GM Diet: The Master Plan to Lose 9 Kgs in 7 Days

Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

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If yes , will the weight bounce back after i am done with GM diet. Omega fats and cardiovascular disease, September 6, , http: Lion roar A captive lion in India roaring. If so, what do you recommend eating in between meals? But worried about tomorrow..

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Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

I had been overweight in the past, and lost weight by low-calorie dieting on processed foods, along with strength training. After a while I would revert to some degree of overeating, and have to diet again. Keep in mind this is before any calorie counting. I keep telling myself I will plug things in to Fitday, but so far my hunger is autoregulating itself and the weight is coming off.

Besides weight loss, I feel great. Now 12 months later the mental improvements persist but do not seem to be growing. The frequency and magnitude has increased over time but only very slowly. I tend to think that the degree of crepitude correlates weakly with general joint health eg time to recover from episodes of tendonitis or discomfort caused by overuse. For example I can sleep on my back for the first time in 8 years and turn my neck 90 deg without any discomfort.

The odd thing is that pre-PHD, with the same exercise effort, if I increased calories my fat would easily but slowly increase, but not now…. After researching nutrition and health in my spare time for many years I have never come across a book that has been able to tie all of the major aspects of a healthy diet together in such a concise manner whilst being so extensively well referenced.

The amount of improvements that I have seen since implementing this diet is numerous. My low carb methods evolved over time and eventually I avoided all fake sugars including diet sodas and almost all prepared foods including low carb products and had to be careful of dairy and nuts — trigger foods for me which caused me to overeat.

I also thought that low fat would bring me more success, so tried to stay low fat. But it was very difficult for me to stay low carb because I was doing low fat and also not getting enough omega 3. Then I discovered PHD this year. So I stopped the coconut oil snacking and the Greek yogurt and the sweet potatoes for a while and focused on getting enough Omega 3 and reducing my Omega 6.

My ratios were not optimal. Maybe it was because my body had to get used to safe starches after so long without them? Maybe the IF helps? And sometimes I can just eat a little taste of something on a rare occasion. I know Paul has said not to just have a starch by itself and that is important advice. And I feel better and happier and more satisfied than ever before! Simply put, my rhinitis has disappeared completely. I no longer wake up with a runny nose. Rhinitus is now a non-issue.

This fitness plan has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. I followed the various trends and tried vegan, vegetarian, raw, and more at different time periods. At some times I followed it more religiously and other times less so, but nonetheless slowly gained weight over the years. In following up on it however I learned about paleo diets which led me to the Perfect Health Diet.

I was highly intrigued and implemented it before I even finished the book. I lost 25 points in the first two months on the diet, going from lbs to Since then I have mostly leveled off on the weight loss while staying on the diet, but my pants continue to get looser and looser. I have had these since childhood all day everyday. Because they were often silent no pain they would manifest in various other ways, thus leading to misdiagnoses of mood disorders and schizophrenia for many years.

At one point I was also misdiagnosed with epilepsy as well. After one particularly smart neurologist saw and tested me, I was placed on blood pressure medications for migraines.

The problem is that my body constantly fights to readjust to the medications. After a few months at one dose, it seems I start to get migraines again.

So it would go up and the same thing would repeat again. I was looking for a different solution and I stumbled across this article. My mood is incredibly stable, I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night, I have lots of energy, I can concentrate for hours on end, etc. Thank you for writing this! I am down from lbs to lbs doing mostly Paleo, but modified with some safe starches per your book.

Just so you know this is not just about weight loss for me, I was a type 2 diabetic with full metabolic syndrome and most importantly, I had popping capillaries in my retinas that were leading to blindness.

All is better now, no pills etc. I started with fruit and sweet potatoes and it was hard to stop eating them at first. But now that my diet is more balanced, I have it under control. I think there was an adjustment period. Paul has said the cravings are due to missing nutrients. I also do the Intermittent Fasting 16 hour fast with 1 Tbs coconut oil and an 8 hour feeding window and this has helped me too.

Sometimes I just have a spoonful of rice syrup to get some carbs. Or you could add it to a homemade salad dressing or drizzle it on some plain yogurt. I am a lurker of the worst sort, but here goes. As a 54 year old woman, I am more energetic, flexible yoga three times a week , and healthier than I have been for, oh, decades. Talk about replacing a wardrobe! My worry, of course, is gaining it all back, which, sorry to say, is an experience I have had already in days of yore.

