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Michael Jordan
I love how the polaroids come out looking retro. Just awesome to get the old, dirty look on pics made with modern cameras! Just got introduced to Polaroid. The program is really great and wonderful. His family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina , when he was a toddler.

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Novak cuddles up with Mindy Kaling's nine-month-old daughter Katherine as they stroll together Strolling through Hollywood Dominic West says he's tired of doing so many sex scenes for his hit TV show The Affair Dominic West is done having sex Under fire with Harry: Jenny Mollen blasts photo agency for ignoring her success as an actress and author by referring to her as the 'wife of Jason Biggs' 'There's not a day that I don't regret it': The hilarious moment Emma Stone was mistaken for Emma Watson as she chatted with strangers on the street in New York 'I take responsibility and I'm sorry for all of it': Blake Lively shares a VERY eerie detail about the origins of her name but was it really just a ploy to promote her new movie?

Jane Fonda declares that an 'avalanche' of sexual misconduct allegations are coming in the wake of Les Moonves' firing Fresh-faced and fearless! Today's headlines Most Read Man, 26, who died in first fatal shark attack in Cape Cod in more than 80 years was a 'sweet and humble' How 'serial killer' Border Patrol agent went on two-week killing spree, murdering four sex workers and How well do YOU know the world map?

Quiz challenges players to name the capital cities of 25 far-flung Killer storm Florence weakens to a tropical depression - but officials warn the devastation is far from over Florence likely to expose gaps in flood insurance: Number of homes covered is down in the Carolinas is down Thousands of Wilmington residents overcrowd supermarket Trinitarios gang member, 28, is killed with a shot to the back in Brooklyn Father of teen slain by MS sobs at the site where SUV driver hit and killed the girl's mother after a Girl, 16, shoots dead a cougar with a bow and arrow - after spotting it lurking just three yards from her Prosecutors demand 'killer dad' Chris Watts provide DNA and fingerprints in triple murder case after he Botham Jean's mother slams Dallas police for 'character assassination' of her Vice President Biden voices his regret over not speaking up against Trump earlier, as wife US calls for urgent UN meeting on North Korea sanctions after accusing Russia of interfering with report Woman, 19, who accused four Trump-supporting teens of slashing her tires and leaving a note that said 'Go Lisa Page bombshell testimony: Collusion between Trump and Russia unproven by time of Mueller's special Popping an aspirin pill a day WON'T keep the doctor away: Study finds 'wonder pill' doesn't lower heart Instagram account spotlights key moments in LGBT history, educating more than Serena Williams adamantly maintains she did not receive coaching during the US Boy, 15, is charged with murdering his father after the year-old's remains were found abandoned in woods Archaeologists discover sandstone Sphinx statue during work to protect an ancient Egyptian temple Former hockey player receives death threats after posing with the body of a grizzly bear he shot on a hunt Oregon wildlife officials shoot and kill cougar believed to have fatally mauled hiker, 55 How respected NYPD detective fell on hard times after divorce before 'setting up a two million dollar Man, 26, who died in first fatal shark attack in Cape Cod in more than 80 years was a 'sweet and humble' Brazilian student who moved to the area for college 'Worst is yet to come': North Carolina prepares for 'catastrophic' flooding as Hurricane Florence kills 13 and residents are told to flee or risk their lives Florida cops hunt blonde tattooed woman who 'stole bricks of marijuana' that washed up on a beach 'Can I block him?

Meghan Markle's father Thomas 'has received multiple death threats' from a close female friend's violent ex-boyfriend who she also accuses of slashing his tyres The Queen makes even me nervous, says Prince Harry: Secret code names for Harry, Meghan and the Cambridges used by aides and bodyguards are revealed How 'serial killer' Border Patrol agent went on two-week killing spree, murdering four sex workers and attempting a fifth before she escaped and raised the alarm Heartbreaking video shows immigrant mother in tears over fears that ICE will arrest her, separate her children and then deport the family if they seek shelter during Hurricane Florence REVEALED: Back to top Home U.

Murphy moves case by case in an evenhanded, thoroughgoing study. Having taught American politics, history and law for a quarter century, Murphy has written about politics and law for a general audience in several biographies of United States Supreme Court justices and a textbook on American Government.

