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It is generally less common than its Spear Counterpart , and this is largely believed to be due to Most Writers Are Male. May overlap with Homosexual Male Gaze. The girls in the BOD Man football and soccer commercials. The blonde watching the guy shooting pool in this Levi's jeans commercial.

The entire premise of a famous Diet Coke commercial from , involving a hunky construction worker. Carlee in this Aussiebum commercial. The reporter in this Diet Rite commercial. A whole series of Diet Coke adverts are infamous on being proudly built on this trope. The women in this RPM commercial. In this English Leather commercial, the woman's checking out her racquetball opponent and she's mentally undressing him, judging from her tone of voice when she says "All my men wear English Leather, or they wear nothing at all.

Also, when China crossdressed in the April's Fool Special, there was quite the bit of attention focused on his bare legs. The incredibly buff Germany appears shirtless quite a few times in the anime, and often in sleeveless shirts.

Once, as Oboro and Gennosuke walk through a very thin path in the mountains, we follow Oboro's gaze as she looks at Gennosuke's back When Lucien first appears in his true form as Lucifer — completely naked — pretty much the first thing he says is "What are you looking at, Miss Yoko? Pick up a volume of Black Butler. Turn to a chapter. You will most likely be greeted with pans of the body of a prepubescent boy , along with his Bishounen Battle Butler 's hands all over him.

While Bleach has lots of Male Gaze actually, only Rangiku, Orihime, and Yoruichi count , the female fans have just as much, if not more eye-candy.

How many times has Ichigo gotten Clothing Damage , to start? And what about Renji, his very tattooed body, and his very sexy Slipknot Ponytail? Let's not forget Byakuya wearing a tuxedo in some pictures, Ikkaku and his own share of Clothing Damage , and especially Grimmjow.

Don't forget the time Ichigo failed to land a scratch on Ulquiorra, but succeeded in ruining his shirt. Speaking of Ulquiorra, there's quite a bit of focus on his lips.

There's also Hisagi and Kensei, who are both not only buff and never seem to wear sleeves , but they have sixty-nine tattoos, Hisagi's on his face and Kensei's on his abs. Sure, the numbers actually have an innocuous explanation in-universe, but it's easy to assume otherwise Code Geass is very good about the Male Gaze with Kallen in particular , yeah, but it also has some fanservice for the ladies, such as Lelouch's Shower of Angst and Suzaku's ass.

Actually when you think about it, the Estrogen Brigade is enough to cancel out the show's intended audience. Go ahead, see if you can find more than 50 straight fanfics.

Yoh Hinomura undressing is usually followed by a full-page splash panel displaying his body. Before he kills his enemies, often while still in the nude. Dangan Ronpa 3 has a scene in episode 7 of the Despair Arc where Nagito can be seen bathing in a tropical paradise, with his butt in full view for a good few seconds. Granted, of course, this is a series that prides itself on heavily muscled men beating the snot out of each other.

Still, there are far more long panning shots up spandex-clad male bodies than can possibly be justified by dramatic reasons. May explain part of the show's relatively large female following. Dragon Ball Super has had enough ass shots of the guys for fans to take notice. In Eden of the East , Saki's reaction to getting hit with a Naked First Impression is to stare at the man's groin for about ten seconds.

Kyoto Animation released a thirty-second promo featuring a swim team , now known as Free! Anime fans quickly took note of the fact that said promo was essentially a half-minute beefcake reel , full of loving shots on the chiseled abs, buns, and even feet of nubile young swimmer boys, in tight swim shorts, while dripping wet and with pulsing music for good measure.

An Instant Fan Club was gained from the promo alone, despite the fact that nobody knew if it was a promo for the studio or a full series although the latter eventually came to pass, to the fangirls' delight.

And the main series, titled Free! Albeit unintentionally, the Getter Robo G ending sequence lets us know that Ryoma has got particularly shaped legs. Almost every male character gets a Shirtless Scene at least once. Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Domon Kasshu, making Super Robot fanboys everywhere All of the Shuffles are subjected to quite a bit of female gaze when suited up.

It certainly helps that they all have different body types: Any wonder as to why this series is pretty popular among girls? As bonuses, Domon and Chibodee get several Shirtless Scenes. Specially Chibodee, being a boxer and all and having a well-toned frame. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Bubble bath with rose petals. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has Tieria Erde's infamous Shower of Angst , as well as Alejandro Corner wearing only in a bath robe and Ribbons Almark in a midriff-baring top and white undies while cranking up the Ho Yay to worm his way up Alejandro's trust and affections.

