GM Diet Wonder Soup Recipe

GM Diet Wonder Soup

An Unconventional Approach to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
I have been doing those on date till now Genetics can predispose a person to develop the condition but genetics is rarely the cause of disease. This is what I had from morning: Thank you lots n lots. Modern adherents rebut this by saying that leaky gut has made lectins now available to the blood stream but there is little evidence to suggest the validity of this. Hi , I just made the soup but with a little adjustment so please tell me if this recipie is ok: I had all kinds of other issues on top of that.

Relation between Insulin and PCOS

Foods to Include and Avoid in a PCOS Diet – Important Nutrition Facts

Day n onwards is to be intaken? And one more thing, is the soup intakr compulsory on day 4? It wont harm if you consume soup on gm diet day 4. Hii…is this diet working on a permanent basis. Hi You will gain weight again if you start eating unhealthy food and stop doing exercises. Once you achieve desired weight using this awesome diet, you have to maintain a healthy diet and avoid cheese, butter, fast food etc as long as possible.

On the 5th day. I used to have it twice a week. Can I have it on the three day break after the seven days? Please let me know. Eat normal homemade food which is nutritious and avoid bread, cheese, butter, cokes etc. Hey thank u very much i lost 8 kg weight first good diet plan ur doing good job. You are welcome Nita! I am glad it helped you. Do share this gm diet plan result with others and share this article with your friends and family!

The vegetable we have to consume with the chapati should be cooked? Hey , Thanks This is my first day of GM Diet and i am not feeling any kind of need of that parathas and samosa anymore. And on the second day can i cook my veggis without oil with onions and garlic? I was still very happy with my result. However, after that I did not repeat the gm diet and since then I have go on to gain around 11 kgs after that period. I tried everything, treadmill, dieting and now I have joined the gym 2 months back but I have still not lost any weight.

I feel that the gm diet makes you gain weight. But I was wondering if I should give it a try again and keep repeating it. Please suggest Smth thanks. Hey Anika This diet has been a charm to hundreds of girls who have mailed me their before and after images and they will recommend it to their friends as well.

You will gain weight only if you stop eating junk food, cheese, butter, coke etc after completing the diet. Sweating is the key if you go to gym. Doing cardio in an AC gym doesnt give you much sweat. Hey, i am 90kg and I really want to lose at least 35g after 3 months? Do u think If follow this diet strictly and ex cerise I will be able to reach my goal weight? Am really struggling to lose weigh? I feel like this my last chance???? You definitely can Atikah. My readers who followed this diet have even emailed me their before and after images and they have lost weight is months time.

I m really encourged by reading this diet plan and so I decided to start it from tomorrow. I m 26 but overweight and really wanna be slim. So can u please email me some pictures of before and after who used this diet plan and got some serious results…..

I want to see some real proofs… Thanks Waiting for ur revert. Antima, I can only send you images of those people who have approved or given us the right to share their images with other people.

We believe in privacy. Should I take this diet?? I really want to look slim like my classmates!!!!! You are still very young, concentrate eating nutritious good than slimming down. But yes, you can. I am 15 years old. You are still very young and can perform cardio exercises for a long time.

The more you sweat and more strictly you follow the diet, more you will be able to lose weight. But tomorrow i will eat only vegetables. So can i have miso soup on the 2nd day without any Tofus. You know miso soup has a strong flavour with lots of salt? So can i have some or not? BTW Thank you dear for sharing such a great diet program.

Please help me if iam doing something wrong. Kindly find my diet plan for 3 day Day1 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- Cherries 1 cup 8 almond snacks- plum lunch -musk mallon 1 bowl snacks -apple Dinner — papaya 1 bowl. Day 2 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- Medium potato boiled snacks- baby carrot lunch — green salad snacks — cucumber Dinner — patato wedges baked. Day3 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- blue berries snacks- baby carrot lunch — wonder soup snacks -apple Dinner — water mall on 1 bowl.

I did 1 hours exercise daily alternative day power yoga and gym cycling and aclypts and 30 minute walk in lunch time. Avoid potatoes if possible. Take small potions in whatever you eat. You are 40 and you have a low metabolism effect on body and therefore the fat burning capacity of body falls short, but thats never a concern.

The title says it all! But it really depends on how strictly you follow what is written here. Anything between 2 to 10 KGs is way to go! This diet is a balanced diet which will supply you with all the nutritions required by the body without increasing the weight.

