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Products that still exist but that are no longer advertised.
Zara Tindall leaps fence on her horse The Queen makes even me nervous, says Prince Harry: Agreed, r7, I've never understood it, either. The man informed me that he was the manager. Michael, whom she'd adopted as a baby, had a history of mental illness, and two years ago he was admitted to a rehabilitation centre for treatment for drink and drug addiction.


Jim Rogers Warns: “You Better Run for the Hills!”

After incredible success and demand, esteemed performer and international pop icon P! Mandy has exhausted the Canadian cancer treatments available to her and is currently receiving treatment in Arizona. Hometown heroes Broken Social Scene are an alternative rock collective. On May 25th — May 27th, , the 14th Annual spring line-up will present live bands from a variety of genres.

Two time Canadian Elvis Champion Terry Chisholm will be performing at the big hall upstairs in the branch. February 5, — Legendary songwriter, recording artist and performer Paul Simon, will embark on his farewell concert tour on May 16 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at Rogers Arena.

Concert at 7pm with dance to follow in the church hall. Square dances at 9pm. Multi award winning vocalist Michael Bell brings his energetic 6 piece musical masters to the stage at Harbour Street Fish Bar at 10 Keith Avenue in beautiful Collingwood.

Superstar siblings Donny and Marie Osmond perform some of their chart-topping hits.. After his sold-out concert two years ago David Sinclair is back with his Flamenco Guitar! Meet Corny Rempel after the service. Homegrown, multi-million selling recording artist Bryan Adams is back and will embark on a Canadian arena tour this summer.

What do you get when you mix up a marketing genius that does video, a studio engineer that writes music, a pianist that had a successful solo career, and a cellist that does pretty much everything? Fans will be treated to a night filled with a deep catalog of hits from both bands.

Tickets on sale Friday April 20th 10 am. A mountain of music will carry you along the one-of-a-kind Guitar Trail. Pick your favourite number in between 1 — and let it ride or pick a new number each week. Bring your furry friends for the sixth annual walk-a-thon in support of the Georgian Triangle humane Society. Join us for this cheeky event to help us raise awareness and support him with this challenge of Walking A Mile in her Shoes. Blue Mountain plays host to the scenic 5km family run at the base of the Niagara escarpment in support of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Canada has produced the most talented figure skaters in the history …. For the first time, Gaslight Community Theatre Productions are presenting a full-length play! The need for blood donors is urgent. Please book your appointment and donate asap! Our mission is to inspire and encourage children to create, exhibit and celebrate art. The night will kick off at 6pm and run until 7: We believe in creating […]. Get ready for days filled with adventure and fun on and off the slopes!

March Break is family time at Blue Mountain with activities, live music, interactive performances, fireworks and more! See here for more details bluemountainvillage. Pet Patrol March 15, 9: Pre-registration and prepayment required at recreation. This event has been designed for businesses across all sectors in the tourism industry. We are so excited to host another spring show at the Nottawa Hall, this is a fundraiser for out local food banks.

Please bring a donation for the food bank upon entry. We are going to have lots of vendors launching their amazing spring products, crafts and fun for the kids. Raffles, coffee and tea […]. Wide selection of Watercolours and Acrylics! Pick up your Easter Egg Hunt form from the Town Hall Activity Centre and count the eggs that have been hidden in the store windows throughout downtown. A favorite time of year in the Village to enjoy specially priced menus and offers at many of the restaurants, shops and award-winning iwa Spa.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, we doodle-ee-doodle-ee do chicken right! Ella Fitzgerald scatting across the tv for this one. Alberto V05 is still a big seller. Over , facebook likes at their website.

I've seen TV commercials just a few years ago. Today my straight friends call it "girl beer" but we all drank that shit as kids. Smirnoff Ice was OK, Zima was for fags.

Zima with a drop of grenadine made it pink. For girls or supergays only. What about Sure Deodorant? I don't recall them advertising recently. Is Breck Shampoo still around?

Anyone remember the Breck girls? Perfect-looking white girls with perfect hair to match. In case you don't know Canadia is right across the river from Detroit. R57 I recently had a long drive and listened to a LOT of radio.

Gold Bond still advertises heavily. Never understood what that comment had to do with the product. Tried finding the commercial on youtube. I remember the Krazy Glue commercial with the construction worker suspended by his hard hat. Haven't seen an ad in years, but I keep a tube in a drawer.

Always wanted some but my mother knew I probably wouldn't finish the box. Also, do they still make multi-colored ice cream cones? One time, I put a box of them in the shopping cart unbeknownst to my mother. When we got home and she saw I had mixed them in with the other items, to say she ws unhappy was an understatement. Do you not understand the thread? We're listing obscure brands and products that were once widely marketed and available but are now difficult to find and are not actively advertised.

R, The Marlboro man was gay? LOL to some straight males who thought that they "weren't masculine enough" to compete. How about the Brawny man? Well smell you, Louise!

Actually, I'm totally charmed by the nutsy arcane knowledge you guys reveal here. Between this and post threads where you discuss The Facts of Life like it's fucking Citizen Kane, I get so much enjoyment from this place on a good day. What was the detergent with the groovy towels that came in the box? I once had a jacket that looked just like one. My whole family would splash on the stuff after taking a shower or bath - yes, even my father.

It amazes me what good health I have considering all the crap my mother fed me in the 70s and 80s. Carnation Breakfast Drink, Salisbury Steak frozen dinners, White Castle burgers, the nasty cans of Vienna Sausages in my lunch I threw away rather than face the ridicule of my schoolmates This thread isn't about defunct brands that no longer exist, but brands that are still available but no longer advertised.

