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I will have to wait to try calling them tomorrow. As an incentive I started back as an incentive to help my husband to lose weight, as instructed by his doctor. I was eating donuts, ice cream and chips as it was in my point range. I was on 40mg of Prozac and then my doc added Abilify very recently since I've seemed to develop a tolerance to the Prozac. Weight watcher is penalizing her and probably others just to raise their fees even if WW are wrong. I was on ability for 2 weeks and gained 6 lbs. Below are qualifying events:


Why exactly does Abilify cause weight gain?

Thanks for the insight on WW, it sounds great and I really need a change. I also feel like everything I do involves food and its taking over my life.

I love the new additions! I really like this enhancement to the program. I have learned the hard way that willpower is crap and routines ARE the key.

I had some great routines going into the holidays—and then they all fell apart. I love WW new focus on them because they really are the key to long-term success. Now I just need to get back into those routines! So glad you are liking the additions to the program. I agree that the focus on routines really is the key piece that makes it that much better. Sounds like some great additions; I did the program successfully and am now pregnant again and hopefully will be revisiting it this summer.

Gina — Congrats on being pregnant again! Hm… thanks for sharing this. Maybe I need to read over all the new stuff and pick a few routines that will help me. If you go onto e-tools, you can browse through the routines and pick ones that you do need to work on. There are a ton of tips just on the website for each of the routines in all different spaces, so that might be a good starting point. I do agree that it can be hard if the routines are things you already do, but I love the additional ideas I get from the meeting room.

Curious if you are doing WW online as well as attending meetings. And if one just does WW online, would they still get the routine and spaces info?

The new WW program is actually what enticed me to give WW another go. I joined several years ago, got about 12 pounds from goal, stalled and fell off the wagon. I rejoined on Jan. I joined WW again about 6 weeks ago. This time, I took a different approach. I go my meeting every Tuesday morning and stay the whole time. I engage in the discussions and ask for help when needed. And I am loving it- the new program is SO helpful for me- because I really had to tackle the reason behind why I gained weight and mindlessly eat, etc.

Thanks for such a great review! I am finally embracing the new program and using the tools that the meeting and e-tools provides. I am a repeat WW offender….: I have found a new commitment this time around…although far from perfect. Beth, thank you for this post and I hope you share more of your WW experiences as a leader with us on your blog.

Thank you for posting this!! I am a member of the meetings, and I honestly had no idea what the new program was about—despite the fact that I go to meetings every week! I am going to start looking at the routines I can form! This was great info, Beth! I am doing WW online and kind of wish now I was going to meetings instead.

After reading your post, I think I will give these more attention! The tips about food in the fridge and always taking a snack with you when you go out, are great!

I am glad to see that, on my own, gradually, the contents of my fridge have changed and reflect mostly what you mentioned above. I even went out and bought snack size baggies for other things like sunflower seeds, etc. I portion out any snacks like that right away, so I can just grab a baggie and know exactly how many points I am getting! Another tip, my husband has ALWAYS done for the sake of saving money and I now strive to do for my health is, always bring a bottle of water with you when you leave the house.

There have been so many times in the past where I get thirsty but am not anywhere I could easily walk into a store and buy some water; he just reaches into his backpack and has water any time he wants!

Without having to dole out money, either. I am 50 and have been on protein shakes for meal replacements for a few years. It was successful until I became sensitive to the ingredients. I want to know if this is a great nutritional way to loose weight or just maintain as my matbalism slows as I age? I exercise regularly but when it comes to food I really need help. I tend to either skip meals or crave carbs. So just to maintain and feel great is this for me? A friend and I are going to our first meeting this coming Thursday and I am very excited to start this program.

I am terribly overweight and my Dr. I know this is probably an unrealistic goal in my life and gastric by-pass may be the only option I have. I really need to know if this is possible. I have also had to have neck surgery and major back surgery. Let me tell you my story. But I had to at least TRY! I lost lbs! Once I started the program, I never looked back. It took just 2 years to lose the weight. I never starved myself to increase my weight-loss because I knew from previous experience that just comes back and bites you big time.