Green Veggies have essential minerals that are required by the body. Hi Shefali, Very interesting article — kudos for the effort. I have decided to follow it from today.. One quick question, can you substitute sugar with honey while driving bling black tea?

Yes, you can consume Green Tea instead of Milk or normal tea and coffee. Add honey instead of sugar though! Hi, I want to try this diet,could you plz tell me the types of exercises that I have to do. I want to reduce my wt from 80 to Hi I am on my third day of gm diet…strictly following it…i think i did a mistake on day 2.

In my baked potato i had added. Half tea spoon salt.. I have not checked my wait. Let it be for now, check your weight before starting the diet, and check it after 7 days. You will better be able to analyse your weight loss that way. Strict following of this diet is a must! Hi Today is my 3rd day completed and i was having a headache in the evening so i just had tea with skimmed milk without sugar. No problem, you can read this article on getting rid of Nausea and headache here- https: Make her exercise regularly and make sure she sweats.

Drink lots of water and she should be fine. The comments above are the proof! Hello mam plz send me the pix of that women who have achieved their goal,thank u so much u are doing a great job,i am 31 years old.

Hello Mona I cannot send you the images of women who have achieved their goal, it would be against their privacy. And how can u make the highly diluted soup in day 4? Please follow the foods that are mentioned in gm diet day 5. Hy ,today I am on the first day of GM diet plan and I have taken fresh fruit juice whithout sugar ,is there any problem??

Whatever is mentioned in the day-to-day plan, is to be consumed in breakfast as well. For eg, for day 1, fruits are to be eaten all day. So you can drink a glass full of fruit juice without sugar. I am 18 and i weigh 63 kg i wanna lose 10 kg in a month due to a very important occasion coming ahead i want to follow your diet but i cant control myself by looking to junk food.

Can you give me suggestions to control myself from eating junk food. You have to build a self-willingness to quit junk food. If you think junk food is more important than the occasion, you will tend to eat more of it. Make yourself dedicated to looking your best on THE day and you will see that you no longer cringe for junk.

Ask your mom not to make you any junk food for next 1 month and see the change. Can you please tell me can we take peaches and apples only on the first day?? They are both fruits and they are delicious as well! Drink Apple juice not milkshake in the morning, for lunch, have 1 Apple and 1 peach. I did treadmill for thirty mins in the morning and had green tea on empty stomach.

Take 2 peaches and 1 Apple. Followed by 2 glasses of water. Can I have skimmed milk during the diet? Can we take green tea without sugar during this diet plan..?? Hello there, my question is when making soup I will not use any stock isnt it?

Few months back itried a crash diet.. I need to loose 30 kg to bring down my weight to normal. I m 38 years old female with height of cm and weight 90 kg.

I have lost weight several times and gained back in my life. So please tell me wheather i can lose 30 kg weight with this diet without any side effects like hair fall and for how long i have to continue the diet. Looking forward for ur reply.. It will take time but you definitely can lose upto 30 KGs. There are diets which will help you lose weight at the cost of your nutrition requirements. Do not do them!

This diet is made specifically for losing weight taking into view all the nutrition requirements of body. Use this diet plan until you get the desired weight, strictly. Let me know if you need any more help! Hi this is Simran My questn is I suffer a lot from Acidity so if i do this diet will it effect me????

And the other questn is that in this seoson its difficult to get watermelons so wht can we have in place of that???? Waiting for ur feedbck…. I am 18 years and also a student. I am 48 kgs and have belly fat. Also My face skin got chubby type..

I seriously want to loose my whole body weight! Will this diet work for me? GM Diet has worked for thousands of people and will work for you too, but it depends on how strictly you follow it. Walking is okay, but it is necessary to sweat in that process. Cardio increases your Metabolism which is very important. Check this out as well — https: Cottage cheese means Paneer. You can use it in small quantity, not too much. It is just to get the small amount of fat that body needs for energy production.

Hi…I really need to drink hot tea. I am 22 years old and want to reduce around 20 kgs in 3 months. I have a heavy lower back. Will this plan help me in shedding my fat in lower back and tummy?

Kindly suggest me the method to follow the GM diet plan. GM diet plan will help you reduce overall fat from the body and for tummy, you can refer to this article — https: Can I have banana shakes on the fourth day without any sugar instead of having bananas and milk separately? Also Can I skip brown rice and tofu all together and have more of what other things are allowed on that day?

