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I have not been able to find an obituary but I will keep trying. I have shared over the years the milestone birthdays of my dad It was truly a celebration of his life.

In we took our family of 10 on an Alaskan cruise. Our favorite day was the private fishing boat tour when we caught 37 salmon. Our freezer is still full, despite all the dinner parties.

If you travel thru Atlanta, give us a call. Underneath the note I am including a posting from his daughter that I saw on Facebook. I'm personally heart-broken as I'm sure I wouldn't have become an English teacher without him.

I even went to observe his teacher service course when I was hired to teach at Hofstra. I still find it hard to refer to Mr. Hawkey as Dick, but after he retired he came to Hofstra for 10 years to adjunct in the English Department there. What a thrill to become his peer!

I am so pleased that I spoke to him just a month ago and was astounded by his memory and our lovely conversation about Florence Foster Jenkins. I will miss him tremendously. If anyone wants to write to his family, drop me a note and I'll get an address: It has been a rough couple of weeks for our classmates. So soon after losing Bob McCarthy and Mark Harris, I am sad to report that Steven Strauss passed away today May 19, from complications resulting from a gall bladder surgery two weeks ago.

We have moved him to our gone but not forgotten page. I remember how happy he was to be found several years ago and how much he enjoyed looking at our class site. I received this sad news from the wife of our classmate Mark Harris.

I heard from Mark in late December, but he did not mention being sick. He just wanted to update his contact information. I'm thankful he had us on his list of those to be notified. His wife Lynn can be reached at harris8g gmail. We have moved him to our gone but not forgotten section. To let you know that Mark Harris passed away on Saturday, May 7, of pancreatic cancer. He had the LMHS website listed as one to be notified. Here is a link to his obituary. I checked the funeral home listing and Bob died on April 29th.

He is being waked at William E. Monday 7 to 9 p. Cancer related to work at Ground Zero. Thought you would want to share with your classmates.

In New York it's scheduled for 8: PBS airs in all 50 states so you may want to check your local listings for times. It should bring back a lot of memories for most of us. Hi Marcy, Sorry for the delay. As you wrote, Trudy and I will be married 47 years on March So, attached is a photo from our wedding in , and one from two summers ago.

We haven't changed much since then. There's also a photo of the two of us on one of the colder days in southern Florida. My mom recently suffered two falls and is not in good physical shape, but she gets much enjoyment from life by reading, watching television, and eating her favorite foods.

Thanks for being so observant and attentive. In an ad they listed the participants, one of which was Phil Margolin, class of '61, who discussed his 20th novel. Also there was David Berger. Approaching Phil I asked if he would sign two books for me, his latest novel, and was surprised when I handed him our yearbook.

He gladly signed both. He and Dave are both well and we spent just a few minutes catching up. Steve Weissman I asked Steve if he took any pictures, but unfortunately he did not have his cell phone with him.

It must be five years or ten? Well, here it is at last. Thanks for your work in maintaining the Class of '61 web site. I believe I contacted him sometime after the reunion when we were just starting up this site. He did promise to write something up for Nancy's gone but not forgotten page, but I long ago gave up hope of getting it when I didn't hear back.

I love being wrong! I'm grateful to have this tribute to Nancy. Better late than never. I sent Steve Ross a get well greeting after I heard he had heart surgery. I didn't share the news on this site because it didn't come directly from him. However, his reply may be a wakeup call for others. Steve can be reached at s. My younger brother suddenly passed away. I went for a CT Cardiac Angiogram as a precaution.

Had excellent lipid tests, and was taking Lipitor and cardiac favorable supplements as well. Both of my parents lived into their nineties. Failed the test, Failed the Cardiac Cath, and ended up with bypass surgery. Have done well, and now my favorite foods are history. You can share this with the website as a "you never know what the fates have in store for you". Hi Marcy, It was very sad to read about the death of Mr Lutri. I was in the concert band for all three years at Levittown Memorial; a rehearsal a day for three years!