What made me stick with it? The freedom to move like I never could before, my boundless energy, loving what I saw in the mirror every day and best of all moving down from a size 28 to a size 6. Surgery as an option for weight-loss is a serious one to make and for some people, it is the only way. I never considered it for many reasons; the risks that major surgery brings, the tiny meals would be a downer I love food!

I encourage you to try WW and give it your all. Best of luck to you!! Hi Darlene — Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly inspiring story! Does the program work for the stubborn menopausal weight gain? This has truly convinced me to join, thanks for sharing. I have contemplated trying the new program and now plan on attending the meeting this week.

I have pounds to lose. Mad at myself for being so heavy and very frustrated. Tried weight watchers once before and had a terrible leader who started md out with wrong point total. Was planning on going to a meeting Monday for information on gastric bypass but not a fan of the surgery approach.

Thank you for sharing your story. Nice to hear big girls find success also not just the ones trying to lose 20 pounds. I feel your pain. A year ago, I was on points plus and lost 60 pounds.

Was under for the first time in years. Then I gained back 45 pounds of it. Back to needing to lose pounds again. Thanks — your words have encouraged me to give the WW a try. Your story if very inspiring and I hope it works for me too! How do you make yourself eat the foods that are good for you? The only vegetable I eat with dinners is corn.

I eat by taste and at 55 how do you change that thinking? Where do I begin. I m 61 and have tried ww a few time. Have gone up and down the weight loss and gain tower. Nd I m at the gain again. Even being in a coma for a month did not give me weight loss. So 4 yrs ago I died and was brought back to life. Everything I eat makes my stomach hurt. No one knows why. So after watching one of my faves. Jennifer Hudson last night on the acadamy awards.

I said to myself. I know you have a chef. Skinny legs and a huge midsection. How can I be helped doing the online version. I have joined WW severall times and the last 2 times I did lose a pound but never could get pass that, I would lose then gain it back.

I am a bit reluctant to join again, I do not want to waste the money again. Can you give me some pointers on making this work for me. I need to lose 20 pounds. Hi Marietta — Sorry you have been struggling so much with WW lately! I know the meetings make a huge difference for people, so one idea could be to try out different meetings until you find a group and a leader that you like.

Also, planning is a huge piece for me, so taking some time on the weekends to plan for the week can set you up for success. Men have it easier when it comes to weight loss! I know i need to get moving but Do you think the WW online tools would help with this nasty menopausal weight? I do think the e-tools are a great option, especially since they are cheaper than the meetings or the online program.

Hi beth I really want to lose weight but im not sure what program to choose I really prefer the online version because I have a baby and its hard for me to attend the meetings and my car is down right now.

I need help and fast I also have a gym membership to work out so I just want to know if the online version is good and do it works. I have been successful on WW. I made my goal years ago and have kept it off with the exception of 5 lbs. I would very much like to purchase the books that have the new point values.

Is there anyway I can do that without formally joining? Several years ago, I did great with the original points system. I prefer online to meetings, any pointers?

I am twenty-seven years old and started weight watchers on March 26th I find that I struggle with planning and staying away from foods that I crave. She is beyond excellent and has helped with our journey for 2 years. Today when we went to the meeting we were told she was gone. No warning, no good bye, just gone. Her replacement was weak. I would like to know where Sharon L is and why she was just pulled from our meeting, When I called I was put on hold for 11 minutes.

It is a disgrace that WW would just pull such an outstanding leader from our meeting. We are not happy and we would like some answers. Lost my Lifetime number and for 2 months have been trying to talk to someone who understands how to spell my name and speak English!

So far all I get is someone tells me to call a number with a recording that no one returns a call.. I hope someday to straighten this out …………Hope no one ever looses their number. Call Lorie at their main number She is the head of the customer complaint department. I also had issues with the over seas call centers. I am very disappointed in WW for not issuing a written update to your product points.

I have relied on the points on your packaging and now I find out they are old packages. Chip cookies were 2 points and the last time is went shopping they had a row a cookies at 2 points and right next to it was row of cookies 4 points.

Under the old package 2 cookies was 4 pts now its 8. Your small ice cream bar was 2 pint and now it is 3 points. Your cheese stayed the same but you pep. Maybe you should consult Oprah. A printout passed out at meetings, on line, to member e-mails, that is not an unreasonable request. You deal in weight problems, therefore you should look at everything you do from that point of view.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the Philippines and no resolve. I went to the local WW in Toms River and they directed me to the chat line. After chatting with Lady Felipe Mae G for another 20 minutes, still no help whatsoever.