Also suggest if it can be altered for paneer. Avoid salt as long as possible. Strictly no to banana shakes. The diet procedure seems very promising does hair fall by following this??? Just few days back someone was complaining that her hair started falling because she followed some diet suggested by her dietician. It causes because your body does not get proper nutrition during diet.

This GM diet has been designed such that you will lose weight, at the same time your body will get all the proper nutritions. Usually dieticians will ask you to avoid Cottage cheese and stuff, but we have kept a small part of it in 5th day because body also needs small amounts of fats for energy. So this diet all in all is the best way to lose weight without any side effects!

My question is that can you send me a diet plan for next 3 days so that there is no yo yo effect, thnx. Does this diet helps in reducing belly fat, I have a beer belly and one of my objective is to reduce my belly.

Hi, My age is 27 and my weight is kg. I am suffering from pcod so can I take this diet to reduce weight. You can also take medicines that have been already prescribed by your doctor along with this diet.

Hey can I eat nuts during the diet like cashew almond or walnuts of course without roasted nor salted? And can I season the 4th or 5th day foods with soya sauce? Can I eat nuts on day 2 iI am not sure if it is a veggie so is the nuts prohibited walnuts almonds cashews and so on…. You cannot become darker with any diets.

It may be because of the sun. For dark circles, you should check this out — https: Today is my 2nd day of diet plan can i have normal cooked vegetables or just boiled? Plzzzz help me I am 25years old my height is 5.

May ek dafa 87 tak ahi thi or ek dafa 70 tak ahi thi. Phir wapis bhar gaya hai bohat parhshan ho plzzz helpme cheaf. I just started this today and thank you so much for posting this. I am currently obese at I need to lose weight within the month and bring it down to 65 to have a normal BMI of below Is this possible with this diet?

Hoping for your reply. Losing so much weight in a short period of 1 month can be harmful for body. You need to go slow and steady, that way you can be healthy as well as lose the excess weight. Hi Team, I am 33 yrs old and my height is 6. Hi , Could you please tell me how much time it would require to lose 10 kgs but it should be permanent? Also need to know the portions we should take.

You need to stay away from junk food and only consume healthy and nutritious food. Small portions enough to fill your stomach. Hi, Day 5 diet is six tomatoes, i dont like tomatoes. Can you please give me a substitute for it. I am 16 years old and i weigh 98 kg. I am cm tall. I am really worried about my weight.

Will this diet help me to lose weight? And can u lose weight without excercise during the whole diet? I am doing night shift from past years. Can I follow GM diet plan and if yes, then shall I follow the things which you mentioned or something extra I need to take care of. Please reply …… I will start as soon as I get clarity on this. Follow the way it is mentioned, nothing special needs to be taken care of. Just make sure you have ample amount of water daily.

Hi Chieft, I am in day 1 with water melon and Dragon fruits. My question is for Day 2 it acceptable that i can it pumpkin all day. Hi Chief, Many thank for your prompt reply. I just want to say, I went down from I am only on day 3. Looking forward to lose more as the days go by. So I want to say thank you! Losing the extra weight means so much to me.

Many thanks for Chief reply. I have one more question that if i can add avocado to my fruit list? I am a flight attendant with an airline, I need to shed off 9 kgs in a weeks time. I have request that the way you have made a sample diet for day 5th can you do the same from 2nd day till 7th with substitutes as that will really helpful in following it exactly the way it should be.

Also I wanted to tell you that I am trying hard since a month to reduce weight since a month but no difference I can see. However I am very hopeful by your diet plan and would follow it religiously.

Waiting for the diet plans in a day wise pattern. I am on the fourth day of this diet. Is it okay if i eat only 3 bananas the whole day? And regarding the sample diet for day If i follow the sample diet can i make slight changes? Also is 15 min of hardcore excercise enough? Thank you so much. Yes 3 bananas are okay. There is a sample diet plan for day 5 gm diet at the end of article, check it out.

You can make slight changes. I am concerned the muscle loss associated with this diet. Is there anything I could do to prevent it, perhaps taking a protein shake for the first four days? Hi…I lost only 4lbs meaning 1. I was lbs meaning Now i want to start the diet again. Could you please give me a few effective pointers so that I lose more this time?

Hi , I m on 2nd day of gm deit plan. Should I take this diet? I really want to look slim like my classmates.

