have similar goals. The truth though is that they are so different that there is no point in comparing. I have some friends that tried the P90X, and by talking to them I see that the results these two programs produce are quite different.

The P90X goes for more muscle, since you also lift some weights and work with some equipment, and is more bulk oriented.

With the Insanity you will be far more fit, flexible, and you will see huge muscle definition, as well as some decent muscle growth. The most important thing though, is that with the Insanity workout you will lose more fat tissue that you ever thought possible. I lost stubborn fat that was stored on my thighs — that never happens when I do other workouts. People try to compare them in terms of which one is harder. And if someone tells you that the P90X is more demanding, just ask them and you will definitely see that they never done the Insanity.

You can try the P90X, finish it, and then still have a hard time dealing with the Insanity workout. For example it gives you one minute to do as many sets of an exercise as you can. I always find that I have so much to talk about when I meet someone who is doing the Insanity workout, or someone who already, as Shawn T. I also find myself trying to convince other people to try this exercise or read this insanity workout review.

I try helping them with tips and so on. The truth is that everyone who has tried the Insanity workout program will see you in a different light when you tell him that you are doing it too, or at least consider doing it. Also, as of recently, you can now stream Insanity with the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service, which allows for streaming of workouts anytime, anywhere. You can read more in this Beachbody on Demand review. As I promised earlier in this insanity workout review, here are some tips that I think will make your time the Insanity workout much easier.

You can get it separately from the official Beachbody Insanity website. Or you can get it via Beachbody On Demand. Therefore, you can also get Insanity through the official Beachbody On Demand website. Objectively, this is the better deal.

By the end of this Insanity workout review I hope that you made your decision whether the Insanity workout is the right workout for you, and I also hope that this Insanity workout review helped you more than some of the others out there.

You should also try to read the comments below. There are a lot of them, but they can also help you decide whether the Insanity workout is for you. I personally recommend the Insanity workout, because I know that it works, and because I had a lot of fun hours with it. I even think about doing it all over again.

After doing the Insanity workout there is only one thing that I can guarantee you, you will now be able to do any physical activity whatsoever with ease, and finally lose tremendous amount of body fat , while growing and shaping your muscles. Will definitely try it again. Hi there, I loved your review.. I have essential hypertension high blood pressure that is controlled with medication..

Am I a suitable candidate for the insanity programme? If something is hard, you will do a light version of it or sit and catch your breath while watching them do it. It gets easier if you keep pushing yourself little by little in such a way.

The first time I did it, I was really motivated and I got amazing amazing results. I had muscles popping everywhere and really wanted to wear little shorts for the first time. Im doing it to peruse my dream of becoming a professional soccer player! Well what a fantastic review. I am still on my second week day 1, there is already result. Keeping up with the team in the videos is very hard, but i would say the wish to catch up with them it is Strength which is giving you motivation.

The program is going under the skin. Hey Slavko, I am a 51 year old male and I am on day 37 of Insanity.

I decided I was going to take my life back and get back in shape. This is the best move I have ever made involving work out program. You are right about it breaking you down.

Thanks again for the support. I sweat profusely during every work out. I have had some minimal improvement at the 2nd fit test. My physique is the same, though. Already looking forward to it. Glad to hear that Daniel: Prepare for a fun ride. If you want to be prepared I suggest starting with some low cardio in the form of jogging at first. After three or four days start with some exercises using your own body weight, like sit-ups, push-ups you will have countless of variations of these in the program , squats since the program focuses a lot on your quads and calves.

Before you start make sure that you can do some more intense cardio, and you will be ready. Looking forward to hear how things will go. Hello Slavko, I just read your review of It is now July 26, I think I am way far behind but never late.

I have started to mess around and play with the routines in Insanity from a pack of used DVD given to me as a giveaway. I did not know how to establish a regimen. Then I could not even pass beyond 20 minutes. I die every time. So I was wondering if there is a way to do this right and properly as I could not execute a lot of those stretching and plyo and push ups so I just keep jumping and swaying and moving around until the video is into the part where I can do it.

