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Thank u again, Ali. Click here to share your story. Does your schedule get especially busy a few times a year? Hi Donnie, this is my first day juicing. By juicing it however you will end up with juices that are about ounces each that are easily drinkable and extremely healthy.


10 Reasons Women Can't Lose Weight

Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep and you are keeping stress-levels as low as possible. The more you focus on loving and nurturing your body, the quicker it will find its balance and shed those extra pounds. Finally, are you eating dairy? Oh, and regarding exercise — in the beginning I found the best things for me while my body was healing was just some walking while listening to my favourite music, and just doing things like squats and press ups at home.

Just move your body each day! It sounds like you are really on the right track though. Trust the process and continue nurturing yourself! All the very best, Joan. I love this article. It was exactly what I told my hubby last night. I think u mailed it for all healthy life changes! Going to share even with non keto friends. I am just starting the keto diet. I have recently gained 40 lbs. I was way off! I have a cruise in 6 months and need to get this weight off. Is this diet really going to work??

The only way to know is to give it a go! Love, love, love this article! I just started keto, and am not seeing the quick results that others claim. A much needed reminder and welcomed encouragement. Trying to exercise regularly drinking 3 L of water a day and to no avail. Steve there is hope! Look me up on fb Daylynne wall, my profile pic is black and white. Hello, thank you for your post. You have certainly put things in a whole new perspective.

Have a lovely day you wise lady! To date I have lost 29 pounds, and feel fantastic! Lunch is 2 eggs fried in a teaspoon of coconut oil with a handful of spinach thrown on. I have 2 snacks a day.

One is an ounce of hard cheddar, the other one tablespoon of natural peanut butter. My evening meal is about 4 ounces of whatever meat and heaps of green veggies, sometimes sweet potato, but only once a week.

I like to do miracle noodles with shrimp in a lobster bouillon with red pepper flakes for heat, and I have started batch cooking meatballs all weighed out for quick meals etc Loving it, and loving life! How are you keeping carbs under 15g and eating oats? I came across your article at just the right time! Was ready to give up and go back to my beloved cake, bread, and pasta. Thanks for this insight.

I started my this lifestyle on Monday, August 7th. I am a bit discouraged because a friend of mine embarked on this same journey two weeks ahead of me and she is down 10lbs. I think that one of the things that I have to stop doing is lifting heavy weights. I train 4 days per week. What are your thoughts on this? It going into my second week and I am going to follow a beginners Keto meal plan for structure and optimization of my weight loss.

Any feedback you can provide would be awesome. My goal is to get down to lbs. I loved your article. Is this stall normal? My disorder also affects my energy levels to due to the hormonal issues. Can I comment on your endometriosis and weight loss?

I am no expert, but what I found is that what helps is taking a probiotic to get your gut healed. I will kill the endometriosis and help you with loss.

In south africa we have nature fresh that gives you a fresh probiotic per day and not expensive at all…. Need to lose about 60 pounds. Been on the Keto diet 12 days have not cheated at all and have lost only 2 pounds! I started on Sep. By the end of the month I ended up dropping a total of 8. I have to trust that if I keep at it I will eventually start losing again. Maybe get some bloodwork done Julie… that should show you where your cholesterol is at….

I used the ketogenic diet for several years about 4 years ago. I had various reasons. I have epilepsy, I craved food all the time.. Mental clarity and energy kicked in. I became more active and weight loss was no longer an issue. It was Thanksgiving and I still prepared foods my family likes..

Almost immediately afterwards I felt bad. I later crashed, slept, and waited for the sugar to get burned. That memory has always stuck with me. Needless to say, probably when I needed the diet the most, I started to slip. I relied heavily on the help of others. I still kept eating wheat or sugar to a minimum but my macros were out of whack. I was actually eating too much protein. I suffered bowel issues chronically. About 3 months ago, I found my willpower and stepped back into the gym.

I work with a trainer who had designed a macro layout for me to try. It was high protein, modest carbs.. I weightlift and was throwing in a little cardio.

I was at g protein, 85g carbs, 45g fat. I suffered very slow muscle recovery after lifting. Every month we check progress but very little was made. In 3 months I had only lost 2lbs but gained.