Please help me out. Jus wanted to take your suggestions so that i can reduce weight without loosing the natural glow. Can you suggest me what meals and in how much quantity and timings should these be taken on each day. It will be better if i get your personal email id. Make sure you eat nutritious food as mentioned in the diet plan. You should not really focus on losing weight as long as your baby is on breast feeding. Once it stops, you can start losing your weight. I am on day one of the diet.

I have done this before a couple of years ago and did find good results. However my question is, does this diet work on the lose post partum belly.

My tummy sags and I am not sure if the diet can help in skin toning. Is salt an absolute no on day two for vegetables? Hi thanks for this great diet. I am going to start this tomo. I am veri overweight. I need to lose it. Now its time to lose all the baby fat. I dedicated myself to my kids well being. I hope I can pull this off. I am 28 and weight abt I lose and pick up weight veri fast.

Thumbs up for me. I do lose myself and not veri motivated. Please help in that department. Maybe everyday ask me and motivate me with the diet. Thanks for your help. Some fat is necessary for your body to give energy to your body. Losing weight at the cost of your health is not recommended. You will feel fainted if you do so. I am 17, my height is 5 feet 3 inches.

Earlier, my weight was normal, but after I got typhoid, i had a weak body. Therefore, my neighbour advised me to take a sort of immunity syrup, after which i gained 25 kgs and weighed 65 kgs. After all those years, I am still putting on weight and now weigh 78 kgs.

I just wanted to ask, will I gain weight again after losing some? Never take advice from random people with no medical qualifications. Immunity Syrup is causing you side effects and you need to stop taking that. For a weak body as well, taking healthy and nutritious food is more than enough. Dear author I followed Gm diet a month ago I lost 4 kgs and I did again a week later but second time I did not lose any pounds.

It made me really upset. And no changes in the food also. I am just wondering why? I am planning to start again tomorrow I am just afraid it may happen again. I am waiting for your suggestion and ideas to lose. Thank you for your time. You should do multiple GM diets with 3 days of gap in between them.

Is eating corn alright? Is better to eat as less as possible during this diet? Also, is it necessary to excercise everyday? I have a busy schedule so is it okay if i exercise 3 -4 days out of 7? Will i still lose weight? I am 27 years , female , weight 64 kgs , height 5ft I am looking forward to reduce kgs in week for an upcoming event.

Last time is did GM diet nd reduced 3 kgs but again gained back , this time i require your help. Need to reduce badly nd have very less time in hand, please help. Hello mam, actually my age is 23 and my height is 5feet4 inches weight is 66 kgs so i want to lose my weight a lot mam can u pls help me out and from morning to evening ill be in the office and give me some suggestions please.

After my 2nd pregnancy I have gained lot of weight. My height is 5 feet and I am 66 kgs now. I got huge love handles. I stopped breastfeeding 4 days ago. I am a vegetarian. I want to loose 20 kgs till November 20 …is that possible? Thanks dear , how about flax seeds during the diet , is it okay to have them if I feel hungry ….

Hi chief I have started the diet today. Hoping for great results. Also please if you could share your email id so that incase I need help I can ask there directly.

I am confused about what i can eat on day 4… From the looks of the above all i can have all day is; 6 bananas 1 cup of soup 3 glasses of milk. I need to reduce 7 kg.. I am planning to start GM diet from tomorrow.. I have some questions.. I have calcium deficiency. I have back problem too.

And having HLA B27 positive. Please let me know some more tips for health and weight…. You should check out this article for increasing Calcium and Hemoglobin — https: Both would not work the best.

So I would recommend first do the gm diet, and once you achieve the required weight, follow the above article to improve calcium deficiency. Hi dear I am going to start the diet tomorrow. Just want to know that can I use packed vegetable soup that we can get from shop. Hey i am 17 years old and i am ready to do the diet starting tomorrrow most probably..

Is it fine if i am doing this diet at a young age? I exercise regularly also.. I have another question on the day that i am gonna eat rice.. What can i include with the brown rice? Hi , I followed GM diet, Today is my 6th day, had not cheated, followed strictly, but i weight today, i just lost 2 kg, i am very disappointed after being so starved —not got very good results. Slow and steady wins the race. People have lost more than 5 KGs and you too can. Every body is different and sometimes results may vary.

You need to do another round of GM diet and see how it goes. Do not get disappointed and focus on the diet. You simply need to follow this diet strictly.

I would recommend postponing the diet. Marriage is a stressful process and you may get tired with runabouts and preparations for marriage. You need to be healthy and energetic for such an happy occasion.