It was the highlight of high school; never to be forgotten. I am planning to write a tribute, but in the meantime want to send condolences to his daughter. If it all possible, please send one of her home addresses or her email address. Even writing this brings back great memories. Thanks for your help. I was able to find an address on Mr. Lutri's daughter and sent it to him. Best wishes to Lou Chanin who is undergoing back surgery on February 17th. He says it's no big deal, but at our age, getting back to normal takes a little longer.

The doctor says he will be six weeks recuperating. His birthday is February 24th and I'm hoping he will be celebrating at home and not the hospital. Lou can be reached at ljchanin yahoo.

For those of you who don't know, the ninety four year weightlifter in this video is Edith Trainer, mother of Honey Murway Cottrell. That explains where Honey gets the stamina for all her globetrotting.

Hello Marcy I am sad to tell you I just got an email from my sister informing me that Kenny Marcus passed away on December My sister and Kenny's long time companion Diane are very good friends. Kenny was truly a great guy. We were both on the track team and football team all through high school. Please feel free to share any memories of Kenny you may have and we will include them on his page.

Many of us had a chance to spend time with him at the class picnic in It marked the tenth anniversary of our class website.

We wouldn't be still online today if not for the generosity of our boosters who come through year after year. Those of you who share news and pictures are the heart of our class. Without your updates, there would be no reason to keep coming back to check the website.

I'm also thankful for all of you who send your address, phone and email changes. I'm aware that some of those emails are no longer working. Please check your information on the yearbook section and forward it to me. Being able to reach everyone is crucial if there is ever to be another reunion.

Thanks to Bob Benson for maintaining our site. He's been doing that for ten years and we have always worked well together over the years.

I get many thank you messages from classmates for my part in sharing the news, but the truth is that it takes more than one person to keep us up and running. Russ Mulroy has been our treasurer since we started this site. He has deposited checks and sent Bob a monthly check since the onset. That's over checks, not to mention bank runs to deposit booster checks. I am so grateful that someone was willing to handle this aspect of our venture.

It has given me freedom to concentrate on the news and not have to worry about finances. When Russ decided that it was time for him to step down, I was concerned and just a little worried that I would have to do his job myself. I am eternally grateful that Honey Cottrell was willing to step in and fill Russ' shoes. She collected our reunion money so I knew she'd be the right person for the job. My concern was that I knew how much she and Tom enjoyed traveling.

With modern technology and electronic transfers this will not be a problem. Thinking back to when we started makes us so aware of the changes in technology over a ten year span. Most of you had dial-up internet back then which tied up your phone line and was much slower than the high speed internet we know today. Many of you snail-mailed me photos to scan for the site. I would then have to put the originals back in the mail after making a copy. Gradually folks learned how to email pictures which made my job easier.

No one was emailing me photos from a cell phone, which is how I get most of them today. It makes me wonder what the next ten years will bring. This is the first time in ten years that we have not lost any classmates.

If there were any passings this past year, I have not heard about them. It's a good feeling and hopefully we can continue to keep that "Gone We did add a couple of names to the gone but not forgotten page when we heard after the fact that they died previous to this year. It saddens me to know that fifty six members of our class are no longer with us.

Condolences to all of you who have lost spouses, parents, and siblings this past year. Hats off to those of you who have become caregivers for sick spouses. As most of you know, I have been gathering anniversary dates from married classmates and including them in the monthly updates. Please don't wait until the actual date of your anniversary to share with all of us.

I can store wedding or anniversary pictures until needed for posting. At present we have no anniversaries for the months of February, May, July and December.

Surely some of you must celebrate a date during one of these months. Send me the details now even if it's months away. I miss the days when finding our missing classmates was a real possibility. From time to time.

I check Facebook and other sites to look for them, but I've not had any recent luck. There was no greater feeling than finding a classmate at the request of another classmate who wanted to reconnect. I'll just have to hold out hope that one or more of them finds us while searching the internet. That's happened a few times and it's always a pleasant surprise.

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy new year. Please continue to share your news! Merry Christmas and a very Happy Birthday. I wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you do in maintaining our class website. It's great to keep up with what's going on with many of our classmates. It's been a challenging year but my daughters are close by and they have been a great support. It was a great trip. I spoke to Bob Levine the other day and he's doing well. After 40 years in the same place, he and Pat are seriously thinking about moving out of Manhattan.

