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Weight Charts for Females by Age and Height
I have had this issue since In reality, there is no perfect test — even blood work. Foods that are genetically modified or sprayed with herbicides and pesticides can have unrelenting effects on various cellular and body systems. Last Spring my body started falling apart. I gained 80lbs very quickly with little to no change in my diet. Facial Exercises for Wrinkles.

Make the Impossible Possible.

Why Levothyroxine Causes Weight Gain and How to Prevent it

The pills are not the solution either, as oral progesterone is mostly destroyed as it passes through the gut and liver, please see these papers Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Weight gain is unfortunately experienced by many women when first using progesterone, it's activating the oestrogen receptor sites, oestrogen causes us to retain water. Progesterone is such a good diuretic it's now being used via IV transfusion for brain trauma victims, please see papers Mar 23, Weight Gain by: Anonymous My progesterone level is very very low - found out yesterday.

I had a partial hysterectomy at age 27 ovaries intact and now at 45 experiencing all the loveliness associated with perimenopause. Since I have no period to gauge anything, I had to rely on changes in mood, sex drive and those crazy night sweats. The weight gain in the last 3yrs around my middle has been quite a pain-in-the-rear. The weight gain did not happen BECAUSE I was on progesterone so I have a hard time believing the handy-dandy little orange pill natural, not synthetic I was prescribed yesterday will add weight - in fact, my Doctor told me the opposite!

Mar 25, Bio-identical progesterone by: Progesterone does initially cause weight gain, as it activates the oestrogen receptor sites, oestrogen causes us to retain water and it stimulates more fat cells to develop.

Please read more about it here. But once this initial phase is over and progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, the water retention stops. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic.

As oestrogen is suppressed the fat cells are no longer stimulated either. But it sounds as if you could have insulin resistance, you might like to read more about it here.

Mar 25, Feeling really bad! Anonymous I am on bio identical progesterone with dhea and just a little estrogen. These were compounded just for me.

I to have gained weight in my middle. I have also been having terrible headaches and feel just like I have the flu all the time. I also am having hot flashes with these hormones. Never had hot flashes when I was just on estrogen. Also, I have been having terrible vaginal dryness. Do I really need progesterone if I had a total hysterectomy? I just don't know if I will continue these hormones, I might go back on my estrogen hormones again.

I can't live like this much longer. Mar 26, Weight Gain by: Wray As I've explained to the women with weight gain, progesterone doesn't cause it, in fact it's thermogenic, which means it speeds metabolism slightly.

What does cause the gain is oestrogen, and as this becomes the dominant hormone when first using progesterone, some weight gain can be experienced.

It's usually just water retention, although oestrogen does stimulate mitosis in fat cells, so some extra fat can be gained too. Both this and the water normally falls away once progesterone becomes dominant. Oral progesterone is not the best route to take it, please see these papers Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 The weight gain in the last three years could be caused by insulin resistance, please see this page. Mar 26, Feeling really bad! Wray I don't think oestrogen only is an option, the dangers are not worth it, please see this page.

Even if they are bio hormones, it's still not worth it, please see this. Progesterone is very protective, not only against oestrogen, but against ageing too, including Alzheimer's, see these papers Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5 Finally you should not touch DHEA, it causes both oestrogen and androgen levels to rise, and can cause cysts and cancer, please see this.

Mar 27, Progesterone during pregnancy Anonymous I take Cyclogest mg progesterone suppository twice a day since I got pregnant 2 months ago. The reason I do is because I had several miscarriages before When I stop taking Cyclogest on my 4th month will I lose this weight or will it stay until after delivery? Apr 01, Progesterone during pregnancy Wray You have gained more than normal, and it's caused by excess oestrogen. So is the nausea.

When initially using progesterone it activates the oestrogen receptor sites, so making oestrogen the dominant hormone. Oestrogen causes water retention, hence your weight gain. You were evidently very low in progesterone, hence the miscarriages, and had high oestrogen levels. High oestrogen suppresses progesterone. You should have been started on the progesterone weeks before pregnancy, so that your body could adjust.

I would suggest you talk to your doctor about the nausea and weight gain, as excess water can lead to high blood pressure. He might have to increase the amount of progesterone you're using.

