Canning Beets: How to can your own homemade canned beets (complete directions with photos )

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80+ Recipes For Home Canning: {Fruits & Vegetables}
On younger trees, it is smoother and sort of a brown-beige color. Canning Pineapple Chunks from Fresh Pineapples. Recommended process time for beets in a dial-gauge pressure canner. Perhaps some other type of impurity I have not seen. Maple sugaring and everything that goes along with it, IS a great experience for kids. Sometimes the smoking or processing that they put in such meats can give it an off taste that's difficult to overcome, however, I've been canning high quality meats from Zaycon over the past year and have done fine.

Canning Beets: How to can your own homemade canned beets (complete directions with photos )

How to Can Meat Step-by-Step

Last year we put it in gear and canned a lot of various types of meat. My favorite is sirloin tips, that's a roast in a jar as far as I'm concerned. The meat is so wonderful and tender and moist. I've done ground beef, sirloin tips, chicken, pork, turkey, and sausage and it's wonderful. Not only that, it's a great feeling to see the meat sitting there on the shelf for a busy day or prepared for a leaner time. I'm still in hoarding mode and looking at it mostly but I've used some when we had a houseful over the holidays and it was so easy!

It is 19 inches tall and I'm wondering, do you have to have a powerful stove to use one that big? I have a basic gas stove, and it takes a long time to get water for spagetti boiling in a large pot.

Maybe this won't be an issue with a pressure cooker, but I didn't want to order something too big for me to use. Is canned meat gray looking? My husband doesn't like "gray" meat.

I cooked some pork in a crock pot once, and he wouldn't eat it because he didn't like the way it looked. I'm sure he'd eat it rather than starve, but we are going to have to rotate through our inventory. I have a flat top stove, Cindy. I just put it on high for the first little bit until I do the 5 minute vent.

Then I put on the weight, and about 10 minutes later I'm at the appropriate pressure weight. I then reduce my heat to about 2. So I don't believe that's "a powerful stove" needed. I thinkthe key is in the quality of the workmanship of the pot. My canned meat isn't grey looking in my opinion as shown by my photos. New to canning meat here.

Questions-1 Must I debone first? Hold that pressure for how long? Do you mean hold it at that pressure for min? I have a glass top stove but usually use my huge propane outdoor turkey deep fryer with my canning pots instead of the deep fryer pot. Which would be best for meat with a pressure cooker? I use this set up for all my water bath canning. The earlier generations of the glass top stoves had problems maintaining temperatures for pressure canning. So I suspect that that is why it's still listed as a warning in the instructions on canners and pressure cookers.

Canning outside is fine BUT you've GOT to make sure you maintain pressure and temperature and sometimes the wind causes it to deviate. I watch my temp and pressure very carefully during my meat canning. I don't want to kill anyone , so outdoors is not ideal for me. Your instruction manual will explain better than I have regarding how long you can what items in what size jars.

When you pressure can you MUST maintain the heat and pressure for 60 or 90 minutes or even minutes depending on your altitude, what you're canning, and what size jars you're canning in. While you're pressure canning, you don't want too much of the liquid to escape so you want to turn your heat down just enough so that the pressure is maintained without your pressure weight making too much of a fuss with its hissing and rocking.

If it's constantly hissing and rocking then you've got the heat up too high and you're allowing way too much liquid to expell via the steam. You may want to check out my canning hamburger video on our YouTube channel.

Just look for "Preparedness Pro. My book that came with my Presto 16 quart says not to use with out door turkey cookers and such Any thing with over a BTU burner as it could be dangerous and will damage the pot. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it probably WILL damage the pot because the Presto is a really cheaply made brand. I often advise against getting it, let alone relying on it to save one's life someday.

Did you watch the YouTUbe video I did on pressure cookers and on pressure canners?? Please dont' kill the messenger. I have 2 different sizes of American Canners. One that holds 7 quart or 16 pt and another that holds 4 quart or 7 pint.. The nice thing about these canners is no seal to ever replace or leak. Have had these canners for 10 years. With the pressure canners, especially the All Americans I have model You only put in 3 quarts of water and 2 TBSP white vinegar to keep residue from water mineals building up on jars and making the inside of your canner black.

So a powerful stove isn't needed. I had a glass top stove, gave it up for electric, with burner coils I broke three sets of burner braces so switched to gas with cast iron burner "tops". My chicken is beautiful in the jars, easiest meat to can. You can process meat with or without the bones. Make sure you consider the time differences for bone-in meats. I was so afraid my first time meat canning, removed the lid very slowly and was so excited about the way the meat looked, I literally danced with delight.

Now I shop times a week for marked down mats and can it all the time. I love looking at my "grocery" shelfs in my pantry. What is the reason processed meats cannot be canned? I have canned fully-cooked hams purchased after the holidays when they are on close-out at give-away prices and the results have been great.