His first book, The Brandeis-Frankfurter Connection: The Secret Political Activities of Two Supreme Court Justices was a best-seller and, after a story about the book on the front page of the Sunday New York Times, it became the subject of a national debate about judicial ethics and dozens of reviews around the country, and won a Certificate of Merit from the American Bar Association.

He is also the author of Wild Bill: The Legend of William O. Douglas , published by Random House in Nguyen is Associate Professor of History at the University of Kentucky, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the Vietnam War, the global Cold War, and the history of U. She received her B. Journal of World Affairs , and numerous edited volumes. Her upcoming book on the Tet Offensive will be published by Random House.

Born the youngest of nine children in Saigon, she had some relatives who fought alongside the United States and others who joined the southern communist revolution.

In , her father, an ARVN soldier, and her mother, who was six months pregnant with their sixth child, witnessed the Tet Offensive firsthand from their home near the Tan Dinh Market in Saigon. At the end of the war in , her immediate family joined the throngs of refugees who fled the country and eventually resettled in the United States.

Nguyen or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. He has written a weekly feature for the Irish Echo , and his articles have appeared in The New York Times among others. The City at the Heart of the American Revolution.

Lincoln Paine is a maritime historian, editor, and author whose books and articles include The Sea and Civilization: An Historical Encyclopedia , and Down East: A Maritime History of Maine. Substantial endnotes and references are tucked away but easily accessed towards the end of the book, and the inclusion of vivid illustrations and literary references throughout enliven the text. In contrast to most books on maritime history, the majority of The Sea and Civilisation covers the history of the world before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and at least as much of the narrative focuses on Asia as it does on Europe.

Paine loves the sea and ships…his passion is to tell the story of the sea. History is seldom written with that kind of passion today. It became clear to me that I must bring this great source book to the world of India.

Paine has compiled an invaluable resource for salty dogs and land-lubbers alike. Bringing to bear a formidable knowledge of ships and sails, winds and currents, navigation techniques and maritime law, Lincoln Paine offers a lively tour of world history as seen from the waterline.

The result is a fascinating account, full of little-known episodes and novel insights. Both profound and amusing, this will be a standard source for decades to come. Thoroughly researched, clearly argued, eminently accessible, we have at last a responsible and persuasive explanation of the inextricable connection between the ocean and world civilization. His painstaking reference books are immeasurably useful, remarkably reliable, efficiently presented and engagingly written.

He selects sensibly and his judgements are sound. A History of the Last Thousand Years. It is indeed uncommon for a reference book in that its hard data is organized by a poetic intelligence rather than an analytical one.

An Historical Encyclopedia …is a most uncommonly valuable book. Paine or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. The United States — and Restless Giant: The United States from Watergate to Bush v. The Growth of the Conservative Coalition in Congress, — A sobering and essential read about a world we have lost and the troubled birth of our own. Patterson or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Remini was an acclaimed historian well known for his comprehensive and definitive studies of President Andrew Jackson.

He was professor of history emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and from to he served as the Historian of the United States House of Representatives. Statesman of the Union He was my college teacher at Fordham and was very highly regarded by every student. I became his agent in , and we became friends over the years, until his death at 91 in I had the incredible experience not only of working with him on his later books, but also of attending the Metropolitan Opera with him several times.

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget. Remini artfully teaches us about the American past. From the convention of to the impeachment of Bill Clinton, he takes the reader on an exhilarating ride. Leuchtenburg, William Rand Kenan Jr. Remini has written a volume that will appeal alike to specialists and a wider American public. Presenting penetrating insights into key events and illuminating portraits of powerful Speakers and prominent members, Remini gives full play to both sordid and exalted incidents, to moments of high drama as well as strife and division, while relating how members conducted themselves, precedents developed, and legislation formulated from the inauguration of a new government in through the conservative revolution so evident today.

The Triumph of a Progressive. A lucid, dramatic revelation of a forgotten giant of American history. A fine, absorbing biography that does justice to its great subject. Mike Rose is a graduate of Loyola University B. Over the last forty years, he has taught in a range of educational settings, from kindergarten to job training and adult literacy programs.

