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Approx cal and 37 g protein with 1 Tbsp sour cream and 1 Tbsp taco sauce. Easy BBQ bacon cheeseburger: I use Philadelphia FF cream cheese less calories than generic. Add pie filling to the middle of the pastry mix cinnamon and nutmeg into apple pie filling 1st if desired. You could also just add the salsa or taco sauce into the quesidilla while cooking. Cook the turkey bacon for 1 min 20 sec in the microwave, in between 2 paper towels.

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Thanks for your visit, Marsha. It is still okay to use what is provided to help you eat balanced, and if you find that you either maintain or lose, you would simply increase quantities. Many would love to be in your shoes: Thanks again for stopping by. There's a great app for iOs and Android called Fat Secret not affiliated terrible name, but great app.

You can scan bar codes of the packages your food comes in, enter fruits and vegetables, and it knows most foods at most restaurants. I've found it really helpful in keeping my protein levels up when I'm working out regularly - while still keeping calories down. I have been searching for a mid-afternoon snack that would not add tons of calories. Thank you for suggesting one. I also appreciate all of the suggestions and directions you have given here.

I know the snack was not the primary focus of the article, but it just happened to be what I needed most right now. Cynthia, controlling snack portions and how often we eat snacks is so key to weight loss and maintenance Glad it was helpful! Your very welcome, I'm glad that it was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. I love your article, but I'm not seeing the Free Food List that you've mentioned several times.

I must have overlooked it. Can you tell me where it is, please? In the section just above the blue book explaining how NutriSystem works. You will find links to various resources, including the one you mentioned, read the section and you'll see it. If you continue to have trouble, let me know. I'm glad you enjoyed the article! Any vegetable juice that does not have a lot of added sugar, corn syrup, etc.

In fact you may want to learn to juice or liquefy your own vegetables using a juicer or NutriBullet or Ninja. I have used NutriBullet and am not using the Ninja, I like to have the pulp of the fruit or vegetables with my drink. The extra veggies in the recipe count as my salad and I'll sometimes add 1 more oz of chicken for my extra lunch protein. I just want to share my favorite! I LOVE to have my snack protein in the form of a cream cheese fruit dip.

Some people think FF cream cheese doesn't have enough protein to qualify as a protein serving, but all you have to do is double the serving size to get enough protein, and the calories are still minimal. I use Philadelphia FF cream cheese less calories than generic. I mix 2 oz. Then I dip an apple, banana slices, or peaches into the "marshmallow dip".

The cream cheese is only 60 cal for the 2 oz, 0 fat, and 8 grams of protein. My snack calorie total when I eat this is cal, depending on the fruit. Berry Pretzel Delight one fruit, one protein, and 23 extra "free" calories. Make ahead SF strawberry jello Great Value brand is only 5 cal per serving.

Crush 10 cal of FF pretzels over the top and enjoy. Approx cal and 9 g protein. This also works as your fruit and protein for breakfast, paired with an "entree".

Counts as fruit and protein. Strawberry shake approx cal and 10 g protein, orange shake approx cal and 10 g protein, and banana shake approx cal and 10 g protein. Approx cal and 10 g protein. Chill for a while until it sets for best taste. Counts as a fruit and protein plus a couple freebies.

Mini Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: Counts as a fruit and protein serving at approx cal and 9 g protein. Protein serving at 75 cal and 6 g protein.

I also had mixed fruit. Total for the snack puictured was cal and 7 g protein. I like to bring my calories up to or so, to save room for dessert. Everyone's protein needs are different. See the calculation method from NS member Cygnet2 at the end of this post. Here are just a few of my dinner recipes. The ones that include a fruit, I am using the fruit instead of having my dinner salad. Sweet and Sour Chicken: I sautee 4 oz of chicken breast in a 0 cal Canola Oil like Pam sprayed pan.