You can start this diet plan once you are done with the marriage things. Hi, Its been great pleasure of being in 7 days diet plan I hav successfully completed my 3days but unfortunately I din followed 4th day its really very upset. And is it possible to continue from 5th day els I need to start from beginning again pls help me out to clear my confusion expecting your reply asap.

I have cholesterol and a bit blood pressure. Will this diet be safe for me to use. Hope to hear from u soon. This diet is designed for all types of people with no major health problems. The plan does not contain any food items that will increase your cholesterol. But you need to follow this strictly. The diet will help you limit your cholesterol and exercises will help you get rid of cholesterol. The perfect balanced diet plan!

I intend to follow the diet, but I will be consuming alcohol a few days after. Will that be ok? Moreover, will I be gaining weight once iI complete the diet?

Heey… Veg soup Sprouts N raw fruits n veggies… R these ok for day 5 6 ?? Its very hard to get cottge chhese in mu area n i dont like it also… Plz rply…m on 3rd of diet. I lives in hostel I do not have much more options to eat,if I take soya in lunch at day two is it ok? Thank u very muh mam…doing grt job… Can i have boild green grams in day 5 6 ?? I am on my 4th day of gm diet. Followed the plan on previous 3 days without cheating.

Also did 1 hour yoga everyday. But no visible change I could find. What more should I do? Another question…can I have carrots and capcicums or not? Are you doing exercises and running?

Yes you can have capsicum and carrot. Hey I have allergy of paneer.. Or any other thing.. Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 inches. My weight is 77 kgs. Is it possible for me to loose 5 kgs weight if i follow it for a week with no cheats?? I walk for half hour in the morning and cardio half hour next. In the evening i do skipping. Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 feet.

I m 21 yrs. I want to lose weight very urgently. Nd if yes then how much? I am on the second day of the diet. I am doing a job and generally i need to attend meetings quite often. I want to ask about the timings of the plan. If i am in a meeting it will be challenging to stick to the timings rigidly. For example, i might not be able to eat between AM or 12Noon Regarding the vegi soup , I have read in some of the articles that soup can be taken on all the days expect on day 1 , just wanted to confirm the same with you.

And if the soup can be started from day 2 itself , how many times can it be taken in a day n whats the best time to have it. I do rigorous workout so is dis diet will be okay????

Hi there I was just wandering how I can control my hunger on day 1 and 2 especially? Is there any eating pattern or timing you suggest? Exercise and diet together form a complete weight loss program.

Hi I followed gm diet and exercise walking 45 mins only lost 10 kg in one year back. I want to know how much calories should I burn during exercise because I did walking as like before but no weight loss. I give up the plan. I want to start again plz help me. Hi I am working in Night shift, Will it work for me. Give me some suggestion how to follow for Night shift employees.

Losing weight using Lemon and Honey is does not work and its harmful, only celebrities do that. This diet, if followed strictly is healthy as well as helpful! Hi I would like to start GM diet from tomorrow. My major doubt is you mentioned to take veggies on Day 2 either raw or cooked. But cooked veggies contains oil,masala,some spices. Will it works if I take oil because cooked ones contains mandatory oil.

Can u pls with me and also can I take only onion on Day 2 as it is also comes under vegetable? Cooked veggies mean boiling them or pressure cooking them, adding some spices like oregano over it.

It does not require oil to be cooked. Dear Mama, i have been battling with weight for 6 years now. I am 34 years, have 3 children and am now 94 kgs. My young baby is 15 months old. Can i start this diet plan while breastfeeding? Secondly, day 5 is not very clear, what do i take from my country Uganda? I appreciate your response and help. I have completed my first day.. I feel good… Not much hungry.. But worried about tomorrow.. Coz I hate veggies.. Can I hv spinach??? Hai mam, I am having a knee swelling ,wrist swelling , and my crp rate in blood is 9.

I am taking medicines for he past 6 months. Is this diet plan is helpful while taking tables for Rheumatoid arthritis. I am 23years old with 5. I want to lost upto 10kgs. Please let me know if I can follow this diet plan for successful weight loss.

I walk close to 4kms a day, would this be fine or should i start any other type of exercises?? Also request you to share the recipe of the soup. Can we eat the mentioned foods on their days upto our hearts content or the less we eat the better it is? And also will consuming green boost the weightloss process? And how many cups can we consume in a day? Eat neither less nor full.