I had also started to have carb noticeable cravings which escalated over time. I was feeling worse over time rather than invigorated by exercise. I crashed and said enough! This week I took off from the gym to rework my diet and regimen. I have gone back to the ketogenic way of life. I learned how to minimize the keto flu..

My energy is returning and mental clarity is better. I keep a food journal that helps me measure my calorie intake. I've maintained an average of calories a day. I have lost 13 lbs in 20 days. My goal is lbs. How long do you think I may reach that? Or 1 chicken breast. How can I improve while still handling my food addiction? Unfortunately the link you replyed with to help with food addiction is not working. Thank you for responding so quickly! I will endeavor with my current diet, and work out.

I do hope that as my weight loss continues, that I will find I have gained more energy. I also hope that means I will find myself doing more. Its been quite the challenge, and the results have astounded me to the point that its all very fun! From making my meals, planning them, and of course, beating the shot out of those bags every night when my crazy kids finally go to sleep! Hi I am a pounds and 5'2", 26 years old. I just recently 4 days ago stopped drinking sodas, fast food, junk food, and take out dinners.

I try to drink 5 bottles of water a day, and i follow the intermitten fasting plan where i eat from 1pm to 8pm eating between and calories a day. I use the my fitness pal app to help calculate my nutrition intake. I use an elliptical for 30 min when i get home because by time i eat and exercise I need to shower and go to bed. Do you think that it's possible for me to lose weight with this regime im on?

I am 15 at pounds and 6'4, I am almost obese judging by bmi, I'm not too sure how much I eat per day, but I drink around bottles of water per day. If I had to guess how much I eat, I would say to I'm not sure if I have gained any muscle, but the workouts I do usually consist of swimming, playing basketball, or just daily chores like mowing the lawn. Please respond so I know if I need to change anything. What can I do to lose weight? I'm a 57 y woman weighing about lb. Due to a back injury, I can't exercise.

Walking is very difficult. How can I lose about 81lbs? I would really appreciate any help you can give me. I'm pounds at I've tried diet and exercise eating cal. And playing Wii fit and jump roping. In the last 3 months I've only lost 10 pounds. I just want to lose alittle faster but still be at a healthy rate and keep it off for good. I am 5'11" and I weigh about pounds what can I do to lose the weight when I eat takis, hot cheetos, hot funyons, and all sort of junkfood.

Btw I am My goal weight is 55kg pounds approx for modelling. How quickly can I lose the weight? What amount of calorie intake do you recommend? I fast daily approx hours, and had been consuming between - calories and saw no weight loss. I have started strength training once a week and do cardio twice a week. I'm lb female , 5'4.

If following a low carb high protein 1, diet how much can I realistically lose in 3 months? My baby is 9 months now, summer is going to be here soon, and I really need a plan and meal plan that I know will work. I have had 5 kids. I don't have an exact goal weight but feel best when I am no lower then lbs and no higher there lb. I want firmer lifted breasts, toned arms and legs, and mostly to get rid of my baby tummy. I don't have as much motivation this time around but I need to do it so I feel better about myself and look better.

I have a pretty nice round lifted butt anyways but I really want to make it even nicer. What do you suggest I do? You will do fine if you focus on your health Kendra. Hi Donnie, I just started juicing yesterday, my father in law bought me a juicer about 6 yrs ago and I thought wow another thing to clutter my counter! Needless to say it stayed in the box in the garage.

Well I have been laid up due to my herniated discs and not been able to go to the gym. I have probably gained about 10 lbs in a month not helping my back pain. Frustrated and realizing being overweight is causing extreme stress on my bones I decided to try juicing.

I know certain veggies and fruits have proven to reduce inflammation, well we will see. I just watched the video on fat sick and nearly dead and that really inspired me. Wish me luck ,.

Robin, congrats for deciding to do a juice fast. You are going to feel amazing in a few days! I have herniated discs that is causing sciatica. I was supposed to get a surgery done for it before I started juicing. The pain is now very manageable now and I decided not to do the surgery. Let me know if you have any questions. I wanted to try juicing and now my husband and I have been doing it for the past 3 weeks off and on! It really does energize you!

We have been missing so much all of these years, wished we started years ago! We do it for weight loss, like the mean and green one! They have so many recipes on line or the have alot of books that explain alot about it! We both love it! Keep at it, it only gets better over time. Today is the first day of my juice fast.