Why not sausages and wieners? Why not raw ground meats? I'm actually changing my opinion on that over the past year in terms of processed meats as it does seem to turn out well and cooked sufficiently.

Sometimes the smoking or processing that they put in such meats can give it an off taste that's difficult to overcome, however, I've been canning high quality meats from Zaycon over the past year and have done fine. The trick though is that I dry can it. I've long been canning ground meats, by the way. In fact, you can go to our YouTube page Preparedness Pro and see step by step instructions on there. Also, you can look up canning bacon as well as canning sausage on here as I've provided detailed instructions for those as well.

I looked at the It's metal on metal. If memory serves, I have to put vaseline on the edges to form a seal. And, if memory serves, the pot gets so hot the vaseline melts when you put it on?

Salami, as I understand, can hang for many years in a cool, dry place. You don't need to do anything to them. Just let them hang. You might see a little bit of powdery mold on the outside of the casing, but that is of no consequence. Salami is very durable. My grandmother use to travel, by plane, from New York to south east Texas. She never got off the plane that she wasn't carrying a beautiful, whole salami under her arm.

She always carried it on board. I don't know if I was more glad to see her or the salami! I haven't started canning yet so I have a few questions After you've canned the meat, is it cooked or partially cooked? Can you can meat in a non-pressure cooker like other things that just take longer to get done? Can you can potatoes? Thanks, keep up the great stuff. Steve, I have no experience canning fruits or veggies, so sorry, I can't help you out there.

I do have canned potatoes though, so I imagine that it's possible Yes, the meat is fully cooked when you're finished pressure canning it.

And tender, and delicious, etc. These books will answer many questions as well as expand your horizons of foods to store and how to. Steve, as stated above, the meat is cooked. Just heat and eat, or add to other things for an added ingredient. High acid foods, like tomatoes can be done in a water bath canner. So, yes potatoes can be preserved canned just search for "canning potaoes" and you see how easy it is to be done. I prefer red potatoes as they don't fall apart in the long time processing.

If I don't can it, I dehydrate it, or freeze it. Try to keep freezer items to minimum, in case of long term power outage. I got my All American canner from ebay. I wish it could talk, I would love to know the family I got it from and their history. Anyway, the vaseline is mainly used on the new ones to help the lid to come off easily not to make a seal. When I first got it I used the vaseline, but in the past two years I haven't used it and have had no problems getting the lid off.

I have always bottled chicken and pork without filling jars with water raw pack. The juices from the meat while being processed seem to fill the jars right up. Have you ever tried that before or heard of a reason why water should be added?

I do add water when I bottle ground beef because it is browned before I process and therefore already cooked. Also, what's the best way to bottle turkey? I tried once raw pack but had a hard time getting the meat off the bones. Should I cook the turkey first in the oven and then bottle the meat?

What about a pre-cooked ham? As I shared in the article, it's not necessary to add more water, however I do because it's "free broth" You can bottle meat with or without the bones. In the case of a large turkey, personally I'd prefer to cooking it first in the oven and then canning it.

I am getting setup to use the burner for my turkey frier for canning, to keep as much heat as possible out of the house. Also we intend to process our own chicken that we grow, so we don't have to wait for chicken to go on sale. It probably costs more but, no steriods or other chemicals. Jake, if you grow fodder sprouted barley or wheat your price per chicken drops dramatically. We have them in a tractor that is being moved daily onto fresh grass. We canned some venison and grassfed beef roast before and that was some of the best meat I have had in a long time.

Turkey frier is a great idea, I use it to brew my beer and do canning in the summer when it is around degrees here in GA. Just make sure that you have a burner that doesn't have a timer or you have to come back and reset it every 15 minutes ask me how I know that.

We just picked up a lot of chicken breasts from Publix and I was just thinking about how to go about doing this! I really would like that canner, but my canning book says you have to move it off the heat when the processing is done to a different burner - especially with my electric stove.

Is it possible to move that big pot full of canning jars, or should I start strength training now??? To be forthright, I have no idea why what would be required. That's a ridiculous task of strength! When I'm done canning my jars under full pressure, it's usually about So I simply turn off the burner and let the pressure reduce naturally. The pressure is coming down.

The worst that happens is that my meat cooks a little longer. It's still nice and moist. And in fact, I look at it as even safer to eat. In the morning I safely remove the lid, wipe off all of the jars, tighten the lids and put them away. I have not canned any meat yet. Makes me a bit nervous, but then tomatoes used to do that. Anyway, my husband has me can on a burner outside because he says my flat top stove will crack under the heat and weight.