The nausea in particular shows you don't have enough progesterone in your system. Please read this article by Dr Dalton, there are links at the bottom of the page to her books, you might like to get one, as she goes into pregnancy in detail. I would be cautious about stopping the progesterone at 4 months. Although this is normally sufficient time for the placenta to be making enough to retain the foetus, with a history of recurrent miscarriages it's advisable to continue for longer.

If not for the entire pregnancy to prevent pre-term birth, see these papers Anonymous Why is estrogen the enemy? Don't we need both it and progesterone to maintain balance?

May 21, When does the weight gain stop on Progesterone? Then I got a better balance and then my weight went back to normal. I am gaining weight again and am on the third month of this regime. I feel much better but the last time it just crept up and up and up over 6 months. I do not want to put any more weight on, I am very tall and slender by frame and nature and this does not suit me.

Wray You are right we do need both. Oestrogen is vital during puberty when it causes our breasts and hips to develop, and the fatty layer women have. Vital too in stimulating the endometrium each month to grow and thicken ready for a possible fertilised egg.

But in excess it stimulates cells to continue growing, and grow they will with no progesterone to suppress the oestrogen. Our bodies must be kept in balance. But without a check, the excitatory hormones like oestrogen would continue stimulating. We now live in a world where there are over 90 oestrogen mimics, in our food, water, air, the skin 'care' we use and more, please see here. Thousands of women are making no ovarian progesterone, as they are on contraceptives.

These stop ovulation, if we don't ovulate we make no progesterone. Many more take HRT, which supplies none. So what little progesterone we are making or using is not being fully utilised. May 24, When does the weight gain stop on Progesterone?

It will even out, but only if you use progesterone, which you're not. The oestrogen and the testosterone will be suppressing the progesterone you are using. I take it you are using a cream, or is it oral progesterone?

If oral most of it will be destroyed by the gut and liver, please see here. This means very little will be left to 'even' things out. Oestrogen is a mitogen, it stimulates cells to divide and grow, including fat cells. It also causes water retention, plus insulin resistance, all these would increase your weight, for more info on IR please see here.

Progesterone is excellent at reducing oedema, please see here. I don't believe any woman needs supplemental testosterone, many are given it because of the misguided idea it increases libido. The jury is still out on this, please see here.

In fact we have many men using progesterone to increase their libido. And as for DHEA, please stay off this, it increases both testosterone and oestrogen, it can also cause cysts and cancer to develop, please see here.

May 25, I am using progesterone by: Holly I am using x 2 a day for half the month. I am using troches. So hoping that it is being absorbed. I will find out with my blood test on day I definitely feel the progesterone when take it, I feel much calmer. As I said when I was taking progesterone alone, I blew up like a ballon and put on a lot of weight. As I now recall I was not using estrogen at all. So I am still a bit mystified.

May 27, I am using progesterone by: Troches are not the best delivery system, in fact no oral method is reliable as much of it gets destroyed by the gut and liver, please see here for troches.

And here for oral. The reason you blew up using only progesterone was due to oestrogen dominance. Initially progesterone activates the oestrogen receptor sites, oestrogen is a mitogen so causing cell division, including fat cells, it also causes water retention. Progesterone opposes both these actions of oestrogen. But once progesterone becomes dominant the increase in either fat or water diminishes. In fact progesterone is such a good diuretic it's now given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims, see here.

May 27, Progesterone weight gain by: Rose I am on bio progesterone x3 daily and I am gaining weight so bad. My saliva test says that may Estradiol is 1. So my question is: Do I need to take estrogen also since my estradiol was low?

May 28, Progesterone weight gain by: The weight gain is caused by oestrogen, you should have been warned of this. It occurs so often in women when first using progesterone. Once progesterone becomes the dominant hormone it should fall away. For more info please see here. I don't believe any woman needs more oestrogen, we have more than enough in our food, water, air and skin 'care' we all use, please see here.

Oestrogen is a mitogen, it stimulates cells to divide and multiply, hence it's danger in cancer, for more info please see here. Are you taking the progesterone or using a cream? The dose you are on is higher than need be if a cream. But if you are taking oral progesterone it does have to be high, as most is destroyed by the gut and liver.

Oral progesterone is not the best delivery system, please see here. Although the tests show one thing, symptoms are quite another. Have yours been helped? But I would suggest switching to a cream if you are using oral progesterone, it's a very effective system, please see here. For more info on using a cream see here.