I have been exhausted all day and still am, but I have stuck to it. Congrats on starting your juice fast Ali! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. I prepped juices yesterday for 2 days. I love the V8 juice I made without all the sodium. Do you think adding protein powder is an okay thing to do?

I worry about lack of protein…. Hi Heidi, welcome to JOJ! Read this article for more information on protein and juice fasting: Starting the juice tomorrow. Thanks for all ur input! You can do it Ali! Thank u for the response Donnie. I bought the breville juice plus. I started eating fruits and veggies today. Do I have to do that for an entire week before starting the juice fast? Thank u again, Ali. Keep me posted on your success and let me know if you have any questions along the way.

Hi Donnie, R u still juicing? Also, I need to lose about 60 pounds. In the past the only thing that worked for me was Atkins. I would like to try it, where do I start? What r the best recipes for losing weight ASAP and getting this thing really going? Also, can I make my juices in the morning and take to work? And, what is the best juicer? Right now I have massive brain fog. Ali, I juice on and off every few weeks. My goal with the forums was to draw people together and give people a means to find other juicers to juice with.

I will be starting a few group juice fasts up before the end of the year though. The forum gets plenty of activity each and every day Ali, you should hop on in there and introduce yourself.

There are always people juicing so just jump right in! Why do you think the fruit would make you gain weight Ali? If you follow the plans laid out here at JOJ, you will lose weight. You can make your juices in the morning and bring them to work with you. I did that for a while and it worked out great! As far as the best juicer just take a look at http: Let me know if you have any questions Ali.

I have been thinking about juicing for weight loss but from reading some negative sites, I changed my mind…until NOW. I have about 60 lbs to lose after gaining from a medication. Natalie, congrats on deciding to start your juice fast.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself informed on it. Read through the site and most importantly, read through the forums here at JOJ to see what real people are experiencing while on their fast. You are such an inspiration! I am all geared up to start tomorrow morning. I am going to start with a 7 day fast. I have started weaning myself off coffee this weekend. Thank you for putting together such a informative site. Ivy, congrats on starting your 7 day juice fast. Keep me posted and let me know how things turn out.

I was just diagnosed with PCOS and started medication that has caused me to break out terribly and just leaves me feeling bleh. Take a look and get yourself a juicer! It will be the best investment you can make for your health. I plan to stick to juicing, once I get started…. Keep me posted and let me know when you get started. Hi I just started. I have oz juice fod breakfast, and lunch and a protein shake with frozen fruit, almond milk, and chia seeds for dinner. I do snack on nuts and raisins.

Will I lose weight? Great site by the way! Angela, you lower your chances of weight loss when you include solids into the juice fast. This will up the amount of weight you lose big time. Let me know what happens. I am on Day 11 of a juice fast. Going for 30 days. Instead of doing all green. I do green all day and a pressed Almond milk at night. What do you think about the lost of muscle and juicing for an extended period of time.

Simmons, welcome to JOJ and congrats on day 11 of your 30 day juice fast. You are through the hard part already so the next 19 days will be easy for you. As with any diet you will lose some muscle mass. You want to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Keep me posted on how things work out for you Mrs. And how many glasses of juice is one suppose to consume in a day? Faith, keep in mind that you should stick to the Let me know how things work out for you. Read through the site and also browse through the comments and forums.

You juice when you feel hungry enough to eat. Some people may have only 3 juices while others have as much as 6. Let me know if you have any questions Emma. Hello, I read your blog and also a lot of the comments, however I had a question.

I work and go to school, and I heard if you juice you have to drink it within 15 mins is that true? Can you shred some light on this? You can make your juices in the morning and bring them with you. They will be fine if you do that. You want to make them in the morning as opposed to the night before because the longer a juice sits, the more likely it will lose nutritional value.

So make them in the morning if you can and you should be fine throughout the day. Hope this helps shed some light on it for you. Hello Donnie, Ive read many of the post on this site and I find it very motivating.

Any weight loss is welcomed. Great tips on juicing. I travel alot for my job and go from hotel to hotel at times. I do try to eat salads when on the road but sometimes stray away from them after a long day at a client. What would you suggest for someone who travels alot and trying to stay on a weight-loss, juicing regiment?

