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I'm looking ahead and notice that Kempo from the original P90X isn't part of the program. As far as the recovery formula goes would any lean protein do? What max weight dumbells do you recommend. I can already tell a difference — my endurance is building and my clothes fit better. Good Luck and way to go! It features a top notch nutrition plan that works in combination with its workouts to improve overall fitness, physical appearance and athletic performance.

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P90X Diet Plan & Nutrition Guide PDF

Thanks for your blog, it gives me inspiration. I am like most, been hitting the couch way too long. I am quite confident, however, but have been eating bad for about 20? I will bookmark your page and use your success for my drive.

Congrats, man, keep up the good work! Your results are awesome. My body type is similar to yours slightly heavier starting out. Like you I skipped X Stretch the first few weeks. I was just too sore. Your results to date have been outstanding. I recently went thru a weight loss routine myself and have noticed the lbs returning ever so slowly. Finding your blog has been a wake up call!!! One i really needed. Great to see that someone out here is taking the time to do something like this.

Thanks and Ill keep up with your progress as i begin my own P90X routine to the mat! Again Thank you and keep up the great work! Conrats on the results, what a change in 50 days!

I just ordered my dvds today. I spent a few days research and reading all of the blogs. I started getting in shape on my own back in december and Ive managed to lose lbs as of today but I have reached a wall and I just cant break it on my own.

I want to lose maybe another 10 oo so pounds and gain more muscle and more core strength. After seeing your photos. I wish I took a before photo back in december. But I will take one before I start this program. Good luck with your program! Nice job…keep it going. I work out regularly with an old Bowflex and some weight, but have plateaued in getting any noticeable results. I do have questions regarding the diet portion of the program: I have a few questions.

How much space do I need? Will my living room work? I have everything, but the pull up bar. If I stay a few nights every other week at another location can I still do this work out? Will I be alright? Do you have to use the nutrition plan to get the results? I make a conscious effort to be totally relaxed as I want to see the real results….

Actually, you eat quite a bit with the P90X nutrition plan. There is a portions plan which is what I follow , and it takes no time to prepare food at all…. Congrats on your achievements! I ordered the stuff last night and opted for the express shipping. The one story that really inspired me was watching the testimonial with a former Army Ranger. I also was a Army Ranger and got out about 5 years ago.

My wife and I both want to make the change. I want to be more active with my kids and get into competitive sports again. Man, I have really gotten lazy….. Rusty — yeah FatLossBlogger is totally correct. My entire 31 days have been in my living room, however I strongly recommend a fan — that helps A LOT. That is one of the things that really attracted me to this program.

No stinking tread mills, huge machines or anything else like that. Most of the exercises are against your own body weight when it comes to the leg work outs. And the rest is with dumbells and bands which work the other parts of the body.

Stay focused-you look great! I really appreciate everyone commenting because it gives me support-fight on! Also you have to eliminate your consumption of alcohol pretty much completely, in my opinion. If I would completely clean up all that, I would imagine I would have lost around lbs based on my exertion level and what I have done in the past.

The videos that first week will kick your butt, and that is no joke. I am in pretty good shape and was previously hitting the gym for about 1 hour per day, 5 days a week minimum, and lift weights hard 2 days, and cardio for the other 3 days.

After the second week, the workouts become easier, to the point that I decided to start adding in an additional miles of cardio about times a week after my workout. If one were to make it through workout 15, I would imagine they have no reason other than injury to not be able to finish the program with flying colors.

On Day 1, I could not finish all the pushups, but as of yesterday, I meet and exceeded my previous pushups by at least 4 pushups in all the workouts, other than the second set of Diamond pushups which cumulatively knock me out. My chest size for suits has decreased from a 50 to a My waist size has decreased from a 41 to a My arms are about the same, but my triceps, which are traditionally weaker for me, are much more defined.

Post Workout -L-glutamine with mg Protein -typically 1. This is really inspiring for me. I have a quick question for you, I am just starting the p90x in a couple weeks time, I have all of the equipment, nutrition plan and the program.

I am now researching and pondering on which supplements I really need to take. Two I know for sure is the recovery formula and the whey protein shakes. Still undecided on protein bars. But here is my question; it says to drink the recovery formula 1 hour post workout right. But in the nutrition plan it says to drink the recovery drink and a protein at the mid morning snack everyday. I will be definitely working out in the evening, so does this mean I need to drink the recovery formula twice daily?