Again, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas and my best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy The class of website continues to bring me happy memories. It seems like yesterday that I was putting rollers in my hair to keep the curls, now it is hair color to keep it red. I do hope our classmates are making the most of each year. At , my dad still looks forward to everyday, despite any aches and pains.

Hopefully I have inherited that zest for life. Atlanta is lovely at this time of year, cold but not too cold for us to enjoy long walks by the river. I hope everyone can end the year grateful for whatever is in your life and enter with the joy of whatever makes your day have purpose. After ten years of acting as our class website treasurer, Russ Mulroy is stepping down.

He asked me to find a replacement before the end of the year. Honey Cottrell is the first person I thought of because of the great job she did collecting money for our 50th reunion.

Honey graciously accepted the job and I couldn't be happier to have her help. An account has been opened in Florida and Russ will be forwarding our balance to Honey after he pays the November and December bills and closes out the account in South Carolina.

Booster checks for the new year will go to Honey's address in Florida so please note the address change on our homepage. I can't tell you how grateful I am to both these classmates for their help. Russ gave us ten years and my hope is that Honey will give us another ten!

Condolences to classmate Steve Ross on the passing of his brother Paul. He graduated from McArthur in , was a periodontist, and lived in California.

He was a Photoshop" Maven", won many awards, and a tribute to him can be seen at Freakingnews. I received the email below from Lois Christensen Bish. I asked her if it was okay to share with classmates and she gave me her permission. Lois mentions the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. It's a small world. As classmates, we are spread out all across the country. Places that were once unknown to you, now take on familiar rings when you know someone who lives there. I'm grateful that Lois and Bob escaped the danger that came so close to their lives.

Hi Marcy, Wanted to write to you last night and give you the anniversary info, but was too spacey after a harrowing day as Roy and I got caught in a shoot-out here in Orlando. Was quite an experience, and turned out pretty well for all the people trapped while bullets went flying. Roy and I were on our way home from the dentist where poor Roy had 3 hours in the chair and is undergoing major repair work when we got caught in a shoot out here in Orlando between a really bad guy with a long rap sheet and the police.

We were stopped at a light on a main road, when the whole thing started to the right and left of us. And because we were eye witnesses, we became part of the crime scene so were held up and interviewed several times in the 3 hours we were there. The police really impressed us, though, with how quickly they got this under control as the bad guy who was just released from jail was shooting wildly trying to hit the police.

The bad guy and his lady friend, who also ran from police and was caught, were in a stolen car and had been linked with many robberies. The police from two counties, three towns and the City of Orlando and the Florida Highway Police really were incredible to watch We are very fortunate that this turned out as well as it did - especially for those sitting in their cars.

The police first came to us to ask if we had been hit by any gunfire, and fortunately we were not. The news teams tried to interview us, but the police shoo 'd them away from us, thank goodness. I did not want to see myself on TV, although our car is sure on TV surrounded by crime scene tape!!!! This is the first of the Orlando Sentinel's report Roy was watching what was happening to our right with the gal being arrested, and I was watching to my left the shooting by this lunatic at the police.

He was firing his gun wildly so it's a miracle no one who was trapped in their stopped car was hit. The police kept checking on us, offering us water and I said to one officer, "if I drink any water I will need a bathroom" and he laughed and said they had taken over the church there and would escort me to the rest room if I needed one.

Fortunately, I did not. I sure did not want to be escorted to the bathroom by the police! Anyway, quite an afternoon and we have been watching it play out over and over on TV, along with the awful shooting at the college in Oregon.

I think we have gone mad, absolutely mad - and this Orlando is like the wild west. Today, in that same area, a armored truck was robbed, but the guard onboard opened fire and got one of the robbers. I'm thinking I should be armed too He came to Florida from Coram, NY.

He was a veteran of the US Army. Visitation will be from 2: There will be a service at He was a member of LMHS class of Our hearts go out to her. Marilyn can be reached at wworkmanmarilyn aol. Marcy, On August 23, we passed the 10th Anniversary of your website. In that time we exchanged about 9, emails resulting in 10, files in folders.