Jun 11, I want to gain weight by: Anonymous I want to gain weight, so I decided to use the Depo shot which is a progesterone based birth control. I've seen and heard that it causes weight gain. Well, I was on it for about 3 years and nothing. I actually think I loss weight. Why didn't I gain weight from the progesterone? Jun 12, If we have too much estrogen then why? Why do I have hot flushes and all the symptoms of menopause without it?

Progesterone alone did not help, it just made me fat. Jun 14, I want to gain weight by: Wray Hi there Unfortunately depo provera is not progesterone, but a progestin. I'm glad you seem to be off it, it might interest you to read what it does to us here.

Progesterone does not cause weight gain, it's slightly thermogenic, which speeds metabolism slightly. The women who gain weight using it are not using enough to counteract the oestrogen dominance. Oestrogen and only oestrogen causes fat cells to divide and multiply. Oestrogen also causes water retention, whereas progesterone is an excellent diuretic. Jun 14, If we have too much estrogen then why? Wray Hi Holly Did they check your progesterone level too?

If the ratio is out between the two hormones that would explain it. Progesterone should be higher than oestrogen at all times, otherwise we have adverse symptoms. Progesterone cannot make us fat as it's thermogenic, meaning it speeds metabolism slightly. So if you still have hot flushes please try this amount. Jun 16, When to stop taking prog. Marie I am very thankful for my bio-identical progesterone cream that finally made it possible for me to get pregnant without miscarrying so far.

I have also gained weight a lot!!! Anyways, there is different information out there as far as when it is safe to stop the progesterone cream during pregnancy. Week 12 , or post 20 weeks? I want to stop it as soon as possible because this weight gain will kill me I am eating healthy and exercising as much as I can but as you can imagine it's not easy with being pregnant I need to stop gaining massive amount of non-pregnancy related weight, but I want to do it safely to not to hurt the baby.

The ob-gyn is clueless! Jun 19, When to stop taking prog. Wray Hi Marie Progesterone is not causing you to gain weight, oestrogen is. Unfortunately progesterone does have a stimulatory affect initially. But it's only oestrogen which can cause cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. These in turn produce oestrogen so a vicious cycle is set up. Oestrogen also causes water retention, which only adds to the problem.

Progesterone is such a good diuretic it's now given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims to prevent oedema forming. It's difficult to advise on when you should stop. If you've had recurrent miscarriages I would advise 4 months, if not then 12 weeks should be fine. If and when you do stop please do so very slowly, ie take a month to reduce the amount. Any sudden drop causes a miscarriage.

Don't forget your body is now making it's own progesterone, so reducing the dose is not going to make much difference to your weight. Although in the early days it's low, sometimes too low and a miscarriage occurs, but once the placenta takes over production which is normally around 8 weeks, then production increases considerably. It almost sounds as if you have developed insulin resistance, you might like to read more about it on our web page Insulin Resistance. We also have a web page on Conception and Pregnancy.

Jul 07, Spare tyre still! I have always been naturally slim and have not changed my eating habits or exercise, but I have stashed all my crop-tops as I cannot wear them now: Jul 09, Spare tyre still!

But progesterone is not something I would suggest for weight loss. Yes it does suppress oestrogen, which being a mitogen does cause fat cells to multiply and grow. It's also an excellent diuretic, whereas oestrogen causes water retention with it's resultant weight gain. But there is often insulin resistance behind weight which won't shift.

Oestrogen, both endognenous and that found in the contraceptive pill and HRT causes this. It could be this is your problem, please have a look at a web page we have on Insulin Resistance for more information.

Jul 09, reply by: I will reseacrh insulin resistance, thanks. Jul 10, reply by: Wray Hi Sara I'm relieved! So many think it is, and the last thing I want is disappointment that the weight didn't drop off. I can't say if it will, we're all so different. The amino acid arginine does help reduce fat and increase muscle mass, you could try that.

Taurine, another amino, has helped others. Jul 12, Thanks again by: Sara Thanks Wray, I will look into the supplements you advised - most of the insulin resistance info I found seems to assume a person is overweight, which I am not at 52kg and 5'5" - I even did an online test and it told me I was obese!