Today, as I read you review, I decided I want to do it seriously and prepared my gym room with mat and towel and water. Is it okay to start this way, having used it for about a month without really following the routines to the T? Or does this mess with the result I am seeking? I just want body definition. I have just got my insanity pack i will be starting it on Monday!!

Where is your before and after pix? I just want to see it because I started today and I want to know what to look forward to. Im planning on starting insanity and just pray that o have to motivation and willpower.

There are a lot of push ups, but this is the thing with insanity: It never forces you to do high number of repetitions in one set. Instead, you go with 4, than 8, up to But make it right.

If you still want to reach that mark though, go with steady progress over a certain time frame. I did this when I wanted to see how many sit-ups I can do. Following this method, it seems I can do quite a lot ;.

Thank you for the information—I have the same problem with push ups. How about adapting them and doing them with knees on the ground so you are still getting the upper body workout? I just after the first week I was getting better! Form is always better!

The only issue with doing push-ups on your knees is that you remove your core from the exercise. The core is one of the key elements to all exercises. Try facing a wall and do upright push-ups focusing on proper form while engaging the core as you do the motions. As time goes on and strength improves begin to move to lower surfaces like a bench or chair.

Thank you so much for that review! It answered a lot of my questions. I ordered Insanity and it should be getting here any day now. High school soccer season is in full swing now, and since my school starts a bit later in the day the plan was to do insanity in the morning, then soccer practice after school.

Do you think this will be too much for me? We have games twice a week Tuesday and Thursday so I was thinking use the rest day on Thursday but also take Tuesday off. Will I still get good results if I do insanity 5 days a week instead of 6? Let me know what you think!! Doing Insanity in the mornings, and also playing soccer after school is challenging to say the least. You are an athlete though, so I assume that this is not some ignorant decision, but rather knowing your limits.

I tried following some similar pattern, the first time I did Insanity. I was then into running the 5K, and tried to squeeze some run sessions in the less demanding days of the program, as well as tried to combine things with adding additional rest days. I settled for doing only Insanity. You see, if you try and give ALL you got into the Insanity workouts, I doubt that you will need more.

However, you can compensate with not going as deep in the exercises, as to have still some energy to put into the soccer practice. I believe that you can manage to do both. I think I will try to do Insanity 5 days a week none on game days and see how it goes.

That means I will finish in early November instead of later October, which is fine. Thanks for the advice and good luck with your 5K training! Will keep you posted: One more question — after I have figured out how many calories I eat a day do I add the calories that I burn doing insanity or do I just eat the number i get from the equation? Nope, just the number from the equation. I found though, that you can speed things up, results wise, if you free more room for proteins in your diet on the expense of carbs.

However, keep them close too, since otherwise you will lack the energy. Well yes, though its up to every individual. Some may just find the decrease in intake of carbs to be a lot harder.

Try and tweak things as you go. Its a great review,I read a lot but this honestly was the best. Am in day 4 today,and its very tough but am insisting to finish this workout with whatever result i will get even if sometimes i couldnt finish the session after 30 min am dead!!

The main problem with me in insanity is the Yoga and stretching part,my body is not flexible am 40 year old. I need your advise, Is this ok and i will get used after time? About the intensity of the program, believe me, it gets easier after the first week. Then though, after the first month it gets harder, since the second month of the program is the most demanding.

When you get there make sure to drop a line to let us know how are things going…. Regarding the flexibility and the stretching: I too had the same problem. Although way younger, it was a pain in the start. Then I tried this: I was to make every stretch last longer, while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Every day, I was reaching for more during the stretch, but always tried to hold till the end of it.

My advice would be: Even take it a little bit easier in the warm-up part, but do those stretches. Try this and tell me how it goes. What you gain with Insanity will last long my friend.

Thanks for your reply.. I didnt get it very well…what you mean to keep up with stretching as the vedio and to try my best to do it right? And regarding thd diet: Usaully at BF i get one sandwich with tea or fruit juice Lunch: Your diet seems very healthy.

Though you should add some fruits or protein bars in-between meals. About my earlier advice- go as deep as you can into the stretch, and try to held that position while taking deep breaths. Every day try going lower with the stretches, bit by bit. Instead try the stretches in the position which is only slightly uncomfortable at first, staying there longer, and then progress each day.