All the memories that are saved in this project are available to see anytime your Classmates or their families take a walk down the this Memory Lane. Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Janet Columbia. Janet had back surgery months ago, developed complications and was in rehab until last week.

She is home now and hopefully will mend enough to resume her normal life. Janet can be reached at nonna live. Ask any Baby Boomer who grew up in Levittown about their favorite memory, and they will most likely tell you that it was the time that Cosmo the Ice Cream Man would drive through their street. For the most part, however, memories linger about an ice cream man who drove a little truck that had the most memorable jingle — it was a real set of tinkling bells.

The Italian immigrant had a warmth about him that radiated to every single child that waited on those long lines to purchase something from his truck. He was genuine, and had a deep concern for every child on his stop. He allowed some to purchase, paying on credit. He remembered birthdays, holidays, and even knew every single child by name. It was amazing — one had to wonder how he kept track of so many different children. The only thing that I can attribute this to is an overwhelming love for what he did.

When Cosmo drove through our block at 7: You see, the line was as legendary as the man, and nobody really wanted to wait in the lingering heat of the day. However, Cosmo was patient, and he allowed each child to take their time to make a choice.

He placed all of the coins he received in a shiny coin belt that dispensed change with a few clicks. That coin belt was as shiny as his shoes, and I remember Cozzie as being warm, real, and one of the nicest people I ever knew. You could say that his personality shone, as well. I got whatever I felt like at the moment, as I was a huge believer in variety. My sister always got her favorite treat, which was a Cremesicle ice cream that came in a plastic cone shaped container.

She always relished in the fact that, after my ice cream was long gone, she still had the bubble gum ball at the bottom of the container to enjoy. I secretly was delighted in the fact that the gumball usually turned her lips, teeth and tongue a deep purple, and it was kind of difficult to remove.

She never departed from her choice, although there were so many wonderful Good Humor treats that Cosmo sold that it made it difficult for me to stick to one thing. I wanted to try everything, including the Italian ices that used a running Roman as their icon. By the time I had exited high school, I remember Cosmo as he continued to ride through the blocks in our neighborhood.

He was getting on in years, and I realized that soon, this wonderful Levittown legend would become a part of my most memorable past. There were many who tried to imitate, including several ice cream men who waited outside my high school. The service was never the same, and I never frequented his vehicle, nor did I run down to chase the Mr. Softee truck that could be seen in our neighborhood after dark.

Cosmo had grown tomatoes for over 64 years when Newsday ran a story about him in His beefsteaks were the largest around, and he grew them in his backyard in Bethpage.

I was pretty happy to see the article, as well as to know that my old friend was still out there and thriving. A few other words that described Cosmo were his tenacity for living, as well as his longevity; longevity in sticking with something for the long haul. His photo was taken on a bench at Eisenhower Park, and that same light shone from his eyes then that was ever-present when I was a kid.

True to form, his grace, warmth and genuineness radiated from that photo. Cosmo is presently in a nursing home on Long Island. A Facebook movement started, asking that those who remembered Cosmo write him a letter or card, expressing their gratitude for all his years of service and memories of him. Thanks for all of the memories, Cosmo. You definitely made a difference, especially in my life.

Sending much love and hugs to you! Hi Marcy,hope you are doing well. I love the web site. I go to it as often as I can. I cant believe next year is 55 years since we graduated. Time goes by so fast. I was wondering if we were going to have another reunion next year? I would be glad to help with the preparations. I want to thank you again for all you do. I am sure everyone appreciates this wonderful site.

I have friends that wish they had one from their school. Hope to hear from you soon. Two or three others have asked about possible reunions or class picnics next year.

To my knowledge, there are no plans out there. It is organized by Steven Telano. This year the date is July The classes of 65, 66 and 67 have a reunion the evening before so they will be heavy in attendance. They expect more than people.

If you have friends in other classes and can get a group together from our class, it could be an opportunity for meeting up with old friends. I can forward the details on the picnic to anyone interested. Other than this, I'm guessing that we will have to wait for a 60th reunion. Ruth was 98 years old. Condolences to our classmate Carolyn Nelson on the passing of her mother.

Carolyn can be reached at 44pepper gmail. The burial will follow at Pinelawn Cemetery. She will join Dad who died Dec. I received this info today, and think you should pass it on to the website guy.