The second ending animation featured Setsuna F. And the Out of Clothes Experiences coming from the Trans-Am System don't spare anyone from either male or female gaze. Bushido aka Graham are among the "victims", and even with all of his scars it's very nice to see Graham naked. Lampshaded in The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya , obviously. That same episode has an outtake from the English dub cast where Mikuru of all people gleefully exclaims "Ooh look, buttcrack!

In Kill la Kill , most people are put off by Aikuro's tendencies for exhibitionism and nudity. Magi gives us Sinbad in all his naked glory. Within his first appearance, girls' eyes might wander down Mazinger Z: In the anime he was shown half-naked more often than Sayaka. And this is the resident Ms. Fanservice we're talking about. And in the manga he visited a hot springs resort, and stripped himself once for no reason at all. One Naruto two page color spread had "female gaze!

The girls are all happy and relaxed and you don't see too much of their bodies In her début episode Karin apparently held a lengthy conversation with Sasuke's chest. That was where the camera was aimed, anyway Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is known for Male Gaze fanservice, and yet we have one scene with Simon kicking ass in a bath house wearing nothing but a short bath towel around the waist.

The shots during the scene tended to be in worm's eye view, and the mere thing preventing anything from showing is some black shading under the characters' waist towels.

Well, actually, many men are perpetually topless in the show. Kamina only has a cape sometimes, and Simon, although he wears jackets, he always keeps them open and he's shirtless underneath. Kittan wears a tank top in one of the Parallel Works shorts that tends to get blown around exposing his chest nonetheless, he's as good as shirtless.

Also, Lordgenome, complete with chest hair. This troper is starting to think Gurren Lagann thinks little of clothes and eliminates it in every way way possible, regardless of the wearers' genders. And Narukami certainly likes to undo his shirt's top buttons. And after Kanji shows up, he's often seen wearing a sleeveless shirt, which lets the animators focus quite a bit on his rather nice and muscular arms. Taken Up to Eleven in the animated rendition of a certain school trip in which everyone gets drunk.

He ends up totally sloshed and with his shirt open while the girls make drunken passes at him in their own ways. It can't be helped though, the fangirls immediately fainted. Joe's first scene has him broodingly and sexily staring offscreen while wearing no shirt under his leather jacket and he doesn't wear it before transforming either , and the very bishonen suited-up!

Ken shows off a very muscled body thanks to his tight body suit. Note that even the bad guys are now showing off muscular bare arms rather than being completely covered! Currently depicted above is from Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Ironically for female viewers, it's less about turn-ons than it is about cheap laughs. In at least one case, it prompts the only significant resident boy to tell the girls to raise their heads. The Sengoku Basara 3 manga puts a lot of emphasis on Yukimura's muscular bare torso and Mitsunari's slender legs, especially during fight scenes. Kid has a nice ass. From the same series we have Soul wearing nothing but a shadow and Stein training with no shirt on.

Space Dandy has almost equal amounts of this and Male Gaze — being a series that both rejoices and parodies skimpier animes. Okamoto's mech in Star Driver has a " Fanservice Mode " that lets her see into her opponent's cockpit and through his clothing. While he's preparing to attack her. That's not to say that the show lacks Male Gaze , either, considering some of the focal shots on the resident Ms. Fanservice , Blue Rose. Even though it is a Seinen series, Tokyo Ghoul engages in plenty of equal-opportunity fanservice.

Besides numerous shower scenes and Workout Fanservice featuring the handsome men of the series, creator Ishida Sui claims that he draws characters starting with their asses. It shows , most famously when Arima's Badass Longcoat somehow manages to cling to every inch of his heart-shaped rear end. Momo sice the first chapter where both are in the bathtub and Rito gets up suddenly.

The camera in the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan spends a lot of time lingering on Eren's glistening muscles when he turns into the Rogue Titan. There's quite a bit of this in Yuri!!! It's especially apparent in regards to Victor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti ; in the first four episodes there's a lot of attention on Victor's body when he's in the hot springs, and Chris gets a lot of shots of his ass thanks to his style of skating being highly sexual in nature.

Similarly, Ryoga and Mousse lose their clothes in their animal forms, so when they turn back they're naked, athletic men. Manhunt , Black Canary and Huntress both identify that a masked criminal is also the Manipulative Bastard Kavorka Man who seduced them both at different times, when CCTV footage of his getaway happens to show a closeup of his butt. Hal Jordan has a really nice ass. Nightwing isn't the only male superhero to get it.

But he's the one who gets it the most. That infamous Secret Six panel? The artist even wrote "Hot" when she signed it!