Depending on long you are on the road at a time, you may be able to invest in a nice sold press juicer. With a cold press juicer, your juices would keep for a much longer time frame and possibly allow you to juice while you are out of town. Here is a juicer that I suggest for making juices ahead of time: Gage, congrats on day 4 of your juice fast. You should work on hitting your weight goal first and then after a week or two start your exercise routines. This way your body can adjust and finish out the detox phase.

I have a couple of questions. My other question is, would it be ok to juice like tomato, spinach, and carrot or something similar and then heat it and add spices to make a soup? Abe, I had the same problem and craved food at night. You may consider taking a night time tea to help you sleep if things persist. Check in the recipe section of the forum. There is a post that has a few juice recipes that you can eat as a soup.

I am on day two of my 30 day adventure or maybe 60 days depending on the results. I am 72 in. At the same time I want to lose about lbs during the next 60 days, with my current fast and exercise is that a plausible goal? Longoria, congrats on day 2 of your juice fast! You may want to consider adding an unflavored protein isolate to your juices before and after pt. Keep me posted and let me know how things work out for you.

I will also be working out around an hour per day:. Lauren, anything is possible. Shoot for two weeks and see what happens and how much weight you lose. If the workouts are too much then just stop for a while. I only get to go grocery shopping in the beginning of the month so if I buy all my friuts and veggies and juice is it ok to freaze some of it to make it last? I know a lot of things will spoil soon so this will be your best option if you can only shop at the beginning of the month.

Hi Donnie, I am on the end of day 3 of a 30 day juice fast. Can I expect to lose about 20lbs? How much do you think I will gain back after if I continue doing paleo or raw afterwards? Are Granny Smith apples better nutritionally?

I have read they are easier on the juicer, but they are also more expensive! This blog is really helping me, I appreciate this site so much! Heidi, congrats on day 3 of your juice fast! The detox usually lasts days depending on your previous eating habits.

As far as weight I think 20 pounds is achievable. I doubt you will gain it back if you stick to making healthy choices in your diet. Granny Smith apples are better because they contain less sugar. Less sugar means faster weight loss. If you have any questions just let me know! And can I still eat solids atleast on lunch? I will get marry in 1 year and I really need to lose 70 pounds.. And also Im doing a cardio workout every other day.. I would take days and let your body adjust to the fast while you go through detox.

Melissa, you can make your juices in the morning and take them to work with you as long as you store them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator. No solids while on your fast. You have to let your digestive system rest during your fast. I wish you the best of luck, let me know if you have any questions. Mike, make your juices in the morning. Prepare everything the night before and have everything ready to juice in the morning. It will make sure that your juices are of much better quality.

I was reading some of the comments and noticed I was doing some things wrong. I have been drinking coffee and home brewed teas with artificially sweeteners and have eaten a couple pieces of fruit. I need to lose another 45 lbs. Mike, are you only consuming the juices? Tea is okay but no sweetener and coffee is out. Are you also drinking plenty of water immediately after you drink a juice and throughout the day? Also, make sure you are drinking at least 4 juices per day with each being around 16 ounces.

One last thing, let me know what kind of juicer you are using. I am currently on day 3 of my juice fast and i feel very weak and foggy. And how much weight do people lose on average during a 7 day juice fast? Detox usually lasts between days. As far as weight, the more you start with, the more you can expect to lose. Let me know how things progress for you Chad. I dont have a juicer so i bought Naked Juice and Bolthouse Farms. Are these good choices for my juice fast?

I weigh lbs. Lets see how much I lose in just 2 weeks! Congrats on day 2 Jessie! I did an experiment where I juiced off of nothing but naked juice and store brand health juices for a week. It was a very poor alternative to making fresh juices at home. The juices you get at the store are all pasteurized and that process kills off a lot of the nutritional benefits of them.

All the juicers there can be purchased through amazon and they all work very well. By A way of an update i have been juicing now for just on a month and after an initial 5 days of juice only i now juice in the day and eat in the evenings, the evening meal includes salads fish the odd bit of chicken and turkey.