Eat in medium quantities. Green tea is good for removing toxic substances from body. Can i take without sugar Tea in these 7 days of diet? Should i continue with the gym workout of 45 minutes in these days Can i take protin powder with water before and after workout in these 7 days? No need of any protein powders. The vegetables you consume during this diet have good amount of protein and other important nutrients.

Hope you are doing well. I consumed coffee with sugar today around couple of hours ago. Will that be fine?? My only concern is that i dont eat bananas at all, what fruit can be used in place of banana, please reply asap, as i need to shed some kgs before diwali.. I wanted to ask whether jumping jacks, tummy crunches, bending excercises and punching excercises are enough everyday during this diet? That is way too much exercise.

In day 7 can I have a cup of plain low fat yoghurt with the brown rice and chappatis? And for days 5, 6, 7 are five litres of water enough? I tried the master plan Bt I was too weak by the end of the 2nd day,can I get a meal plan that will help me take down my weight, considering the fact that that I just started athletics training.

Since you have started athletics training, you should wait and see what results it gives you on your body. I am using another GM diet plan which I got from internet. I loose about 3 Kg at the end of it.

I have already tried it 4 times. This time I am on day 4 of GM diet and for day 5, 6 and 7, its suggested to eat brown rice morning and evening, is it right or shall I replace with Tofu as you suggested. Also it mentions to eat boiled bottle gaurd with salt at night.

Is salt again a problem here. I am just trying to make it right, so that I can loose more than 3Kg every GM diet. Thanks for the answer, I shall use Tofu this time. You have suggested not to have tomatoes on day 6, but the other diet plans have it. Is it a strict no-no on Day 6. Starving does no good. Your body needs necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

I am suggesting no tomato on day 6 because I am assuming my readers have already consumed too much tomato on day 2 and day 3 where vegetables are required to be consumed. Hello Mam, I am 24 years old and my weight is 90 kgs and i have thyroid problem.

I am on my first day of GM diet plan , but i m worried for the second day. I would really appreciate a reply, thanks. A small pinch of salt is fine.

Use Olives, Oregano or other herbs instead. You said you exercised quite a lot. Whatever you are eating, fruits, veggies etc, eat until your stomach feels full. Is eating cauliflower okay for day 2 or amy other days that recomends to eat vegetables?

Yes cauliflower is fine. Working out is extremely important along with this diet. You need to sweat it our in order to burn existing body fat. Can I consume a glass of fresh homemade bitter gourd juice as I suffer from psoriasis and drinking this juice makes my condition better. On day 4 u have informed to take 6 Banana, and a soup and milk, is it this we need to take for whole day?

Hiii, I m on 6 day of gm diet plan n i loose 5 kg…. Please answer as it is a peak time for me right now. Sadiya I would suggest you to concentrate on board exams now. I just started this diet today and been drinking a lot of water and have had 2 apples and a pear, I am getting married end of this month and weight 80kg looking to shed kg in 2 weeks.

Congrats on ur marriage. Now for next 4 another commitment to urself , U will walk for atleast 6 KMs daily in the evening , now if u do that hurray…… u ll look slimmer and prettier on ur big day.

Dear , after going through your article, I fond that you can really help me. My age is 33, have two children. The younger one is of 9 months and on breastfeeding.

My weight is 70kgs height cm of pear shape. Want to lose 12 KGS fast. You will never know until you try it. Go ahead with the diet and you will see the results. Eating healthy food and regular exercise is what you need! Water is otherwise advised in the plan? Hi I am really upset with the results after religiously following the diet plan for 7 days. I have not put a single grain in my mouth other than the plan. But to my surprise I have not even reduced 3 pounds. Please note I am suffering from High BP.

There are many women who have successfully completed the plan with loss in weight. Although results differ from person to person, I think you should first focus on solving the BP problem. I want to ask u tht I am little bit confused. Hi i am 21 years old, now i have 63kg weight…How to loss kg weight withing one week.. What is the Non Veg option of Day 5 and 6?

Any diet plan for that? The key is to continue exercising daily and have a balanced, nutritious diet. Avoid junk food and soft drinks. I am 26 eyers old I want to konw about 1st day pls tell me can I drink more watervin 1st day. Or have ane limts pls tell me. To begin, i was weight As I have try all sort of diet plan got it over the internet, some work but at the end you end up gaining double fold of the weight you lost. But somehow i modified the ingredient myself. I still drink tea and coffee but no sugar added just add 4 tablespoon of low fat milk to improve the taste since no sugar added.