Worse company I have ever dealt with. My issue is I paid for a 3 month program on January 2, for I have a confirmation email from WW for that same day! Good thing I retained it because no one at WW can see it! My bank saw it when the funds were removed from my bank account. Then WW deducted an additional Trying to get this resolved has been tortuous.

Philippines said there was no supervisor and Tech Support was busy. The chat line referred me to the number. All I want answered is why I paid Shame on WW and Oprah for running such a poor business model and farming work out to the Philippines when so many Americans are out of work. WW is not a cheap plan and then they take money out of the account for whatever program they want. The program may or may not work but taking money out of an account and then not being able to find it on their end is sad.

My suggestion is to keep every email and confirmations you have with them. When I first joined WW in October we could not get the app to download on my iphone. The girls at my local meeting place got it loaded and working finally. I was on a 3 month program back then and the app worked just fine. Then last night when I went to track a snack around 8 p. I worked with it and worked with it last night, asked a fellow WW friend and never got in.

I had to spell everything, and she still got it wrong. I asked for someone who spoke and understood better English or her supervisor and she insisted that I deal with her. After 10 minutes of frustration, I practically pleaded with her to put someone else on the line.

I would like some statistics on the success of members to achieve goal weight with the new Smartpoints program. I am a lifetime member. I have approximately 30 pounds to go to re-reach my goal. I have lost almost 70 pounds, almost 50 since September. I joined to lose weight knowing from past success, that Weight Watchers worked. They can not answer the daily calories this new program is built around, the statistics of success among members, or a simple question like what bread is factored into the points for a sub at Subway.

I will wait in great anticipation for an answer to my questions: What is the average caloric intake for someone assigned 30 daily points?

And finally, what bread is used to calculate the sub sandwich points at Subway in etools? I have never been so frustrated with a company and their customer service as I am with Weight Watchers. I have been a Weight Watchers for a number of years and technical issues of the last year are deplorable!

Most recently I have been trying for the last year to get the weight recorded at the meeting to automatically update the weight watcher tools. The Help Desk which is in the Philippines is useless they tell you to go to the meetings and get it fixed there, the you go to the meeting and they tell you to call the helpdesk. It is the worst run company I have interacted with. There are tons of apps out there and programs just as good is Weight Watchers I am seriously thinking about canceling my membership membership with I have had for years.

I am so frustrated with Weight Watchers. I paid for 3 months. After 2 weeks, I had so much stress, I realized I could not continue. I asked if I could talk to someone from the United States, they said they could not transfer me, I would have to keep calling back to see if someone would pick up from the United States, however, I keep getting the Phillipines. When I did not get the refund after weeks, I checked the confirmation email and it was gone!!

GONE from my server! I then called twice, was on hold for an hour or more. They also could not find my account, apparently they found an old account. Finally I gave them the number and they found me.

While I was waiting on the phone for the girl to give me a refund after I had to get very aggressive , I cancelled my subscription online. This was after one and a half hours. I used to have no problem with them, now its horrible and I am going to go on FB and let others know.

With the prolific child obesity in America, this service could prove to be invaluable to children and their families. Weight Watchers could partner with Michelle Obama and her Move initiative as well as partner with schools across the nation for programming and healthy food options.

Would not this be a totally new market for WTW — a financial incentive? But, above and beyond this, imagine the good a company like WTW could do for this population that would pay dividends on a national scale. Mr Taylor great minds must think alike! My husband and I have been going over this idea for months now.

I think its a great idea. I love the fact you included all the obesity facts with children but one step further…prevention! I attended my first WW meeting was I was 10 with my mother. I have always struggled with my weight. I just had to use the adult program and here the adult solutions and problems. I was always embarrassed about being on the program. I had no where to belong and embrace what i was learning or even how to apply to it to my 10 year old life.

None of my childhood issues were addressed. I say prevention because my husband and I a couple of years ago had really great success with WW.