Then I add in 2 cups uncooked, so 2 veggie servings of chopped onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. After letting that cook a few minutes, add in 60 cal of pineapple you can get more for the calories if you use fresh, or frozen chunks, instead of canned. Then add in 2 Tbsp Kikkoman sweet and sour sauce 35 cal and 1 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce 10 cal. Continue to cook until thickened, and serve over cal of brown rice. I like the Boil-in-a-Bag brown rice from WalMart. When I have fruit for dinner instead of salad, I always make sure to have my low cal dressing with my lunch salad as my fat.

Sweet and Sour Chicken 2. BBQ Chicken over Rice: Very similar to sweet and sour chicken. So, it's the chicken, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and pineapple cooked up, then add the BBQ sauce and serve over rice.

Pepper Chicken Pasta Toss: Cook up 4 oz of chicken in Canola oil sprayed pan, add in bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms again. This time only add spices: This is really low cal for those days when you might be a little high in calories by dinnertime: For comparison sake, the "entree" would be your chicken and noodles at cal and the other 60 cal come from your veggies.

To give credit where credit is due, I found a recipe similar to this when searching the recipe board early last year; sorry I can't remember the user who posted it, but I think it was posted back in or so Pepper Chicken Pasta Toss 4. There are so many variations of this that I've made, but this is my favorite. Cook at for approximately 65 min. Serve over cal of rice, depending on calories left for the day Serve with a salad and veggies.

Push into pan, and top with 6 Tbsp salsa. I like to serve this with "Mexican" rice: I also like to mix in 2 Tbsp of FF shredded cheddar cheese and heat for a little while. Makes a great dinner entree plus 2 veggies, or lunch entree plus protein plus 2 veggies in place of salad. You can all figure this one out. I cut up a HUGE amount of lettuce instead of eating my salad and put it in a large mixing bowl.

I can hardly finish this when I make it!!! This counts as the "entree", veggies, and salad. I cook up 4 oz of chicken in Tbsp FF zesty Italian dressing.

I use 2 small low-carb whole wheat tortillas 50 cal each. Spray the pan with some no cal butter flavored spray, and slide the quesidilla onto the pan.

Then I spritz the top tortilla with some 0 cal Parkay butter spray before flipping. Cook until crispy and cut into slices. Serve with Tbsp FF sour cream for dipping. I usually have another serving of veggies on the side, since my tomatoes were not enough for 2 whole servings. A salad should also be served with that too, of course.

You can make lots of variations on this. Then my toppings vary. All of my chicken, veggies, and pineapple won't usually fit, so then I just cook that all up together with 1 more Tbsp BBQ sauce.

One of my favorites. These pizza options are generally your dinner "entree". Spread immediately into a sprayed " pie plate and top with sauce and toppings. Bake at for 20 min or until crispy. I usually wait to add the cheese on top until the last few minutes or it gets too crispy being fat free At approx cal and Bake at for approx min depending on desired crispness.

Add the remaining cheese and bake for more min until cheese is melted. Makes 2 dinner entrees or lunch entree plus protein at approx cal and For different pizzas use different toppings. For example a Hawaiian pizza on the same crust, with the same sauce and cheese amounts: Pic of Bisquick crust, then pepperoni pizza version: Sautee 4 oz of chicken strips up with tsp of fajita seasoning mixed with water, some bell peppers, and onions.

Then put into a couple tortillas with FF sour cream, FF cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc. All the "usual" low-cal fixin's I take a 4 oz chicken breast and dip both sides in a teeny bit of Italian bread crumbs it doesn't take much to coat each side. Then I spray a pan with some 0 cal spray, and cook on top of the stove until browned on each side.

Then cook at degrees for another 10 min or so until cooked through. Cook a little longer until bubbly and melted. Serve over cal of whole wheat angel hair pasta, or make a chicken parm sandwich on a hamburger bun.

Serve with salad or fruit and veggies. Heat the sauce, then spoon some over the chicken and top with as much of the cheese as desired. After the noodles are done boiling, place them in the bottom of a glass pie plate, top with the leftover sauce and cheese on top of that. Heat until the cheese melts and then serve the chicken parm on top. Top it with the onions and mushrooms and put a slice of FF Swiss cheese over it all. Cover the pan with a lid until the cheese melts.