Oh Yes, if you want to lost beyond 10 KG you need to do some exercises. And this 1st time trial i did it in September. Hi chife i am the 5th day of gm diet i loos 4 kg when i make every food like a soup or salad can i use oil. Hi I am a nursing mum of 9 weeks old baby. I have gained 10 kg during my pregnancy. Can I follow this diet plan to loose that extra kgs? Or if I need to do something different could you please help me?

I want to get rid of excess fat from my body. I also control my food portions and watch what I eat. Hai I am following gm diet. No it is not. Are you drinking enough water? Muscle pain will be due to your exercising for the first time. Hi, me and my friend are on the first day of our diet and have accidentally eaten mango, should we restart?

Also I would like to know whether we are allowed to eat stone fruits nectarines, peaches etc. You can eat any fruits on the said days where you are supposed to eat fruits. Berries, stone fruits, anything. So according to my height i have to lose 35 kg in three months…I am worked as software engineer i have a sitting job from So Plz Plz suggest me…???

We are going to publish an article on best sitting exercises to do if you have a sitting job. Recommend you to join our newsletter and check back this blog on coming Tuesday for the article! Hai Chief editor, I want to lose 20 kg Is 3 days of gap is enough? But in another website called gmdietworks says You should leave a gap of one month. We have tested this diet with 3 days of gap and I can confirm this.

I'm 18 years old and I just don't feel good about my body. My goal is pounds. What would you recommend for me? I reaaly can't afford going to the gym so it would have to be somenthing that I could do at home. Thank you so much! I just stumbled across this blog and have been reading almost every page. I'm 28yrs old, 5'3 and pounds. A few years ago I was eating very little and weighed pounds.

I was also running every day. Somewhere along the way I lost my motivation. I have a real sweet tooth and prefer eating smaller meals. I also enjoy cardio. What do you recommend? I start my diet two weeks back but I don't feel that I'm loosing my belly fat it's look like the same, I'm going to the gym everyday and I'm working out really hard almost two hours cardio workouts and half hour bodybuilding, I know that my weight will be the same because of bodybuilding but I don't feel that I'm loosing my butt and belly fat, and it's not noticeable in my cloths.

I'm 5'1 and my weight is 56 kilos. I do a desk job, but try to lead a very active life style and on the average workout 5 days a week. Based on this, what diet plan and exercise regimen would you recommend me?

I would want to reduce my weight to 50 kilos. Things to shead this weight but I can't to find anything that works I eat a high protein,viggie low carb diet and avoid drinking sugary drinks I also drink lots of water and work out I need to lose this weight soon other wise I will be forced to have weight loss surgery and I don't want to have to go down that road. Dear Adrian, Last time I came here you told me a diet plan to follow and few exercises to do I have been following them for past few weeks I was weighing 92kgs and now am around 84kgs I am happy with my progress My goal is around 75kg as my height is around cm.

I thank you for your motivation and your videos for this But am concerned about the look of my chest, it's been far long and I cannot lose the chest fat from der. Please help me because am getting embarrassed even though I see results in weight loss.

I do hope u wil guide me. I am 21 years old my age is 5'2" and my weight is 70 I want to loose weight can anyone please help me in making me a nice diet plan please.. I want to loose 19 lbs. For the past 2 weeks i being doing your 10min. Bike Workout Lose 10 lbs. I do believe that I am in love with your site. I never really understood the whole concept of weight loss when it comes to calories in and calories out, until I came upon your website and now I actually understand.

However, I do find myself to be a bit skeptical when it comes to being able to eat "whatever" I want as long as I stay in my calorie goal range and I will lose weight no matter what. So, here is my story, I used to be a healthy lbs about 17 years ago and then I got pregnant with my first child. I gained a lot of weight with that little boy, got up to almost lbs I ate healthy, I worked out all the time, it just wouldn't come off and I was stuck there for a looooong time.

Here I am years later and I have gained lbs this past year alone I have to be honest, I have not been living the healthiest of lives but now I want to lose it!!

This time for good!! I am getting married in a year and I currently weight lbs and I want to lose as much as possible before my wedding which will be in Las Vegas' Valley of Fire. Do you think that if I stick to the caloric information you give on your site as well as doing at least 2 hours of cardio a day and strength training days a week I will be able to lose maybe lbs by my wedding day? It seems so unrealistic to me, but I figured I would ask. I will be obtaining a treadmill within the next couple of weeks as well as a recumbent bike, and I currently have a Total Gym as well as many other tools at my disposal for effective weight loss.