I do want to feel better, however, I am not happy with things I have heard about progesterone either weight etc Is there a natural way to restore your adrenals? How are your adrenals related to progesterone? Jul 16, I lost Anonymous After hyst 4 years ago I have gained and gained. Afer reading for years about this I had my doc check my hormones Last month I got some progesterone cream and had no idea I would feel this much better. Though I am hot and sweaty a lot now I know why I have dropped 20 pounds by doing nothing, have way more energy and a lot LOT less aches and pains.

Less depression and so much more. I had no idea that progesterone played this big of a role, I thought it was just pre menapausal symptoms. Don't ever give up till you figure out what your body needs. And I do take vitamin D as well after reading all the research published the past year or so. Jul 18, Thanks again by: Wray Hi Sara As you might have seen from our web page on insulin resistance, not everyone is over weight.

Currently no one knows why, but it could be those that are have reactive hypoglycaemia too. Blood glucose drops too fast, too low causing hunger, depression, tiredness. Instead of eating some protein or slow release carb, they eat a fast pick-me-up like bread, chocolates or a drink full of sugar. This would certainly cause weight gain. And obese at 5'5" and only 52kg?! Something wrong with the test! And DHEA should be avoided as it can increase the risk of cancer and cysts, please see here and here, and here.

Although the ovaries are the main source of progesterone in women, the adrenals make it too. It's made in the adrenal cortex and then converted into cortisol, before this is released into the blood stream. Cortisol is one of the stress hormones, so if stress is high, the adrenals will be working overtime making progesterone.

High stress means the adrenals are stressed, so supplementing with progesterone takes the pressure off this process. Progesterone initially stimulates oestrogen, hence the weight gain. This can be both fat and water retention, as oestrogen causes both, it's essential enough progesterone is used to overcome this quickly.

By using too low an amount it merely keeps stimulating oestrogen. Jul 25, Weight Gain!!! Cynthia I've been using transdermal progesterone 9. Using 6 drops twice aday for days and drops twice aday for days Went to my GP doctor and blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol was all great, my thyroid was 2.

Saliva testing showed normal estrogen, low progesterone, high testosterone, high coritsol. The progesterone has really helped my perimenopausal symptoms but I hate hate hate this weight gain.

Is there any thing I can do to reverse the 20lb. Jul 30, Weight Gain!!! Wray Hi Cynthia Does the progesterone contain 9. If so you are getting a very good amount of progesterone, which should reflect in the saliva test as high.

And the oestrogen and testosterone as low, as progesterone suppresses these. Although you say it's transdermal, are you taking the drops? As this would account for the low progesterone, high testosterone, normal oestrogen. Oestrogen is a mitogen, stimulating cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. It also causes water retention and insulin resistance.

Unless progesterone is the dominant hormone, you are going to continue gaining weight and water. Progesterone is thermogenic, so increases metabolism slightly, it's also an excellent diuretic.

Apart from the fact it suppresses excess oestrogen. So it's essential for it to become dominant for this to occur. The ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be no less than To find this divide your progesterone result by the oestrogen result. I would never recommend progesterone during the first half of the cycle either, the idea is to follow the cycle. Unless symptoms are very severe when I recommend using it daily.

Otherwise it should be used from ovulation for the last 14 days of the cycle. This varies dependant on the length of the cycle, but in every women it's always days before we bleed. For more info on this please see our page on How to use progesterone cream.

As you mention peri-menopause you might like to see our page on Peri-menopause. Aug 08, Too litte progesterone, too much estrogen? I have been on natural progesterone cream for about two months at 20mg per day, also estrogen cream 1 mg a day. I have gained 10 lbs and cellulite which I never had before, I won't even wear shorts, I look horrible.

It sounds the estrogen cream may only be making the problem worse. Should I quit it? No levels were done before putting me on the creams I am 54 and was having terrible daytime, nighttime sweats, poor sleep and extreme mood lability. I am feeling great in those regards but wonder if I should quit it all, I cannot continue with this weight gain. Seem to be retaining water too. Thanks for any help. Now - severe adrenal insufficiency, so on lots of adrenal supplements; supposedly hypothyroid, so on Armour; 5 mg DHEA daily.

This is getting expensive and who knows what's doing what at this point. Hard to discern any benefits. Thank you very much for your detailed and informed responses. Robin I can find almost nothing in the medical literature on low testosterone in pre-menopausal women!