I sure would like to can meat in the house during the winter. How long have you been using your flat top for canning? Also, I've never left any bands on after the seal has popped and jars cooled. My experience is that the bands tend to rust over time.

Is there a reason you do this? Janet, I have been canning meat for nearly 10 years. I never knew any different about a flat top stove vs. No problems, considerations, or stress in nearly a decade. Regarding the use of bands--on rare occassions they do rust if you do not properly wipe off the lids after canning. I use them so that I provide one more stronghold to the lids staying on, but for no other reason.

Glad to have you with us! However, every canning guide I read says that home-canned goods are only good for one year. Could you please comment on this if you have the time! I note that your blog says years. Many thanks for all you do! I'm positive that the one year guideline is perpetuated by folks covering their butts, that's all. Also there have been several studies by a handful of universities and the U.

We have some green tomato relish that we put away in the summer of and it is still delicious. I have some venison that we put away in , and we ate it last week. So the one year guideline is definitely a butt-cover up. As long as you followed the time and pressure guideliness and your seal is not breached you should be pretty good. As the final test, sniff it, if it smells bad, don't use it. I wish I could remember the source.

I assume that the next time I have a ham, spiral, half, with bone or no bone, I can take the meat and put it in a jar no bone in jar , process and have ham for soup or casseroles. But you can also have a bone in the jar if you choose. Personally, I would can the meat in one, and the bone with broth in another. Ham bones are so great for so many soup dishes. I also can drumsticks whole so that I can have "fried chicken" whenever I want too. I can the whole pieces and when I open the container, I just fry them lightly in some butter.

You'll never have more tender fried chicken. I have a friend who fries them up more like sears them before pressure canning. Either way is great.

LOL been married for 30 years lol husband just recently watch me cook lol he had no ideal i use canned chicken thighs, u can use drummies or drumsticks lol. I read Jackie Clay's blog over at Backwoods.

She sez that you can have canned meat bottled even 10 years later and there is no discernible taste or loss of nutrition. She also tells people a lot of instructions on how to can vegetables, meats and fruits. Search the back issues most found on line for any info you might want. After reading this article I finally gave it a try. I can't believe I waited this long to can meat.

Thank you for the nudge that got me started. I've canned chicken about 4 times now, and beef twice. I looked at your end results and they look nothing like mine - I did raw pack on the chicken, added extra water, and when they're done, the jars come out missing several inches of liquid - and the chicken is SOOOO dry! What am I doing wrong?

I have to can at 13 lbs pressure, but usually maintain about 14lbs. Could that be it? And I can tell that the liquid leaks out of the jars because it's all over the inside of the canner when I'm done - jars too full maybe? That's why you don't get to hear the "Plink" sound until after you're done canning sometimes when you've wiped them off and they are cooling.

Also, be sure that you use the butter knife technique that I do to make sure you're getting as much liquid down around the chicken also. The difference of one pound of pressure should not be affecting the texture of your meat.

So try the knife technique and make sure your jars are screwed on tight before and after you've pressure cooked them. I got together with a couple of friends last Friday and canned some chicken, my first ever. Thank you for such clear instructions. I'm still a bit scared of the pressure cooker, but I feel empowered! I didn't remove the fat from my hamburger when I canned it last night will it ruin the meat? It was my first time canning ground round and the grand babies came over.

I forgot a step, what's a man to do? I do that step to make the meat healthier. I can bacon, sausage, and other fatty meats. Thanks Kellene I didn't want to serve bad food. Not too worried about the fat for health reasons. I canned my first chicken. Why haven't I done this before??? I do believe it is easier than the veggies. A whole new world has opened up. It's still cooling so I don't even know what it looks like, but I wanted to brag. Your site made it look so easy. Also, I used my flat top stove and I think it is actually safer than when I use the water bath canner for pickling.

With the WB there is some splashing and that is probably what makes the tops crack. Can you start out with frozen meat? I buy my chicken frozen. It isn't a big deal to defrost, but just wondering! You could have a problem with the glass breaking if you did that. I wouldn't want to risk it, personally. I just canned some boneless pork chops. After everything was done, I pulled out the jars, and they were a little greasy.

And so was the water - just a bit. But I am worried. Should that have happened?? Hi there, I have canned meat before and have never had any problems. This last time though, the chicken on one of the batches came out with the broth a bit brownish. It did hit 17 for a brief moment before i noticed it and I let the steam release and it went right back down within a couple of minutes. I also think that i had 1 jar of beef in the same batch.

Can you can different meats in the same batch if they have the same procesing time? Thanks for any information, i need to throw away the jars if they are not safe. Michele, I have a saying that I go by when it comes to relying on food to feed and nourish my family "when in doubt, throw it out. I have NO idea why your broth would have turned brown. I've never had that happen before. Yes, it's perfectly ok to cook two kinds of meat at the same time, just go with the longer cooking instructions.

