2018 Top 10 Medicare Supplement Companies

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Companies for 2018

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Zhang's treatment fees are VERY affordable when compared to other local practitioners whose training hardly compares to Dr. I opted for the plan that gave me essential preventative care before meeting my deductible requirement, and nothing more. Thumb Tenosynovitis trigger thumb. The flavor is fantastic. Home Practitioner Meet the Staff. This is the general enrollment period for Medicare. I wanted to try acupuncture and was fortunate they accept my insurance.

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TriWes t Covered Acupuncture and Massage benefit for veterans, this program goes into effect March 1, Patients with these plans can receive up to 6 acupuncture sessions per year. Call Jason Acupuncture Clinic to check your plan today! We are dedicated to bringing you safe alternatives to healing your body, mind, and spirit. We offer the best acupuncturists, massage therapists, and Chinese medicinal herbs around along with special one-on-one attention and affordable rates.

We are able to customize your treatment by only using disposable acupuncture needles. Your satisfaction is our number one priority ; Come in and chat with us. We look forward to meeting you! Office location Old St.

I have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and numerous problems with my spine that stem from having a double curve scoliosis. When I had my first session, I could not believe how much better I started to feel.

I was just about immobile when I started and little by little I am able to walk for longer distances without so much pain.

Jason and your lovely wife who is kind, gracious and friendly. Jason is professional, kind and extremely good at what he does. Jason about 6 weeks now due to degenerative disk disease for the past 20 years. I am no longer crying everyday from pain. My back pain has become more tolerable and I can now smile and I see a brighter future thanks to Dr. Since then I have experienced great relief. Lucy at the front desk is incredibly warm and welcoming and Jason is very professional and thorough.

If it is your first time or your th time doing acupuncture Jason on old St. Augustine rd is the one to see. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I will continue going for weekly visits. I feel my body healing itself and recommend Jason to anyone who needs natural pain relief. Ankle Pain Wed, August 3, 2: Jason the day after my well respected orthopedic doctor told me he had to do surgery on my ankle. I had already suffered 18 months, following Doctor's directions which kept tearing open the injury.

Lucy was so kind to offer me a package for new patients. After my first treatment, I felt relief, I could walk without pain. Not that it has been easy, the longer the injury, the longer the healing takes. Not only does Dr. Jason treat my ankle, but he treats other issues, like knee and foot pain. He also treats other ailments like acid reflux and stress. I can honestly say that I have been to PT many times and Dr. Jason is the best therapist I have been to.

If the injured tendon or ligament needs deep massage, he will do that. The orthopedic doctors never touched my ankle. Jason is amazing, he has so much knowledge and I am so grateful to have found a Doctor like him.

I'm pregnant Fri, July 29, 9: We went to reproductive clinic and did all kind of procedures. Nothing was working for us until one day when I decided to go to acupuncture. After one month of treatment with Jason I become pregnant I am 31 weeks pregnant now and still get treatment once a week. My entire left side was weakened , My speech was affected, I had pain and vision trouble in my eyes and shaking of my left hand.

After a week in the hospital I left with a long list of medications to take and an appointment with a neurologist in 8 weeks. I went to Jason Acupuncture and had immediate results.

Now after 6 weeks I have no limp, full use of my left hand without shaking, vision has returned, no pain in eyes and most of all the migraine is now gone.

I don't understand how the treatments work, but I have had remarkable results and that is my concern. My last visit he treated me for back pain and I left with the pain completely gone. I would recommend anyone who is skeptable about acupuncture to put aside their concerns and try a few sessions. When I first tried acupuncture I thought it would not work. I am now sold on it as it has worked miracles on me. I purchase 20 sessions as when you purchase more they get cheaper.

When these are complete, I plan to purchaser more as it is the best investment I have made. My health has greatly improved because of him. I have been and will continue to recommend him to everyone. Acupuncture and his other treatments will treat a variety of issues, so why would you want to go through life in pain when Dr. Jason can get rid of it for you. I will be going to him to stay feeling great.

Finding Jason Acupuncture as like winning the health care lottery for me. Before treatment, only had 20 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion.

After months of nothing working, I went to the doctor. My doctor recommended that I see a surgeon. I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. After a few weeks of treatment my elbow healed without surgery. I went to acupuncture about 10 to 12 times.