My husband who has never had an issue with weight or ever had to diet was blown away with the health of WW. We have a 14 year old daughter who my husband has always stressed good eating and exercise with. She is a competitive gymnast who competed for 9 years and recently retired to try new things. My husband and I would never want my daughter to struggle and feel less than because of her weight, like I did. He and my daughter would see my pain with my weight and it kept me from living life.

My daughter does not have a weight issue but lacks a solid foundation of food and the science behind it. I mean I cook and provide a well balanced meal for her but she eats junk at school with no real knowledge of the cost of those chips etc. Sometimes she will come home and say I ate nothing today but a soda and bag of chips not realizing the calories or amount of sugar she consumed.

My husband and I are going back to WW and want to take our 14 yr old daughter but have to approach it with caution. The last thing we want is that people would think we want our slender 14 yr old daughter to lose weight.

What we want is for her to learn nutrition! What we want is for her to see how her food choices affect her health. We are going early to the first meeting and talk to the leader and she what she thinks? They may not even allow her to be part of the program. We are going to try and get our family on a healthy start this New Year including our daughter.

Someone told me you are not allowed ever to call someone back. Now your website will NOT permit me to call. Now you have taken my November money and sent me a card. Call me so I can find out what to do now. I have been trying to get you to stop sending me your spam for six months. I have the dates, the times, the representatives and supervisors I spoke to, and various emails to individuals within the company which I will also report as evidence of your total and deliberate neglect of my efforts.

I have spent hours on the phone with people that I could barely understand, being put on hold while the rep. I was asked if a supervisor could call me back but no one did. Last person apologized profusely was supposedly a supervisor , promised that she had taken care of my problem — two weeks later and I have more spams. Terrible company — letters to the editor are also forthcoming. I have spent over an hour today trying to talk to someone who speaks English to find out why the list of Restaurants and their menus have been deleted from the website for my PC.

I was finally transferred to Iris in Louisiana who heard my complaint, verified that it was true and submitted my request to reinstate that information. Why on earth would that information be deleted when we are repeatedly told we need to plan ahead when going out so that we stay on plan.

I am seriously considering leaving Weight Watchers if this situation is not rectified. That is one of the reasons I joined. Also, the fact that the first 3 people I spoke with today were non-English speaking was very frustrating and unhelpful.

How does it help to have someone who does not speak English trying or not to help an English speaking person. What a waste of my time and hers. After promising that I would not be disconnected again she finally received permission to transfer me to a supervisor in the U. I canceled WW within 6 days after joining. I was instructed to complete a form and mail it to the corporate office, which I did. I honestly fail to see why this could not be handled online. When I first joined, I provided my WW leader with 3 checks.

The first check was cashed approximately one week after I canceled my membership. I called WW today and was informed that they could not assist me because the corporate office in New York handles all cancelations. The WW customer rep I spoke to could not provide me with any updates on my refund, but did warn me that the 2nd check will most likely be cashed next week.

I was told the only way to contact the corporate office is to write a letter. Can you believe this???? This is a racquet!!! Has anybody else had problems with product exchange from pro to smart points. I have been trying to exchange my scales in meetings since January — the leaders kept saying that they had not had no stock. I spoke to a supervisor today for half an hour. I send email after email to take my name off your mailing list and each time I am told it will take three weeks but three weeks pass and I still get emails.

Since I have requested many, many times to stop sending them I call them spam. I find your IT department way behind the times. I was told the last time I joined that your IT department was finally coming into the 21st century.

There are free apps that do the point thing and they are so much better than yours. Not with your company. They just keep on coming no matter how many times I ask that they stop. Other people I have talked to about this hate your website. I just looked up your reviews and I guess a lot of people are not happy with your company. Do you even know what is going on in the company that you are president and CEO of?

Do you even care? I was shocked to see the pages and pages of complaints regarding the business operations of WW International. I mistakenly thought my nightmare experience was unique!

And because WW is the epitome of incompetence, you will never see a refund. Kiss that money goodbye and recognize that your new battle will be to have your membership successfully cancelled. There are numerous situations of WW continuing to charge after a cancellation.

Can you imagine a company staying in business with the rudest, most arrogant, most ignorant support staff in the world? How do they get away with it? Well, not until Oprah! At the meeting today…. Can we just go and be healthy without being dragged through this muddy mess of the politicalworld! My girlfriends and I used to attend WW faithfully. I have been a Lifetime member since and always enjoyed attending meetings and getting tips from fellow members or just listening to a leader give some advice that could maybe help me avoid that greasy, cheese stuffed pizza slice.