I was an avowed low-carber back then and I can attest that, while it was effective for losing weight, it was not a good long term strategy. So far, as long as I stick to basic PHD principles, things are going swimmingly. In general, PHD has been a huge success.

Thank you Paul and Shou-Ching! What started it all was getting fed up with feeling awful all the time; I started optimizing my life around foods and exercises that would make me feel better and have energy, and the weight loss followed. I just wanted to let you know that I was finally successful at adding back in some carbs.

I am now able to eat half of a small sweet potato on a daily basis, while still losing weight! As a bonus, my eyes are no longer blurry, and my hair appears to have started growing back. When I put it in a ponytail, there is a thick halo of new fuzz where formerly my scalp was visible. I am suprised at how quickly these issues began to resolve — it has been perhaps a month, if not less. You have my deepest gratitude, and respect.

I had been doing very low carb for many years and do now wonder if it actually made my symptoms much worse. I was diagnosed with BPD while doing very low carb. Following the PHD diet has greatly reduced my symptoms. I feel like a new person. I feel so much better now: This diet is super healthy and does allow plenty of choices: No need to go hungry. When the fast is over, I eat normally: And I exercise during the fast — no problem with a lack of energy.

No longer am I anxious about eating every 4 hours like I used to be while doing the low carb. It has really simplified my life. I think this was helped by eating more healthy fat and Omega 3.

So give PHD a try if you want to feel better and be healthy too. I highly recommend it — it really has worked for me.

Thank you so much, Paul and Shou-Ching, for all you do! Lost a lot of weight, but staying on it was difficult. Last year I came off a bout of depression determined to beat it without drugs. I stopped eating sugar and surprise! Since exercise is also helpful to depression, I thought that it would be better if I kept losing weight to reduce my chance of injury while exercising.

Along the way I found that many of the things that are recommended in the Perfect Health Diet greatly helped me in losing weight. I lost a total of seventy pounds.

This is due in large part to the dietary recommendations in the Perfect Health Diet. What is even better is that the recommendations in the Perfect Health Diet led to removing the last things that were contributing to my depression. I believe now that grains and omega-6 in vegetable oil was making me depressed.

To go back to the beginning, the Atkins diet had two flaws which undermined long-term weight loss:. The Perfect Health Diet is written so that you can read to whatever depth of scientific detail you want to. I am about done with my third time through. My particular health issue is depression, and the Perfect Health Diet has many links to dietary causes of depression. The most helpful aspect is that it is written from the perspective that this way of eating is a PERMANENT change, and that this way of eating is based on sound science, including cultural and epidemiology studies, not just lab experiments.

The only qualification that I would add is that the book recommends eating a lot of fish rather than using supplements for omega This recommendation is based on the observation that most fish oil capsules are stored at room temperature and the oil may go rancid without you knowing it.

Again, as a person who has lost seventy pounds and now enjoy a life free of depression. I wholeheartedly recommend the Perfect Health Diet. Following your PhD diet I have continued to lose weight at a rate of one half pound per day! In 27 days I have miraculously lost Overall it has been consistent but on the days when I increase my probiotic intake it seems that the loss is considerably more rapid!!

While there were some days in the beginning that were very rapid weight loss, I expected it to even out and slow down by now but in fact yesterday I was surprised to find i had lost 1. I must tell you, that being insulin resistant, I was a prime candidate to become a pre-diabetic patient. Jon Weight loss hadrion I decided to give Perfect Health Diet a go first and see where that takes me. My skin is clearer and less red. What I would encourage any of you dealing with inflammation or who feel extremely bloated after a meal with wheat in it is to try to avoid gluten and see if your body feels different.

I had gone gluten free before but all I did was replace wheat bread with gluten free breads and I paid no attention to the oils used to make the products. The Perfect Health style of eating with safe starches like potato, sweet potato and white rice makes following the diet easy and pleasurable.

We even made Perfect Health ice cream which uses rice syrup in place of sugar and it was delicious and totally satisfied any lingering sweet tooth. So far, following the plan set out in the PHD has led to some nice results. I bought the draft version in September My health has improved a lot. Picture of me in summer of and Just want to thank you guys for all that you do. After my thanksgiving binge I finally decided to get serious and add in about g of carb per your recommendation and my cravings for sweets had decreased a lot.