I have not had any issues or pain with that elbow since. A few months ago, I was on the top of my ladder and fell rupturing my left tricep. This is one of the most painful and traumatic experiences of my life. I had to have surgery to repair my tricep. An injury like this takes around 6 months to a year to fully recover. After 19 staples and weeks of extremely painful physical therapy my elbow was not improving as it should.

The pain was worse than pre operation. After six weeks, I only had 20 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion which was very painful. My right arm is at 0 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion which is normal. At the 6 week follow up with the surgeon, he noted that I was not improving so he ordered more PT and told me to enter pain management. My arm was very stiff, swollen and not to mention still very painful.

The very next PT session the therapists pushed my elbow much harder and the pain was just not tolerable. I was in tears and grabbed the therapist's hand and told her to stop I cannot take the pain.

I left PT and drove straight to Dr. Jason's office praying he would be able to help with a much more severe injury. After only a few visits to Dr. Jason the physical therapist noticed a huge improvement and PT was not as painful after adding acupuncture. I did not go to pain management as the surgeon instructed. I continued PT twice a week for a few more weeks along with acupuncture 2 to 3 times a week.

Once I added acupuncture to my rehab, I began to improve rapidly. At the 10 week point my elbow improved to 3 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion. The severe pain was gone. The 10 week follow up with the surgeon was a good visit. The surgeon was very impressed with my progress from the 6 week follow up.

I told the surgeon that I added acupuncture to the program and that I did not go to pain management as instructed.

The surgeon told me whatever I was doing to continue and that I was on the way to a full recovery. After the 10 week follow up with the surgeon I stopped going to physical therapy. I have continued the exercises on my own and continued to go to acupuncture a couple times a week. It has been 16 weeks since the surgery and I am very close to a full recovery.

I continue to go to acupuncture once a week along with strength exercises daily. I can honestly say without Dr. Jason's help I would not be recovering and feeling better. Jason is a true healer. Neuropathy and venous insufficiency Tue, November 3, After just a few treatments, Jason C.

Zhang has given me a brand new outlook. The extreme burning, stinging and stabbing pains have eased dramatically, the discoloration is much paler and the swelling has dramatically decreased. Upon learning I also had lower back problems, he started treating that and I will be forever grateful. Jason has a compassionate attitude, is gentle and truly cares about his patients.

There are no words to express my gratitude for what he has already done for me and we're not through yet. I highly recommend him to family, friends and total strangers.

Thumb Tenosynovitis trigger thumb. Bye, My wrist brace!!! My low back pain is gone. Relieves your pain without drugs Tue, August 25, 8: The results for us have been very good. It relieves your pain without drugs. A great massage follows acupuncture. It all works together to make you feel like a new person and be able to do the things you like to do.

She speaks wonders of Jason. I took my son which he is 2 yrs old. He was suffering from wheezing in his chest and common cold and cough. I was tired of taking him to the Dr. Decided to take him in with Jason, after a couple of sessions my son was better in a couple of days a lot quicker than waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Thanks Jason and your team are so nice and wonderful to my son.

I will see you guys soon. Chronic Pain Thu, January 22, Neuropathy in both legs and feet , arthritis , causing inflammation in my back,shoulders and neck. Stressed out with it all,being handed another bottle of pills with side affects galore, I was more than ready for something that would be a more natural approach,that would actually work. Dr Jason with his abundant of knowledge and his ability to treat with acupuncture has set me free from pain.

I get up in the morning,looking forward to a more productive day. Jason,you have calmed my spirit and put a lot more "pep in my step"! When I started Dr. Jason's wonderful Acupuncture Weight Loss Program on January 1, , I was overweight to the point of being obese and I had problems with high blood pressure and rapidly rising bad cholesterol. My knees were starting to ache, had a low enery level and very little self esteem.

My decision to do Dr. Jason's weight loss program was the best decision I have ever made. I'm sure when my blood work is repeated in June , my cholesterol will have also improved from my past results in December before I started the weight loss plan. I highly recommend Dr. Jason's Weight Loss Program as I have tried almost all other programs and fad diets without success in the past.

Jason's program treats the whole person Mind, Body, and Spirit and for me, it is a Blessing to be treated by such an experienced, talented, warm and compasionate Doctor. I am still receiving treatment and will update again when I reach my goal weight. If you want to try a weight loss program that really works and treats your whole body Jason's program a try. In addition to securing your […]. Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee.

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