I wrapped it up like a burrito. It was delicious, though maybe a little high in sodium. I just drank lots of water. It was worth it. I also had some green beans and fruit.

Chili Cheese Burrito Chinese Beef Fried Rice: Cut up 6 slices lean ham 1 serving Oscar Mayer ham cal Chop up 2 servings of frozen cooked carrots into little pieces.

Also, make sure your pan is sprayed well with no-cal spray. Add in all the rest of the ingredients egg, ham, and carrots and stir-fry on med-high heat until really hot. When I made this, it came to cal, and My salad was 40 cal with the 20 cal dressing I used, so total for dinner was cal. Chinese Beef Fried Rice Sautee 4 oz of chicken breast with 2 tsp taco seasoning, and some water.

Wrap the sides of the tortilla up around the top as best you can, and pin down with toothpicks. Heat in oven at degrees until browned and crispy a few min. With all of my brands, this came out to be approx calories, and This counts as a dinner entree, and 1 of your 2 veggie servings. Get in a salad or fruit, and 1 more veggie, and you're set. Make sure to get in your fat serving somewhere during the day too If you're having this for lunch, just count the tomatoes as your salad and the rest of it is your lunch "entree" plus protein.

The ingredients I use in the Mexican Refried Beans Wrap if you use different ingredient brands, be sure to do the calorie calculations on your own as different brands vary greatly Mexican Refried Beans Wrap before wrapping and baking Mexican Refried Beans Wrap Fajita Chicken Skillet Melt: This is my new favorite dinner, and it is SO filling!

Chop up 2 cups worth of bell peppers as many colors as desired and onions. Marinate the veggies and 4 oz. Sautee the chicken, peppers, and onions in the fajita mixture until chicken is cooked through.

Mix all together until tomatoes are heated through. Heat for 45 seconds or so in microwave until melted or you could just put the cheese on the fajita mixture in the skillet until melted. Enjoy with a salad or fruit and your dinner is served! Approximately cal and 39 g protein. Chicken or beef Stroganoff: Fry up 4 oz chicken breast pieces in 0 cal Canola-Oil sprayed pan. I use Ronzoni Healthy Style whole wheat extra-wide noodles.

You could also serve this over cal of brown rice instead of the noodles. It's pretty low cal, so I usually make this with 5 oz of chicken instead of 4. With 5 oz of the chicken and using my ingredient brands it is approx Just add in your salad or fruit and you're good to go the mushrooms and onions are your veggies. If you use this as a lunch, count the veggies as your lunch salad, and use 5 oz chicken if you want this to include your extra lunch protein.

Comes out to be approx cal and 34 g protein dinner entree plus 2 veggies. Dip a 4 oz chicken breast in some regular bread crumbs and fry in a pan and bake in the oven like the chicken pasta parmesan chicken. Throw the chicken in there and mow down. If used for lunch, count as your lunch "entree" and protein, so just add a salad You could also use a 5 oz piece of chicken if only using 1 slice bacon.

This makes a HUGE sandwich! Just "bread" 4 oz of chicken pieces with the bread crumbs and brown in a pan and then bake for another min until cooked through. Counts as your lunch "entree" plus protein, or dinner "entree" at approx cal and I sprinkled it all with a little garlic and onion powder and cooked for about 5 min until the cabbage was cooked down. Take 2 egg roll skins and dip one side of each in a little bit of egg beaters to coat it, then place face down on a plate and add half the beef filling to each and roll up a little tricky since there is SO much filling.

Place on a sprayed pan and cook at for 20 min or until golden. The sauce with my brands came to 23 cal, and the 2 egg rolls are approx Easy BBQ bacon cheeseburger: Works as dinner "entree" or lunch "entree" plus protein.

Cook it all a min or so more until thickened. Use a pastry brush to coat one side of a large tortilla La Tortilla Factory 80 cal with a little of the sauce.

Roll up tightly and place seam side down. Bake at for 10 min. Counts as lunch "entree" plus protein, or dinner "entree", approx Add in mushrooms and tomatoes with juice and let simmer for min. Counts as dinner "entree" and both veggies. Chicken Pasta Carbonara - simply great, low-fat that tastes like full-fat, recipe.