Through the net,and through his website that many persons got six packs after 60 day which i cant believe and i think its impossible.. Although I wish i can have the 6 packs but all my concern now is to just to loose my belly fat which is not to big and the fat around my waist these places are very stubborn..

I noticed that this course mostly is concentrating on the thighs area till now i feel pain on my thighs and every day later is the same my thighs muscles is not getting used to the course till now!!! Most of the time,I cant finish the training everyday after min because of my breath. Hi Dankar, Congrats for reaching the 3rd week! Even some of the trainers fall short. Regarding the six packs- It is true, not a lot of muscle can be gained in the abdominal area, though if you can push harder on ab exercises you can notice some better results.

The trick is that your abdominal fat will be gone, so it will look like muscle gain, since you will have a lot of muscle definition. The fat around the waist should disappear, believe me. The thighs are definitely suffering the most stress. But it is understandable, since we all know how hard it is to loose the stubborn fat in that area. The pain should pass over time, meaning you will get used stressing the thighs. I will advice you though to watch a close eye on that, and not be reckless about it.

It is advised to have a cardio check before we enroll ourselves in such activities, but we never do it. The video instruction is not tailored after each individual, so take rest when you feel like it. Stretching is important, yes. It will flex your muscles, and allow a better blood circulation, as well as cardio recovery. This means more muscle can be made. Regarding the abs workout- do the whole video. But take your rest before you jump into it. You see, if you have your rest, then you can deep deeper into the workout, and that means better results.

And to be honest,Am afraid of the MAX section.. I dont know if i can do it it will be 1 hour of max. To give you some background, I was very out of shape, and I was doing P90x and Jogging with decent results, around 25 lbs lost in 90 days along with some dieting changes.

Now at about lbs, with 3 months of workout background I started Insanity. Let me say the first week and a half was tough! I could also only make it about minutes, in fact, I had a decrease to 25 minutes one day earlier in week 2. Then after a cardio recovery day, I decided the following day to push, no matter what to the end.

And now, on the end of the second week, I made it. Let me just say, I was very tired after doing so, but it felt great to accomplish my goal and finish the routine.

Lets hope I can repeat it. I always remember the last min: I was doing abs in the morning but I stopped as I read it will not be useful unless I loose my belly fat. Do you think Insanity is something I can do, given my age.

Your workout schedule is quite impressive Sandy: I cannot see why not going for Insanity. Given the various nature of your workout program, you are suited for the Insanity program the most.

It also shows your dedication, which is a crucial factor in Insanity. Just try and find something to lay upon the space where you work out, since Insanity will make you sweat A LOT. I was even surprised the first time. Thanks for the advise and encouragement…. What are your thoughts on that, is it worth the investment? I think you should try without it, and then see how it goes.

For now I will advise you not to buy it. During the last 2 years I have lost over lbs and workout times a week. My goal is to get down to lbs, but the last 50 lbs or so have been the hardest to lose. After reading your review I feel like I can do this, but certainly not with ease— good thing I like challenges! Reading your comment Stephanie, I think that you can make it.

You said something that plays a big part in whether one can or cannot do Insanity. So, I was not doing any physical activity in something over a month before I tried Insanity. The first week was the hardest physical challenge I had to make ever.

Therefore I honestly think that you can make it. And about loving challenges- you are about to enjoy this then: It gets addictive ;. I am currently a University student, and my room mate actually brought this work out to my attention. She really wants to do it and wants me to join her. The problem that I see is the difference between our fitness levels. My room mate is one of those people who eats anything she wants, weighs lbs, and never moves a muscle in her body.

She does understand that she will have to do some prep work before she can begin this, and shes fully aware that she needs to get in better cardio shape first. I however, am one of those people that eats all the right stuff, and because I am a student who spends all day sitting and studying I have gained 60pounds since I started. When I was younger, I was an intense athlete and I got my black belt in karate.

I had 6 hours training sessions for over a year, two to three times a week, and finally my grading lasted two days of the most intense physical exercise anybody could ever imagine. However, when I stopped doing all this exercise all the time my body went crazy and gain a ton of weight. I know this is impossible, really I do, but I swear my body has just conditioned itself to needing that much exercise on a normal basis.