Being able to eat starch got rid of the feeling of deprivation and I no longer feel the need to eat dessert after every meal. Keep up the good works…. I also am taking the supplements Paul had recommended after I emailed him to ask what I can add to the one I was taking. One of the things I immediately noticed after doing PHD is that it improved the quality of my sleep used to keep waking up several times at night and that is now a thing of the past because I now sleep uninterrupted for hours ; and no more cramps in my calves that used to happen occasionally after a heavy work out ; no more menstrual cramps as well.

I usually get a big, really deep and hard to get rid of pimple just before or during my monthly period and my husband or a dermatologist would actually help me get it out especially if I had an important function to attend to. I was thinking that may be IF and the removal of wheat in my diet did greatly help me in seeing immediate improvement in my sleep. So yes at least in my experience, a great improvement in my over all health since I incorporated the principles that I learned from the PHD book.

And to top it all off, I lost 3 lbs in the last 4 weeks losing the 15 lb excess weight is not even on top of my list because I am trying to get pregnant. I simply want to eat healthy and trying to figure out what diet works best for me. And I found it! Thanks to the Jaminets! And yes, I am sticking with PHD for the rest of my life…. I just hope I keep losing the last few fat I wanted to shed off.

Btw, I only weigh myself once a week at the same day and time without fail and I also use a Digital Body Fat Caliper to measure my body fat. So yes, I am definitely losing some body fat and no muscle loss! My trainer was very impressed when she weighed me last week.

I am definitely seeing positive results since I started the PHD! The elimination of wheat, sugar and cheese which I used to eat a lot everyday has done great wonders in my body. Extremely gratifying to find a way of eating which is sustainable, totally satisfying and results in natural weight loss. And, I have yet to add high intensity workouts to my normal morning and afternoon walks. I have been talking to anyone who has expressed interest as the potential of the diet is obviously tremendous!!

I strongly suspect PHD played a pivotal part in my wife getting pregnant naturally, just prior to starting her next round of IVF. As soon as I added back starches, my desire for alcohol diminished greatly. I was very strict Paleo for a good 8 months, and yes felt fantastic and lost 10ks etc. But then started feeling tired, moody. Did I put on weight. Essentially now I eat what my body craves.

I can listen to it now and it responds accordingly. It knows when it needs more carbs eg. And it knows how much as well. My low-level depression and anxiety have completely disappeared and the diet is considerably more varied and easier to stick to than VLC. BG , improved my bowel function, and improved my mood. I also reduced my grocery bill which in turn made for a more harmonius family life because I instantly desired about one-third of the protein I used to eat.

Of all the symptoms of glucose deficiency the most concerning was the flat mood. Many thanks to Paul! I found a fungal infection which I treated with two bottles of ProEnt I found bacterial overgrowths, which I treated with Natren probiotics.

I was also positive to toxoplasma, which I have not treated due to cost and efficacy of treatment. Maybe down the line? I had a sudden severe arthritis flare and have been on low dose pulsing Doxy for it, successfully, since My guess is improving iodine status and other micronutrient status, plus knocking back infections are the major contributors. I used SAM-e successfully, for years at mg per day, upon waking to help with low mood….

In my case, my labs tends to improve a bit ahead of symptoms. Good luck to you! There are often many pieces to the puzzle! You may find it helpful, as did I, to minimize your variables, and track your protocol to the best of your ability. Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood Anonymous also here I have Borderline Personality Disorder BPD and am taking a very low dose of risperdal same drug in higher doses used to treat schizophrenia.

Just this morning, I took my A1c home test by Bayer which includes two tests in the box. Because of the unbelievably low result of first test, I took the second one different finger, different hand to check… Results:. Type I diabetes, energy, mood Brian P.

Hypothyroidism, energy, adrenal fatigue, bowel function, mood. I included each recommended supplement in my morning cocktail as it arrived in the mail. Within a few days after I was on everything, I noticed a major change, not physically, but mentally — a major reduction in OCD symptoms and general anxiety. I was first struck while I was driving to the food store.

I had a feeling of competence and ease. I was not gripping the steering wheel. I was, in fact, steering with one hand. This is not something I do. Generally, I drive waiting for an accident, acutely aware of my killing potential.

And it took a little mental work for me to accept that perhaps I felt like a competent driver because I am one, not because I was suddenly drugged and delusional.