Steve Ross A variety of WordPress blogs are buzzing about a security vulnerability that was found in many mainstream plugins. To avoid any issues I encourage you all to backup your site's files and database, then proceed with updates through the WordPress dashboard.

You can read about the vulnerability here: Steve says that Joel's popularity and involvement in school activities paved the way for him when he entered LMHS. Steve can be reached at stevenweissman43 gmail. Ira was a LMHS graduate. Laura can be reached at lauralal43 gmail. We will move her picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten section with her obit. Please feel free to add any memories you may have of he r. I am sad to report that I just learned quite by accident of the passing of classmate Roger Friedland on July 17, I got a reminder on facebook that it was his birthday and so I went to his page to send a greeting.

Once I read the other birthday greetings from his children, I realized that he was gone. I will move his picture to gone but not forgotten and as always we welcome any tributes or memories you may have of Roger. Dear Marcy, I hope this finds you and your loved ones well, warm, and happy--and that the snows have been melting there too.

I think what's prompted me to write is that I recently heard some news about Richard Hawkey, my beloved 11th grade English teacher without whom I would never have become an English teacher. I normally correspond with Dick a few times a year but got very nervous when I didn't hear from him at Christmas. A few weeks ago I did get a letter from his daughter saying that Dick had tried to call me my phone number was changed after a fire in my house to share the sad news that he'd lost his wife.

Hawkey I knew and loved. If anyone would like to reach out to him, his address is 7 No. Nancy Place, Massapequa, NY His friend Ray Kavanaugh--my 12th grade teacher--had the awful experience of having his house explode during Sandy when a power line came down on it.

Ray amazingly survived but there was nothing left of his home, and he has since been moved by his sister to an assisted living home somewhere on the Island. So far as I'm concerned, yes, I'm still teaching at Hofstra how amazing is that?! We're hoping to still continue our "job" after our daughter goes back to work, following her three month maternity leave. We do a lot of running around--but it's so much fun! Our three daughters also give us much joy.

Our eldest, Elizabeth, is an English teacher also, but her special love is playing violin in the New Amsterdam Orchestra. Her two children, Juliet 14 and Gregory 10 both love the arts too. Juliet just began high school as a vocal performance major at La Guardia High School for the Arts and her brother has just gotten a call-back from the Professional Children's School.

I'm SO proud of them all--because first and foremost they're really nice kids. My middle daughter Emily just came back from the Shoah Foundation's ceremonies in Poland commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. She was one of twelve teachers chosen to go from the US and obviously it was a life-changing experience for her. Just before she left on the trip, she was honored with being Teacher of the Year from her school in NJ.

My youngest daughter,Jessica, besides producing another grandchild for us, was just promoted in her law firm to the Managing attorney for NY and the USA. I might get to do a LOT of babysitting!

I consider myself enormously lucky. For one thing, my husband and I are still here to enjoy all this. Thank you again for keeping us together. Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels P. Emily and I visited Ellen Kobrin just before she moved from NY to Alabama a few months ago--and on the way home, Em asked if we could stop at my old house on Haven Lane. We did--and she got up the nerve to knock on the door.

The "new" tenants graciously invited us in--and it was quite an experience to see the "old homestead. Honey Cottrell reports that Steve Bitel underwent hip replacement surgery on March 6th. Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out his way. Steve can be reached at SBitel aol. I received a note from Arlene Brambora Campbell telling me that our classmate Gail Donahue passed away on August 3rd, Gail had called Arlene in June and told her she had been diagnosed with cancer and had only six months to live.

Unfortunately she didn't get the six months. I found the obit and a picture online and we will move her to our gone but not forgotten section. Any tributes to her may be made and we'll put them on her tribute page. Sadly, that makes two losses for us in Condolences to Neil Rose on the loss of his wife Jill on December 31st. Neil can be reached at gestrsm aol. Another year has rolled by and I'm happy to say that this website is still holding its own. I never know when an email will come to my box with news or pictures, but it continues to happen month after month.

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In , Fiorentini requested an audit within the Highway Division after a point out law enforcement raid within the highway garage as half of an investigation in the Flahertys.