Since doing that stuff, I have been so unhappy. I go to the gym and I work out, but I only seem to get heavier. Its like my fat is so stubborn, I build muscle under my fat regardless of how much cardio I do, and then I look even fatter than I am.

Its really frustrating and upsetting. But, I truly am scared that weighing lbs is just too much to be trying something like this. I have no clue how to deal with being overweight and its all happened pretty suddenly to me. And, lastly, we were wondering if you need a lot of space to do the workout-because we live in a pretty tiny basement suite. Reading your comment I can tell you that Insanity is going to make a huge difference.

First, regarding the difference between you and your friend in terms of fitness- it is not a big deal. You see, some of us are fast, explosive, agile, even without doing that much of a training- we simply are that way.

And reading through your comment I see that your body is probably very sensitive to change- some extra food, and not that much of an activity and it gets prone to adding the pounds. On the other hand though, throw in some hard workout, and it gains results quickly.

I find my body to resemble the same pattern. In less than an year or so, I injured my knee due to rigid 5K training. The epilogue- almost two months out of any physical activity, while eating a lot. Then I started Insanity. The first week was hell: The thing is, that after the first week my body was back on track- I tell you, if you were once able to do those demanding exercises, then your body IS capable.

It just needs some initial push. My brother is way skinnier than me, but when he started Insanity he had trouble right after the first week, and he quit. About hurting yourself, no one can tell you for sure, but my guess is that you will be fine.

My knee still ached when I started the program, but after the first week the pain was gone. My guess is that the muscles around it become more flexible, stronger, bigger, that they started giving way more support the balance exercises, as well as the yoga positions will take care of that.

The fact that you are overweight now has nothing to do with completing insanity. Sure, it will be harder, but even if you are in a good shape you will still have to push to a higher bar, thus again facing the same difficulty. Finally, about the space- if you plan to do the program one at a time, then you will need a space of approximately 2X2 meters. If both at once, then something slightly over that, though you can make combinations. Another thing I forgot to mention- Although I was skeptical that exercise alone can get rid of stubborn fat I always looked to find the solution more in terms of nutrition , this program convinced me otherwise.

Although the results were better after incorporating healthy diet mainly protein centered , it melted stubborn fat even on its own. Make sure to notice that even during the first week. I really appreciated your comprehensive review. I am just on Day 3 of Insanity, and was very heartened by all that you had to say. I am not following the meal plan — in fact, I just signed up to receive meals delivered from a weight-loss company — I hope this will be okay. Anyway — thanks again for such a great review.

Just make sure to eat more protein, as well as healthy fats. Carbs are useful to, but keep them in smaller portion.

And eat 5 to 6 times a day. This is a great review and has certainly given me more impetus to get to the end and see the results. I intend to run through insanity starting in January for a second time. My reason for this is that I want to get to a point where I can start Insanity with a running start. Initially in the fist 2 weeks I was doing the push ups from my knees instead of the usual plank position.

Although, I am now finding doing them not too bad. I am in week 3 of Insanity just now. I have already seen big differences. I have already lost 3 inches off my waist, and lost 16lbs in weight. In the past I did a bit of boxing, and doing this programme has given me the energy to go out and hit the bag after every session for about minutes.

Although this is not necessary, I am enjoying the new found energy that I have. I am not following the food plan although I am eating extremely healthily in my own way. I have cut out everything apart from healthy foods, and ones that are recommended. Its the savouries that were my downfall. Now though, instead of eating crisps etc, I will have a few olives. I find it amazing that there is such cameraderie and comradeship through this programme. I wish I had found it years ago. I live in a pretty remote area in Scotland, so I am doing this on my own.

Its great to come on places like this and get a boost in motivation and the confidence to succeed. I started it with the same thought in mind- looking for people and forming somewhat of a community for Insanity enthusiasts.

And the interesting part is that everyone who ever tried Insanity will spare some of their time to help other comrades enrolled in the program. I too plan to start Insanity again. Like you said, I need to see how it is when you start with power, in a very decent shape. You will see after you are finished with it.

Why the Insanity workout at the first place?