Counts as dinner entree plus 2 veggies. Add in your salad or fruit and fat serving for dinner. They need to be at room temp for this recipe. Start water for pasta heating. While chicken is cooking, add pasta to the water and boil for 5 min, no longer. Cook bacon slice for 1: Once chicken is golden add mushrooms, onions, and bacon. Cook for min until veggies are soft. Add parmesan cheese and all other spices. Turn off the heat under your pan. Drain cooked pasta and add to pan.

Mix together chicken, veggies, and pasta Counts as your dinner entree plus 2 veggie servings, approx cal, 4 g fat, and Heat half and half, cream cheese, and butter on low-medium heat until all is melted; add pasta to boiling water for 7 min, let sauce simmer on low while pasta is cooking stirring occasionally.

While sauce is simmering and pasta is cooking, fry up the chicken pieces in a pan sprayed with 0 cal Canola Oil spray. Drain cooked pasta; stir in parmesan cheese and sprinkle in some pepper if desired into the cream sauce.

Combine well with a wire whisk until no lumps remain and sauce has thickened doesn't take long. Mix noodles and sauce together, plate them, and add chicken. At approx cal, 2. To have as just the lunch entree, eat just the pasta and alfredo sauce and don't add the chicken. Approx cal, 1. Mexican Beef Quesidilla - we call this one a "Taco-dilla" around here. Pre-heat skillet or frying pan and spray with 0 cal butter cooking spray.

Lay tortilla down in the pan and add half the cheese to the bottom, then top with the taco meat and tomatoes, then the rest of the cheese. Cook for min until golden brown on the bottom then fold in half in pan. You can cook a while longer on each side if you want it even more crispy. Place on plate and cut into 4 pieces. Serve this with Tbsp FF sour cream and 1 Tbsp red taco sauce or salsa if desired.

You could also just add the salsa or taco sauce into the quesidilla while cooking. If you like your Mexican food with a little "zing" or spiciness, the taco sauce or salsa are important. I wouldn't eat mine without it. This counts as a lunch entree plus protein, or dinner entree.

Approx cal and 37 g protein with 1 Tbsp sour cream and 1 Tbsp taco sauce. Without those it would be approx cal and 36 g protein. I buy my La Tortilla Factory tortillas at Safeway. If you can't find those particluar ones, you can also use their regular large whole wheat ones which are 80 cal each.

Any of those would work. I've made a full-fat version of this for the last 7 years that my family all craves, but they loved this one just as much when I made it NS friendly last week, so now I can go back to making this meal more often for us all.

Pour in chicken broth and water and bring to a boil. Scrub potato well, then chop into bite-size pieces leaving skin on. Add into boiling broth. Boil for min until potato is getting tender.

Microwave bacon in between 2 paper towels for 1 min on each side; crumble. Heat sausage patty for seconds in microwave; cut into small pieces. After potatoes are almost tender stir in 2 Tbsp FF half and half, then add kale, bacon, and sausage. Simmer for 4 more min then serve hot. Counts as a lunch entree plus protein or dinner entree approx cal, 4. Personally, I would limit this type of meal though to times per week.

Beef Stew- this one takes a little longer to cook if you want it to be nice and tender, but if good solid home-cookin's your thing, this one hits the spot.

This beef stew reminds me of coming home when I was a kid for Sunday dinner, and smelling this aroma wafting through my whole house.

Trim off all the excess fat from your beef and cube it into small pieces. Heat a deep frying pan up, spray with cooking spray, and cook onions and beef with the minced garlic until the beef is browned. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer on low for hours the longer the more tender it will be- I did 1 hr and it came out fine.

Slice up your carrots on the diagonal and peel your potatoes, then cube them into 1 inch squares. When beef is done simmering add the carrots and potatoes and enough water to almost cover them in the pan I used 3 cups. Cover again and simmer for min until carrots and potatoes are tender. Remove lid and add cornstach mixture to thicken the sauce. Season with salt substitute and black pepper if desired.