Time wash my jeans on a very hot wash i think! Those are fantastic results! Keep us updated on your status. Thanks for all the helpful tips. I have been juicing for 10 days, i juice fasted for 5 days and am now just juicing for Breakfast and lunch, i am having a salad style meal in the evening and am drinking only Herbal tea whenever i fancy it.

I want to loose another 10lbs and never want to feel like i did before juicing came into my life. Tim, congrats on losing 16 pounds over the first 10 days. Can I still juice while breastfeeding and as I have a very big tummy and a cs hanging. What can I do to avoid loose skin? Bimnatty, welcome to JOJ and congrats on deciding to do a juice fast with your daughter.

I would have concerns as you are still breastfeeding. When you fast you will go through detox. During that detox period toxins will get released into your bloodstream and your milk. You may want to visit your doctor and ask for advice too. If you want to start I would suggest adding in a few juices while eating raw fruits and veggies throughout the day. This will help to prepare your body for the fast and lessen the effects of the detox when you go full out juice.

In my opinion -juicing is the best idea if somebody wants to loose weight- I am already happy with the results- after 6 days I lost 6lbs then on Sunday had normal BBQ food- was worry that will be sick or something but it was OK just….

A few days on, and a day off. Congrats on your fast and keep on juicing Aga! Thanks for your answer Donnie- all your tips are very helpful. I am about 60 lbs overweight and have lost about 10lbs so far this pregnancy, which my Dr has no problem with at all. I was wondering if it is safe to only juice since it has a lot of fiber and proteins?

Morgan, I would recommend you hold off on a full juice fast until after your pregnancy due to the fact that toxins are released into your bloodstream and that can affect your baby.

Thanks for all of your awesome information. I tried once before without being educated about it using a Vitamix-yuck! Any suggestions how to get past that? After how many days do you think I will have measurable weight loss on my scale?

That will keep me going for sure! Thanks for all of your hard work and information. Lanie, congrats on your first day of juicing! The caffeine withdraw can be hard. Try have an occasional tea and see if it helps.

Try some sugar free gum, after a juice. Also, try some of the frozen juice recipes I have in the recipe section. That scale can be so motivational, but it can also be very demotivating too.

Check your weight every few days but most importantly judge your success by how you feel, how you look, and how your clothes fit. Well Donnie, I first started to juice due to the wieght gain because of a curtain med my doc put me on. So I may continue on my juicing course for some time yet. Tammy, thank you for your awesome comment.

I do my best to help. It does so much more than help us to lose weight. Doctor says I need to lose weight for my back to heal. My ultimate goal is to lose pounds.

I hope juicing can help! Should I juice all 3 meals or eat one solid meal a day? Also what is good to snack on if I get hungry between juices? If you want to lose weight the I would suggest you stick to just juice. Let me know if you have any questions Sarah! I ordered my juicer last night so hopefully ill be able to start by Monday. Sarah, thanks for you comment and congrats on ordering your juicer and deciding to start a juice fast!

You can have between juices per day with each being around ounces. I find it best to enjoy a juice whenever you feel hungry. Let your body tell you when to have a juice and it will do amazing things for you! Well Donnie, for now I plan on two more weeks, then perhaps more after that depending on how much I lose. I still need to lose around 30lbs I feel. But when I started juicing for the first time I never dreamed I would grow to love it the way I do now.

Plus the awesome benefits on how I feel doing it is just beautiful. Thanks again for all your great information, you really are to thank for my success!! May God continue to bless you. Thank you for your wonderful comment Tammy! Great things are in store for you if you continue to reach for your goals Tammy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

Tammy, you are very welcome! Congrats on your success and your health! How long are you going to juice for and what are your goals? My husband wants to lose upwards of 75 pounds but works sometimes 12 hours daily.

How can I best set this up so he has good juice all day at work he will have one on the way out the door and up to three at work then one in the evening….. He would need to keep them in a fridge, or at least an ice chest.

So 1 drink on his way out the door, for work, and a 5th or 6th when he gets home. Nora, you need to use a juicer for juicing. The nutribullet works great for smoothies and blending though. I wrote an article on the differences between juicers and blenders. You should take a quick read http: Yes- my caloric intake is definitely less than my normal intake as I noramally eat loads of breads, milk, sweets, etc juicing I prob intake calories per glass?