Nicola Scott, responsible for that picture, in general loves her male ass shots, as seen in Earth 2. Jason even spends most of issue 6 in his birthday suit plus a giant leaf. Spider-Man has certainly done enough splits and other flexibility-related maneuvers in skin-tight spandex to qualify for a spot here. The Noh-Varr example has gotten a lot of positive feedback from feminist groups as being a great scene that doesn't shove the fanservice in your face — if you like guys, then it's a bonus, but if you don't, then the scene is still important to the plot and interesting to read.

It's also emotionally plausible, since he's alone with a woman who he's just spent the night with. Kieron Gillen has stated that this was his intention, and that there's a real imbalance between sexy female characters and sexy male characters also pointing out that "sexy" doesn't have to be "sexist". During Chelsea Cain's run on Mockingbird , Bobbi Morse would often find herself teaming up with her ex-husband Clint or current fling, Lance Hunter, and both of them tended to be shirtless.

In one issue, Lance was, in fact, shirtless in bondage gear. And then he later appeared completely naked complete with censor bar. Cain has explained that the entire book is through the lens of Bobbi and since she is an unreliable narrator, she remembers things a bit more A Crown of Stars: When Shinji gets naked in front of her, Asuka spends a good while blushing and gazing studiously at his body and taking note of the size of his "equipment".

Asuka often finds herself looking Shinji over, especially his backside and declaring him yummy. Doing It Right This Time: When Shinji tries new clothes Asuka spends a while thinking of how yummy he looks. Although the author is male, the male characters provide plenty fanservice in this doujin not so much as the female characters, though. She handed over the two clips to a blushing Ikari Shinji. Her eyes followed his behind as he walked towards the firing point.

Last Child of Krypton: Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Asuka's point of view often focuses on Shinji's body, specially if he is half-naked, wearing a tight suit, or sweating. She's just hovering there, smiling and blushing Throughout My Immortal , Ebony checks out every hot guy she meets. She has a very specific fetish — mainly, looking like Gerard Way.

Lucky for her, every hot male looks identical to Gerard Way , which must get very confusing. She never checks out girls, however, despite a throwaway mention of her being bisexual. Writers frequently have Hinata Hyuga do this with Naruto Given the fact that Queen Elsa's ice dress was already a good example of Male Gaze , it's not surprising that fanart of her as a boy tend to give her male counterpart this treatment.

The cold never bothered him anyway. After Shining receives a Groin Attack from General-Admiral Makarov the Big Bad of the arc during their first fight, Minuette seems a little too eager to help the ship's doctor examine the bruising.

The poor guy ends up having at least half the cast in his Unwanted Harem. Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters: During one of Will's dates with Matt, the narration notes that she keeps checking out his butt when he's not looking. A female on female example has Jade who has just come to the conclusion that she's a lesbian peering at Irma's cleavage as she sits up from their table and then watching her rear as she walks away.

Mr and Mrs Gold: During their Slumber Party , a slightly drunk Rose asks Mr. Gold to pick up one of her books off the floor, only to get cat-calls from the others when he does. Either it's an example of the Female Gaze or of the Male Gays? Serves to stir up some Unresolved Sexual Tension in The Blue Lagoon when Richard notices Emmeline staring at him intently for reasons neither he nor she can really understand at first. What're you looking at?

After Lola meets Sam in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen he walks away, and the camera briefly focuses on his butt.

We're talking about a muscular young dude who wears a skintight outfit and is unbelievably agile. The first film has the least of this Jacob wears a shirt for the whole movie! As if any girl can watch Labyrinth without staring at David Bowie 's In her review of the movie, The Nostalgia Chick warns her teenage male audience that most of her jokes will be centered around lusting after "The Area".

In the film Sunshine , there's a nice scene of Capa getting into his space suit which is clearly fanservice. After a character's husband, who pretty much defines "bastard" tells her he's leaving her for her friend and walks off she starts over in a new town.

Thankfully there is a handsome, sensitive Christian sheriff around, who also has a nice butt judging by the scene where he climbs up on a ladder and Sheila finds herself staring. We get a POV shot.

What Women Want has Mel Gibson 's character taking advantage of hearing a woman's inner monologue about repeatedly looking at his crotch to do whatever he can to make her do it again. Chris Evans in the Fantastic Four movie, which has him naked and in an impromptu sauna after his powers burn all his clothes off. His film debut in Not Another Teen Movie has him attempting to invoke this with Janey by wearing a a whipped-cream bikini.