A few days later, I began to feel that I was perhaps a bit too mellow. In poking around a little, I learned that the recommended dose for magnesium for women is mg mg is the recommended dose for men. Also, I have low blood pressure, and I was concerned that too much magnesium would lower it even more. So I bumped my dose down. That felt more natural.

Then, the real test: I was upset for a bit, processed the situation, and moved on. This was major, and completely unexpected. I may in the near future try eliminating selenium for a bit to see if my OCD symptoms ramp up. If you grapple with OCD, you might want to give selenium a try. Note that too much selenium is toxic, so monitor your intake.

And if you regularly eat Brazil nuts, you are already getting a big hit of selenium, so be careful. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety Anonymous also here I have Borderline Personality Disorder BPD and am taking a very low dose of risperdal same drug in higher doses used to treat schizophrenia.

I thought an update was due. Got off steroids in Oct after 14 months on an almost zero carb diet. Glucose deficiency symptoms led me to your site. Added in safe starches in November and started to implement PHD with recommended supplements. Did a home fecal transplant in December. Both are now in the normal range. The results were disappointingly good: My observations convinced me that it was an infection and research indicates mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis MAP is the most likely pathogen.

Coli counts in my stool test seem to confim this. I have very little tummy pain now. I do still have some diarrhea but that is probably due to the high fat content of my diet. Thanks for all your information, Paul.

My sister continues to be free of eczema. Thanks so much, again. I have been following your diet for a few months and in many ways feel much better. Last year at this time I could barely walk 29 years old. I was diagnosed with Crohns along with several other autoimmune diseases including a lesion on the spinal cord. Thank you so much for the fantastic information! I am one of the new followers of the PHD.

I listened to the your interview with Dr. Mercola and wanted to learn more. I bought your book and started reading it immediately. I was on this for roughly 7 years and just up until recently I started experiencing more and more heartburn and a boat load of other problems.

I was tested and poked and prodded and what the doctors came up with is that my gastric levels were elevated. I did this for 3 more years but recently I started getting uncontrollable heartburn all the time.

I then checked out your interview about 2 weeks ago and started on the PHD for about a week now and have not had to take my ranitadine in 5 days. It almost seems to good to be true. I am very grateful for the information in your book.

Thank you very much! Skin redness, bloating, weight loss, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. I started PHD a few week before Christmas, and even with a few holiday wobbles, I can honestly say that I am already starting to see a number benefits. Gradually over a few shorts weeks the aforementioned issues have either gone or dramatically subsided.

Eliminating wheat and reducing fructose has been surprisingly easy, reducing vegetable oil exposure more difficult. Beginning the first week I could feel the difference in terms of energy and better sleep.

Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood. You will remember 12 days ago I asked you about my sister who has CFS and was taking mls a day of safflower oil to keep eczema under control. My guess is that there is a high level of oxidative stress which is diminishing AA levels, and the safflower oil makes more arachidonic acid and relieves the problem. So the strategy I would try first is a supplementing antioxidants….

Your advice was spot on and the results have been miraculous. Within 24 hours her eczema was much improved and she began reducing the safflower oil. Now 10 days later she is down to 10 mls of safflower oil and is confident she can discontinue it completely in a few days.

Her eczema has completely cleared and her skin is looking good. Not only that, but some of her CFS symptoms have improved. Her constant headache is not as severe, irregular heartbeat episodes have almost completely stopped and she is tolerating slightly more physical activity.

Needless to say she is absolutely delighted and wants me to pass on her deepest gratitude to you. Once again Proverbs Words seem inadequate to express thanks for that. I hope she will also follow up your advice to treat any underlying infections. That has been replaced with feeling nauseous even at the thought of the oil. Obviously her body no longer needs it. In searching the net I found this paper that seems to support your advice: Determination of fatty acid levels in erythrocyte membranes of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Thank you once again, Paul, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your time. The effect is life-changing. Joan chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. Many thanks headaches, acid reflux, fatigue, bloating, weight gain Brian P. After a few weeks of little improvement, I experienced my first normal bowel movement in a long time years? It made me really upset. And no changes in the food also.

I am just wondering why? I am planning to start again tomorrow I am just afraid it may happen again. I am waiting for your suggestion and ideas to lose. Thank you for your time.