The only lit is on menopausal women, addressing low libido. I don't care about libido. I just want the energy to break through cognitive hell.

At age 43, pre-menopausal, I have "undetectable levels" of testosterone. Because I have a history of breast cancer, no doctor will take the risks of any supplementation, so I have started on DHEA myself. Any comments on undetectable testosterone in pre-menopausal women?

I can't even find a menstrual cycle curve for women that includes testosterone, as if we don't even have it! Thank you so much. Aug 11, Mirena IUD with progesterone by: Anonymous I have never been a thin girl Last January after being told that the fibroid tumors I had had made me infertile I got pregnant. I terminated the pregnancy spare me the lectures I'm 40, single and unemployed and at the same time had an IUD implanted to prevent future pregnancies.

I have since gained 20lbs. I am not sedentary. I am not a gym goer at all but I have not lessened my activity in the least I have recently secured a job and have been doing more running around than I had the 6 months prior to this event and have made a conscious effort to eat less meat and increase my veggies. I'm no dietary angel The only difference is my Mirena IUD that contains progesterone.

Given my history with uterine fibroid tumors I couldn't take an estrogen rich birth control method and without health insurance a tubaligation surgery was not a possibility. Could my IUD be doing all this? I LOVE what it has done for my cycle, love not getting pregnant, love not having to have a hysterectomy and most of all LOVE not having to think about any of it.

I read in another post that the side effect is an increase of estrogen produced. Do I need to be wary of future tumors? Not sure what to make of all this. Aug 11, Too litte progesterone, too much estrogen? Wray Hi Whozy Progesterone can cause weight gain initially, please see this web page on Oestrogen Dominance.

It explains why it occurs, but you should have been warned it could happen. Briefly it stimulates oestrogen, but as you are adding more with the cream you're using, it will only compound the problem. I don't believe any of us needs more oestrogen, whether it's synthetic, natural or our own endogenous oestrogen.

Please see our web page on HRT for more info. The 20mg amount you are using will only exacerbate the situation. And progesterone should be used for a minimum of twice a day as levels drop after about 13 hrs. As for why progesterone is made in such low strengths, and why such low doses are recommended, it depends on which authority one listens too.

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Dalton while she was alive, she advised me on several occasions about how to use progesterone and the amount too. It most certainly is not 'dose' related, but is entirely dependant on symptoms. Oestrogen is a mitogen, causing cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. As these are also a non-ovarian source of oestrogen a vicious cycle is set up. Oestrogen also causes water retention. Progesterone on the other hand inhibits mitosis, and is such an excellent diuretic it's now being given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims to prevent the oedema that forms.

So it is essential that progesterone becomes the dominant hormone before symptoms can resolve. Wray Hi Robin It can be confusing! Of course I'll do the math for you.

So mg will require 6. Please see this page on How to use progesterone cream. She was the foremost authority before her death, having used it for her patients since She gave me her advice freely, as she knew I was trying to help other women. I'm so sorry to hear of your 10 years of hell, many nutrients could have been given to help you over it. The one that concerns me the most is vitamin D, a lack of this leads to cancer, to fatigue, to hypothyroidism.

Please have a test done. The following gives an indication of levels found in the blood. The test should be done for hydroxyvitamin D, also called calcidiol. For more information please see here. Plus a lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone.

The fatigue also leads me to believe your cells are not getting the nutrients they need. Although you probably don't have Insulin Resistance, please read our page on it, as it explains what happens if no fuel is going where needed, ie into the cells.

As the fatigue also started when your periods returned it's indicative of a lack of progesterone, myopathy too is helped by progesterone. And it seems you also suffered from this, when you mention "to the point of disability".

I'm surprised you have been given DHEA, it can cause cancer and cysts, please read these papers here, and here and here. You might like to read this story and this story too. Wray Hi Robin The jury is still out on whether in fact it's testosterone that increases libido, in fact it looks increasingly likely that it's progesterone. Please see this paper. Although anecdotal, we have many men using progesterone to increase theirs, they find it more effective than testosterone.

The following are the ranges of testosterone found in women. I believe your cognitive fog is due not to low testosterone, but to too high an oestrogen level. Whether it's from our own endogenous oestrogen, or natural or synthetic supplements, high oestrogen increases cognitive decline and dementia. Please see our page on HRT. Peri-menopause can start years before menopause, which on average occurs at Please see our page on Peri-menopause.