Ie bfast is strawberries, kale, pineapple. Snack is gazpacho recipe, lunch gazpacho again, snack citrus green, dinner green mostly.

I dont use carrots for all the drinks, but i do use apples for most drinks. The strawberries about 20 small ones for bfast is the highest sugar intake. Try changing up all of your juices. I just posted a good plan on the forums at http: Just wondering how lose some lbs bc I actually love juicing! Crystal, tell me what your daily routine is.

When you juice you are lowering your caloric intake to a point where your body is forced to lose weight due to a lack of calories. Also, make sure you are weighing yourself in the morning after you use the restroom, and before you drink any water or juice.

Green tea has a high caffeine content and you should avoid caffeine while on your juice fast. The fiber from fruits and vegetables is what actually make it easier to digest these foods. Remember our bodies were biologically engineered for thousands of years to process these foods and so they do so with ease. Juicing removed the fiber and the ability to synthesize some of this energy. Toxins come from the air, our skin, and all foods. Again our body has a beautiful system in place to filter these.

This is why weight loss occurs. You in essence become a raw vegan for as long as you juice. You could easily eat these gods without juicing. Insoluble fiber is the type of fiber that is extracted during a juice fast. Anyway, insoluble fiber only helps to accelerate the movement of food through your system.

The fiber absorbs water as it moves through your digestive system, easing defecation and promoting clumping and bulking of your waste. Remember our bodies were biologically engineered for thousands of years to process these foods and so they do so with ease I have to disagree here Antony, our bodies were not biologically engineered for thousands of years to eat processed foods, fast foods, and all the other garbage we as a human race eat.

Just look at all the food related illness out there and how many people suffer from diabetes or obesity. Tell that to the thousands of people who juiced last month, lost weight, lowered their blood pressure, got off their medications, who are back to eating a healthy diet, and are feeling better than they have in years….

So let me get this straight.. Weight loss occurs because you are flushing your body with a high amount of nutrition. Also, juices taste amazingly good and almost everyone who I have helped juice agrees. You could easily eat these gods goods without juicing. By juicing it however you will end up with juices that are about ounces each that are easily drinkable and extremely healthy. Antony, I wish you would do some research into juicing instead of making assumptions and ignoring actual facts.

Watch some documentaries, talk to some people who have actually juiced and succeeded, and maybe give it a shot so you can come into an argument with knowledge instead of your assumptions. I wish you the best of luck.

Figgs, there is no need for fiber while on a juice fast. The whole point is to avoid solids and fiber of any kind. The juice fast works by not using your digestive system and allowing it to cleanse, giving you back the energy that was usually used for digesting. This in turn not just cleanses your digestive system but creates a symptom of low toxicity in your system. You system noticing this low toxicity is much more apt to release toxins which are stored in fat cells helping you to cleanse and lose weight while taking in all the nutrients you need.

Can you eat solid fruits n veggies while juice? I like to eat alot of salads n fruit salads. I love eating cucumbers with vingar. Sorry Figgs, during a juice fast you can only have juice. No solids or it will interfere with the whole process. Sandra, a vitamix will not work. You need to have a juicer. Any type of blender will not work as they do not separate the fiber and pulp out of the produce.

Read through the juicing FAQ http: I lost 17 lbs and it has been my first week of juicing. I plan to go another 10 days with a goal of losing 30 lbs. I feel great and have a ton of energy. The frist 2 days are hard mentally so stay strong. Duval, that is really awesome! Congrats on losing 17 pounds so far. The next 13 will fall off fast! It sounds like you are doing amazing!

Keep it up and keep me posted! My juicer comes next week. I want to lose a few pounds before I go to the beach in Juky. Should I juice all my meals and not eat anything solid? How many glasses per day? Any suggesting juices to make to lose weight fast? Should I add protein to my juices? And yes, you will be juicing, that means no solids.

Before you start a fast, make sure you read everything you can about it. Hi Donnie, this is my first day juicing. I found this website and its really helpful. Someone told me I could only do it for 7 days but I read in one of the comments that I can do it up to 60 days. I want to try the 60 days but before that I wanna make sure I do it right. How many oz of juice do I drink a day and how many times? And, can I still exercise? Paola, congrats on starting your juice fast!

I met a lady who juiced for over 80 days, and a man who juiced for over days.

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