Coming across your site has opened my eyes a bit and has given me a new found confidence. Any tips or advice you can give would be great I can honestly say, your site gave me enough confidence to tell everyone how much I weigh Thank you so much for responding to me!! I think that you are awesome for what you are doing for people like myself.

I lost over 50 since last feb. I am now lbs. I still have a long way to go.. Im going to follow your bed sheet workouts and a few other videos from you.. I desperately want to build a bigger but lol lacking in that area..

If weight loss is your main focus right now then I would focus on that more for now and work on butt later. Im 5'2 and way over weight. I dont want to "diet" since that never works but need to lose about lbs in 6 mths. I know i can eat whatever i want as long as i dont go past that set number. Hey i am 16 yrs old 5'3 tall i weight pounds and i want to reduce 50 pounds i do ski step 3 times in a day and 5 days in a week i want to reduce 50 pounds in 2 months is this enough?

I gave birth to a baby boy in June and gained 10kg's during and after pregnancy. I tried to lose the baby weight by cutting down on food and going to the gym but I seemed to be gaining weight instead of losing it.

I recently gave birth to another boy on 15 December and I want to start my weight loss journey after 2 months. I want to lose between kg pounds gradually and at the same time keep my curves nice and neat. I have a very small upper body but huge thighs which is my main problem area.

I have kind of a muscular build and I'm overweight, I'm 5'11 and pounds. I'm female 5'2" tall and 57 years old. I need to lose about 40 to 50 pounds. I'm 38 percent body fat. Have had 6 pregnancies. Because of the age I'm worried about not looking good even if I do lose weight because of saggy skin. I think I have thyroid problems or something as I only eat once or twice per day and in the summer sometimes didn't even eat that much.

I grow veggies for a living and am constantly working and eat very little but do not lose weight. When I do eat it is true I eat what is fast and easy. I especially like chips and salsa and can make a meal of that. What is the best way for me to lose weight since nothing I do seems to help.

I've been a fan of your pg for a while. However at this moment things are a lil rough. I've lost weight before doing weight watchers and many other things.

I'm finding myself not tracking like before with weight watchers, dnt know if its annoying or what. I'm looking for the right way to start working out and find positive eating habits while on the go. Can you point me in the right direction? I have been trying to lose weight for more that two years now. I have been up and down in my weight and now it's only on the upper side. I have come to the point of giving radically.

My major concern is my moobs. I have Done every damn thing of losing those and I haven't succeeded. I have increased my weight only. There is no motivation left at me. I just gaze in your programs and I just gave I am gonna be doing the same things and no results. I have been on strict diets I have followed them to the books but the end result is I don't lose weight. The minute I realise the nature of my situation i feel why I don't lose weight after all I have given into it.

Can u please help me to understand why so. Guide me to a diet I can stick too. My diet is green tea, green apples, chapathi 2 nos, whey protien shake, chapathi 3 nos. I exercise Morning for 45mins. With all this I should have lost weight. I am 24years old 5ft 10 inches, now am pounds. I need to be at 80kgs now am Help me, I wish it was worth writing here. Thanks for the exact diet and workouts here I have been doing those on date till now But I see that even if I eat less than the exact calories I got frok your calorie intake for me, I hardly lose about g of weight per day.

Because I cut a lot of food during the day and I end up having more at Night according to the calorie count. What type of foods can I eat at Night?? Or anything in specific It wil be helpful I have dropped from 93kgs to 90kgs as of now I'm very interested in the options you have to offer.

Hey hey ; I'm 17, cm about 5,1 ft I think tall and weigh 64 kg at the moment. I used to weigh 59 kg at my slimmest, but while I did look good, I had serious stomach issues and ate very little still do!! I would like to lose weight off my belly and tone my arms a bit, but I'd appreciate if you guys have any diet or something that will put my sensitive stomach a ease. I like exercising as well, so that won't be a problem if it's not too time-consuming.

Hi, I'm 15, female, I weigh 15 kg and I'm 5 ft tall. I really want to lose about 8- 10 kg weight. Also I have chubby cheeks which are kind of annoying. I was very slim at the shoulder, chest, comparatively big waist and very skinny legs, all this not helped by bad posture and muscle damage to the muscle around the left scapula.

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