Berrigan Shire mayor John Bruce mentioned Finley Highschool numbers had dropped from about a decade back to below five hundred this 12 months for your earliest time. Can you add a Blackberry template? This web page is difficult to read otherwise for all those of us browsing with cell phones. Otherwise, in case you can put a RSS link up, that might be great also. According to a memo sent out because of the Association of Certified Flight Attendants, the union claims that American is placing flight attendants "through torturous security interview which in the long run close with their work becoming terminated for theft," after they endeavor to return a lost product.

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Through the way, plastic has no way more intrinsic worth than paper or gold, but the community easily acknowledged it. Visa's prosperity meant the introduction of Mastercard along with the American Categorical card. Currently, we have now just as much plastic dollars as paper dollars inside the planet. Repeat a specific thing they reported not too long ago If Sunshine is going to continue to operate during this metropolis, then town has to have alot more influence and oversight,'' Bartholomew claimed.

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It looks like not for. Have an understanding of what. Bag, say it in the river when the send is not really well-disposed. He threw for a career low 3, yards in which he played for at least 15 games, although he had 31 touchdowns to just 8 interceptions.

Pro Bowl wide receiver, Jordy Nelson 's absence due to injury for the season was considered a contributing factor in Rodgers's statistical drop compared to previous seasons. The interception came with only 1: The Packers ended up losing the game 29— The Packers made the playoffs as the fifth seed in the NFC with a 10—6 record. However, the Packers lost 26—20 in overtime. Throughout the first five games of the season , Rodgers's struggles from the season appeared to continue.

His lackluster performance through those games caused much speculation about the causes of his problems. In a Week 7 Thursday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears , Rodgers rebounded by recording a team-high 39 completions, breaking Brett Favre's previous record of 36 in , also against the Bears.

After a Week 11 loss to the Washington Redskins—the Packers' fourth in a row, putting them at 4—6—Rodgers was optimistic about the remainder of the season, saying, "I feel like we can run the table, I really do.

In a 38—10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in a Week 14 game, Rodgers and the Packers continued their recent offensive and defensive success. On December 20, , Rodgers was selected to his third consecutive Pro Bowl and his sixth total. In , Rodgers finished with completions and attempts both career highs , a In a Week 1 win 17—9 against the Seattle Seahawks , Rodgers had his 50th career game with at least passing yards.

He finished the game with , but his streak of consecutive passes without an interception came to an end when defensive tackle Nazair Jones picked him off in the first quarter.

During Week 6 against the Minnesota Vikings , Rodgers was taken off the field by his coaches and medical personnel after suffering a shoulder injury on a hit from Anthony Barr. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Rodgers suffered a fractured right collarbone. Rodgers returned to practice on December 2, , making him eligible to play in the upcoming Week 15 game. During Sunday Night Football against the Bears in Week 1, Rodgers left the game with a knee injury but returned in the third quarter.

Down by 20 points, Rodgers finished with passing yards and 3 touchdowns as the Packers won Career stats accurate as of Week 16 of the season []. Rodgers currently resides in Suamico, Wisconsin , [] [] a northern suburb of Green Bay roughly 10 miles from Lambeau Field. He also owns a home in the affluent beach community Del Mar, California , 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, [] and lives in Los Angeles during the offseason.

Rodgers was in a relationship with actress Olivia Munn from to As of , Rodgers is dating former race-car driver Danica Patrick.

Since becoming a starter in , Rodgers has become known for his unique touchdown celebration , which he and his teammates have dubbed the "Championship Belt. We get excited when we see it cause we know that he's made a play or we've made a play as offense.

Rodgers's celebration is also featured in a series of State Farm Insurance commercials, renamed the "Discount Double Check". Rodgers has also been featured in Pizza Hut advertisements, [] as well as numerous local Wisconsin-based advertisements.

In the sketch, all the players being introduced had unusual names; Rodgers pronounced his own name as "A-A-Ron Rod-Gers" in a callback to a sketch from the show's first season. Rodgers is the founder, and with David Gruber co-creator, of itsAaron [ clarification needed ] with a mission of "creating awareness for organizations and people who are changing the world".

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