Mike Rose is the author of ten books including Lives on the Boundary: Rose has written a number of books and articles on language, literacy, and cognition and has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Grawemeyer Award in Education, and the Commonwealth Club of California Award for Literary Excellence in Nonfiction. Rose or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. He is the author of The Hopkins Touch: He was co-author with Keith D. He lives with his wife Nancy and their dog Thatcher in Washington, D.

A truly magisterial biography. Roll or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Steven Rosenbaum is a television producer, author, and the creator of MTV News Unfiltered, a groundbreaking user-generated video show. He is the author of Curation Nation: Rosenbaum has contributed to several blogs and print outlets including the Huffington Post, JackMyers.

He is the founder and CEO of the highly successful Magnify. Rosenbaum or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Ava Seave is a Principal of Quantum Media, a leading New York City based consulting firm focused on marketing and strategic planning for media, information, and entertainment companies. She is the co-author of The Story So Far: As a Quantum Media principal, she has led numerous consulting engagements and has provided senior-level management consulting services to many companies in a broad range of assignments.

Ava graduated from Brown University before going on to earn her M. A from Harvard University. Seave or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Jonathan Sperber received a Ph. Sperber has published ten books and many journal articles and chapters. Among his books are three prize-winning historical monographs: Electors and Elections in Imperial Germany His writings include two textbooks: The European Revolutions, ; 2 nd edition, and Revolutionary Europe, Both have sold over 15, copies worldwide, and continue to sell at a respectable pace: More recently, Sperber has been interested in expanding his readership from academics and their students to a broader educated public.

Toward that end, he obtained a contract with a trade publisher to write a life of the founder of modern communism, Karl Marx. The book, published as Karl Marx: Norton, , utilizes the latest historical scholarship and only recently available primary historical sources to portray Marx as a backward-looking figure of a past historical era, rather than a contemporary, whether understood favorably or unfavorably.

He is currently writing a history of the world by , to be published by the Oxford University Press. This superb, readable biography of the most controversial political and economic thinker of the last two centuries achieves what scholars have been hard-pressed to deliver in recent decades: A major work, this is likely to be the standard biography of Marx for many years.

Neither a prophet nor a purveyor of a political system gone awry, Marx emerges in these pages as a man struggling, personally and intellectually, with the profound issues of his own time. Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town.

Sperber or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Murray Sperber received his B. The Athletic Department vs.

Sperber is also former chair of the Drake Group, a national faculty committee advocating reform of college sports. Mitchell Stephens is a historian and a journalist who is currently a professor at New York University and the former journalism chair. A History of Atheism will be published by Palgrave-Macmillan in He has published articles on philosophy, physics, anthropology, psychology, and other aspects of contemporary thought for The New York Times Magazine , Washington Post , Los Angeles Times , and others.

A History of News is in all respects first-rate, and original, work. At every stage Mr. Helen Sword is a scholar, award-winning teacher, and poet who has published books and articles on modernist literature, higher education pedagogy, digital poetics, and academic writing.

Her popular academic writing workshops for faculty and doctoral students have taken her to universities in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. I take her advice to heart. This is a well-crafted and valuable contribution that combines substance with style. Kalleberg, Editor, Social Forces. Ghostwriting Modernism is a book that grows on you, not just because of its original documentation and its systematic appraisal of an often neglected topic, but also because of its skillful progression and elegant construction.

Unger received her Ph. Her first book Fighting Bob La Follete: The Righteous Reformer , was the winner of the Wisconsin Historical Society Book of Merit Award and was re-released in an updated paperback edition in American Women in Environmental History and from that research has published several essays and articles on environmental history.

To contact Professor Unger or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. He has produced and directed several programs for PBS including Tesla: Master of Lightning , Hallowed Grounds: A Grateful Nation Remembers.

Uth or to arrange for an appearance, please contact the agency. Lac Brome, Quebec, Canada. Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Saddle Brook, New Jersey. North Palm Beach, Florida. Super Deluxe Roadster Camelot Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Volga, South Dakota First one for this State. Super Deluxe Roadster Jan St Andrews, MB, Canada. West Palm Beach, Florida. New Port News, Virginia. Owen Sound, ON, Canada. Wappingers Falls, New York. Deluxe Roadster June Port St Joe, Florida. Shay 55 T-Bird North Richland Hills, Texas.

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