For a franchise centered around the traditionally male medium of comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe finds a lot of opportunities to show off their male leads: There's the extended, multiple-angle montage of a filthy, disheveled Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth was already quite easy on the eyes.

Add in a Shirtless Scene and him wrestling in the mud and you can hear the girls Squeeing from miles away. The sequel decided to give us a long, slow pan up Chris Hemsworth's glistening abs and pecs as he sponge bathes himself against a sunset. It lampshades his great physique in the first scene of Cap's newly-gained muscles, where love interest Peggy looks like she's going to faint and narrowly stops herself from trying to touch his chest There is a Shirtless Scene with the Winter Soldier On the more positive side, we have Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie jogging around the National Mall with extremely tight T-shirts on that quite lovingly show off their physiques.

Doctor Strange already played by fangirl magnet Benedict Cumberbatch is shirtless for no clear reason while he shaves off his Beard of Sorrow. Later scenes involve him sparring with Mordo played by the very handsome Chiwetel Ejiofor in sleeveless tops that do an excellent job showing off their upper arms. Chris Hemsworth has one more Shirtless Scene.

In Exit to Eden , Mistress Lisa Dana Delany is seen checking out both the men and women as they're introduced at her sex fantasy resort. Also, during the control scene, she glances at Citizen Elliot's Paul Mercurio bare butt while pinching and squeezing it and telling him that that's what she likes "to do to gorgeous butts".

Kamen Rider Double Forever has a brief scene that includes a gratuitous close-up on Philip's lips as Maria touches them. The first lines in Fast Times at Ridgemont High are: There's the guy from the stereo store. Do you think he looks like Richard Gere? Nothing wrong with that , right? Except that she's a minor and he's her mother's new boyfriend.

In Bad Education , there's a shot where the camera spends a good amount of time focused on Gael García Bernal's crotch when he's mostly naked. Magic Mike could be retitled Female Gaze: The Movie and it would actually make more sense. Among fans, it's often called such. There are several gratuitous shots of Pierce Brosnan 's Bond leisurely swimming in the pool of his hotel. It's a mix of close-ups of his face and upper chest, plus wide shots of his body which serve very little purpose other than to demonstrate just how Tall, Dark, and Handsome and wet he is.

This particular set-up makes Bond appear much more erotic during his Interplay of Sex and Violence fight with Xenia which includes two sexually suggestive lines, "That depends on your definition of safe sex" and "No, no, no. No more foreplay" because he's still dripping wet and only dressed in his swimming trunks. The franchise has suddenly gained a lot of this since Daniel Craig took over the title role. It all started with the famous tiny-trunks Shirtless Scene in Casino Royale and continued from there, so much so that that's the picture for the film page for Mr.

Featured prominently in Looking for Alibrandi when the students from the boys school arrive at the girls school and the girls lay eyes on them for the first time. There are several close-ups of the boys butts as they put their hands in their pockets, causing their blazers to ride up. The Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om includes a number of tongue-in-cheek moments where the female director and choreographer makes fun of traditional Bollywood 'male oriented' sequences.

For example the song Dard e Disco , in spite of a number of half naked women, firmly focuses on male superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The costumes and the way the camera lingers on him as he jumps out of water are definitely female gaze in action.

In Man of Steel , when Superman is saving the people from the oil tanker, the camera goes down to show off Cavill's pecs. In Pacific Rim , Mako spends a good amount of time staring out her door as Raleigh takes his shirt off. Once Raleigh notices, she immediately shuts the door Madagascar certainly did this on purpose when they introduced Moto-Moto, who's a hippo just like Gloria.

In Austenland , Captain East takes his shirt off at every opportunity, e. Exasperated, another male character asks why he can't just use a handkerchief. Played for laughs in How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Ruffnut constantly focusing on Eret's lovingly detailed biceps during action scenes. Days of Future Past: Wolverine's nudity when he wakes up in provides plenty of eye candy for anyone in the audience who might be attracted to men.

Downplayed with Professor X since he's more precisely a sensual subject rather than a sex object. In the scene where he's on a rocky ledge facing Cairo, his body position, the camera angles and the lighting sometimes evoke the impression that he's a male fashion model posing for a magazine shoot.

The focus on Xavier's physical beauty in these shots later intensifies the blatant rape subtext of his next scene because he looks like an attractive and vulnerable prey when Apocalypse shoves him down on to a slab and cuffs Charles's wrists to restrain him as preparation for a violent Mind Rape. In this scene in My Tutor , Terry checks out Bobby when he comes out of the pool. Erection by Command Component 4 Premium Lifetime Enhancements — John Lloyd is always making improvements and developing new techniques.

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