I would appreciate a response on your knowledge of the program. I am so pumped to get rollin on this thing, it looks like it works awesome. FLB, Congrats on everything you have accomplished so far! It is so cool to see the week by week changes. The first week was crazy -totally kicked our butt! But now that we are in the third week it seems a little easier than at first. I can already tell a difference — my endurance is building and my clothes fit better.

I hope that we have as much success with our workout as you have. Good Luck and way to go! Please keep posting the pics, they are a great motivation! I would just like to say thank you for this review, Its really making this decision easier for me. My son is starting this program and has a belly to lose. I am going to show these pictures, because he desperately wants to lose his belly and I think the pictures might be very encouraging to him.

Thanks for posting them…. I am considering starting the program and had a question. As far as the recovery formula goes would any lean protein do? Im pounds and hurting and thats going half speed! Any advice and what i can eat thats cheap and still works? The first few weeks are the hardest as your body has a lot of adjusting to do, hang in there…. I would probably just go through the P90X nutrition guide and find the foods that are least expensive, then focus on building full meals out of those using the portions approach.

Get a chicken breast or turkey sub on whole wheat, pile on the veggies, leave out the mayo and dressing. Thanks for the inspiration. In my experience, the biggest results came in Phase III. At Day 60, I still felt and looked like a cow. Keep up the good work! I already lost 46 pounds a few months prior following a strict calorie diet plan but now Im eating about calories per day in accordance to p90x.

I just wanna know, what was your calorie consumption if you counted , how many carbohydrates, and how much protein were you getting and was it before and or after the workouts. Truth be told, I just ordered my P90X today. A couple years back, I used to be in pretty good shape. However, somewhere along the way life happened. I look at your day 1 pictures and I see pretty close to an exact copy of me now. So I can finally see it really does work.

I always felt it was for thinner or already fit people in shape and was scared to try it but, seeing your results in just 49 days are amazing. Do you feel like your life is not going the way you want it to go because of your physique? It is said that two out of every three American adults are overweight or obese, with a third of American adults being in the latter camp.

You may very well have a body shape that does not feel comfortable, does not feel like who you really are, and even that causes you physical pain. Conditioning , Diet , exercise , food , lose weight , nutrition , routine , weight loss. Mental health is the condition of a person based on the welfare of their state both mentally and emotionally. According to WHO, it affects how we are able to cope with stress, interact with each other, work productively and decision making.

Over time, there are increased cases of mental health disorders across the world. The stigma that is linked with seeking help for mental illnesses has left victims neglected.

In all stages of our lives, mental health is critical. It affects all aspects of our life and how we go about it. The liver is the marvel of our body. It is a vital organ responsible for secreting bile and breaking down the fats along with eliminating toxins from the body.

Weight loss is the prime concern for most people when they think about the food they consume. But what most fail to realize that they should be mindful of your food intake to save your liver from severe health problems. Let us take a look at some common eating habits that are detrimental to the health of the liver.

In our daily lives, we tend to adopt eating habits that gradually deteriorate our liver. A full liver cleanse can be helpful in reversing the damage to some extent. You might not know what too much alcohol means as far as your liver health is concerned. From mild scarring to severe inflammation of the liver cells, an excessive intake of alcohol can cause a severely negative impact on the liver. Moreover, if the negative impact of alcohol takes a toll on the liver, the ability to break down alcohol further reduces, thus, causing chronic damage.

So, it is advisable to keep the consumption of alcohol at a moderate pace. A good rule of thumb is one standard drink for women and a maximum two for men per day. Diet , food , health , injury , liver , meals , nutrition , organs , Supplements. In summer, most of us take our workouts a bit more seriously. Many of us have post workout routines that we feel are important for our fitness.

From stretches and yoga to meditation and even meals or protein shakes, the things we do after our workouts are just as important as what we do during them. The post-workout routine is filled with these mental and physical exercises and practices that remain critical to our fitness success.

What can we add to our post-workouts for better fitness and for stress relief? Surprisingly, one answer is blogging. Because it combines some of the mental tasks above with habitual practices that make your workouts more productive and help you keep track of the things you want and need to accomplish.

The P90X Nutrition Plan