You should do multiple GM diets with 3 days of gap in between them. Is eating corn alright? Is better to eat as less as possible during this diet? Also, is it necessary to excercise everyday? I have a busy schedule so is it okay if i exercise 3 -4 days out of 7? Will i still lose weight? I am 27 years , female , weight 64 kgs , height 5ft I am looking forward to reduce kgs in week for an upcoming event. Last time is did GM diet nd reduced 3 kgs but again gained back , this time i require your help.

Need to reduce badly nd have very less time in hand, please help. Hello mam, actually my age is 23 and my height is 5feet4 inches weight is 66 kgs so i want to lose my weight a lot mam can u pls help me out and from morning to evening ill be in the office and give me some suggestions please.

After my 2nd pregnancy I have gained lot of weight. My height is 5 feet and I am 66 kgs now. I got huge love handles. I stopped breastfeeding 4 days ago. I am a vegetarian. I want to loose 20 kgs till November 20 …is that possible? Thanks dear , how about flax seeds during the diet , is it okay to have them if I feel hungry …. Hi chief I have started the diet today. Hoping for great results. Also please if you could share your email id so that incase I need help I can ask there directly. I am confused about what i can eat on day 4… From the looks of the above all i can have all day is; 6 bananas 1 cup of soup 3 glasses of milk.

I need to reduce 7 kg.. I am planning to start GM diet from tomorrow.. I have some questions.. I have calcium deficiency. I have back problem too. And having HLA B27 positive. Please let me know some more tips for health and weight…. You should check out this article for increasing Calcium and Hemoglobin — https: Both would not work the best. So I would recommend first do the gm diet, and once you achieve the required weight, follow the above article to improve calcium deficiency.

Hi dear I am going to start the diet tomorrow. Just want to know that can I use packed vegetable soup that we can get from shop. Hey i am 17 years old and i am ready to do the diet starting tomorrrow most probably..

Is it fine if i am doing this diet at a young age? I exercise regularly also.. I have another question on the day that i am gonna eat rice.. What can i include with the brown rice? Hi , I followed GM diet, Today is my 6th day, had not cheated, followed strictly, but i weight today, i just lost 2 kg, i am very disappointed after being so starved —not got very good results. Slow and steady wins the race. People have lost more than 5 KGs and you too can. Every body is different and sometimes results may vary.

You need to do another round of GM diet and see how it goes. Do not get disappointed and focus on the diet. You simply need to follow this diet strictly. I would recommend postponing the diet. Marriage is a stressful process and you may get tired with runabouts and preparations for marriage. You need to be healthy and energetic for such an happy occasion. You can start this diet plan once you are done with the marriage things. Hi, Its been great pleasure of being in 7 days diet plan I hav successfully completed my 3days but unfortunately I din followed 4th day its really very upset.

And is it possible to continue from 5th day els I need to start from beginning again pls help me out to clear my confusion expecting your reply asap. I have cholesterol and a bit blood pressure. Will this diet be safe for me to use. Hope to hear from u soon. This diet is designed for all types of people with no major health problems. The plan does not contain any food items that will increase your cholesterol.

But you need to follow this strictly. The diet will help you limit your cholesterol and exercises will help you get rid of cholesterol. The perfect balanced diet plan! I intend to follow the diet, but I will be consuming alcohol a few days after.

Will that be ok? Moreover, will I be gaining weight once iI complete the diet? Heey… Veg soup Sprouts N raw fruits n veggies… R these ok for day 5 6 ?? Its very hard to get cottge chhese in mu area n i dont like it also… Plz rply…m on 3rd of diet. I lives in hostel I do not have much more options to eat,if I take soya in lunch at day two is it ok? Thank u very muh mam…doing grt job… Can i have boild green grams in day 5 6 ??

I am on my 4th day of gm diet. Followed the plan on previous 3 days without cheating. Also did 1 hour yoga everyday. But no visible change I could find. What more should I do? Another question…can I have carrots and capcicums or not? Are you doing exercises and running? Yes you can have capsicum and carrot.

Hey I have allergy of paneer.. Or any other thing.. Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 inches. My weight is 77 kgs. Is it possible for me to loose 5 kgs weight if i follow it for a week with no cheats??

I walk for half hour in the morning and cardio half hour next. In the evening i do skipping. Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 feet. I m 21 yrs. I want to lose weight very urgently. Nd if yes then how much? I am on the second day of the diet.

