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They are not expired. Are they from a bad batch? How could they get through quality control? Don't know if I can return them or not Hopefully you can see from the photo. The outside of the bar should be "shiny" from the chocolate.

It's dull with a white film and the bars taste really stale. Annabanana, August 17, Good taste but deceptive packaging by Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem produces two kinds of peanut butter and chocolate bars; the ones above AND the ones in the picture below. Don't be deceived on pricing. The ones in the picture below are worth the extra price.

In my opinion, the ones above are not. Teresa, July 2, This is what i was looking for great snack. BigT, February 22, I think these are delicious! I order by the carton and eat then for lunch at work plus I throw them in my fishing bag for lunch on the lake.

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