Can also be used as a lunch if you count it as your entire lunch entree, protein, and veggie in place of a salad. For dinner serve with 1 side of veggies and your salad or fruit. You may use red potatoes if you would like it to be a bit lower, but the NS version lists just "potatoes" as well in their ingredient list, so I think it's alright. Boiling in pan, all 4 servings: One serving on a dinner plate: Baked Fire Sticks- a spicy combination of chicken, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and jalapenos wrapped in a tomato basil wrap, topped with parmesan cheese and baked until crispy.

This is my low-cal, lower-fat version of the "Dynamite Sticks" appetizer from Johhny Carino's restaurant. One "stick" counts as a dinner entree or lunch entree plus protein.

Cut up chicken into small pieces and sautee in a pan with Italian dressing until golden. Microwave bacon between 2 paper towels for approx 1: Microwave frozen sausage patties for 1: Pour the egg whites or egg beaters onto a dinner plate and drag the bottom of one tortilla through it. Carefully roll as tightly as possible, keeping the food from falling out the ends. Place seam side down on a very well sprayed baking sheet. Repeat process for the remaining tortillas.

Once all 4 are wrapped and on pan, sprinkle each with 1 tsp parmesan cheese. Bake for min or until crispy. Calorie totals are without the sides for dipping.

Counts as a dinner entree, or lunch entree plus protein. Personally, I like it either way and don't think the Asiago cheese is worth the extra fat. With Ranch dip on the side: Prepare ingredients for filling while waiting see below. Work it with your hands until it is spread evenly into a rectangle, approx 6x9".

Fill with filling of choice see below , then carefully fold up on side of the dough over the filling, then the other over that. Seal well on all ends, brush the top of the pocket with 1 tsp egg beaters, and then bake at for min or until golden. Counts as a lunch entree plus protein or a dinner entree, and optional fat serving. Since the pastry includes 1 tsp oil, you may count this as your fat serving for the day if desired, though the calorie totals for each pocket do not require that.

Nutritional stats vary per fillings used. Spoon over that the remaining sauce, then layer on the rest of the pepperoni and cheese. Seal pocket as described and bake according to directions. Approx cal, 8. Shred chicken by hand, and then mix with the BBQ sauce, kethcup, and mustard. Place filling in middle of pastry dough, seal the pocket, and bake according to directions. Approx cal, 5. Stir together sauce, beef, onion, and bacon and place in center of pastry dough.

Top with cheese, seal, and bake according to directions. Approx cal, 7 g fat, and 23 g protein. Dice onions and bell peppers. Mix together the spaghetti sauce and BBQ sauce and stir in the chicken and veggies. Place mixture on center of pastry dough, top with pineapple chunks defrosted frozen ones or canned , and then add cheese. Seal dough and bake according to directions. Pepperoni Pizza Pastry Pocket before sealing: Pizza Pastry Pocket, on dinner plate: Fry up the ground beef and season with a little black pepper if desired no salt needed.

Stir together pepperoni pieces and ground beef, if making the pepperoni version. Spray the inside of an 8x8 square baking dish. Pour 1 cup spaghetti sauce in the bottom of the dish. Pour 1 more cup sauce over the top of the meat. Top with 1 cup FF mozzarella.

Mix together the Bisquick, milk, and egg beaters and pour evenly on top of the cheese. Bake for min, or until golden brown. Upside-down Hamburger Pizza, 4 servings: Dip both sides of chicken breast in the flour mixture and place in a hot, sprayed, frying pan. Cook for approx 10 min, turning to brown both sides. Reduce heat, cover, and let cook for 20 min. Peel potato and chop into 1 inch cubes. Boil water in a small pan for the potatoes and then cook them for min, or until soft enough to mash.

Combine the remaining flour mixture with the evaporated milk and chicken broth for the gravy in a small pan. Uncover the chicken after the 20 min and continue to turn and cook for a few more min if any pink remains.