I am doing a job and generally i need to attend meetings quite often. I want to ask about the timings of the plan. If i am in a meeting it will be challenging to stick to the timings rigidly. For example, i might not be able to eat between AM or 12Noon Regarding the vegi soup , I have read in some of the articles that soup can be taken on all the days expect on day 1 , just wanted to confirm the same with you.

And if the soup can be started from day 2 itself , how many times can it be taken in a day n whats the best time to have it. I do rigorous workout so is dis diet will be okay???? Hi there I was just wandering how I can control my hunger on day 1 and 2 especially?

Is there any eating pattern or timing you suggest? Exercise and diet together form a complete weight loss program. Hi I followed gm diet and exercise walking 45 mins only lost 10 kg in one year back.

I want to know how much calories should I burn during exercise because I did walking as like before but no weight loss. I give up the plan. I want to start again plz help me. Hi I am working in Night shift, Will it work for me. Give me some suggestion how to follow for Night shift employees. Losing weight using Lemon and Honey is does not work and its harmful, only celebrities do that. This diet, if followed strictly is healthy as well as helpful! Hi I would like to start GM diet from tomorrow.

My major doubt is you mentioned to take veggies on Day 2 either raw or cooked. But cooked veggies contains oil,masala,some spices. Will it works if I take oil because cooked ones contains mandatory oil. Can u pls with me and also can I take only onion on Day 2 as it is also comes under vegetable? Cooked veggies mean boiling them or pressure cooking them, adding some spices like oregano over it. It does not require oil to be cooked. Dear Mama, i have been battling with weight for 6 years now.

I am 34 years, have 3 children and am now 94 kgs. My young baby is 15 months old. Can i start this diet plan while breastfeeding? Secondly, day 5 is not very clear, what do i take from my country Uganda? I appreciate your response and help.

I have completed my first day.. I feel good… Not much hungry.. But worried about tomorrow.. Coz I hate veggies.. Can I hv spinach??? Hai mam, I am having a knee swelling ,wrist swelling , and my crp rate in blood is 9. I am taking medicines for he past 6 months. Is this diet plan is helpful while taking tables for Rheumatoid arthritis. I am 23years old with 5. I want to lost upto 10kgs. Please let me know if I can follow this diet plan for successful weight loss. I walk close to 4kms a day, would this be fine or should i start any other type of exercises??

Also request you to share the recipe of the soup. Can we eat the mentioned foods on their days upto our hearts content or the less we eat the better it is? And also will consuming green boost the weightloss process? And how many cups can we consume in a day? Eat neither less nor full. Eat in medium quantities. Green tea is good for removing toxic substances from body. Can i take without sugar Tea in these 7 days of diet?

Should i continue with the gym workout of 45 minutes in these days Can i take protin powder with water before and after workout in these 7 days? No need of any protein powders. The vegetables you consume during this diet have good amount of protein and other important nutrients. Hope you are doing well. I consumed coffee with sugar today around couple of hours ago. Will that be fine??

My only concern is that i dont eat bananas at all, what fruit can be used in place of banana, please reply asap, as i need to shed some kgs before diwali.. I wanted to ask whether jumping jacks, tummy crunches, bending excercises and punching excercises are enough everyday during this diet? That is way too much exercise. In day 7 can I have a cup of plain low fat yoghurt with the brown rice and chappatis?

And for days 5, 6, 7 are five litres of water enough? I tried the master plan Bt I was too weak by the end of the 2nd day,can I get a meal plan that will help me take down my weight, considering the fact that that I just started athletics training. Since you have started athletics training, you should wait and see what results it gives you on your body. I am using another GM diet plan which I got from internet. I loose about 3 Kg at the end of it.

I have already tried it 4 times. This time I am on day 4 of GM diet and for day 5, 6 and 7, its suggested to eat brown rice morning and evening, is it right or shall I replace with Tofu as you suggested. Also it mentions to eat boiled bottle gaurd with salt at night.

Is salt again a problem here. I am just trying to make it right, so that I can loose more than 3Kg every GM diet. Thanks for the answer, I shall use Tofu this time. You have suggested not to have tomatoes on day 6, but the other diet plans have it. Is it a strict no-no on Day 6. Starving does no good. Your body needs necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

I am suggesting no tomato on day 6 because I am assuming my readers have already consumed too much tomato on day 2 and day 3 where vegetables are required to be consumed. Hello Mam, I am 24 years old and my weight is 90 kgs and i have thyroid problem.