I cancelled my monthly pass 3 times in that last year. I kept re-joining thinking it was the leader or the group, but it turned out it was your new philosophy on getting members involved in the weekly meetings, whether they wanted to be or not.

You are losing members. I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight. I did not join to make friends or be a public speaker. You are asked to stand up and offer your findings to the group. No more can you just sit quietly in the back and be a wallflower by choice. Most of us want to be wallflowers, by the way. We are mortified to be battling extra pounds and and would prefer to be invisible.

When I was a kid in school, I dreaded being asked by the teacher to pair off with someone in the class or join a group for some assignment. I used to attend meetings in Los Angeles. Her meetings were standing room only. She was a rebel and we loved her for it. I have been to 3 different meetings with 3 different leaders in 3 different cities and they are all following the same damn script.

These meetings are very small. Like 3 people small. There is a reason they are not well attended. My old friends have all left Weight Watchers. I would love to re-join. I still need to lose that 20 pounds that crept back on me over that last 10 years, but I will have to lose it using another weight loss program. BTW, has anyone screened these leaders for personalities?

I went to one meeting where the leader said that water was a good snack. I am a former TV producer and now I train people to be good on camera. Thank you for reading my email.

I cancelled after they introduced the new plan and they continued to bill me. I had to call my CC company and file it as fraudulent to get it removed. NOW there are 2 charges for WW magazine.

No one has a clue. I can never get a straight answer to any question I ask. If u ask 3 people u get 3 different answers with sarcasm attached. I was told that only corporate can help you …. This is unfair, because she informed WW prior to the exploration date of her card.

Weight watcher is penalizing her and probably others just to raise their fees even if WW are wrong. Exact same problem and now I called for over a month and no one can help me cancel. I would like to make a complaint about the Arizona Weight Watchers Franchise. I have been a member of weight watchers for 15 years. She would call me out in front of the whole group in the meeting for choosing a Vegan lifestyle because her husband is a butcher.

She is not knowledgeable about the most current information regarding healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Every meeting she would get up in front of the group and tell us about herself and her weight loss struggles.

It was as if she used the meeting as a catharsis for herself. She would just talk endlessly about herself. No one else got a chance to speak because she would just stand up there and talk about herself for 30 minutes. Colleen Kerridan has contacted Weight Watchers and informed us that these complaints were made by someone using her name. The customer reps have difficulty understanding the English language. I asked and confirmed 3 times about the on-line plan being an ongoing 3 month plan.

I was reassured that this was the case similar too the monthly pass. Okay so today I am in chat room with another rep so i can submit my my rebate for for having lost 10 pounds and I am told my reference number is not available on-line and I notice that I am now going on a monthly plan because after the first 3 months that is how it works!!! I feel like bait and switch. That is a scam. Oprah better get into corporate. The plan is working which is the only reason why I am trying to work through these issues.

I will never ever recommend this program to anyone. I too am extremely frustrated with the whole WW Thing.. I am now trying to speak to someone in the corporate office; I have called 5 times and each time they automated voice tells me to hold and someone will be right with me Each time I hold for 10 to 20 minutes while it just keeps ringing and then I am disconnected.

I want my money back and I want it NOW. He talked to me like I was stupid, I had a horrible experience with WW customer service. I eventually got a hold of a supervisor who actually could speak and understand English, she was professional and handled the situation to my satisfaction. Each time I see that commercial, it makes me laugh. You really got it wrong when you chose her as a spokesperson. Why would anyone choose WW just because you have Oprah gloat that she can eat bread?

How many diet plans has she used? Who can relate to her? With your New spokesperson, Oprah telling the world how she Loves Bread and having it everyday. Well guess what, No WW bread. Really do you need a billionaire promoting WW, making even more money by buying stock.

She can afford a trainer and chef. How about an average person???? Put the Bread back where we average people can buy it. I was treated so rudely, requested a supervisor and was left on hold for almost an hour. I have had numerous problems with their app and also being on hold for over 45 mins to either be disconnected or to be rudely spoken too.