You remember the talking Sun and the two scoops of raisins in every box. Have they stopped advertising that or am I just watching the wrong channels? That's a hard one R I only remember seeing any cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. Why did they stop the egg packaging? Was it getting too pricey to manufacture?

That was a great gimmick, and women loved making crafts from the plastic eggs. At Easter they came in pastel colors! L'eggs died when Ann Romano told that lame ass joke how she bought pantyhose and the egg was empty. It was lame cause Marie Osmond told it to Donny first. Duz came with free glassware. The only television advertisements I see are for cars, cellphone carriers, cheap jewelers, lawn products and insurance.

No more toothpaste, deodorant, antiperspirant, soap, mouthwash, antacid, Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Prilosec, Pepcid, Pepto Bismol, late night music collection commercials, aluminum foil, clothing detergents, hair products, fast food restaurants, candy, toothbrushes, clothing, shoes, hotels lullaby on broadway!

They have one now that seems to play every other commercial break. You know, the kid who eats broccoli and then beats his dad at basketball? I think some of the "disappearing comercials" phenomenon has to do with the abudance of niche channels that weren't available back then.

Shilling home improvement products? Unless you're watching kiddie channels, or "television for women," I doubt you'll see a cereal commercial often. FYI, Space Sticks was that really their name? Speaking of which, I haven't seen a Tootsie Roll commercial in decades, but I still see one of the original commercials for Tootsie Pop now and then.

How many licks does it take? Sorry R, I haven't seen or noticed a Green Giant commercial in years. I do agree with the rest of your post though. Ban, which used to be manufactured by Andrew Jergens Co. Large manufactures of consumer products such a Proctor and Gamble have sold their "matiure" lines to other companies Smucker's owns Jif peanut butter and Crisco shortening. The only reason that I know All Detergent is still available is that its parent company used to underwrite a jazz program on public radio.

Earlier posters mentioned Blue Bonnet margarine and Royal Pudding. Both were owned by Standard Brands, once the second largest food company in the nation. Standard Brands merged with Nabisco to form Nabisco Brands. R no I'm 22 years old in Canada. And some of the stuff being mentioned here I remember seeing when I was a kid.

Although it wasn't the most popular stuff, I remember seeing them when my mom took me grocery shopping. I remember that as being a nice, clean smelling shampoo back in the days when I had hair. Certainly not as many as in years past. It all seems to be cars, insurance, tech stuff, prescription drugs and class-action lawsuits over side effects of prescription drugs.

I was in the dollar store today. I saw Ultra Brite "mother never told me about Ultra Brite toothpaste. I also saw Rise shaving cream. Rise was the first nationally advertised aerosol shaving cream. It used to be manufactured by Carter Wallace, now it is made in China. Products that still exist but that are no longer advertised. Imagine the money they save.

I steal pine needles from the forest and make my own exfoliant and cereal. Alberto VO5 started in the fifties, dearest. Coast soap Though it's not the same as it used to be and I don't use it anymore. Still see Tab Cola once in a while. I'm going on a trip and really don't want to take my gigantic wallet with me.

I need to be able to buy it at a store. Bed Bath and Beyond maybe? Buy it at Dollar Tree. This thread certainly has it's half wits: No one is stating otherwise You could practically strip paint with Prell shampoo. That was some harsh stuff.

CAMAY - it has lingering cold cream don'tcha know. Cause nobody doesn't like Sara Lee! Isn't that a double negative? Pearl Drops "tooth polish. Woolrich used to advertise in house porn magazines all the time. La Choy Chow Mein -- brought to you by a dragon Muppet.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Creme. R25, is this what you're looking for? R25 the aluminum wallets are now being flogged in Harriet Carter and Walter Drake catalogues.

Bed Bath and Beyond, or Walgreens, R Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Chevrolet still spends Billions on advertizing R Ty-D-Bowl yes, you can still buy this. Colt 45 Malt Liquor. For the dynamite taste! It really was R I even remember the gift box it came in. I thought she looked familiar!

That last "date" she had was hot. Dash laundry detergent Punch laundry detergent Cold Power laundry detergent Tackle household cleaner with bleach Clorox Co.

Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo jasmine scent for oily hair that was amber colored. All these products smelled and looked so good and represent the best of times. Bring back the original scent of Lifebuoy soap. Cigarette ads were ubiquitous for many years and now they're all but illegal. It was the first vodka sold in the US and the official vodka of the Romanovs.

I don't see it anymore but it apparently still exists as a bargain brand. Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific! Is it live, or is it Memorex? Vidal Sassoon, because if YOU don't look good. WE don't look good. For Angelenos of a certain age: Lever soaps and body-wash. Does anyone else remember coolers? What did we drink as teens?

The closet guys tried too hard--Marlboro reds and Bud. This is a boring thread. Please do not start boring threads in the future. Webmaster, please close this thread. Calgon, take me away! R is traumatized by all the things he missed by being born too soon. That stuff is good. And it's even better as a mixer with vodka citrus or peach vodka. I know cigarette ads have been mentioned, but wasn't the hunky Marlboro man a notorious gay?

They used to run ads for it ALL the time! Weigh it for yourself honey. Everything tastes better with blue bonnet on it. I knew a girl named Margarine. It was pronounced Marge-are-eene. But she was as sweet as butter. She wouldn't let me do her, so I turned gay. It's still at the market, but microwave popcorn has taken over everything. La Choy makes Chinese foods, swing I can't believe I read this whole thread.

Anyway they redid the commercial so it said La Choy makes Chinese foods, swing Miss Natalie Wood for Raintree Perfume. I've seen ketchup advertised everywhere. R, Is it true that Kim Basinger was the main Breck girl?

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