With it comes dropping progesterone levels and normal oestrogen levels. When the ratio is skewed too greatly, problems start occurring.

You don't give your levels, but to find the ratio divide the progesterone result by the oestrogen result. I've found to be really well progesterone must be the dominant hormone. So the ratio should be well over Like you I have yet to find what the ratio of testosterone to the other hormones should be. But as I believe oestrogen is the problem hormone, I prefer to concentrate on getting the level down, and the progesterone up. The more severe, the more progesterone is needed.

If you should consider using it please see this page on Oestrogen Dominance first. It can occur and is disconcerting if it does. Finally I would avoid DHEA as it can cause cysts and cancer by increasing oestrogen and testosterone levels.

Please see these papers here, here and here. Wray Hi there Unfortunately the Mirena does not contain progesterone, but a synthetic progestin. These have many adverse side affects, please see our web page on Contraceptives.

It won't increase oestrogen levels, but it can induce insulin resistance, this is turn causes weight gain amongst other things. For more info please see our web page on Insulin Resistance.

There is a link on this page to another giving advice on food. For an equally effective contraceptive, far safer too, please consider the copper T IUD, it leaks no progestin into the body. And please avoid a tubal ligation, even if you get health insurance!

Fibroids are stimulated by oestrogen, for more info please see our page on Fibroids. As you have them, it's evident you have excess oestrogen, so you might want to try progesterone to suppress it. For more info please see our page on How to use progesterone cream.

But before you do please see the page on Oestrogen Dominance. This can occur, specially if there is excess oestrogen, and it's disconcerting if it does. Aug 17, Androgen Deficient by: Anonymous In October I came off my birth control because i thought it was giving me low grade fevers. Since then, I have had blood work and saliva tests done to see what my levels are. The cream was making me very hung over the next day and now i am on mg progesterone pills a day.

Testosterone is within normal range. DHEA is within low-normal expected age range. They suggested i use. My thyroid levels are fine even though i have many symptoms that it is low. Please let me know your thoughts.

Before I started using the cream, the progesterone was on the low side. Obviously not balanced since my estrogen is very normally high. Aug 20, Androgen Deficient by: All contraceptives stop ovarian function, so no oestrogen, testosterone or progesterone is made. Once stopping them the ovaries can begin working again, but initially they only make oestrogen and testosterone.

It can be weeks, if not months before ovulation occurs. Which explains why your ratio is out, in spite of supplementing with progesterone. Oral progesterone is the least affective delivery system, please see our page on Progesterone application methods.

Most of the progesterone is destroyed by the gut and liver, which is why you are better able to tolerate it. The progesterone from the cream is absorbed without destruction, so you were getting a higher level.

This is the reason for the 'hung over' affect, for more info on this please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. I don't believe we need supplemental DHEA, please judge for yourself by reading the papers here, here and here.

Low thyroid symptoms are very similar to low progesterone symptoms, in fact progesterone can help the thyroid, as it suppresses oestrogen which slows it down.

Aug 22, Which is better synthetic or bio Progesterone? I also take hydrocortisone for my adrenals which are flatlined. I just took a saliva test and am awaiting the results on my progesterone. Over the course of 5 years I finally got a doctor to do the right tests and see that I had a thyroid problem. I always ran 5 miles a day and worked out with weights and ate so healthy it's ridiculous.

I was a fanatic! I gained about 30 pounds and can't lose a pound no matter how I work out. If my progesterone is put back in check will this finally be the missing piece to help my body get back to where it was? Aug 24, Androgen Deficient by: Michelle Thanks for responding Wray. This is so confusing UGH - may I ask some more questions? You are right, after 5 months my dr. Although I know progestrin is not good for me, my hair stopped falling out, my libido went out the roof and I felt so good!

Is there a natural dosage that equals the progestrin? Will the higher dosage of progesterone make me sleepy as well? Will the progesterone help the androgen deficiency? I can tell the mg dosage of progesterone is not enough because of the acne, libido, pms, excessive retaining water. I am assuming I am getting enough progesterone just to stimulate the estrogen. Aug 26, Which is better synthetic or bio Progesterone?