I am on my first day of GM diet plan , but i m worried for the second day. I would really appreciate a reply, thanks. A small pinch of salt is fine.

Use Olives, Oregano or other herbs instead. You said you exercised quite a lot. Whatever you are eating, fruits, veggies etc, eat until your stomach feels full.

Is eating cauliflower okay for day 2 or amy other days that recomends to eat vegetables? Yes cauliflower is fine. Working out is extremely important along with this diet. You need to sweat it our in order to burn existing body fat.

Can I consume a glass of fresh homemade bitter gourd juice as I suffer from psoriasis and drinking this juice makes my condition better. On day 4 u have informed to take 6 Banana, and a soup and milk, is it this we need to take for whole day?

Hiii, I m on 6 day of gm diet plan n i loose 5 kg…. Please answer as it is a peak time for me right now. Sadiya I would suggest you to concentrate on board exams now.

I just started this diet today and been drinking a lot of water and have had 2 apples and a pear, I am getting married end of this month and weight 80kg looking to shed kg in 2 weeks. Congrats on ur marriage. Now for next 4 another commitment to urself , U will walk for atleast 6 KMs daily in the evening , now if u do that hurray…… u ll look slimmer and prettier on ur big day. Dear , after going through your article, I fond that you can really help me.

My age is 33, have two children. The younger one is of 9 months and on breastfeeding. My weight is 70kgs height cm of pear shape. Want to lose 12 KGS fast. You will never know until you try it.

Go ahead with the diet and you will see the results. Eating healthy food and regular exercise is what you need! Water is otherwise advised in the plan? Hi I am really upset with the results after religiously following the diet plan for 7 days. I have not put a single grain in my mouth other than the plan.

But to my surprise I have not even reduced 3 pounds. Please note I am suffering from High BP. There are many women who have successfully completed the plan with loss in weight. Although results differ from person to person, I think you should first focus on solving the BP problem. I want to ask u tht I am little bit confused. Hi i am 21 years old, now i have 63kg weight…How to loss kg weight withing one week..

What is the Non Veg option of Day 5 and 6? Any diet plan for that? The key is to continue exercising daily and have a balanced, nutritious diet. Avoid junk food and soft drinks.

I am 26 eyers old I want to konw about 1st day pls tell me can I drink more watervin 1st day. Or have ane limts pls tell me. To begin, i was weight As I have try all sort of diet plan got it over the internet, some work but at the end you end up gaining double fold of the weight you lost.

But somehow i modified the ingredient myself. I still drink tea and coffee but no sugar added just add 4 tablespoon of low fat milk to improve the taste since no sugar added. Oh Yes, if you want to lost beyond 10 KG you need to do some exercises. And this 1st time trial i did it in September.

Hi chife i am the 5th day of gm diet i loos 4 kg when i make every food like a soup or salad can i use oil. Hi I am a nursing mum of 9 weeks old baby. I have gained 10 kg during my pregnancy. Can I follow this diet plan to loose that extra kgs? Or if I need to do something different could you please help me? I want to get rid of excess fat from my body.

I also control my food portions and watch what I eat. Hai I am following gm diet. No it is not. Are you drinking enough water? Muscle pain will be due to your exercising for the first time. Hi, me and my friend are on the first day of our diet and have accidentally eaten mango, should we restart?

Also I would like to know whether we are allowed to eat stone fruits nectarines, peaches etc. You can eat any fruits on the said days where you are supposed to eat fruits. Berries, stone fruits, anything. So according to my height i have to lose 35 kg in three months…I am worked as software engineer i have a sitting job from So Plz Plz suggest me…??? We are going to publish an article on best sitting exercises to do if you have a sitting job. Recommend you to join our newsletter and check back this blog on coming Tuesday for the article!

Hai Chief editor, I want to lose 20 kg Is 3 days of gap is enough? But in another website called gmdietworks says You should leave a gap of one month.

We have tested this diet with 3 days of gap and I can confirm this. Hi, I am 19 years old. My height is 5ft 3inc and my weight is 72 kgs. I am suffering from pcod also. Please suggest me some other plan to lose weight. Thank you shefali for this amazing post!!!!. To be honest this feeling is amazing. Do you sweat while walking? I have started GM diet plan 2 days back. I feel very low and weak. I dint add salt to my fruits first day. You dont have to add salt in fruits. You can add salt in very small amounts in vegetables if you wish to.