Heat the gravy for min right before serving food. Cook until it thickens; stir constantly. It will thicken fast. Pour the gravy over the chicken and mashed potatoes and enjoy. It has not affected my weight loss at all to eat a potato like this on occasion, but everyone's different.

If you would like the meal to be lower GI, use a red potato, or skip the mashing altogether and just serve a baked sweet potato on the side instead, and use all the gravy on the chicken. If you would like to reduce the pepper or paprika for a more mild gravy, feel free. Knead a few times with hands sprayed with cooking spray if needed until no lumps remain. Cover and let sit in warm area for 10 min. Press dough flat into a thin rectangle on a sprayed baking sheet, as big as you can get it without making holes in the dough.

Spread taco meat onto dough, keeping 1 inch away from edges. Top with the salsa and cheese, Carefully roll tightly from one end to the other, leaving the seam face down. Brush with the egg beaters and bake for min until golden brown and crispy. Some mixture may ooze out. Serve with 2 Tbsp FF sour cream and taco sauce if desired stats include both. Subtract 20 cal and 2 g protein of not using the sour cream. Subtract 5 cal if not using any taco sauce. After baking, on dinner plate: Crispy Mexican Layered Roll-up Dessert: This is good for you.

I try to follow this rule for my dessert selection: If I am close to my 90 grams of protein for the day see end of post for necessary grams of protein , I treat myself with a lower protein dessert.

If I am still low on protein for the day, I have an NS dessert some left still , or a higher protein home-made dessert. Cheesecake on Graham Cracker: This is what I make when I need more protein. I mix 2 oz of FF cream cheese with 1 tsp Splenda and 1 tsp lemon juice. Then I fold in 2 Tbsp FF whipped cream. I "serve" this on top of 1 sheet split into 2 low fat cinnamon graham cracker total cal , 9 grams of protein 2.

Desserts I buy from the store: This is what I use when my protein is high enough. Healthy Choice Sorbet and Cream Bars 90 cal, 10 cal from fat, 1 g protein 2b. No Pudge Giant Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar cal, 15 from fat, and 3 grams protein 2d. No Pudge FF giant fudge bars. Use TWO for dessert. At only 60 cal and 5 grams protein and fat free these are a great dessert, or use one for a little extra protein serving at lunch.

It's pretty close to 7 grams, right? It will list in most of the recipes where this is acceptable. Most of them will have at least 7 g protein still when using a half serving, so as a dessert that's great! Check them out if you want. Fruit Crisp apple or strawberry This is listed in the breakfast section also, as it counts as a breakfast entree plus protein, but it can also be a dessert plus fruit serving saved fruit from dinner.

See recipe under breakfasts. Mix together Bisquick, egg beaters, and water for dough and spread immediately on a sprayed baking sheet or into a single-serve container. Drizzle the icing over the hot cinnastix and slice with a pizza cutter. If you have leftover icing you can use that as a frosting dip. Counts as a dessert at approx Not as much protein as NS desserts, but it works for me since I get enough protein the rest of the day.

Glad I only made one serving tonight! After baking, with icing for diping: Stir together Splenda, both flours, cocoa, and salt. Add in applesauce, yogurt, egg beaters, vanilla, and chocolate syrup. Stir until well blended. In another bowl, mix together softened cream cheese and other filling ingredients.

Spray a single-serve baking dish and then pour half of the fudge mixture into the bottom of the dish. Spoon on the peanut butter filling in several dollops on top of fudge base, then top with the remaining fudge mixture.

Mix together and "swirl" with a knife. Bake for 15 min or until mostly set. Mix together frosting ingredients and frost the top of the peanut butter fudge. Counts as your dessert plus fat serving if using regular peanut butter. Try to find people who have done or are doing the Nutrisystem program and can offer additional insight into diet ideas, snack options and support, suggests the DietCenter. Video of the Day. Lean Cuisine Vs Nutrisystem. How to Use Nutrisystem While Breastfeeding. How to Stop Nutrisystem.

Meal Plans Similar to Nutrisystem. Price of Nutrisystem Food Vs. Healthy Weight-Loss Diet Menu.

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