Wray Hi Dawn The missing piece could be a lack of vitamin D, was this checked? A lack of this leads to weight gain, it also leads to hypothyroidism and insulin resistance, plus many other things. IR leads to weight gain too, which no amount of exercise or good food will reverse.

For more info on this please see our page on Insulin Resistance. Supplemental progesterone does help the adrenals, as these have to produce progesterone before converting it to cortisol one of our stress hormones. Stress drops progesterone levels too, so does excessive exercise, as it depletes cholesterol from which progesterone is made. Progesterone is thermogenic, so speeds metabolism slightly, but it's not a weight loss solution. But if your oestrogen is higher than it should be, this is another possible cause for the weight gain.

Oestrogen and only oestrogen stimulates cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. Fat cells are also a non-ovarian source of oestrogen, so a vicious cycle starts. Again no amount of good food or exercise will help. For more info on delivery systems please see Progesterone application methods. Avoiding all carbs, legumes and dairy would be a good plan, please see this page of more info on Nutrition and Diet. Please have a vitamin D test done, for more info please see the Vitamin D council website.

Sep 12, Mirena IUD with progesterone by: Anonymous You were saying that merina has progestin which causes insulin resistance. Is there a way to reverse that and avoid weight loss or removal is the only way? Sep 13, 2 questions on progesterone and diet by: Anonymous I am experiencing the exact same weight gain problems as described previous. I am 43 and have gained 15 pounds that are unexplainable in the last two years. I am a rigorous exerciser and healthy eater. And I do understand the role of progesterone on oestrogen.

I have these questions: I was getting a period every two weeks. Her comment was that this was turning testosterone into estrogen and that I should take even more to counteract. The weight went on even quicker that month. Still a period after two weeks. She advised stop the progesterone while bleeding and start on day 7.

I am leery of this. I would think better to start at day 14? You also mentioned that it takes a while for the progesterone to dominate the oestrogen - how long do you mean days, weeks, months? As for diet to help with IR how do I interpret low carbs? Does this mean only fats and meats or will it include grains, fruits, veggies? Sep 16, Any Help is Appreciated! AF Wow, Im so happy to come across this. I am 24 and have had a Mirena IUD for 4 years, hypothyroid, and insulin resistiant.

I have gained over 60 pounds in the last 2 years. Recently I have started testing for cushings and wondering if this has anything to do with anything. If someone has a good idea where to start please do so. Sep 19, Mirena IUD with progesterone by: Wray Hi there Removal is the only way, as by leaving it in it will still be leaking a progestin into the body.

For more info please see our page on Contraceptives. A safe contraceptive is the copper T IUD, it leaks no drug into the body. Sep 19, 2 questions on progesterone and diet by: Progesterone can initially upset the cycle, and using it daily in that amount could continue to upset it. You don't mention severe symptoms so I suggest you use it following your cycle.

You don't say how long this is, but progesterone should be used from ovulation, for the next 14 days. As you are nearing or in the beginning stages of P-M, please see our page on Peri-menopause.

Weight gain can be a problem when first starting progesterone, for an explanation on this please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. And it can take a while for progesterone to dominate, also dependant on symptoms. It can take up to 6 months, but during those months symptoms gradually go or stop. Some resolving very early. For more info on IR please see our page on Insulin Resistance. There is a link to diet on this page, but I'll give it here too Low carbs are all animal proteins, all good fats and oils like coconut, olive, flax, butter, all green leafy veggies, including things like stalks, shoots, sprouts, flowers like cauli and broccoli.

Limit fruit to the ones with low sugar, ie apples, berries and under ripe bananas and pears. Sep 20, trying to conceive by: I am 37 now and trying to get pregnant. I have had two previous pregnancies which resulted in miscarriages.

I know that I am oestrogen dominant due to the endo. However,within 3 days of usage I have felt slightly nauseous, weight gain around my waist and abdomen, white clumpy discharge sorry TMI. I know its the oestrogen dominance acting out. My question is should I increase the progesterone dose? Sep 21, I don't understand by: What I don't understand is that if I am suffering from oestrogen dominance, then why does taking progesterone make the oestrogen dominance worse?

