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Mummies in the Morning. My children really enjoyed this fact tracker: It did a good job of holding their attention, not at all dry. It held a lot of relevant information in regards to ancient egypt.

We homeschool and we love using these fact tracker books to supplement the kids curriculum. Available to ship in days. Very informative book on Ancient Egypt, my 9 year old son has enjoyed reading it and is using it as one of his sources for a school paper he is writing. National Geographic Kids Funny Fill-in: My kids love these.

Grammar hidden in fun. Great for kids grade K - 4. Used for a school project. National Geographic Kids Readers: My five year old son loves this book. He's asked for it for over a year and we finally gave in and let him read it, worried that it would be a bit scary. He's fascinated by it, it's educational, and easy to understand as well as interesting. Eleven-year-old Zet and his younger sister Kat are left with the responsibility of minding the shop while their father is in a faraway land fighting for Egypt and their Pharaoh.

But each week the children's earnings dwindle until they fear they won't have enough to feed themselves, their baby brother and their mother. So when a thief bounds through the market place, Zet steps up to the medjay, or police officer, to offer to help catch the thief in exchange for the reward.

This brave, but foolish action soon lands Zet and his sister in trouble, so deep their very lives and the lives of their family are in peril.

As Zet and his sister wind their way through the streets of Thebes, the scents and sounds and activity of the thriving commercial city come alive. They meet many people in their quest from the man who grows papyrus I bought this for my son's friend for her 9th birthday.

When she opened it, I got a very emphatic, "OH!! I love it when I rock the gift! I will search for images of my mom where she looks unhappy, or has a similar expression as one of our photos.

I have been scanning home videos for the same moments. I believe the past informs the present, so these images are integral to the story. Overall the project has affected our relationship for the better. Now I talk with her often and truly feel empathy for her. She will demand I stop taking photos of her and then beg me to start again.

She has tried to take her pills more, or drink more, and in those situations I just shut the whole thing down. Instagram is a large part of your practice. When I started the Instagram I had just finished my MFA thesis and had all of these photos of my mom and our story and no way to share them. I used an iPad and started a brand new account devoted to the project. At the time, you could only post images as squares and I did not want to crop my images, so I started cutting them into pieces in Photoshop and uploading them one by one.

Immediately the Instagram took on this metaphorical way of understanding mental health. Having to zoom in and out made sense. Having moments start and stop could finally be depicted and shared. You have been making this work since How have the pictures changed in this decade-long process, and do you see foresee this project ever having a finite end? I was once very critical and angry. Now I feel much more sympathetic and understanding, but I realize I am still very young.

I have been thinking a lot about how I will feel about the work if and when I am a mom. I see the project continuing for as long as my mom is alive, and imagine I will continue being interested in motherhood and our relationships with offspring. Swinging, from Melissa Spitz on Vimeo. Family , Melissa Spitz.

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