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This is a low-cal diet-obviously, meal replacements contain fewer calories than the average foods most folks eat. First, you purchase Slim-Fast products at the supermarket and use them for two meals a day and snacks. Then you eat one regular meal to calories for breakfast, lunch, or dinner-your choice.

An Easy Options Plan, outlined on product labels, provides more details. For further guidance, the company's Web site offers tips on everything from training for a 5K race to gaining the emotional support of family and friends.

And one meal a day that includes lean meat, starch, vegetables, and fruit. Low-carb dieters can skip the starch and eat more veggies. Between meals, you can choose from snack bars or healthful alternatives such as fruit, veggies, fat-free yogurt, nuts, pretzels, and air-popped popcorn.

Fruit is the top choice for dessert, but you can occasionally substitute sugar-free puddings or sorbets. Slim-Fast is one of the few diet companies to back up its products with the gold standard in diet research: The latest findings, presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity in October , show that people who used Slim-Fast on and off for 10 years to maintain their weight were on average 33 pounds lighter than a similar group who went without the meal replacements.

As long as you eat a balanced meal and snack on fruits, veggies, and other nutritious choices, the plan is sound. The Slim-Fast Web site urges dieters to consume at least 1, calories a day and lose no more than 2 pounds a week. Jackson has clients who've lost weight successfully with the plan, and she thinks meal-replacement products in general are a good way to learn about realistic portion sizes.

She says meal-replacement shakes and bars "may be fortified with vitamins and minerals, but just like a vitamin supplement, they're not going to provide you with everything you need. Anyone who needs a lot of structure and prefers that someone else fix the meals. Folks who love to cook and enjoy fresh foods, though, may be turned off by the convenience-style products.

Like other low-calorie, nutrient-dense eating plans, meal-replacement diets like Slim-Fast do have a good track record of helping people shed weight and keep it off. SlimFast is a U. SlimFast promotes diets and weight loss plans featuring its food products. There is a lack of high quality evidence on the effectiveness of the diet, although it appears to function no better than behavioral counselling. SlimFast was started in as a product line of the Thompson Medical Company, founded in the s by S.

Thompson Medical also sold the controversial weight loss dietary supplement Dexatrim. SlimFast's product lines span three distinctive eras: SlimFast was originally just a diet shake product line.

It consisted of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes meant to replace breakfast and lunch. The company suggested customers eat a low-calorie dinner. Usually, dieters would pick a low-calorie frozen dinner brand such as Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers , as the SlimFast diet was a convenience product line that offered none of its own dinner products. Later, in the mids, SlimFast began offering meal bars that could be used as meal replacements. The brand responded in with a line of items designed to compete in the low-carb market as well as introduced SlimFast Optima products, which were lower in sugar than the standard SlimFast products.

Between and , five types of SlimFast products were available: In addition to having less sugar than the original, SlimFast Optima shakes contain a protein and vegetable fat blend that is claimed to help with hunger control.

In late , SlimFast simplified its product line with the "" diet plan. The plan emphasized three calorie snacks, two calorie meal replacements shakes or meal bars , and one dinner. SlimFast's product line now only consists of products and no longer includes the Optima, Original, Low-Carb, or Easy-to-Digest versions.

A dieter could eat two snack bars as their meal replacement, since two snack bars have the same number of calories as one meal bar, although the meal bars are also meant to be rich in vitamins and minerals, whereas the snack bars are only measured by calorie count and not supplemented by vitamins. SlimFast does not offer products in category "1", which is one "sensible" meal, which the US site suggests should be calories, [9] while the UK site suggests calories.

On December 3, , SlimFast recalled all of its canned products due to possible bacterial contamination. In , SlimFast stopped producing cans and has since used plastic bottles.

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