Surely the prog I am taking now is more than I was taking before so the ratio between prog and oestrogen must be better than before so why weight gain now and not before? Sep 28, Wray is wrong by: Anonymous You most certainly can be intolerant of progesterone. Look up "non-compliance" with combination hormone replacement therapy. If I could afford 6 weeks off for recovery, I would have my uterus removed tomorrow! I felt marvelous on estrogen, but needed to take progesterone to prevent hyperpasia of the uterus.

I tried it in pill form yes,it was bio-identical Prometrium. I tried it vaginally. We tweaked the doses lowered, or introduced it gradually.

Then I tried other forms of progesterone or progestin. I can't tolerate it! I remember reading Dr. John Lee and trying the cream some years back. That made me feel awful as well. We aren't the only ones reacting this way either. I don't care if progesterone is "natural" in a women. It's the hormone most to blame for pre-period bloating, irritability and fatigue. During pregnancy there is a lot more hormonal activity going on in addition to progesterone levels increasing. Also, it is happening IN your body, not modified from horse's urine or a plant.

Sep 29, Progesterone makes me so sleepy!!! Anonymous In June, I was put on 20mg progestrone cream for estogen dominance saliva test - i was having breakthrough bleeding every two weeks and so sleepy - in July, my dosage was upped to 30 mg. Sep 30, Wray is wrong by: You say I'm wrong, if so, then the many thousands of studies I have read and quote from must be wrong too. I never give advice or information unless there is a study to back it up. I do agree about non-compliance to HRT, it's dangers too, you might like to look at our page on this subject But HRT comprises synthetic oestrogen or progestins, not progesterone.

There is great confusion between the two in the medical profession and lay people alike. There would be no offspring on this planet, as no woman would be prepared to go through with pregnancy. Skin, hair, nails, mood etc are all greatly benefited by the progesterone we make during pregnancy.

If as you say progesterone makes us all ill, I would love to know how the TBI researchers could be so wrong. So wrong, that they are now doing a people study on the benefits of progesterone for TBI! They are also doing a study on MS and on stroke, as they believe it will help. Please see here and here. Progesterone drops sharply just before our period, the ratio between that and oestrogen becomes badly out of balance.

By using supplemental progesterone it reverses the ratio making progesterone the dominant hormone. Space doesn't allow me to give you the papers on this. I've found the amounts recommended are far too low to have any affect, beyond causing oestrogen dominance, please see Oestrogen Dominance.

The amount needed should be between mg, entirely dependant on symptoms, the more severe, the more is needed. Oral progesterone Prometirum is a waste of time, please see Progesterone application methods.

Progesterone does not come in patches, progestins do, they cause serious side effects, please see Contraceptives. Oct 03, trying to conceive by: Wray Hi Zoe I'm not sure why you've been given clomid, as it stimulates ovulation, and yet you don't seem to have problems falling pregnant, only in keeping the foetus. Please see the WebMD website for more info. Duphaston is not natural, so I'm pleased you've replaced it.

The key to weight control is balancing energy intake with energy expenditure, a relationship that is often referred to as the energy balance equation. Energy input comes from the food and drink we consume and is usually measured in kilocalories kcal.

Department of Agriculture assigns calorie levels based on an individual's sex, age and activity level. The intake quantities range from 3, kcal for active males between 19 and 20 years of age to 2, kcal for sedentary males 76 and up. The corresponding numbers for females are 2, kcal and 1, kcal, respectively. When energy intake is greater than energy expenditure the body will store excess energy as fat, regardless of whether those excess kcals came from fat, carbohydrate, protein or even alcohol.

Energy expenditure consists of three components: In the sedentary individual BMR typically accounts for 60 to 75 percent of energy expenditure, DIT is responsible for about 10 percent and physical activity between 10 and 25 percent. As you might expect, active individuals will have a greater proportion of energy expenditure accounted for by physical activity. Our bodies are expending energy all the time. Even while asleep the body requires energy to fuel the multitude of complex functions required to keep us alive.

Since one pound of body fat is equivalent to about 3, kcal of energy, the energy balance equation suggests that an increase in food intake or a decrease in energy expenditure equal to 3, kcal will result in a weight gain of one pound. Conversely, a weight loss of one pound will result for every 3, kcal worth of food not eaten or an equal amount of increased expenditure. Although this is a good rule of thumb for predicting either weight gain or loss, there are considerable individual differences that the energy balance equation does not account for.

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