Here is the number for the corporate office and their fax and their fax is the chief financial officer is Nicholasville P. I ewould to get information regarding establishing operations of weight watchers in Nairobi Kenia. I admire many, many things about Oprah Winfrey, but I joined Weight Watchers to be part of a community of peers. Can Weight Watchers just be Weight Watchers?

Watching the queen of arrogance sitting on her throne talking down to those below her is repulsive. I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with Weight Watchers and your new program. I joined Weight Watchers on December 31, for the 3-month online program. I was very unhappy with the new program, and the new website was never working properly. Frustrated, I called the number to Weight Watchers and finally was able to cancel my program on January 4, and I requested a refund.

Apparently the entire program was cancelled effective January 4, , because I have not been able to log into my account after that date.

Since I only used the program for 4 days, and was not able to log into the program after January 4, , I feel that I am entitled to a refund of at least two months — not just the one month I have been refunded. I am not very happy with Weight Watchers at this point. I have been a member off and on for several years. I was really looking forward to the new year and joining Weight Watchers and having success. However, I do not like the new program or the new website. It is very difficult to use.

My reason for contacting you is Oprah Winfrey. We have watched Oprah yo-yo diet for years, bouncing from one diet to another, just to fail. Just to work at Weight Watchers you have to be at goal. Yet there Oprah is in all her fatness and glory. Oprah has some kind of cult following, but not everybody follows her. What is it going to do to Weight Watchers when the public watches her lose a few pounds on Weight Watchers just to gain them back? Weight Watchers might be good for the person that needs to lose a few pounds, but it fails miserably when it comes to the morbidly obese, and the people that suffer from Binge Eating Disorder.

What you need to get into is the real meat and potatoes no pun intended and help the people that need it the most. We all know what to eat and how to exercise. You also need new material because it is the same old stuff week after week, month after month, and year after year. I can almost set my watch to what week it is and what lecture that I will be listening to.

One last thing before I go, you need to stop discriminating against the very people that you are supposed to be helping. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe people can get more from a person that is going through the program than somebody that has just lost a few pounds? I have over pounds to lose.

For me listening to somebody talk about losing 15 pounds to get to goal is just plain disheartening! One more thing, stop the advertising where Oprah is fat shaming people. Your ads with Oprah are not sincere, she is rich, she can buy what every she wants, I will not join WW due to your spokes person. Oprah tried everything best chef, trainers and now a miracle weight watchers. Please this proves Oprah and weight watchers are phonies.

I would like to know more about the Oprah campaign for WW; when will her ad launch? Will the public see her dieting experiences? Will there be TV ads? My brother went to weight watcher meeting in Scotts Bluff Nebraska at 6 PM on Wednesday night as your website listed there was a meeting.

There is no way to contact the corporate office to escalate this issue up. And if the website lists it then there must be a meeting at that time. In the last hour since my online chat and my call to the number I now see Scottsbluff meeting time has been updated to show on your website as Tuesday night at 6 PM.

I just got back to the number and ask the support person who just updated that time and Sandy said she had no way of knowing. So what help is your number and your online chat if they never can answer questions. I will have to wait to try calling them tomorrow. I agree with you Joy. That person needs training on customer assistance.

I am having the same problem in trying to reach knowledgeable people who are responsible for decisions at weight watchers. This program has been screwed up for months! I have waited a long time for these online bugs to get worked out by weight watchers. Finally I contacted their number, but could not get a simple answer to my question — what is the future of the online etools calculator?

I am told by our meeting leader leader that the calculator online is not the way it is going to be when they finally get it fixed. She says there will be four numbers to type in to obtain a points value. The calculator now has seven numbers that have to be typed in. I am going on three months without a proper set of etools after this program change, and yet I have been offered only two months in fee recompense. I am told the new version of this analog calculator requires that 4 numbers be typed in, not 7.

So from whom am I supposed to get a clear answer? I have no opinion of her presence in this program one way or the other. In March I had signed up for the WW magazine and sent a check for the payment. Someone in your checking dept. It took me 2 months to get this sorted out with my bank because they also had to work with WW to get it refunded. What a pity that such a great program to help people with health issues is losing the reputation it had.

I have no idea if you or anyone else ever reads these posts. Because it became a health challenge I decided I would join WW coaching plus program.