First off I wanted to say great job Kellene! I canned my first ground beef batch by boiling my ground beef, then jarring and processing at 14lbs for 1.

I have a large family so 2 lbs is more adequate per meal than a pint Is it ok that the liquid is no longer over the meat inside of the jar? It now appears to be lower than the surface of the meat. Thanks again and great job! If you think about it, the liquid sinks downward in the commercial containers too.

This is one quality article I ever found based on canning meat's topic. You really give us some insightful information of how to done the canning manually and how to done it correctly. Can I have one for Chirstmas? I'll be a good girl, I promise! O I'm going to see if anyone I know has one that would be willing to come over for an afternoon for some "play". I canned some pints of chicken a couple months ago and when I opened them, the seal seemed good, but part of the meat had risen out of the liquid and had a greyish cast to it.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? When you pressure can, liquid does indeed escape out of the bottle. It has to in order to create the suction. But the grey cast, I'm not familiar with. It easily could be just the exposure of the chicken to the bit of oxygen that was still in the bottle since it rose out of the liquid.

Ultimately, the nose knows though if chicken has gone bad. If is smells poorly, then get rid of it. We just picked up a lot of chicken breasts from Public and I was just thinking about how to go about doing this! I disagree with you on one thing. That would be that you can't can processed meats. I have done so and they turn out great! Specifically, I can sliced pepperoni. It is great on pizza. I have canned hot dogs, but have not opened a can yet, so cannot comment on those.

I will soon be canning sausage patties as well as hamburger patties, and meatballs can up wonderfully. Hi Kellene, I love your blog. I have now waxed cheese and bottled butter without fear. My question is about canning pumpkin. The USDA says, of course, that it isn't safe, etc etc.

I'm not familiar with canning pumpkin. However, I'm sure there's plenty on the internet and in your library about it--especially if you can find older books. Also, check into canning low acid foods. Just put "canning butter" in the search bar and you'll get several articles to come up with different methods. Simply cannot wait to start canning chicken Thank you for the step by step directions!!!!! I purchased a canner a few months ago but have been afraid to use it.

Yesterday I bought several large packages of chicken and planned on freezing them today. After reading this article, I now have the confidence needed to can the chicken instead. Thanks for all you do. My mother and I went to upstate NY when my grandfather passed away in ' After his passing, we went to his home to get it packed up.

This brought back that hilarious memory in a time of sorrow!!! Hi Kellene, I am so glad I found your blog! Mine is only 6 quarts, big enough to make small meals.

It's what I use to can peaches, jam, ect in a "water bath". Is there any way I can use that to can meat, and if so, how?

A water bath is not sufficient for canning meat. You need to be able to build up the pressure. Good news though is that so many people are discarding the old-fashioned, low-tech stuff, so finding a quality used canner should be relatively easy at your local thrift store, on Craig's list, or e-bay. Getting ready to can 10 pounds of ground chuck and and a 9 pound pork loin cut into small roasts and chops, of course.

I started canning meat when I found your blog 2 years ago. You are so awesome, but then, I've told you that before, haven't I? Still wondering though about canning bacon Since my pressure canner's instruction booklet does not recommend canning bacon, I don't know how long to process the bacon or how many pounds of pressure to use. And how can you use it after it's been canned? Can you unroll it and fry it up for a BLT? I've had several friends ask me to teach them and they can't believe how easy it really is.

I've been canning my homemade chili too and boy, is that a welcomed dish on a cool fall evening! Thanks so much for all you do Blessings to you today and always! Cook it at 15 pounds of pressure for 75 minutes. That should be plenty. Good luck with all of the canning! I have fallen in love with canning tomatoes. It's sooo much cheaper than buying the cans of tomatoes and my neighbors are always trying to get rid of some.

The smell of the vines when you run your fingers across the stems is one of the most pronoun Cowboy Candy - Check this out! Paw Paw Butter - Canning. What is a PawPaw? The pawpaw is the largest edible fruit native to America. Individual fruits weigh 5 to 16 ounces and are 3 to 6 in Crockpot Apple Butter that is Safe to Can!

I received quite a few and wanted to get this r One of recipes I would see over and over that looked amazing in photographs is Apple Pie filling. This recipe is everything inside the pie Canning Pineapple Chunks from Fresh Pineapples. A quick post for all of you that love pineapple like I do.

There is something so simple about this once you have delved into getting that sw I got an email a few days ago from one of my followers, Paula, about a jar that I had seen her post a while back. I had all but forgotten i On the property are 6 fig trees and they are so full of figs I decided to start the process of canning them. As you remember from the start During the months of December to February I get a lot of questions about what to do with all the citrus that is coming from the trees.

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