Drink more and more water if you are feeling weak. I am really Thankful to you for posting this diet and helping people throughout to shed off extra kgs which are really a pain nowadays… I have started GM diet plan 2 days back. I would really appreciate a revert. My name is Justin. I am ready to do whatever it takes to achieve. I need to lose at least 16 kg in 3 weeks. Hi Chief My name is Justin.

I dont really eat brown rice. I go to college everyday which includes lots of traveling. Can I do this? Will it be fine for my health? If you are obese, it is already very much unhealthy. I m 22 yrs old girl height 5. I cannot guarantee you that you will lose 9 KG in a week because that depends on how strictly you follow this diet and how your body behaves with it. Follow the diet strictly, do daily exercises, cardio and jogging and you will see the results. And can this diet really help me lose weight?

Would it cause Muscle Cramps??? I can loose 15 kg …in a month bt i cant do exercise voz m feeling to weak m sry bt wt to do. But i am planning to start it again after a gap of 3 days. I lost 2 kg on my first day end itself.. Thank you for that.. But in 2 days I will get my menstrual cycle.. What could I do now..? This diet has nothing to do with your menstruation. And I can say, as a non-vegetarian, this is very hard. I ate a tomato, lettuce, and carrots for my breakfast.

And around lunch time, I had my lettuce with steamed fish. However, since I cheated, I was always standing and walking. Can I substitute them with watermelons? We do not use non-vegetarian food for this diet. I lost 1kg from Day I still have 1 less kilo on my weight. Maybe because I cheated a bit. Will I still be losing if I strictly follow 4th day to 7th? Since I will now be consuming food with higher in calories and fats.

Hi ,I am in day 3 nw I reduced 2 kg… At day 5 ,6,7 shall I prepare chicken like south Indian style like adding oil and then onion tomato ,salt,chilli pwdr,coriander,turmeric etc.. Hi , My marriage gonna happen in Jan 3rd week. My height is cm and my weight is 76 kg. I have completed the first week of the GM diet. I lost 10 pounds. I would like to start another round of the diet but I feel extremely tired and my stomach feels a little irritated, not necessarily upset just feels uneasy and a little sore.

I thought this was going to be like a cleanse and I would feel a lot of energy and feel really great, but I feel the opposite. I have not done any exercise. Do you have suggestions for energy level? Are you drinking good quantity of water? Usually some people may feel tired during their diet because they are used to eating heavy.

You should consume your regular food now but make sure it is free of any junk. Cottage cheese in small amounts can be consumed for protein. I suggest you to wait for 1 month before you start another session. Veggie soups and Green smoothies should be your daily intake. Exercise is absolutely necessary even if you are not doing any diet sessions.

Hi 1 May I add salt to the soup? Usually I take partly skimmed milk. If so how long? Exercise swimming, jogging, yoga is absolutely necessary not only during this diet but also the other days. You need to avoid junk food like cheese, soft drinks, sugar in excess amounts and perform regular exercises.

I want to be around Kgs again and I have a problem of acidity. So, I cannot remain hungry for long or if I am hungry, I get headache until I eat a good meal. Also, if I run on Treadmill, my stomach aches very badly. How long do you think it will take to reduce 10Kgs? My body only allows me to do mild exercise and I am going to maintain a healthy diet generally. Do you think — if I do this twice in the coming month- I will be able to reduce 10Kgs?

I have lost 20 kgs till now. My weight was 89 kgs and now its 71 kgs. I have done it by work out and diet control. Can you tell me if i can follow the GM diet to lose 15 kgs more? If yes , will the weight bounce back after i am done with GM diet. Help is much appreciated!!! My weight was I didnot do much excercise in that duration as i kept on feeling hungry. Also while on gm diet, at night when i was feeling too much hungry n weak and my stomach was giving out weired sounds, i had 3 brown breads with green chilly chutney on day 1,2,3.

I will again start GM diet from tomorrow. And this time i will accompany my diet with cardio exercise atleast 45mins a day. Hoping to lose further 6 kg this week. I will be more strict this time while following diet n excercise. Pls give me some suggestions.

Exercising and having a proper diet is important in losing weight with gm diet plan. Remember the gap between each GM diet week. I am asthmatic, can you suggest replacement of banana for day 4? Can I have wheat marie biscuits with water if I feel exceptional hungry or giddiness?

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